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1st Conference of the Arabian Journal of Geoscience

2018-10-04 - 2018-10-06

21st International Conference on Food Technology and Processing

2018-08-12 - 2018-08-16

XXX. International Horticultural Congress

2018-08-12 - 2018-08-16

VIII International Symposium on Seed, Transplant and Stand Establishment of Horticultural Crops


10th Symposium on the Conservation of Saproxylic Beetles

2018-05-24 - 2018-05-25

The VIII International Conference on Environmental, Industrial and Applied Microbiology - BioMicroWorld2018

2018-05-02 - 2018-05-05

The 3rd ICIEM 2018, International Conference on Integrated Environmental Management for Sustainable Development

2018-04-20 - 2018-07-31

The 3rd International ON-LINE Course on Postharvest & Fresh-Cut Technologies 


The 3rd Working Group On Peace And Development (WGOPAD 2018)

2018-03-05 - 2018-03-07

27th Spring Symposium of LUOVA

2018-02-19 - 2018-02-21

The Sixth International Date Palm Conference

2017-12-08 - 2017-12-09

Fifth International Conference on Agriculture & Fisheries; Systems & Technology 2017 (AgriFish2017)

2017-12-04 - 2017-12-07

 ASTA CSS & Seed Expo

2017-11-27 - 2017-11-30

The 3rd Biostimulants World Congress

2017-11-22 - 2017-11-25

1st  Euro-Mediterranean Conference for Environmental Integration


Food Matters Live


China FVF


Entomology 2017

2017-11-05 - 2017-11-10

The 20th GiESCO International Meeting

2017-10-25 - 2017-10-26

Ecologically Sustainable Plant Disease Management under Diversified Farming Situation

2017-10-23 - 2017-10-25

ABIM - 23-25 October 2017 - The global biocontrol industry meeting

2017-10-22 - 2017-10-25

28th Annual IAOM Mideast & Africa Conference and Expo - UAE

2017-10-17 - 2017-10-20

VI International Postharvest Unlimited Conference

2017-10-16 - 2017-10-18

7th Asian-Australasian Conference on Precision Agriculture (ACPA)

2017-10-16 - 2017-10-18

New Ag International China Annual Regional Conference


Food Valley Summit - Green Proteins, Technology meets creativity

2017-10-04 - 2017-10-05

Canadian Greenhouse Conference

2017-10-02 - 2017-10-06

IOBC-WPRS Working Group (WG)  “Integrated Protection in Field Vegetables”

2017-09-28 - 2017-09-29

38th Annual congress of Microbes Infection 

2017-09-26 - 2017-09-28

Seed meets Technology

2017-09-18 - 2017-09-19

6th International Conference on Earth Science & Climate Change

2017-09-18 - 2017-09-22

International Symposium on Survey of Uses of Plant Genetic Resources to the Benefit of Local Populations

2017-09-12 - 2017-09-15

Greener cities for more efficient ecosystem services in a climate changing world

2017-09-12 - 2017-09-14

IV Asia Symposium on Quality Management in Postharvest Systems


The 6th World Congress on Biopolymers

2017-09-06 - 2017-09-08

The 3rd International Strawberry Congress

2017-09-05 - 2017-09-08

ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bengaluru (India)


International Asparagus Symposium 2017

2017-08-20 - 2017-08-24

GreenSys - International Symposium on New Technologies and Management for Greenhouses


Potatoes in Practice 2017


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XII International Mango Symposium


The 20th EAPR Triennial Conference, Versailles, France, 9-14 July 2017


The future of 3D Food Printing for professionals and consumers


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The 8 th International Conference on Compressors and Refrigeration, 2017


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IPG Root Biology


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7th International Symposium on Production and Establishment of Micropropagated Plants


Fruit Ripening & Ethylene Management


The 4th International Conference on Postharvest and Quality Management of Horticultural Products of Interest for Tropical Regions (PQMHP 2017)

The 20th GiESCO International Meeting

Date: 2017-11-05 - 2017-11-10

The 20th GiESCO International Meeting (Group of international Experts for Cooperation on Vitivinicultural Systems) will be held during November 5-10, 2017 in Mendoza, Argentina.

The GiESCO Meeting is the most important international meeting in the field of viticulture management and innovation, dealing with systemic and multidisciplinary approaches. It covers basic sciences and technologies, anticipating and adapting its topics to current and future challenges.

One of the main goals of GiESCO Meetings is to share the state of the art in research, technology development and innovations around the grapevine and its final products: wine, table grapes, raisins, grape juice, concentrated must, and others. We expect to strengthen our net of researchers, institutions and the wine industry.

We all know also how important is this meeting to young scientists and graduate students, they have the opportunity to exchange with researchers and other students from around the world, and to present their advances and results of their research projects.

GiESCO Meetings also contribute to the professional environment and private sector. We have always had in our GiESCO meetings, attendees from private companies or independent consultants. GiESCO Meetings provide critical and comprehensive information and tools for managers and decision makers about practices leading to a sustainable viticulture.

The 20th GiESCO International Meeting 2017 will give us the chance to travel to the South Hemisphere, particularly to South America. We will visit different ecological regions where most grapevines are commercially grown under irrigation.

Mendoza, with only about 250 mm of rain/year, together with other regions with even less, irrigates with the water that melts from the snow of the Andes Mountains. Irrigation is for grapegrowers a management tool to achieve the quality of grapes wineries demand. However, water in this region is a scarce resource and is demanded by several other activities, some related to agriculture but others not. And because agriculture, including viticulture, is the major water user, society is closely looking how this scarce resource is being used.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we thank you in advance for participating and making this first announcement known around you.