Advertisement or advertising improves the visibility of products or services among competing goods in any given area of specialization. It is used to introduce new products into the market, expansion of the market, increase sales, fights competition, enhances good-will, educates the consumers, eliminates middlemen, better quality products, supports salesmanship, more employment opportunities, reduction in the prices of newspapers and magazines and enables higher standard of living. At WFL Publisher’s, we offer a large range of articles and journals with a focused readership. Many of our journals are affiliated to prominent societies and are distributed to their membership. Contact us for advertising rates, premium placement and the range of other services we can offer.

Advertise with us so as to get your items, materials, products, service, news, event or message to the people that matters. With us, you will reach both local and international audience, from leading scientific researchers, physicians, healthcare professionals, universities and places of key opinion leaders and decision makers.

Our advertisement and sales experts are available to help you identify the right products and content for your advertisement.

You can advertise your items, materials, products, service, news and events on WFL Publisher’s webpages.

Aside publishing, our aim is also to provide consultancy services. WFL Publisher offers many opportunities for authors, customers and partners through our articles, journals and books

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All journals or books carry display advertising, reaching key customers at attractive rates. Leading institutions and libraries throughout the world subscribe to our journals and each one of these copies are referred to frequently, ensuring your message is constantly and repeatedly reinforced. Your advertisement has greater visibility and prominence through high editorial to advertisement ratio, increasing the impact of your product. There are attractive rates for series bookings and special positions can be booked in advance, so that the journal reaches your market audience to your conversion rate advantage.


Your own promotional literature can be delivered to our readership by adding an insert into WFL Publisher’s articles, journals and books.

Online advertising

The importance of online advertisement can be compared to none as it is a long-term strategy where you are in control and can be extremely effective which can create a big fan-base and then helps you to reach a better kind of customer. It is relatively known that the fastest growing medium for product promotion is the internet.

Our website has many journal features that are available to non-subscribers. When you advertise with us, your advert content will get to an even wider audience.  Including local and international audience. Our banner adverts links products and services to individual articles and journal titles. You could use our e-mail alert distribution - self-selected by key scientist and researchers to reach a broader customer base.

Table of contents and e-mail alerts are consistently one of our most successful forms of advertisement as they provide an overview of each issue's contents. The open rates are therefore higher than normal and providing a specific target and favourable method to reaching our highly sought after audience.

Media packs provide full circulation, readership and impact information.

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