Work Reports

A report is part of the scientific work. For the author it is a concentrate, while for the recipient it is a whole. The author should have a clear idea of who the report is written for and what is the main goal with it. The report has to be structured and as short as possible but at the same time it has to be rich enough so that the message clearly appears. A major report will include the title, which provides accurate information about the report’s main topic, the preface, which contains information on how the research were conducted, financed and executed, the table of content, which indicates page numbers for all chapters and subsections, the summary, which is one of the most important pieces in a report and the reader should be able to decide whether the report is interesting for a particular purpose or not, the introduction, which describes the practical, technical or scientific interest of the study, define the problems and determine your hypotheses, the materials and methods, which should be a description of the experiments, with sufficient details for other researches to evaluate the work and reproduce the experiments, the results, which should be presented in an easy and understandable way, the discussion, which should be explained if the results support the current hypothesis and what the outcome is, the conclusion, which should therefore not be a repetition of the summary and finally the literature and references.

Work Report Submission Form