Editor in Chief

The Editor-in-chief, also known as the Executive Editor, manages day-to-day operations, oversees assistants and editors of an entire department. Those with passion and dedication to the advancement of science are welcome to join our staff.

Responsibilities include:

  • The Editor-in-Chief should work with an editorial board
  • The Editor-in-Chief should provide outline for issues
  • The Editor-in-Chief should review all material: text, photographs, diagrams etc.
  • The Editor-in-Chief should check accuracy
  • The Editor-in-Chief should provide suggestions and alternatives
  • The Editor-in-Chief should approve designs and layouts
  • The Editor-in-Chief should hire editorial staff(s)
  • The Editor-in-Chief should conduct  meetings with publisher
  • The Editor-in-Chief should provide budget proposals
  • The Editor-in-Chief should reject all materials that appear to be plagiarized, ghost-written, published elsewhere, or of little interest to readers
  • The Editor-in-Chief should organize a review team to do the review work if there are manuscripts submitted to the journal 
  • The Editor-in-Chief should post new hot topics about his/her proposed journal and invite authors to submit manuscripts
  • The Editor-in-Chief should make decision on the acceptance or rejection of manuscripts
  • The Editor-in-Chief should cross-check manuscripts and ensure their quality.

Benefits are:

  • The Editor-in-Chief could get experience of working with reviewers and editors
  • The Editor-in-Chief could get chance to meet writers and researchers in the field
  • The Editor-in-Chief could get great knowledge expansion
  • The Editor-in-Chief could get publicity through the website and reviewed submissions
  • The Editor-in-Chief could get the latest information of SciencePG
  • The Editor-in-Chief could cooperate with a group of experienced researchers from all over the world
  • The Editor-in-Chief could get a certificate provided by SciencePG
  • The Editor-in-Chief could have his/her name and personal webpage displayed on the journal website.


  • The acceptance of following terms and conditions confirms the appointment as an Editor-in-Chief of journals of Science Publishing Group
  • The appointment of the Editor-in-Chief is initially for one year
  • The Editor-in-Chief is expected to observe carefully general policies, code of ethics and practices of the Science Publishing Group Publications which may change from time to time based on expansion plans for the improvement in quality of the journal system
  • The Editor-in-Chief agrees to display the name and photograph on the website of the site and journal cover.


  • It is expected that the Editor-in-Chief will complete the term as stated. This agreement may be terminated at any time based on following conditions.
  • Lack of mutual understanding on common aspects as per the policies of Science Publishing Group.
  • Repetitive unsatisfactory performance of the assigned work.

Are you eligible?

  • Scholarly and literature experience
  • Demonstrates superb knowledge and passion for science innovation
  • Committed to quality, honesty, and invention
  • Great use of English vocabulary and international scientific terminology
  • Aware of current issues and involved in furthering advances.

Those looking to apply for Editor in Chief, send in your CV here