Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 11, Issue 3&4,2013
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

Volume 11, Issue 3&4, 2013
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Physical and nutritional properties of fennel seed

Halil Unal 1*, Nazmi Izli 1, Oya Kacar 2,Erdinc Goksu 2


Fast food consumption habits of university students

Ebru Onurlubaş *, Neslihan Yılmaz


Bacterial pathogens isolated from vegetables and application of sanitizers for control of L. monocytogenes ATCC 7644 in cucumber

Oluwatosin A. Ijabadeniyi *, Noxolo S. Ngcobo


The heat stress for workers employed in laying hens houses

Alvaro Marucci *, Danilo Monarca, Massimo Cecchini, Andrea Colantoni, Andrea Cappuccini


Impact of germination on the content and distribution of γ-Aminobutyric acid in mung bean sprouts

Hai Huang *, Wan Xu, Huiqin Guo, Junqing Zhang, Ding Lu, Hongwei Cheng, Yin Zhao, Shiqing Zhang, Miaomiao Tian, Yaping Guo


Attitudes and preferences of urban and rural households towards chicken meat consumption: Case study of Hakkari, Turkey

Ahmet Şahin 1*, Ibrahim Yıldırım 2, Ahmet Deniz 3


Workers’ health and safety in Mediterranean greenhouses

Alvaro Marucci


Purification and recovery of serine protease from mango (Mangifera indica cv. Chokanan) waste using aqueous two-phase system: Potential low cost of enzyme and purification method

Amid Mehrnoush *, Abdul Manap Mohd Yazid


Characterization of novel amylase enzyme from mango (Mangifera indica cv. Chokanan) peel

Amid Mehrnoush *, Abdul Manap Mohd Yazid


Mycotoxins occurrence in selected staple food in main markets from Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo

Mwanza Mulunda *, Blessing Dzoma, Mathew Nyirenda, Frank Bakunzi


Gross composition and the presence of Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella spp. in raw milk and dairy products in Aydin, Turkey

Ayse Deniz Cardak


Recovery and purification of sucralose-6-ester from the crystalline residue by macroporous resin

Bin Shen 1*, Bo Tang 1, Zhengqing Lu 2, Minghua Li 1, 2, 3, Jinshan Wu 3, Guoting Zhu 3


A survey of traditional processing of sweet potato flour for amala, consumption pattern of sweet potato amala and awareness of orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) in South West Nigeria

Ganiyat O. Fetuga 1, 2 *, Keith Tomlins 2, Aurelie Bechoff 2, Folake O. Henshaw 1, Michael A. Idowu 1, Andrew Westby 2


Distribution and profile of alcohol consumers in Romania – A health related approach

Claudiu Avram 1, Mihaela Oravitan 1*, Dan Gaita 2


The impact of Niger food imports and food aid on domestic food production: Co-integration and vector error correction approaches

Seydou Zakari, Liu Ying *


Comparison of control logics in fresh produce container with atmosphere modification responding to real-time gas concentration

Dong Sun Lee


Impact of organizational structure on success of projects in the food industry in transition countries

Dragana Milin *, Slobodan Morača, Nenad Simeunović, Slavica Mitrović


The influence of technological parameters on the properties of O/W emulsions stabilized by whey proteins and carboxymethylcellulose

Ernesta Malinauskyte*, Daiva Leskauskaite


Characterization of four Lebanese artisanal goat milk cheeses: Darfiyeh, Aricheh,Shankleesh and Serdale by physico-chemical, microbiological and sensory analyses

Mireille Serhan 1, Jessy Mattar 2, 3


The perception of quality in the process of olive oil tasting: The effects of packaging attributes

Francisco J. Torres-Ruiz *, Raquel Barreda-Tarrazona, Manuela Vega-Zamora, María Gutiérrez-Salcedo, Eva M. Murgado-Armenteros


Anti-inflammatory effect of the crude steroidal saponin from the rhizomes of Ruscus aculeatus L. (Ruscaceae) in two rat models of acute inflammation

Georgeta Balica 1, Oliviu Vostinaru 2*, Mircea Tamas 1, Gianina Crisan 1, Cristina Mogosan 2


Purification and characterisation of laccase from Lactarius volemus and its application in removal of phenolic compounds from fruit juice

Hayrunnisa Nadaroglu 1*, Esen Tasgin2


Determination of biogenic amines in cheese by nanofiber solid phase extraction-reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography with pre-column derivatization

Hongyang Pan 1*, Xiaoying Zeng 2, Baokun Zhu 2, Liang He 2, Tougen Liao 2, Wei Zhe 2, Shuying Wang 1, Bo Jiang 1, Mingfeng Wang 2*


Influence of transglutaminase on the physical and chemical properties of acid milk gel and cottage type cheese

Ieva Mazuknaite 1, Christopher Guyot 2, Daiva Leskauskaite 1*, Ulrich Kulozik 2


Morphologies and microstructures of maize starch granules differed in hardness during development of kernels

Jiang Chen 1, Junjie Zhang 2, Yinghong Liu 1, Yubi Huang 1*


Effect of Ginkgo biloba ethanol extract and prostaglandin E1 on heart function, oxidative stress in diabetic rats

Zengyong Qiao 1,2, Jiangwei Ma 1 *, Huajin Liu 1, Sanjun Xiong 1, Guanghao Ge 1, Yawei Xu 2


Evaluation of cardioprotective activities of tanshinone IIA and prostaglandin E1

Jiangwei Ma 1,2, Biao Xu 2, Zengyong Qiao 1*, Huajin Liu 1, Sanjun Xiong 1, Wenbo Cheng 1, Hongwei Wang 1


Heat exposure upregulates expression of cytokines and aggravates lung injury in Klebsiella pneumoniae – Challenged rats

Jiansheng Li 1, 2*, Xue Mei 1, Hongyan Zhou 1, Yanxia Zhang 1, Suyun Li 2


The tower and quintal beam presses for obtaining olive oil: New contributions from computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering

José I. Rojas-Sola*, Miguel Castro-García


Dietary alpha-ketoglutarate supplementation may increase muscle gain through mTOR signaling pathway in diet-induced obese rat

Kang Yao 1$, Xia Xiong 1$, Chenxing Fu 4$, Sudath Dahanayaka 2, Jian Lei 2, Wei Lu 3, Guoyao Wu 2, Peng Liao 1*, Yulong Yin 1


Identification of ochratoxigenic fungi and contextual change on dried raisins (Sultanas)

Levent Şen 1*, Sebahattin Nas 2


Polyphenols in banana (Musa acuminata Colla (AAA)) pulp act as polyphenol oxidase substrates

Liu-Zhu Qu, Xin Gu, Shi-Chao Jin, Feng-Jun Wang, Jian-Zhong Wang *


Nutritional analysis and in-vitro antioxidant activity of apple (Malus domestica)

Ahmad Maqsood 1, Syed Mubashar Sabir 2*, Muhammad Qaisar 3, Muhammad Riaz 3


Production medium optimization for enhancement the exotoxin secretion by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Mary S. Khalil 1, Tarek A. A. Moussa 1*, Tahany M. A. Abdel-Rahman 1, Baydaa H. Alwan 1, 2


Thematic analysis of journal coverage on genetically modified foods

Latifah Amin 1*, Mohd Fadhli Hamdan 1, 2, Faridah Ibrahim 3, Roosfa Hashim 1


Effects of multiple freezing-thawing processes and different thawing methods on quality changes of anchovy (Engraulis engrasicholus L.)

Kaba Nilgun, Corapci Bengunur *, Ozer Ozgul, Eryasar Kubra


Changes in the volatile constituents of the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni caused by different drying procedures

Ola Lasekan *, Kalla Reddi Mohan Naidu


Assessment of different 1-methylcyclopropene doses on physical and chemical quality of organically grown tomato cv. Zoro

Okan Özkaya 1*, Hatıra Taşkın 2, Saadet Büyükalaca 1, Ömür Dündar 1


Textural properties and survival of Lactobacillus acidophilus, Streptococcusthermophilus and Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus of probiotic set yogurts produced by prebiotic stabilizers and different molasses types

Oya Berkay Karaca 1 *, İbrahim Başar Saydam 2, Talip Kahyaoğlu 3, Emel Ünal 2, Zerrin Erginkaya 2, Mehmet Güven 2


Institutional changes aiming human resource protection: The economic sector of pulp and paper (PPI)

Ionel Bostan 1*, Ion Pohoata 2, Bogdan-Mihai Petrisor 2


Optimization of pectinase extraction from mango (Mangifera indica cv. Chokanan) peel using response surface methodology

Amid Mehrnoush *, Abdul Manap Mohd Yazid


Biochemical and hematologic changes related to administration of double doses of non-ionic contrast medium Iomeron 350 (iomeprol) in cats

Radu Lăcătuş 1, Robert Cristian Purdoiu 1, Liviu Bogdan 1*, Sidonia Bogdan 1, Ramona Jurcău 2, Ionel Papuc 1


Modification of a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method for the determination of acrylamide in fried snacks

G. Daniali 1, S. Jinap 1,2*, N. L. Hanifah 3, I. S. Zaidul 4


Carotenoid content in cow milk from organic and conventional farms in Southern Brazil

Shirley Kuhnen 1*, Juliana Roemers Moacyr 2, Rafael Trevisan 3, Luiz Carlos Pinheiro Machado Filho 1, Marcelo Maraschin 4


Research on the labeling management status of agricultural products in China

Song Chen 1, Xiaoshuan Zhang 2, Adrian Micu 3, Yongzhong Qian 1*


Occurrence of aflatoxins and aflatoxigenic Aspergillus in peanuts

Leili Afsah-Hejri 1, Selamat Jinap 1, 2*, Son Radu 1


Molecular characterization of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (gapdh) gene from Aspergillus fumigatus

Tarek A. A. Moussa 1, 2*, Dalia M. Ali 2, Neveen M. Khalil 2, Fatma A. Mostafa 2


Effect of packaging materials and storage conditions on the physicochemical and chemical properties of ogi powder

Wasiu Awoyale 1, Busie Maziya-Dixon 2*, Abebe Menkir 1


Interregional sugar trade flows in China: An estimation by spatial equilibrium model

Wei Si *, Mei Xiao


SPME–GC–MS detection of volatile aroma compounds in strawberry wines produced by different commercial yeast strains

Weishuai Qin 1, Xinjie Zhao 2, Na Zhang 3, Wu Meng 2, Heng Zhai 1*


Survey of heavy metal residues in raw milk in Tangshan City of China

Xueyin Qu 1+, Baiqin Zheng 2+, Nan Zheng 1*, Jiaqi Wang 1, Xiaomin Xu 1, Rongwei Han 3, Yunpeng Zhen 1, Songli Li 1


Edible coating based on soy protein to improve shelf life and overall quality of minimally processed jujubes

Xiaoying Zeng 1, Yanqing Duan 1, Wei Zhe 1, Juxing Jiang 1, Liang He 1, Shuying Wang 2, Mingfeng Wang 1*


Phosphorylation of soybean protein isolates under ultrasound treatment to improve their emulsifying properties

Xibo Wang 1, Lianzhou Jiang 1*, Wei Xu 2*


Characterization of Lactic acid bacteria isolates from Inner Mongolia traditional meat sausages for their potential use as starter cultures

Yan Duan 1, Wenrui Guo 2, Zhimin Jin 1, Liga Tong 1, Lihua Zhao 1, Ye Jin 1*


Rapid assay of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in oil seeds

Ye Yu 1, 2, Qingze Jin 1, Yue Wang 2, Hui Zhang 2, Xingguo Wang 1*


Research on the knowledge service pattern selection and optimisation of food manufacturing cluster

Yu Liu, Zongshui Wang, Xiaoni Liu, Hongye Ma, Jian Zhang *


Gas composition of micro-perforated individual package in master packaging system of strawberries

Yun Hee Jo, Duck Soon An, Dong Sun Lee *


Methods for colchicine elimination to improve safety in fresh daylily flowers processing

Shuang Zhao 1, Maorun Fu 1, Qingmin Chen 2*, Xiuhe Liu 1


Distributing profiles of water-soluble vitamins in Chinese jujube and sour jujube

Zhihui Zhao, Yanru Gao, Jin Zhao, Weiwei Wang, Rong Duan, Sujuan Gong, Mengmeng Luo, Mengjun Liu *


Survival of E. coli O157:H7 and Listeria innocua in tahini (sesame paste)

Anas A. Al-Nabulsi 1*, Tareq M. Osaili 1, Reyad R. Shaker 2, Amin N. Olaimat 3, Amita Attlee 2, Murad A. Al-Holy 4, Noor Zein Elabedeen 1, Ziad W. Jaradat 5, Richard A. Holley 3


A new approach for metallic stabilisation of beverages: The particular case of red wines and food spirits

Constantin Croitoru


Framework for an IT-based vegetable traceability system integrated two different operating mechanisms in China on comparison with two cities

Jian-Ping Qian 1,2, Xin-Ting Yang 1,2 *, Xue-Zhong Wang 3, Jin Lian 4, Bin Xing 1,2, Bei-Lei Fan 1,2, Ming Li 1,2


Influence of UV-C irradiation on antioxidant contents and antioxidant capacity of Korla fragrant pear (Pyrus sinkiangensis Yu)

Xianying Lu, Changhong Liu, Tiejin Ying *


Evaluating the regulations regarding structures of fisheries marketing in Turkey

Serpil Yilmaz 1*, İbrahim Yilmaz 2, Evrim Beyhan Sen 1, Asaf Ozalp 2


Organic food market as mediator between profit driven society and sustainable development: Pilot study on consumers’ perceptions on organic food

Dacinia Crina Petrescu 1*, Ilie Covrig 2*, Ioan Gheorghe Oroian 2*, Teodor Rusu 2*, Ioan Valentin Petrescu-Mag 2*


Prejudices, treatment and nutrition of typhus in Serbia during the war years 1914-1915

Darko Gavrilovic 1*, Dejan Mikavica 2, Goran Vasin 2


Effect of organic acid treatments on microbial safety and overall acceptability of fresh-cut cantaloupe cubes

Dike O. Ukuku *, Sudarsan Mukhopadyay, Modesto Olanya


Formulation and substantiation of homemade complementary baby food by selective feeding trial

Md. Abdul Hakim 1, 2, Md. Ariful Alam 3, Mohamed Hanafi Musa 1*, Shaikh Md. Abdur Rouf 4, Md. Amirul Alam 5, Md. Zaidul Islam Sarker 6


A novel alkalitolerant Bacillus strain produces cyclodextrin glucanotransferase with high efficiency in transglycosylation of rutin

Tao Sun 1, Bo Jiang 2, Beilei Pan 3 *, Rebaone Letsididi 4


Current status and future research issues of RFID sensor tags for food safety

Yong-Shin Kang 1, Jongho Yun 1, Heeju Jin 2, Yong-Han Lee 2*, Jongtae Rhee 2


The effect of modified atmosphere packaging on the physical and chemical quality of fresh yellow plum cultivars

Francesco Sottile 1, Cristiana Peano 2, Nicole Roberta Giuggioli 2, Vincenzo Girgenti 2*


Comparison of antioxidant properties of traditional and commercial pomegranate sours

Nilgün H. Budak 1*, Bilge Ertekin-Filiz 2, Atif C. Seydim 2, Özgür Koşkan 3, Zeynep B. Guzel-Seydim 2


Effects of post-harvest cooling delay on weight loss, soluble solid and ascorbic acid contents of strawberry fruit

Hiroaki Kitazawa 1*, Tatsuo Sato 2, Nobutaka Nakamura 1, Satoru Motoki 3


Proximate, amino acid and fatty acid composition in the leaves of Cyclocarya paliurus (Batal.) Iljinskaja

Jian-Hua Xie 1, Ming-Yue Shen 1, Shao-Ping Nie 1, Chang Li 1, De-Ming Gong 1, 2, Ming-Yong Xie 1*


Antioxidant properties of grape must

Nilgün H. Budak


Improvement of dihydroxyacetone production by Gluconobater oxydans NH-10 using a two-stage agitation speed operation strategy

Qinghong You 1, 2, 3, 4, Hong Xu 1*, Xiulian Yin 2, 3, 4, Hongyang Zhu 1, Xiaoyan Dai 1


Influence of the freezing regime on structure and biochemistry properties in collagen sponges derived from fresh water fish

Zhongwen Wang 1, Haibo Wang 1*, Haiyin Wang 2, Yunyan Li 1, Min Wang 1, Hanjun Zhang 1


Effect of baking treatment on starch morphology and color change of sweet potatoes

Che L. Huang 1, Yung C. Lai 1, Chin F. Chan 2, Wayne C. Liao 3*


Production and physical and chemical composition of the milk of Curraleiro Pé duro (Bos ibericus) cows in the semiarid area of Paraíba

Jucileide B. Borburema *, Geovergue R. Medeiros, Carlos T. C. Ramos, Maria J. Nardelli, José M. Pereira Filho, Maria G. X. Carvalho, Cláudia F. Reis


Manufacturing grid system for food industries under competition environment

Yifei Tong 1, Zhaohui Tang 2, Xiaorong Zhao 3, Kaijun Zhou 4, Ying Dong 5


Effect of “Tai Chi” quan exercise on oxidative stress and immunity function in old people

AiJun Niu 1*, Dinghai Yu 2, Ying Zhao 3, Ru Wang 4, Guang Yang 3


Optimization of ultrasonic-assisted extraction of total flavonoids from Petasites tatewakianus using response surface methodology

HanPing Cui #, JianGuo Zhang #, Zeng Dong, ZhaoJun Wei *


Antagonist of MRSA by Streptomyces sp. SJY056 from soil of the Three-river headwater region in China

Hongjian Zhu 1, 2, Xinyu Zhou 1, 2, Xianghua Lei 1, 2, Qingming Zhou 3 *


Optimization of food packaging to improve food safety

Jan Hron, Tomas Macak


Antioxidant and antiproliferative activity (in vitro) of polyphenols from peach blossom

Mingjiang Geng 1*, Wanli Li 2, Ruimin Yang 3, Changchang Cui 3, Huijie An 3, Huiru Liu 3, Xiaolin Wang 3


Effect of UV-C illumination on antioxidant capacity and postharvest decay in blueberry fruit

Mustafa Erkan 1, Shiow Y. Wang 2, Chien Y. Wang 3


Concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and organohalogenated contaminants in selected foodstuffs from Spanish market basket: Estimated intake by the population from Spain

Octavio P. Luzardo 1, 2, 3, Manuel Zumbado 1, 2, Luis D. Boada 1, 2, 3


Effect of drying methods on quality of abalone

Sunxian Zhang *, Baodong Zheng


Effect of different growth periods on tanshinone IIA and crypto-tanshinone contents in Salvia miltiorrhiza of Yu canton

Yi-Shuo Wang 1,2, Li-Na Zhao 3, Gen-Wei Song 4, Xiu-Mei Jia 1, Wei-Sheng Feng 1, Yu-Hong Han 2, Zhen-Ling Zhang 1*


Analysis of uracil in tea by SPE clean-up and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with diode array detector(DAD)

Weihao Li 1, 2, Saidi Wang 1, Hongyan Xie 1, Guotao Ding 2, Xianzhou Zhang 3, Wenwei Tang 4*, Zhixue Liu 1*


Identification of bovine, buffalo and yak milk with polymerase chain reaction – restriction fragment length polymorphism

Yan B. Jiang 1, Hai Wang 1, Dong J. Hou 1, Yan Yin 1, Tong Li 1, Xiao L. Tian 2, Xin N. Li 2, Lei Yu 1*


Antioxidant activity in aqueous extracts of some spices and its relationship with thiol and polyphenolic compounds

Ahmet Ünver


Phenolic content and ascorbic acid are major contributors to antioxidant capacity of fruits and vegetables commonly consumed in Turkey

Atila Güleç 1*, Reyhan Nergiz-Unal 1, Aslı Akyol 1, Jale Acar 2*


Novel enzymatic extraction and purification method for cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) from Ziziphus jujuba

Chunxia Wang 1, 3, 4, Xueqin Gao 4, Haikuan Wang 1, 3, 4, Yihan Liu 1, 2, 4, Lianxiang Du 4, Hongbin Wang 1, 3, 4, Fuping Lu 1,2,4


Baking quality of genetics resources of spring forms of Triticum spelta L.

Petr Konvalina 1, Zdeněk Štěrba 1, Ivana Capouchová 2, Jan Moudrý 1, Jan Moudrý jr. 1


Wheat gluten fractions: Hydrophobic, surface, and thermal properties

A. Mohamed Abdellatif 1*, I. M. Alruqaie 2, M. S. Alamri 1, H. Shahzad 1


Extruded date powder enriched pops: Formulation, processing, and quality

I. M. Alruqaie 1*, F. A. Al Ghamidi 2


Food borne bacteria isolated from spices and fate of Cronobacter sakazakii ATCC 29544 in black pepper exposed to drying and various temperature conditions

Oluwatosin A. Ijabadeniyi *, Madela Nokwanda


Antioxidant potentials of aqueous extracts from Rhus chinensis Mill leaves

Zhenyu Qiu 1†, Mingli Tang 1†, Guanjun Deng 1, 2, Hao Yang 3, Xuan Zhang 1, 2, Lifang Wu 1, 4*


Antimicrobial properties of Lawsonia inermis syn. Lawsonia alba in vivo and in vitro

Fatimah Abdul Rahiman 1, Noraini Mahmad 2, Rosna Mat Taha 2, Hashimah Elias 2, Fahrul Huyop Zaman 1*


Effects of far infrared-assisted heat pump drying on drying characteristics, water status, total phenols and antioxidant properties of banana (Musa sapientum L.) slices

Jin Yue 1, Xiaoyong Song 3, Yun Deng 1*, Zhenmin Liu 2, Yuanrong Zheng 2, Yanyun Zhao 1


Modulatory effect of lycopene on oxidative injury, related proteins and gene expression in gastric cancer tissue

Y.F. Xu 1, S.K. Zhou 2, 3*, X.J. Feng 3, L.X. Jiang 3


The factors affecting milk consumption preferences of the consumers Edirne Keşan township

Ebru Onurlubaş *, Neslihan Yılmaz


“Baduanjin” healthy Qigong exercise reducing oxidative damage and bone loss in aged postmenopausal women

AiJun Niu 1, Dinghai Yu 2*, Ying Zhao 3, Ru Wang 4, Guang Yang 5


Evaluation of the quality and antioxidant capacity of woodland strawberry biotypes in Sicily

Giuseppina Caracciolo 1*, Eleonora D’Anna 1, Alessandra Moncada 1, Fabio D’Anna 2


Inhibitory effect of chitosan on oxidative damage in rats fed with high-fat diet

ShaoYi She 1, WeiJuan Liu 2, YingKai Hong 1, Tong Li 3*


Postharvest behavior of ‘Niitaka’ pear fruit as affected by GA pasting

Jang-Jeon Choi 1, Jin-Ho Choi 1, Jeom-Hwa Han 2, Hyun-Sug Choi 3*, Seok-Kyu Jung 4


Production of cordycepin by Cordyceps militaris using submerged liquid culture: Optimization of the culture medium and repeated batch fermentation

Jian-Guo Zhang #, Ting-Ting Fang #, Qiao-Liang Li, Zhao-Jun Wei *


Motives of buying organic products and habits of organic buyers in Turkey

Erhan Çene 1*, Filiz Karaman 1, Seyma Calışkan Cavdar 2


Effects of kappa-casein variants on buffalo milk protein processing properties and Mozzarella cheese quality

Bo Lin 1, Daxi Ren 2, Ling Li 1, Tang Yan 1, Haoru Long 1, Bingzhuang Yang 1, Qingkun Zeng 1*


Characterization of serine protease from mango (Mangifera indica cv. Chokanan) peel

Mehrnoush Amid *, Mohd Yazid A. B. D. Manap


The impact of Mediterranean diet on glycemic control and cardiovascular risk factors in type 2 diabetic patients

Romulus Timar, Bogdan Timar *, Florin Horhat, Cristian Oancea


A simple and convenient method for isolation of Lactobacillus

Sheng-ping Wang1,2#, Zhao-Hui Guo1#, Hui-Zhi Liu1*, De-Yuan Zhang1*, Yue-Lin He1, Yin-Hua Zhou1, Yan Zeng1, Xin-Xu Hu1, Shu-Feng Gao1, Xiao-Lin Zhou1, Yan Shu1, Li-Li Li2, Rui-Lin Huang2, Gang Liu2, Xia Xiong2


The impact of biopolymers on thermal behavior of meat-biopolymer mixtures-Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) study

Mohammed Zaidul Islam Sarker 1, Mohammed Abd Elgadir 2, Sahena Ferdosh 3, Munira Akhtar 4, Mohammed Zainul Abedin 3, Mohammad Abdul Hakim 5, Takahiro Noda 6*


Extraction and biological activity of total anthocyanins from sweet cherry cultivars as polyphenol oxidase inhibitors

Taki Demir 1*, Fatih Sonmez 1, Cigdem Bilen 2, Nahit Gencer 2


Mathematical models of sensory attributes fitted to textural profiles are useful for quality evaluation of set yogurt

Xin Xu *, Junfei He, Jiayi He, Guoyan Liu


Effect of polysaccharides from the roots of Morinda officinalis How on physical fatigue

Yan Fei Wei 1*, Hao Ben Tao 2


Use of ozone in sanitation and storage of fresh fruits and vegetables

Letizia Carletti 1, Rinaldo Botondi 2, Roberto Moscetti 1, Elisabetta Stella 1, Danilo Monarca 1, Massimo Cecchini 1, Riccardo Massantini 2*


Nutritional and antinutritional attributes of raw and cooked Saudi traditional dishes

Magdi A. Osman 1, Abdelatief S. Eljassir 2, Mohammed S. Alamri 1, Mustafa A. Gassem 1, Elfadil. E.Babiker 1*


Survey on the status of enforcement of European directives on health and safety at work in some Italian farms

Massimo Cecchini *, Filippo Cossio, Alvaro Marucci, Danilo Monarca, Andrea Colantoni, Marco Petrelli, Elena Allegrini


Identification and quantification of phenolic compounds from Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) tubers

Ireneusz Kapusta 1*, Ewa Szpunar Krok 2, Dorota Bobrecka Jamro 2, Tomasz Cebulak 1, Joanna Kaszuba 1, Renata Tobiasz Salach 2


To reduce waste from in-transit inventory for a two-echelon fresh food supply chain

Yong He 1*, Hongfu Huang 1, Dong Li 2


An inventory model for perishable food products with quality-dependent demand

Yong He 1*, Hongfu Huang 1, Dong Li 2


Corporate social responsibility information transparency and business performance: Evidence from Spanish organic olive oil companies

A. Mozas 1, R. Puentes 1, E. Bernal 2, M. Frías 3


Genetic analysis for yield and yield contributing variables in upland cotton

Sundas Batool 1*, Naqib Ullah Khan 1, Samrin Gul 1, Muhammad Jurial Baloch 2, Naushad Ali Turi 3, Syed Asmatullah Taran 4, Muhammad Saeed 1


Analysis of load and fuel efficiency of agricultural tractor by gear selection during plow tillage

Seung Je Park 1, Yong Joo Kim 2*, Dae Hyun Lee 2


Nutrient solution concentration effects on non-drainage irrigation scheduling in coir substrate hydroponic system for tomato cultivation by a FDR sensor

Eun-Young Choi 1, Young-Hoe Woo 2, Son Min 3, Ki-Young Choi 4, Yong-Beom Lee 4*


Performance, intestinal morphology and microbiology of broilers fed corn-soybean meal diets supplemented with enzyme and antibiotic

Alaeldein M. Abudabos 1*, Hany M. Yehia 2


The effects of mycorrhizal species and different doses of phosphorus on pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) yield and development under field conditions

Ahmet Almaca 1*, Nesibe Devrim Almaca 2, Sibel Söylemez 2, İbrahim Ortaş 3


Chemical extracts of oilseed radish in resistance induction and Meloidogyne incognita control

Heriksen H. Puerari 1*, Cláudia R. Dias-Arieira 1, Jailson de O. Arieira 1, Adriano A. Silva 2, Simone M. Santana 1, Tiago R. Benetoli da Silva 1, Fabio Biela 1


Variation for seed phytosterols in a set of safflower cultivars

Álvaro Fernández-Cuesta, José M. Fernández-Martínez, Leonardo Velasco *


Mediterranean greenhouses: Energy flows in presence of the plants

Alvaro Marucci


Influence of nitrogen fertilizer rates and harvesting intervals on clonal tea green leaf fatty acid levels in the Lake Victoria basin of Kenya

P. Okinda Owuor 1*, Amos W. Okal 1, David M. Kamau 2, Solomon W. Msomba 3, Marie A. Uwimana 4, Samson M. Kamunya 2, Lawrence O. A. Mang’uro 1


Vineyard productivity and land inequality in rural Croatia

Anita Silvana Ilak Peršurić


Importance of the cereal seed grain provenance

Ladislav Bláha 1, Petr Konvalina 2*, Zdeněk Stehno 1, Martina Leskovcová 2


Allelopathic effects of cover crops on spring barley germination and establishment

Aušra Marcinkevičienė 1, 2, Zita Kriaučiūnienė 1*, Vaclovas Bogužas 2, Rimantas Velička 1, 2


Shoot cadmium concentration and accumulation of different canola (Brassica napus ssp. oleifera L.) genotypes under different zinc, nitrogen and sulfur treatments

Ayfer A. Torun 1*, Inci Tolay 2*, Zehra Aytac 3, Ozlem Yuksel 1, Pinar Yardim 1


Effects of salt stress on plasmalemma permeability, osmolyte accumulation and protective enzyme activities in oat plants

Baoping Zhao 1, Jinghui Liu 1, Junying Wu 1*, Huijun Liu 1, Hui-lian Xu 2


Effects of light and density on pod number spatial distribution across the main axis in soybean

Bing Liu 1, Chang-Shun Zhang 2, Xiao-Kun Wang 3, Xiao-Mei Zhou 1*, Xiao-xia Wang 1, Yue Wang 1, De-Ning Qu 4*


Antifungal activity of some plant extracts against phytopathogenic fungi

Burcu Yavuz 1, Umit Arslan 2*


Study on the purification and properties of glutamine synthetase from sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.)

Cai F. Li 1*, Yi F. Zhang 1, 2, Song Yu 1, 2, Duo Y. Zhang 1, 3, Feng M. Ma 1


A non-parametric efficiency analysis of Boro and Aman rice production in selected areas of the Mymensingh district in Bangladesh

Farhana Nargis, Sang Ho Lee *


An investigation on the contribution of pesticide and fertilizer dealers in Kocaeli province concerning agricultural extension activities

Ehlinaz Torun


Land and agricultural productivity: Evidences from Albania

Etleva Muça (Dashi) 1*, Ana Kapaj 1, Fatmir Guri 2, Hektor Thoma 3, Anila Tanku 4, Ledia Thoma 1, Orkida Totojani 1


Somatic embryogenesis and histological observations of Dracocephalum argunense Fisch. ex Link

Fenglan Li 1, Lijuan Shi 1, Xianfeng Jiang 1, Yao Fu1, Hui Zhao 1, Bingxiu Zhang 1, Yanzhong Feng 2, Feifei Qin 3, Yunfei Gao 2, Hui-lian Xu 4, Baozhong Hu 1*


Comparison of germination and early seedling growth of silage maize (Zea maysL.) exposed to different NaCl levels

Mehmet Arslan 1*, Cengiz Erdurmuş 2, Sadık Çakmakçi 3


Correlations and path analysis of yield and some yield components in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Mehmet Aycicek 1*, G. Emel Babagil 2


Path analysis of yield and yield components of some common bean (Phaseolusvulgaris L.) genotypes under Bingol ecological conditions in Eastern Anatolia

Mehmet Aycicek


Yield and yield components of some common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) local landraces and commercial varieties under Eastern Anatolia conditions

Mehmet Aycicek


The response of clone BBK 35 tea to nitrogen fertilizer rates and harvesting intervals in the lake Victoria basin of Kenya

P. Okinda Owuor 1*, David M. Kamau 2, Samson M. Kamunya 2, Erick O. Jondiko 1, Solomon W. Msomba 3, M. Ange Uwimana 4


The use of agricultural loan: An analysis of farmers’ bank selection decisions in Manisa, Turkey

Osman Murat Kocturk *, Mustafa Tepeci, Selim Duramaz, Ayhan Yatbaz


Modeling the relationship between the beef producer price and the oil prices in Turkey

Osman Orkan Ozer


Attractiveness and injury levels of adults by Diabrotica virgifera virgifera (Le Conte) on different host plant

Raluca Trusca *, Ioana Grozea, Ramona Stef


Transformation of Nicotiana tabacum with dehE gene

Yilmaz Kaya 1, 2, Sibel Yilmaz 2, Sevgi Marakli 2, Nermin Gozukirmizi 2, Fahrul Huyop 1


Genetic variability and heritability association with spike yield and related characters in durum wheat (Triticum durum (L.) Desf.)

Zekiye Budak Başçıftçi *, Gülcan Kınacı, Engin Kınacı


Determination of factors affecting sensitivity of two strawberry species to iron deficiency

Ayfer A. Torun 1*, Sedat Serce 2, Yildiz A. Kacar 3, Nazife Erdem 1, Halil Erdem 4, Belgin Bicen 3, Inci Tolay 5


Element content, botanical composition and nutritional characteristics of natural forage of Şanlıurfa, Turkey

Cenap Cevheri 1*, Çiğdem Küçük 1, Mehmet Avcı2, Vagif Atamov 3


The antibacterial activity of Anthemis chia L. flower against mastitis pathogens and antioxidant capacity of the various extracts

Okmen Gulten


The effects of sulphur fertilization on the yield of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) grown in the Harran Plain

Ahmet Almaca 1*, Nesibe Devrim Almaca 2, Ayşe Gülgün Öktem 2


Evidence of cytoplasmic and epistatic effects in inheritance of grain protein content in durum wheat

Safia El-Bok *, Fethi Bnejdi , Mohamed El-Gazzah


Influence of zinc and mycorrhizal fungus Glomus intraradices on plant yield, nutrient concentrations and control of phytophtora blight of pepper

Zeliha Küçükyumuk 1*, Hülya Özgönen 2, İbrahim Erdal 1


Influence of bentazon on pigment contents of Anabaena species

Okmen Gulten *, Turkcan Onur


Effects of boron deficiency and excess on rootstock growth and root morphology in trifoliate orange seedlings

Rui-dong Wang, Gui-dong Liu, Lei-chao Liu, Cun-cang Jiang *


The effect of irrigation and nitrogen on mineral composition of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) leaves

Abdulkadir Sürücü 1*, Erkan Boydak 2, Ali Rıza Demirkıran 1, Sadık Yetim 3


The effect of direct and traditional seeding methods and different water levels on the water–yield relationship of drip irrigated corn

Ali Beyhan Uçak 1, Cafer Gençoğlan 2, Hasan Değirmenci 2


Activity and concentration of polyphenolic antioxidants and agronomic characteristics of selected cultivars and advanced apple lines from Quebec and British Columbia, Canada

Amélie Damm 1, Marie Thérèse Charles 2, Laurence Gondet 1, Claudine Dubé 2, Shahrokh Khanizadeh 2, 3*


Turkish fattening farms in the EU process

Coskun Serefoglu 1, Tecer Atsan 2


Influence of internal planning system differences on emissions of aerial pollutants in laying hen houses

Havva Eylem Polat


Analysis and evaluation of eight herbicides toxicity and sensitivity against two Trichogramma spp.

Hua-Qiang Xu, Ming Xue *, Hai-Peng Zhao, Xiao-Dan Ma, Yan-Yan Liu


Changes in distribution patterns of aggregate size distribution and mean weight diameter in a corn field under heavy traffic

Kenan Barik *, Ekrem L. Aksakal, Taskin Oztas


Leaching of different liming materials from acid soil and determination of liming period

Kenan Barik, Adil Aydın, Canan Kant Aydın


Rootstock effects on yield, fruit quality, rind and juice color of ‘Moro’ blood orange

Meral Incesu*, Berken Çimen, Turgut Yesiloglu, Bilge Yilmaz


Effects of mulching and fertilization on soil moisture and crop productivity of broomcorn millet in the dry farmland of Loess Plateau

Wang Su 1, Yan-Ping Zhang 1, Yang Qu 2, Xiao-Li Gao 1, Jian-Hua Liu 3, Bai-Li Feng 1*


Effects of drying on germination rate of pecan seeds

Zeynel Dalkılıç


Effects of intercropping on mineral content of pistachio in southeast of Turkey

Abdulkadir Surucu *, Ali Riza Demirkiran


Biochemical alterations in soybean seeds with harvesting time and storage temperature

Bruno Guilherme Torres Licursi Vieira *, Rafael Marani Barbosa, Sandra Helena Unêda Trevisoli, Antonio Orlando di Mauro, Roberval Daiton Vieira


A study on usable plants for annual winter pastures for goats

Cemil Tölü 1*, Hande Işıl Akbağ 1, İsmail Yaman Yurtman 1, Harun Baytekin 2, Türker Savaş 1


Integration the effects of different storage types on nutritional quality characteristics of some feedstuffs

Havva Eylem Polat


Application of Bordeaux mixture for Botrytis control in passion fruit (Passiflora ligularis Juss) cultivated under organic farming in the Andean region

J. Vega 1, B. Escobar 1, B. Velázquez-Martí 2*


Natural resistance of ten cabbage genotypes to cabbage moth (Mamestra brassicae [L.]) attack under field conditions

Marko Devetak, Tanja Bohinc, Stanislav Trdan *


Effects of sister line mixtures on grain yield and some quality parameters in wheat

Mustafa Yildirim 1 *, Mustafa Cakmak 2


Regulation of type II sodium-dependent phosphate transporters in caprine parotid gland, small intestine and kidney by dietary phosphorus and protein levels

Qiongxian Yan 1, 2, Shaoxun Tang 1a, Zhiliang Tan 1*, Xuefeng Han 1, Chuanshe Zhou 1, Jinhe Kang 1, Min Wang 1


Effects of sewage sludge and inorganic fertilizer treatments on yield and botanical composition of a sown-pasture established over a degraded pasture

Satı Uzun 1*, Yunus Serin 1, Oğuzhan Uzun 2, Mahmut Kaplan 1, Mustafa Başaran2


New discoveries of stone cell differentiation in fruitlets of ‘Yali’ pears (Pyrus bretschneideri Rehd.)

Shu-Gang Zhao 1*, Jian-Guang Zhang 2, Yue-Ping Zhao 3, Yu-Xing Zhang 2*


Effect of nitrogen fertilizer timing and source on some yield and quality parameters of durum wheat (Triticum durum)

Nesrin Orcen 1*, Muzaffer Tosun 1, Esref Irget 2


Effect of different levels of acid detergent fiber diets on growth performance, intestinal integrity and mucosal immunity of weaning rabbits

Quanhui Peng, Zhisheng Wang *


Effects of carbon nanoparticles application on the growth, physiological characteristics and nutrient accumulation in tobacco plants

Tai-bo Liang *, Qi-sheng Yin, Yan-ling Zhang, Bao-lin Wang, Wei-min Guo, Jian-wei Wang, Jian-ping Xie


Effects of nitrogen fertilization and supplemental irrigation on maize growth and nitrogen absorption in Loess Plateau of Northwest China

Xiukang Wang 1, 2, 3*, Zhanbin Li 1, 2, Yingying Xing 4


Effects of different selenium concentrations on invertase and nitrate reductase activities of flue-cured tobacco

Zicheng Xu 1, Shuang Zhao 1*, Jinghua Jiao 2, Huifang Shao 1, Wuxing Huang 1


Effect of new oregano oil premix on growth performance and slaughter performance of broiler chicken

Zhihui Hao *, Kefeng Xiao, Leilei Wang


Application of SEBAL for rice water consumption and productivity estimation through integrating remote sensing and census data in the Sanjiang plain, China

Jia Du 1,2*, Kaishan Song 1, Zongming Wang 1, Lin Li 3


Screening of reproductive endosymbionts indicates Wolbachia flourish alone across fig wasps (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea)

Lihua Niu 1, Ningxin Wang 1, Zi Li 2, Xiangliang Meng 1, Peiguang Li 1, Chao Xu 1, Sisi Jia 1, Dawei Huang 1, 2*


Point mutations in the viral genome-linked protein (VPg) of Potato virus Y probably correspond with ability to overcome resistance of tobacco

Marcin Przybys, Teresa Doroszewska, Apoloniusz Berbec


Nitrogen uptake, nitrogen partitioning and N-use efficiency of container-grown Holm oak (Quercus ilex L.) under different nitrogen levels and fertilizer sources

Anna Maria Stellacci 1, Giuseppe Cristiano 2, Pietro Rubino 2, Barbara De Lucia 2, Eugenio Cazzato 2*


Grass-legume mixtures: An analysis of dry matter yield, chemical composition, and in vitro apparent dry matter digestibility

Mohammed Baba ¹, Ridzwan Abd Halim ¹*, Abd Razak Alimon 2, Abu Bakar Idris 3, Abdul Shukor Juraimi 1


Optimisation and risk analysis of greenhouse gas emissions depending on yield and nitrogen rates in rapeseed cultivation

Magdalena Borzęcka-Walker *, Antoni Faber, Rafał Pudełko, Zusanna Jarosz, Alina Syp, Jerzy Kozyra


Molecular cloning and sequence analysis of Meq gene of Marek’s disease virus

Danjun Zhang *, Yin Dai *, Ruihong Zhao, Xiaomiao Hu, Hongyan Hou, Xiaochen Pan, Xueli Zhou


Effect of cluster thinning on productivity indicators and wine quality of the indigenous red wine grapevine cultivar ‘Kallmet’ in Mjeda, Shkodër, in north-western part of Albania

Elisabeta Susaj 1*, Lush Susaj 2*, Fatmir Voci 2, Fran Brahimi 3, Bari Hodaj 2, Harallamb Paçe 4, Ylli Subashi 5, Bardhosh Ferraj 2


Influence of farming systems on production of greenhouse gas emissions within cultivation of selected crops

Jan Moudrý Jr.*, Zuzana Jelínková, Jan Moudrý, Bernas Jaroslav, Kopecký Marek, Konvalina Petr


Plant aquaporins for controlling crop nutrition transport under abiotic stress conditions for sustainable agriculture

Xiao-Ya Zheng 1, 2, 3, Zheng-Bin Zhang 1*, Hong-Bo Shao 2, 4*, Hong-Bin Zhao 1, Ping Xu 1, Ying-Fu Yang 3


Studies on quality of apomictic seeds and sexual seeds of walnut (Juglans regia L. cv ‘Lvling’)

Rui Du 1,4, Xuemei Zhang 2, 3, Ping Wang 2, Baoguo Li 2, 3, Yuhong Gu 1, 3*, Guohui Qi 2, 3, Yingchao Li 2, Lu Liu 1


Effects of feeding on tobacco plants preinfested by Bemisia tabaci Biotype B on activity of detoxification enzymes in Trialeurodes vaporariorum

Haiyan Hu 1, Ming Xue 1*, Mingjuan Bi 2, Xiao Zhang 1, Cheng Qu 1


The responses of rice growth and yield to water storage and control irrigation

Shurong Hao, Danping Ma, Ji Zheng, Xiang ping Guo *


Exogenous leptin advances the recovery of regressed ovary in fasted layers

Hui Chen 1**, Kang Bai 1**, Ke-qian Di 1, 2**, Lihua Li 1, Shuai Ge 1, Ren-lu Huang 1*


Comparing of individual feed, water intake and excretion of hens kept in intelligent hencoop under different photoperiods

Hui Chen 1*, Lihua Li 1*, Ke-qian Di 1, 2*, Kang Bai 1*, Shuai Ge 1, Ren-lu Huang 1**


Comparative study on drought tolerance of wheat and wheat-Aegilops biuncialis 6Ub addition lines

Hui Zhao 1, 3, 4, Wei Zhang 1, 2, Jing Wang 1, Furong Li 1, Fa Cui 1, 2, Jun Ji 1, 2, Daowen Wang 2, Junming Li 1, 2*


Study on farmer’s demand desire for agricultural machinery insurance in China

Ke Han 1*, Baofeng Chen 1*, Yingwei Li 2


Embryo rescue to obtain progeny from seedless grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) × wild Chinese Vitis species

Gui Rong Li, Gang Wang, Yue Jin Wang *


Characterization and assessment of seasonal variation of Citrus tristeza closterovirus (CTV) in citrus in Pakistan

Mazhar Abbas 1, 4, 5*, Muhammad Mumtaz Khan 1, 2, Sardar Muhammad Mughal 3, Pingsheng Ji 5


Effect of rates and fertigation strategies of nitrogen on the yield and nutrient contents of cabbage

Mostafa Nabawy Feleafel 1, 2*, Zohair Mahmoud Mirdad 1


Effect of calcium on antioxidant systems in seedling of Malus hupehensis Rehd. under salt stress

Chenshan Xu


Arginine metabolism profile in infection: Application in pathogenesis infections

Chenxing Fu 1, Ruilin Huang 2*, Jian-hua He 1*, Jinquan Wang 4, Jun Fang 1, 3*


Detection of Elsinoë fawcettii in planta through real-time PCR

Xin Hou, Feng Huang, Tian-Yuan Zhang, Hong-Ye Li *


Function of N-carbamylglutamate for swine nutrition metabolism

Xin Wu 1, Zheng Ruan 1*, Yong-qing Hou 2


Establishment of a sensitive indirect competitive ELISA standard curve based on the artificial antigen of clofencet

Xin-liang Zhao 1, 2, Long-yu Zhang 1, Zhi-kuan Li 1, Zheng Chen 1, Gai-sheng Zhang 1*, Qi-di Zhu 1


Effects of exogenous hydrogen sulphide on the seed germination of pumpkin under NaCl stress

Yongdong Sun*, Weirong Luo


Evaluation for salt stress tolerance of pepper genotypes to be used as rootstocks

Consuelo Penella 1, Sergio G. Nebauer 2, Salvador Lopéz-Galarza 2, Alberto SanBautista 2, Elisa Gorbe 3, Angeles Calatayud 1*


Open innovation in the Sanjiang Plain: A new paradigm for developing agriculture in China

Guotao Dong 1, 2, Shengtian Yang 1*, Juan Bai 1, Zhiwei Wang 1, Yichi Zhang 1


Dynamics of T-2 toxin synthesis on barley ears

Pavel Matušinsky *, Ivana Polišenská, Michaela Kadlíková, Ludvík Tvarůžek, Dagmar Spitzerová, Tomáš Spitzer


Agro-morphological differentiation between European hop (Humulus lupulus L.) cultivars in relation to their origin

Urszula Skomra 1*, Jan Bocianowski 2, Monika Agacka 1


Deoxynivalenol residues in edible tissue of infested pig

 Li Wu 1#, Wence Wang 2#, Ruilin Huang 1, Zhijie Cui 1, Liuqin He 1, Jie Yin 1, Jieling Duan 1, Tiejun Li *, Jinquan Wang 3*


Effect of storage methods on virulence variation of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryze

Yuan Fang 1, 2, Long Biao Guo 4, Bin Li 2*, Yan Li Wang 3, Zhong Jin Wang 5, Guo Chang Sun 1, 3*


Effects of ecological farming systems and five-year crop rotations on crop productivity and properties of haplic luvisol

Eugenija Bakšienė, Almantas Ražukas, Rita Asakaviciute, Audrius Kacergius, Zita Maknickiene, Danuta Romanovskaja, Jelena Titova, Liudmila Tripolskaja


Carrot seed size and progenies influence on seed physiological quality and plant productivity performance

Cibele C. Martins 1*, Norberto da Silva 2, Carla G. Machado 3


Aerobic rice response to irrigation regimes and fertilizer nitrogen rates

Krishna G. Mandal 1*, Dilip K. Kundu 2, Amod K. Thakur 1, K. Kannan 3, Pothula S. Brahmanand 1, Ashwani Kumar 1


The development of a new monoecious melon hybrid from andromonoecious plants and a quality of the obtained hybrid

Ping Zhang 1*, Yan-song Ao 2


The agriculture in Egypt during the medieval ages: A focus on Mamluk period

Wan Kamal Mujani 1 *, Wan Mohd Hirwani Wan Hussain 2, Noor Inayah Yaakub 3


Variation of attack degree of downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) in five wine grape varieties, under conventional and organic control treatments

Claudiu Ioan Bunea 1*, Daniela Popescu 2, Andrea Bunea 1, Marin Ardelean 1


Evaluation of Rosmarinus officinalis essential oil in inducing resistance to Meloidogyne javanica and Pratylenchus brachyurus in soybean

Danielle Mattei 1, Claudia Regina Dias-Arieira 1*, Heriksen Higashi Puerari 2, Tais Santo Dadazio 1, Miria Roldi 1, Tiago Roque Benetoli da Silva 1


Chemical constituents of Haloxylon salicornicum plant from Cholistan Desert, Bahawalpur, Pakistan

Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf 1, 3*, Karamat Mahmood 2, Abdul Wajid 2, Ahmad Kaleem Qureshi 1, Mohamadreza Gharibreza 4


Preparation of hexaflumuron microcapsule by interfacial polymerization process

Kefeng Xiao*, Zhihui Hao, Leilei Wang


Exogenous sodium nitroprusside promotes high temperature tolerance in rice seedlings

Yong Zhu, Xiaoyan Sun, Xiaohai Tian, Huawen Zou *


Effect of irrigation water and nitrogen coupling on leaf area and dry matter yield of flue-cured tobacco: A lysimeter study

Xiaohou Shao 1, 2*, Binbin Jin 2, 3, Maomao Hou 1, 2, Jingnan Chen 1, 2, Yamin Zhai 1, 2, Youbo Yuan 4


Grafting suitability of Sicilian eggplant ecotypes onto Solanum torvum: Fruit composition, production and phenology

Leo Sabatino *, Eristanna Palazzolo, Fabio D’Anna


Effect of genotype and crop management systems on phenolic acid content in winter wheat grain

Janusz Czaban 1*, Alicja Sułek 2, Łukasz Pecio 3, Jerzy Żuchowski 3, Grażyna Podolska 2


Decision making on agro-biotechnology issues: An Islamic perspective

Latifah Amin 1*, Siti Fairuz Sujak 2, Abdul Latif Samian 3, Mohamad Sabri Haron 1, Mohd Nasran Mohamad 4


Identification of Phytophthora infestans from infected potato and tomato plants using molecular techniques

Wesam G. Shahrour 1*, Mohamad A. Shatnawi 1, Samih Abubaker 2, Zakaria Al-Ajlouni 3, Ahmad N. Shadaideh 2, Hanee M. Al-Dmoor 4, Khalaf Alhussaen 5


Effect of foliar application of nutrients and biostimulant on growth, phenology and yield attributes of pecan nut cv. ‘Western Schley’

Naira Ashraf *, Moieza Ashraf, Chet Singh Tomar


Effects of fertilization and precipitation on winter wheat yield and nitrogen use efficiency on the Loess Plateau

Xiaoyan He 1, Mingde Hao 2, 3*, Lei Chen 4, Wenjun Li 2, Xu Chen 1


Effect of molasses addition on in vitro rumen degradability and microbial protein synthesis of corn stover treated with sodium hydroxide and urea

Xiao Feng Xu 1, 2, Yu Jia Tian 1, Yong Qing Guo 1, Sheng Li Li 1*, Zhi Jun Cao 1


Analysis of milk production and average weight at birth calves depending on volume food and concentrate (2 outputs and 2 inputs)

Majlinda Belegu 1 *, Diana Shehu 2, Mariana Nikolla 2, Irma Qinami 2, Elona Karafili 3


Pineapple residues returning on chemical quality and aroma components of next-cropped pineapple fruits

Chuanhe Liu 1, 2*, Yan Liu 1,2, Chao Fan 1, 2, Shizi Kuang 1, 2


Permanent wilting point of soybean in Rhodic Ferralsols with and without biodegradable organic residue incorporation and physiological monitoring in relation to the behavior of moisture

Alexandre C. Salvestro 1*, Paulo Sergio Lourenço de Freitas 1, Roberto Rezende 1, Camila Viana Vieira 2, Elcio Friske 2, Gabriela Chierici 2, Juliano Guilherme Sapia 2, André Prechlak Barbosa 2


Photosynthetic performance of Triticum aestivum L. in response to water and nitrogen deficit

Rui-Xin Shao 1, Jian-Hui Chen 1, Feng Miao 1, Guang-Wei Zhao 1, 2, Qing-Hua Yang 1*


Growth and yield response of five “super” rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars to nitrogen fertilizer rates

Zhaowen Mo 1,2, Shenggang Pan 1,2, Bingshun Luo 1, Hua Tian 1,2, Meiyang Duan 1,2, Qingshan Lin 3, Yijun Jiang 4, Xiangru Tang 1,2*


Expert system based on improved quantitative for diagnosis and treatment of cucumber diseases

Hao-jie Wen, Ze-tian Fu, Ling-xian Zhang *, Xin-xing Li


Agronomic characteristics and physiological quality of bean seed produced in organic cropping system

Cláudio Y. Tsutsumi 1, Mackenzie J. de Carvalho 1, Lorena M. Noreto 1*, Vanessa D. Mattiello 1, Patricia Paro 1, Reinaldo P. Ricieri 2


A meta-regression analysis of agricultural total factor productivity in China

Dan Pan


Chain, control, and security of the agriculture industry

Yucheng He 1*, Qian Zhang 2, Guang Yang 2


Mapping smallholder irrigation schemes utilizing GIS technology for improving livelihoods among farmers in the North West Province, South Africa

Lobina Palamuleni, Sibongile S. Tekana, Oladimeji I. Oladele


Increasing the efficiency of the Albanian agricultural farms using the DEA model

Mariana Nikolla, Maksim Meco, Jonida Bou Dib (Lekocaj)*, Majlinda Belegu, Irma Qinami, Xhevaire Dulja, Edmond Kadiu


Genetic variation of nitrogen-use efficiency in Aegilops tauschii and amphidiploids

Xiaocun Zhang, Fanmei Kong, Fengbo Xue, Jinglan Zhao, Anfei Li, Lingrang Kong


Effect of bean plant density on architectural traits, yield and phenotypic relationships between these traits

Agim Canko *, Foto Kashta, Nikollaq Bardhi, Liri Miho, Isuf Kaziu


Emergy analysis of compound agricultural fruit production system in centural Loess Plateau

Li Zhu, Faqi Wu *, Honghong Wang


Identification and Distribution of ALS resistant Lolium rigidum populations in Saudi Arabia

Abdullah A. Al-Doss, Abdelhalim I. Ghazy *, Abd El-azeem K. Salem, Hussein M. Migdadi, Sulieman A. Al-Faifi


Problems and countermeasures of agricultural sustainable development in China

Yawei Wang 1, Ke Han 2


Hereditary divergence, linkages and performance comparison in case of various genotypes of mungbean (Vigna radiata L.)

Rao Wali Muhammad 1*, Munir Ahmad 1, Muhammad Imran Umar 2, Abdul Qayyum 2, Waqas Malik 2, Amir Hamza 1, Malik Yousaf 3, Jahangir Shah 3, Bashir Ahmad 3, Shahzad Bashir 2, Roshan Zada 6, Rana Zulfiqar Ali 4, Etrat Noor 2 , Shoaib Liaqat 5, Imtiaz Ahmed 5


Phenological growth and development stages of the native Patagonian fruit species Berberis buxifolia Lam.

Miriam E. Arena 1, Edgardo Giordani 2, Silvia Radice 3


Mitigation of the adverse effect of salinity through stimulation some secondary metabolites and antioxidant enzymes of methanolic extract of maize cultivars by exogenous ascorbic acid

Zeinab A. Salama 1*, Mohamed M. El Fouly 2, Alaa A. Gaafar 1


Prediction of anthracnose (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Penz.) on mango (Mangifera indica L.) in Soconusco, Chiapas 

José Nelson Pérez-Quintanilla 1, Erika Patricia Pinson-Rincón 1, Victor Manuel Díaz-Vicente 1, Dagoberto Guillén-Sánchez 2, Carlos Conrado Garibay-Gálvez 1, Marco Antonio Martínez-Guerrero 3, Ricardo Hernández-Pérez 4


Water use of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.): Response to genotype and phosphorus fertilizer rates in winter and summer sowings

John B. O. Ogola 1*, Thendo Madzivhandila 1, Jude J. O. Odhiambo 2


Effects of anhydrous ammonia treatment and Saccharomyces cerevisiae supplementation on the neutral detergent fiber degradability and crude nutrient digestibility of wheat straw in sheep

Muazzez Polat *, Hülya Özelçam, Yılmaz Şayan, Gülşah Yeğenoğlu Baykal


Effect of dietary supplementation with Anacardium occidentale on growth performance and immune and visceral organ weights in replacement laying pullets

Yordan Martínez Aguilar 1, 2, Orlando Martínez Yero 2, Gang Liu 1*, Wenkai Ren 1, Roman Rodríguez Bertot 2, Yidix Fonseca Jiménez 2, Carlos Olmo González 2, Maidelys Isert del Toro 2, Roisbel Aroche Ginarte 2, Manuel Valdivié Navarro 3, Charles Martin Nyachoti 4


Effect of drought stress on yield, chlorophyll contents and photosynthesis in tartary buckwheat (Fagopyrum tataricum)

Da-Bing Xiang, Lian-Xin Peng, Jiang-Lin Zhao, Liang Zou, Gang Zhao, Chao Song


Interactive effects of cadmium and salinity stresses on growth and cadmium, sodium and potassium accumulation in two hybrid maize varieties

Selim Eker 1*, Hatun Barut 2


Studies on the adult’s winter hardiness of Galerucella birmanica Jacoby (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Fushan Zheng *, Hongxia Dong, Ying Lv, Mingjuan Bi, Tiantian Chen


Yield response of bolted spider plant (Cleome gynandra) to deflowering and application of nitrogen top dressing

Sydney Mavengahama


Effects of straw mulch on the growth and yield of drip irrigated cotton in north Xinjiang

Jinzhu Zhang, Zhenhua Wang *


The effects of organic and inorganic fertilizers on some growth parameters of hybrid corn cultivars (Zea mays L. indentata S.)

Muhammet Karasahin


Evaluation and selection of barley genotypes under optimum salt stress condition using tissue culture techniques and SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis

Ehab Mohamed Rabei Metwali 1, 2*, Michael Paul Fuller 3, Salah Mohamed Hassan Gowayed 1, 2, Omar Abdel-Hakeim Almaghrabi1, Yahia Yosef  Mosleh 1, 4


Resistance in wild emmer wheat (Triticum dicoccoides) from the fertile crescent to yellow rust in China

Yan Liang 1, 2, Zhenyu Zhang 3, Yunliang Peng 3, Eviatar Nevo 4, Junhua Peng 1, 2, 5*


Leafspot disease of taro cocoyam (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott) caused by Botryodiplodia theobromae and in-vitro control with some agrochemicals

E. M. Ilondu


Toxicity of selected insecticides for onion maggot Delia antiqua (Meigen) adult and their bait-allure efficacy in the fields

Fangyuan Zhou, Zheng Wang, Xue Ming*, Haipeng Zhao, Huaqiang Xu


Effects of rain catching and controlled irrigation models on pest and loss of nitrogen and phosphorus under different weeding methods

Xiang Ping Guo 1, Jacob Jeremiah Towa 1, 2*, Richwell M. Mwiya 3, Chen Sheng 1


Fate of water and N nutrient in tobacco field under different water-nitrogen coupling treatments

Xiao-hou Shao 1, 2*, Jing-nan Chen 2, 3, Mao-mao Hou 2, 3, Yao-fu Wang 1, You-bo Yuan 4, Fu-zhang Ding 4


The in vitro rooting performance of pear rootstock ‘OHxF 333’ in different rooting procedures

Umran Erturk


Design and simulation of full hydraulic vibration system for separation of processing tomato fruits and vines

Rongqing Liang 1, Za Kan 1*, Jinling Cong 2, Chengsong Li 1, Lihong Wang 1, Yulei Feng 1


Grain and food quality traits in some aromatic long and short grain rice varieties of India

Hatanath Subudhi *, Jitendriya Meher, Onkar Nath Singh, Sri Gopal Sharma, Sanjukta Das


Determination of antioxidative enzyme activities in callus culture of the salt-tolerant and salt-sensitive watermelon (Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Mansf.) genotypes under salt stress

Fikret Yasar 1*, Ozlem Uzal 1, Ozlem Yasar 2


The effects of sowing density and sowing pattern on yield, yield components and some agronomic characteristics of corn (Zea mays L.) H.S.C. 704 cultivar

Ali Reza Saberi 1*, Sayyed Afshin Mosavat 1, Siti Aishah Hassan 2, Zeinab Barati 2


Effects of acetochlor and fluoroglycofen on growth of grape shoot

Wei Tan 1, 2, Ting Liang 1, Qing-liang Li 2, Yuan-peng Du 1, Heng Zhai 1*


Effect of long-term fertilization on wheat productivity and soil properties in the Northern Loess Plateau, China

 Wenjun Li 1, Mingde Hao 1*, 2, Xiaoyan He 2


Inheritance of the ratio of soluble solids and titratable acidity in berries of hybrids among Vitis species

Wei Tan, Xiao-ping Tang*, Xiao-mei Li, Zhi-gang Dong, Xiao-he Ma, Qi-feng Zhao, Min Wang


Allelopathic potential of Parthenium hysterophorus L. extracts on seed germination and seedling growth of two crops 

Gang Hu 1, 2, Zhonghua Zhang 1, 2, Baoqing Hu 2*


Nitrogen top dressing application and growing season of crambe cultivated on two crop year

Tiago Roque Benetoli da Silva 1*, Aline Cristina de Souza Reis 3, Antonio Nolla 1, Claudia Regina Dias Arieira 1, Carolina Amaral Tavares da Silva 2, Beatriz Tomé Gouveia 3, Ana Cláudia Mascarello 3, Tainara Vanessa Carraro 3, Jailson de Oliveira Arieira 1


Experimental study of ammonia volatilization from applied nitrogen in soda saline - Alkali soil

Hui Li, Mei Hong *, Dilong Zhang, Jiansen Lei, Haitao Zhang


Morphometric parameters of the Aksu watershed: An analysis of hydrologic processes 

Ayten Erol


Salinity effect on vegetative growth and chlorophyll contents of six dominant weed species in Malaysian coastal rice field 

Md. Abdul Hakim 1, 2, Abdul Shukor Juraimi 3*, Mohamed Hanafi Musa1, Mohd Razi Ismail 3, Ahmad Selamat 3


Prediction and evaluation of biomass obtained from citrus trees pruning

B. Velázquez-Martí 1, E. Fernández-González 1, I. López-Cortés 2, A.J. Callejón-Ferre 3*


Effect of litter decomposition on soil polarization in three typical planted pure shrub forests in the southern fringe of Mu Us Desert, China

Cai-Hong Mi 1, Zeng-Wen Liu 1, 2*, Qian Li 3, Bo-Chao Zhu 1, Yuan-Hao Bing 3


The influence of trinexapac-ethyl on growth and quality of Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon cv. Satiri) 

Nur Adila Binti Rosidi 1, Abdul Shukor Juraimi 1*, Md. Kamal Uddin 2, Md. Amirul Alam 1


Low permeability of subsurface soil restricts the leaching of soluble salts of hard saline-sodic soils in the Songnen plain in Northeast China

Chunming Chi 1, Zhichun Wang 2*


Treatment of landfill leachate using Zea mays and Triticum sp. on antropogenic soils 

Igor Cretescu 1, Corneliu Pohontu 1, Catalina Iticescu 2, Maria Cioroi 2, Ramona Carla Ciocinta 3, Daniel Bucur 1, 3*


Effect of different winter cover crops on carbon dioxide emission and soil organic carbon content in paddy field of double cropping rice area in Southern China

Haiming Tang, Xiaoping Xiao*, Wenguang Tang, Guangli Yang, Lijun Guo


Cost-effective production of Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis 

İlknur Ak *, Merve Oğuz, Koray Benas, Tolga Göksan


Biomass allocation pattern and allometric model of Populus davidiana and Pinus tabulaeformis Carr in warm temperate zone of China

Ning Wang 1,2, Baitian Wang 1*, Ruijun Wang 1, Xiaoyang Cao 1, Wenjing Wang 1, Lu Chi 1


Integrating wetland management into sustainability of future metropolitan water resources management

Shih-Chung Lu, Szu-Hsien Peng


Cultural meaning of flowing water textures in Japanese gardens

Szu-Hsien Peng


Irrigation water infiltration and water use efficiency of winter wheat under interval-farmland irrigation mode

Chengyu Wang 1, Mingrong He 2*, Hongwen Men 2, Yuhua Shi 2


The effects of clove oil on adult males and females of rainbow trouts (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and brown trouts (Salmo trutta fario)

Volkan Kizak 1*, Yusuf Guner 2, Murathan Kayim 1, Erkan Can 1


The development of a one-parameter model for the soil-water characteristic curve in the loess gully region

Xiaoyu Song 1*, Mingda Yan 1, Huaiyou Li 2


RFID-based CO2 emissions allocation in the third-party logistics industry 

Yong-Shin Kang 1, Sekyoung Youm 2, Yong-Han Lee 3, Jongtae Rhee 3*


The development of ecology-oriented water resources optimal allocation model in Chanba river basin

Xiaoyu Song *, Lu Xia, Mingda Ya


Differences in regional eco-security between China and the DPR Korea based on a study of land use/cover change in the past 30 years

Deying Liu 1, Hongyan Zhang 1*, Qiang Zhang 2, Guanglei Hou 3, Xiaoyi Guo 1


The soil water balance characteristics of runoff plot forestlands in Nanxiaohegou basin

Xiaoyu Song 1*, Lu Xia 1, Huaiyou Li 2


Impact of the IT capability on green innovation: Evidence from the manufacturing industry 

Kexin Bi 1, 2, Hui-zi Ma 1*


Economic evaluation of the ecological agriculture in Romania: Study case of wheat and corn 

Felix Horaţiu Arion*, Iulia Cristina Mureşan


Human emotional and psycho-physiological responses to plant color stimuli

Mohamed EL Sadek 1*, 2, Sato Sayaka 1, Eijiro Fujii 1, Eid Koriesh 2, Eman Moghazy 2, Yehia Abd El Fatah 2


A strain decolourizing Reactive Red X-3B and its performance study

Wenwei Tang 1*, Jiemin Gong 1, Min Zhang  2, Chang Li 2, Xinping Zeng 2


Oxidative characteristic and process about wet air oxidation on phenolic ether and alcohol ether

Wenwei Tang 1*, Lujun Wu 1, Xinping Zeng 2


Comparative studies on muscle cellularity and flesh quality of two mandarin fish species, Siniperca chuatsi and Siniperca scherzeri

Wuying Chu 1, Wenqian Li 2, Lin Chen 1, Kaizhuo Wang 1, Lusha Liu 1, Xiangjun Leng 2, Jianshe Zhang 1*


Spatial distribution and ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in soils of the Hun River Alluvial-plain Fan in Shenyang, Liaoning, China

Tianye Wang 1, Fengjun Zhang 1*, Huaiyuan Wang 2, Zhaoying Liu 1, Shuang Zhong 1


Effect of Zn(II) on the biochemical properties of aerobic granules

Xiaoying Zheng *, Xi Huang, Wei Chen, Xingnan Wang, Yujie He, Yanke Wu, Wenjuan Mao


Understory plant community as environmental indicators: Comparing eucalypt plantations with an indigenous forest stand

Yan-Qiu Hu 1, Zhi-Yao Su 1*, Xian-Dong Ke 1, Yong-Mei Xiong 2


Effects of air pollution on public health in China: A health production function approach

Zhigang Chen 1*, Qing Wang 2, Yi Chen 1


Error modeling and sensitivity analysis of machine tools based on multi-body theory

Xiaofeng Wang 1, 2, Jinwei Fan 1, 2*, Yun Li 1, 2


A GIS procedure for automatically calculating CSLE Equation LS factor in the Loess Plateau of China

Hongming Zhang 1, Zhihong Yao 2, Meili Wang 1*, Qinke Yang 2*, Shuqin Li 1*


Ultraviolet radiation effect on photosynthetic pigments, biochemical attributes, antioxidant enzyme activity and hormonal contents of wheat

Shah Fahad 1, Yutiao Chen 1, Shah Saud 2, Kai Wang 1, Dongliang Xiong 1, Chang Chen 1, Chao Wu 1, Farooq Shah 1, Lixiao Nie 1, Jianliang Huang 1*


Differential gene expression in Primula under heat stress conditions

Weijuan Hu $, Lu Zhang $, Huitang Pan, Yike Gao, Qixiang Zhang *


Dynamic characteristics of Wuhan urban green land based on landscape connectivity

Pujiang Huang 1, Yanfang Liu 1, 2*, Jing Qian 1, Chang Liu 3


Effects of dietary fiber on growth performance, enzyme activities, microflora and digesta physicochemical characteristics of Lionhead geese

H. Q. Zhang 1, 2, H. Ye 1, W. C. Wang 1, Z. M. Dong 1, L. Jin 1, L. Yang 1*


Floristic composition of weed community in selected vegetable fields in Selangor, Malaysia

Ketaran Bunga Raya 1, Siti Hajar Ahmed 1*, Abdul Shukor Juraimi 1, Rosenani Abu Bakar 2, Md Kamal Uddin 3


Integrated weed management in cotton cultivated in the alternate-furrow planting system

Hakoomat Ali, Shoukat A. Abid, Shakeel Ahmad, Naeem Sarwar, Memoona Arooj, Athar Mahmood *, Ahmad N. Shahzad


Evaluation of mixtures of blue lupine (Lupinus angustifolius L.) with spring cereals grown for seeds in organic farming system

Jerzy Księżak, Mariola Staniak


PEG priming decreases the thermodormancy of lettuce seed germination and invokes the tolerance of post-priming established lettuce seedlings to heat stress

Run Hua Zhang 1, Guo Lin Zhou 1*, Zhi Guo Li 2, Bin Cai Wang 2, Ai Hua Wang 1, Xing Xue Huang 1, Fang Yao 1, Chu Fa Lin 1


Technical and economic efficiency in cotton production in the Aegean region, Turkey

Sule Isin *, Ferruh Isin, Ayse Uzmay


Seasonal changes of some plant nutrients under deficit irrigation programs of ‘Braeburn’ apple variety

Zeliha Küçükyumuk 1*, Cenk Küçükyumuk 2, İbrahim Erdal 1


Rural waterfronts, green areas and natural landscape at the Danube 

Dragoş Horia Buhociu 1*, Adrian Turek Rahoveanu 2, Tiberiu Constantin Florescu 1, Cerasella Craciun 1, Andreea Popa 1


Longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) regeneration and growth under single-tree selection in southeastern United States

Qiuju Guo, Dexiang Wang *


Contribution of irrigation for reducing the damage from drought in the area of the Danube region in Serbia

Svetlana Potkonjak *, Tihomir Zoranović, Ksenija Mačkić, Branislav Vlahović, Marko Bajčetić


GIS-based data analysis from multiple soil investigations for urban land-use planning: Esenler district, Istanbul (Turkey)

T. Fikret Kurnaz *, Sefik Ramazanoglu, Can Karavul


Super-absorbent polymer improves gangue matrix: Effects on the growth and photosynthetic characteristics of Trifolium repens L.

Zhifeng Zhao 1, Dongmei Wang 1*, Tingning Zhao 1, Yan Zhang 2


An assessment of biomass production potential in Poland and impacts on food security

Alina Syp, Antoni Faber, Magdalena Borzęcka-Walker


Risk prediction of water salinization after reservoir subdivision: A case study of Beidagang Reservoir, China

Liqin Zhu 1, 2*, Cuiling Jiang 2, Youheng Wang 2, Yanmei Peng 2, Peng Zhang 2


Impacts of cadmium stress on soil microbial and enzyme activities under laboratory conditions

Xiang-hua Xu 1, 2*, Cui-ying Liu 1, Ren-ying Li 1, Xiao-rong Wang 3


Runoff and sediment responses to rainfall intensity in different vegetation restoration stages on the Loess Plateau of China

J. Xu 1, P. L. Liu 1, N. N. Zhang 1, L. F. Chen 2


Stability analysis and reinforcement scheme of a deformation rock mass for Xigu hydropower station based on NMM

Zhenzhong Shen 1, 2, Jing Wang 2 *, Lei Yang 2, Lei Zheng 2


Evaluation of urban system development based on emergy indices and mathematical models

Zhao Ji 1, Meichen Fu 1*, Jin Tao 2, Jianjun Zhang 1


Mobbing on forest products industry in Turkey 

İlker Akyüz 1, Ali Köksal 2, Bahadır Çağrı Bayram 3, Yasin Balaban 1*


Factors influencing the distribution of plant communities in a subtropical karst forest in Maolan Nature Reserve, southwest China 

Gang Hu 1, 2, Zhonghua Zhang 1, 2*


Frequency analysis of annual maximum rainfall series using L-moment methods on Yesilirmak Basin in Turkey 

Alper Serdar Anli


Evaluation of service quality of leisure agriculture parks based on factor analysis and fuzzy set

Jiangping Wang*, Yichuan Zhang


Regional and at-site quantile estimation using index-storm technique for annual precipitation over semi-arid Konya Closed Basin in Central Anatolian Region

Alper Serdar Anli


Applying data mining technique in the monitoring and prevention of public nuisance 

Chang-Hsien Hsu 1, Chun-Ming Yang 2*


Spatial and temporal variations of soil total phosphorus under different land use type in Wan’an watershed, China

Zhichao Chen 1, Xiaolin Yang 2*, Changhua Liu 1, Dianpeng Zhang 3


Evolution and coordination evaluation on China’s population urbanization and land urbanization 1991-2011

Ning Zhou 1*, Jinmin Hao 1*, Muhabaiti Pareti 2, Li Yang 3, 4


Ecological and economical advantages of solar water heating systems used by forest villagers in Gumushane, Turkey

Günay Çakir


Social learning in management of forest ecosystems: Amasra case study

Birsen Durkaya*, Ali Durkaya, Sinan Kaptan, Şükrü Uzun


Development of an immunoassay for determination of fluoroquinolones pollutant in environmental water samples 

Hai-tang Zhang 1, Jin-qing Jiang 1*, Zi-liang Wang 1*, Fang-ming Wang 2, Qing-Li Liu 3


The effect of courtyard designs on young people, which have been made according to different functional preferences: Bartın university (Turkey)

Banu Beckı 1*, Gaye Taskan 1, Çiğdem Bogenç 2


Seedling survival and growth under uneven-aged selection silviculture in longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) ecosystem

Qiuju Guo, Dexiang Wang*


A study on income distribution and poverty analysis in Turkey: Example of Hatay province

Arif Semerci 1*, Erdal Dağıstan 1, Yalçın Yılmaz 2, Nuran Tapkı 1


Growth and visual quality of weeping fig in relation to shading conditions 

Domenica Scuderi, Francesco Giuffrida *, Cherubino Leonardi


Winter precipitations in reclamation of saline-alkaline soils of arid and semi-arid regions

Mehmet Sahin *, Ahmet Melih Yılmaz, Sinan Süheri


Characterization of Sida hermaphrodita as a feedstock for anaerobic digestion process

Marta Oleszek 1*, Mariusz Matyka 2, Justyna Lalak 1, Jerzy Tys 1, Ewelina Paprota 1


Soil organic carbon changes in Chinese mollisols under different fertilizations: Validation and prediction

Chong-sheng Gao, Xiao-zeng Han *


Pedestrian oriented streets as indispensable places in urban life: A case study in Izmir City (Turkey)

Hatice Sonmez Turel, Emine Malkoc True


Assessment of some morphometric changes in pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) spermatozoa, due to dilution and UV-irradiation of the milt 

Adrian Grozea *, Ada Cean, Violeta-Nicoleta Igna, Ioan Banatean-Dunea, Ludovic-Toma Cziszter


The characteristics of the greenhouses for the conservation of forest biodiversity in Mediterranean environment 

Alvaro Marucci *, Andrea Cappuccini


Design and development of the crop video retrieval system 

Bei Xiong 1, Haojie Wen 1, Xue Liu 1, Xinxing Li 1, Zetian Fu1, Lingxian Zhang 1, 2 *


Study of energy transfer model in food webs of ecosystem

De-ning Qu 1, Ming-hua Xie 2, Xiao-mei Zhou 3, Bing Liu 3*


Java based expert system for selection of natural fibre composite materials

Basheer A. Ahmed Ali 1, S. M. Sapuan 1, 2, 3*, Edi Syams Zainudin 2, 3, Mohamed Othman 4


Performance evaluation of a safe drinking water project in rural China from the perspective of farmers

Dan Chen 1, 2, Mark Yaolin Wang 2, Zhaohui Luo 3*, Michael Webber 2, Jing Chen 1


Policy-guided nationwide ecological recovery: Assessment of the Grain-to-Green Program of China

Fazhu Zhao, Xinhui Han, Gaihe Yang *, Yongzhong Feng, Guangxin Ren


Providing by innovation to Turkish forest policy and sustainable forest ecosystem through Mediterranean Model Forest Network: A case study in Yalova

Günay Çakir 1, Mehmet Özdemır 2


The relationship between available boron content in soil and the boron content of fluecured tobacco in Enshi tobacco-growing areas

Haitao Wang 1, 2, Zicheng Xu 1 *, Huifang Shao 1, Shuang Zhao 1


Suitability of monitored natural attenuation in a petroleum contaminated shallow aquifer

Hang Lv, Guangyu Lin, Xiaosi Su*, Mingyao Liu, Yuling Zhang


Seismic safety analysis and evaluation of earth-rock dam

Lei Gan 1, 2, Zhenzhong Shen 1, 2*, Liqun Xu 1, 2, Yantao Jiao 1, 2


Composition of soil exchangeable base cations as affected by conservation tillage

Lei Liang *, Sisi Tian, Fengyuan Wang, Jianli Zhang


Influences of sodium polyacrylate on the water retention of soil and growth of fruit tree

Linlin Yang 1, 2, 3, Yuguo Han 4*, Peiling Yang 5, Aiwang Duan 2, Chengzhi Wang 6


Carbon and nitrogen balances in soil under SRC willow using the DNDC model

Magdalena Borzęcka-Walker 1*, Robert Borek 1, Antoni Faber 1, Rafał Pudełko 1, Jerzy Kozyra 1, Alina Syp 1, Mariusz Matyka 2


A dam safety evaluation method based on D-S theory and BP neural network 

Bo Chen 1, 2, Bo Xu 2


The study of farmers’ characteristics affecting the using behaviours of Chinese pesticides - The case of 500 scattered farmers of Jiangsu and Zhejiang province

Tong Xia 1, Shenrong Gao 2*


Analysis of land use dynamics and landscape pattern change in the Huai river basin, China

Ziqiang Xing 1*, Xiaoliang Shi 1, 2, Denghua Yan 1, Weihua Xiao 1


Study on optimal irrigation quota of winter wheat for water-saving and salinity control in coastal saline-alkali soil

Xin-yu Mao 1, 2, Xiao-hou Shao 1, 2*, Wei Li 3, Ting-ting Chang 1, 2, Jie Zhang 1, 2, Zhan-yu Zhang 2


Monitoring dynamic changes and process in eco-environment by applying hydrogen and oxygen isotopes: A review

Ying Li 1, 2, Ninghu Su 2, Wanzhong Wang 1, 3*, Hongbo Shao 4*


Effect and mechanism of stirring on cyanobacteria anaerobic fermentation for biogas production

Yaqin Yu  1, 2, Xiwu Lu 1*


Experimental study on optimal depth for burying soil moisture sensors for guiding tomato irrigation

Yuguo Han 1*, Bo Li 2, Qinghua Kong 3, Yunqi Wang 1


Vibration signal analysis of coal-gangue based on Hilbert marginal spectrum in clean coal technology

Wei Liu 1*, Kai He 1, Rulin Wang 2


Ultrasound-assisted extraction of polysaccharides from the fruiting bodies of Tricholoma matsutake using response surface methodology

Qinghong You 1, 2, 3, 4, Xiulian Yin 1, 3, 4*, Yuping Zhao 1


A negative binomial modeling of cocoa farmers’ perception on climate change and reported sick times in South Western Nigeria

Abayomi Samuel Oyekale


Enzyme activities of saline-sodic soils under different vegetation types in the Songnen Plain, Northeast China

Yunhe Wang 1, 2, Zhichun Wang 1, 3*, Zhongming Han 4, Zhengwei Liang 1, 3, Fan Yang 1, 3, Fenghua An 1, 3


Effect of climate change adaptation options on monthly food shortages among smallholder farmers in West Africa

Abayomi Samuel Oyekale


Numerical investigation of pressure fluctuation induced by rotor-stator interaction in a mixed-flow pump

Desheng Zhang *, Guangjian Zhang, Yan Xu, Weidong Shi, Jie Yao, Pingping Zou


Effects on the performance and flow field of the axial flow pump hydraulic components with Fluid-Solid Interaction

Desheng Zhang 1, Yan Xu 1, Yang Liu 2, Yanlei Guo 1, Peipei Shao 1, Weidong Shi 1


Influence of arbuscular mycorrhizae (AM) colonization on plant growth: Plantago lanceolata L. case study

Otilia Cotuna, Veronica Sărăţeanu *, Carmen C. Durău *


Effects of amendments on the availability of Cd in contaminated paddy soil: A three-year field experiment

Zhong-Xiu Rao 1, 2, Dao-You Huang 1, Qi-Hong Zhu 1*, Shou-Long Liu 1, Zun-Chang Luo 3, Xiao-Ling Cao 1, Xue-Fei Ren 1, 2, Ji-Yu Wang 1, Shuai Wang 1, 2


The effect of household satisfaction on municipal household solid waste collection in Harbin, China: An application of structural equation modeling

Zhujie Chu 1, 2*, Yan Song 1, 2


Responsibility of demand in the market to sustainable development: How consumers evaluate wastewater services, nature protection and their contribution to it

Dacinia-Crina Petrescu 1*, Ilie Covrig 2*


Legal and practical approaches of soil quality in sustainable agriculture: Soil attributes under application of some organic farming amendments

Ruxandra Malina Petrescu-Mag 1, Ilie Covrig 2*, Ioan Gheorghe Oroian 2*, Dacinia Crina Petrescu 1


Biomass supply for co-firing in main-network power stations in Poland

Andrzej Stanisław Zaliwski 1*, Antoni Faber 1, Rafał Pudełko 1, Markus Biberacher 2, Sabine Gadocha 2, Magdalena Borzęcka-Walker 1


The effects of hedgerows block on hydrodynamic parameters and transporting sediments capacity of shallow gully flow

Chunqing Zhao 1, Chongfa Cai 2*, Shuwen Ding 2, Shufang Ding 1


Research on computation method of spatial distribution of confluence of water yield by rainfall of the plain drainage area that takes into consideration of dynamic rainwater-collection area, flow throughput of river channel and polygonal features of the river network

Jin Luo 1, 2


Characterisation of CDX2 in grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) and its regulation by diets

Zhen Liu, Yi Zhou, Lin Zhou, Shuangqing Lu *, Qiong Zhao, Wuying Chu, Guang Hao, Jianshe Zhang


Emission saving opportunities for corn cultivation for ethanol in Poland

Ewa Krasuska*, Antoni Faber, Rafał Pudełko, Zuzanna Jarosz, Magdalena Borzęcka-Walker, Jerzy Kozyra, Alina Syp


Principle of leakage detection for landfills with double geomembrane liners

Shaopeng Guan 1, 2*, Yuling Wang 1, 2, Changxin Nai 3, Wenyan Sun 1, 2


Land use/cover changes and landscape fragmentation analysis in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area 

Li Peng 1, Zhixiang Zhou 1*, Pengcheng Wang 1, Changguang Wu 1, Wenfa Xiao 2*


Flatid plant hopper (Metcalfa pruinosa Say) a new dangerous insect pest of ornamental and agricultural plants in Romania

Gogan Alina 1, Ioana Grozea 1*, Ana Maria Virteiu 1, Narcis Baghina 2


Carbon and nitrogen storage and loss as affected by grassland degradation in Inner Mongolia, China

Hongmei 1, Guogang Zhang 2, 3, Xingan 1, Li Ranlong 1, Guodong Han 1*


Legal implications of compulsory rainwater harvesting in Malaysia

Suhaimi Ab Rahman 1*, Mohd. Shahwahid Haji Othman 2, Rasyikah Md Khalid 3, Farah Mohd Shawahid 4


Mechanical properties and engineering measures of high liquid limit soil

Tao Cheng 1, 2*, Bao-ning Hong 1, 2, Shun-qing Liu 1, 2, Jun-jie Zhu 1, 2


Changes of soil water content due to long-term application of chemical fertilisers and organic manure in a Mollisol in China

Wenxiu Zou, Xiaozeng Han*, Chunbao Yang, Hengjiang


Competencies on agricultural tasks among graduating diploma students

Gwendoline Na-ah Nyambi, Oladimeji Idowu Oladele, Karabo Mabe


Characteristics of organic carbon and its relationship with nutrients in soils derived  from different parent rocks in a Pinus tabulaeformis forest ecosystem

Lihui Gou1, Lishui Nie 1*, Zhaodi Sun 1, Wu Jigui 2


The effect on joints opening of arch dams under strong earthquake

XiaoNa Li *, TongChun Li, LanHao Zhao


The impact of soil temperature and moisture content in different depths to heterotrophic components of soil respiration

Hailong Wu 1, Zhuo Pang 1, 2, Xinxiao Yu 1*, Yan Zhang 1


Organogenesis induction in leaf explants of Sedum L.

Natalija Burbulis, Aušra Blinstrubienė, Vaida Jonytienė


Interannual and interdecadal variations of air temperature in 1951-2004 over the Heihe River basin in Northwest China

Qingfeng Wang 1, 2, Tingjun Zhang 3, 4, 5*


Effect of exogenous amino acids on electrolyte leakage in rapeseed shoots cultured in vitro

Natalija Burbulis, Vaida Jonytienė, Aušra Blinstrubienė


Effects of stocking density of Chinese mitten crab, Eriocheir sinensi, on the zooplankton community in rice-crab culture system

Yan Li 1, 2, 3, 4, Ang Wang 1, 3, 4, Xuzhou Ma 1, 3, 4*, Wu Wang 1, 3, 4, Yunjie Zhang 1, 2, 3, 4, Fei Wang 1, 3, 4


Treatment of domestic waste water with Botryococcus braunii (Cholorophyceae)

Şafak Seyhaneyildiz Can 1*, Veysel Demır 1, Şengul Aslan Korkmaz 1, Erkan Can 2


Influence of use and land occupation on the water quality with the application of multivariate statistical techniques

Suzana C. Wrublack *, Erivelto Mercante, Márcio A. Vilas Boas, Pitágoras A. Piana


Isolation and identification of autotoxic chemicals from Angelica sinensis (Oliv.) Diels

Hui Zhu 1, 2, Shuangtao Wu 2, Qinghan Wu 2, Changlian Peng 1*


The effect of crushing degree of soil samples on spectral in NIRS technique

Hüseyin Şenol *, Mesut Akgül


Accumulation ability of wetland plants for copper in water body

Zhiwen Luo 1, 2, XingzhongYuan 1, Xiangying Chen 2, Xiaoxia Cui 2


Design and development of an industrial greenhouse gas emission remote real-time monitoring system

Jian Zhang 1*, Sheng-jie Li 1, Lixin Zhang 2, Kai Lu 1


Removal of agricultural non-point source pollutants by riparian vegetated filter strips from upstream of Liao River, China

Jiaxi Tang 1, Lina Sun 2*, Tieheng Sun 2, Hongling Zhang 2


Permafrost characteristics over the Heihe River Basin in western China

Qingfeng Wang 1, 2, Tingjun Zhang 3, 4, 5*, Jichun Wu 1, Xiaoqing Peng 1, Xinyue Zhong 1, Cuicui Mu 1, Qingbai Wu 1, Guodong Cheng 1


Preferential solute transport with models simulation

Ting Yang 1, Beibei Zhou 1, 2*, Quanjiu Wang 1, 2*


The effect of reduced tillage on soil physical properties and winter wheat yield response

Denis Topa, Gerard Jitareanu*, Costica Ailincai, Raus Lucian


Notes on bark and wood-boring beetles (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae; Curculionidae: Platypodinae and Scolytinae) of the Sweetgum (Liquidambar orientalis Mill.) Forest Nature Protection Area, with a new record for Turkish fauna

Oguzhan Sarikaya


Carbon balance and stocks in soils of south-eastern region (SAR)

Erdal Sakin


Current developments in Ascosphaera apis (Maasen ex Claussen) L. S. Olive & Spiltoir: the causative agent of chalkbrood disease in honeybees (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Abebe Jenberie Wubie 1, 2, Shufa Xu 1*, Yingying Hu 1, Wei Li 1, Zhanbao Guo 1, Fei Xue 1, Ting Zhuo 1*


Responses of the climatic potential productivity of maize to climate change over the Songnen Plain: Study based on multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis

Xiangjun Meng 1, 2, Haibo Du 1, Zhengfang Wu 1*


The interaction effect of moisture content and texture on the measurement of soil organic carbon using visible and near infrared spectroscopy

Yücel Tekin 1, Zeynal Tümsavaş 2*, Abdul Mounem Mouazen 3


A new method for trapping and killing Agrotis ypsilon using mixed powder with sasangua cake and oil cake during tobacco transplanting

Hong-xun Li 1, 2, Wen-jie Pan 2, Wei Chen 2, San-gen Wang 1, Long-chang Wang 1*


Optimization and risk analysis of greenhouse gas emissions depending on yield and nitrogen rates in winter wheat cultivation

Ewa Krasuska *, Rafał Pudełko, Antoni Faber, Zuzanna Jarosz, Magdalena Borzęcka-Walker, Alina Syp, Jerzy Kozyra


Age structure, regeneration-gap of Ziziphus spina-christi populations and implications for its conservation

Nuru Adgaba 1*, Ahmed Alghamdi 1, Awraris Shenkute 1, Rachid Sammoudr 2, Said Hegazy 1, Mohammad J. Ansari 1, Ameur Touir2


Contents of heavy metals in surface water and sediments in Mati and Gjanica Rivers in Albania

Uran Abazi 1*, Arjan Shumeli 1, Albert Kopali 1, Jorgji Stasa 2, Aferdita Laska 3, Perparim Laze 2


Studies on the impact of organic manures on the lead form and bio-availability of lead-polluted soil

Fangping Tong *, Gui Li, Zhenhua Liu


Phenotypic and genotypic variation of Brachiaria decumbens after exposure to gamma radiation

Ghazali Husin 1, Ridzwan A. Halim 2, A. Rahim Harun 3*


Disposal of municipal waste water in a coastal location in Kuwait

Saleh Al-Muzaini


Effect of seed priming with PEG-6000 on the resistance of Amorpha fruticosa L. seeds to lead stress

Furong Zhou, Jinxin Wang *


Assessment of forest ecosystem services in China: A methodology

Xiang Niu 1, 2, Bing Wang 1, 2*


Rooting of hardwood cuttings of Shubra white shrub using growth regulator long duration application

Mohamed Ahmed Shahba 1*, Saad Farhan Alshammary 2


Chemical composition, antibacterial and antifungal activities of turpentine oil of Pinus sylvestris L. against plant bacterial and fungal pathogens

Esin Basim 1*, Hüseyin Basim 2


Dynamics of soil microbial structure and its potential to indicate soil quality during natural restoration and succession processes in the Inner Mongolia Steppe

Ruixin Wu 1, 2, Guihe Liu 3, Yuchen Kan 1, Yajun Zhang 1, Mengying Zhong 1, Jianxun Wang 1, Xinqing Shao 1*


Seasonal variations in alpine grassland biomass and nutrient accumulation under different grazing systems in Xainza, Tibet

Yan Yan 1, 2, Xiaodan Wang 1, 2*, Xuyang Lu 1, 2, Jihui Fan 1, 2


The dynamics of protease and urease activities in sediment in poly-culture ponds stocking mainly grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idellus)

Ruibin Yang, Jinfei Cao, Xinpeng Zhu, Mengjuan Zhu, Xuefen Yang *


Rooting of firebush shrub hardwood cuttings using growth regulator long duration application

Saad Farhan Alshammary 1, Mohamed Ahmed Shahba 2*


Improvement of eutrophicated water quality by adding Alcaligenes faecalis

Lin Wang *, Peng Yan Zhang


The homeostatic perspective of the interaction between the economic system and the environment

Ionel Bostan


Determination of handicapped people’s preference for the use of urban parks in Antalya

Tahsin Yılmaz 1, Duygu Gökçe 1, Atilla Atik 2, Bülent Yılmaz 2


Ecological protection and safety utilization of beaches based on the Xiaolangdi Reservoir flood control of the Yellow River lower reach: Kaifeng area as a case study

Peng Yan Zhang 1, Xing Ren 1, Ming Zhou Qin 1*, Long Chen 1, Xiao Long Li 2


Biomass allocation strategy of plants under urban heat island

Ya-ting Wang 1, 2, Dan Hu 1*, Lian-lian Fan 2, 3


Effect of N application on N volatilization from the aerial part of tobacco in South China

ZePeng Chen 1, Jun Wang 2, 3*, Yuhua Xie 2, Xiaobin Wang 1, Guangsheng He 1


Effects of waterlogging and nitric oxide on chlorophyll and carotenoid pigments of wheat

Serhat Ozcubukcu, Nuray Ergun*


Nutrient status, growth and proline concentration of French marigold (Tagetes patula L.) as affected by biostimulant treatment

Svjetlana Zeljković 1, Nada Paraiković 2, Tomislav Vinković 2*, Monika Tkalec 2, Ivana Maksimović 3, Josip Haramija 4


Inverse analysis of rock mass permeability coefficient for extra high concrete arch dam

Xueqin Zheng 1, 2*, Yiqing Lou 3, Dong Qin 1, 2, Bin Fang 1, 2, Hao Yuan 1, 2


Effect of bamboo plantation on rhizosphere soil enzyme and microbial activities in coastal ecosystem

Zhihua Tu 1, Lihua Chen 1*, Xinxiao Yu 1*, Yushan Zheng 2*


Improved fitting algorithm and comparative test for estimating tree’s diameter at breast height based on the optical triangular method

Ting Li 1, Dian Wang 1, 2*, Jianli Wang 1, Jinhao Liu 1


Space, markets and rural production in Sub-Saharan Africa: A conceptual model

Tabukeli Musigi Ruhiiga


Research on food security and economic development in Hai River Basin based on sustainable utilization of water resources

Zhiguo Gan, Yunzhong Jiang, Hong Gan, Jinjun You


Urban metabolism model based on the emergy theory - A case study of 31 Chinese cities

Tao Song 1, 2, 3, Jian-ming Cai 1*, Teresa Chahine 4, Yu Deng 1


Influence of biomass ash and marble dust on swelling and strength characteristics of expansive soil

Deheng Zhang 1, 2, Shulin Sun 3, 4, Fenqiang Xu 2, Ningning Xue 2


Entropy weight coefficient evaluation of subsurface drainage schemes based on the analysis of surface soil quality variations

You Xin Zhou 1*, Shu Cong Zhen 1, Ya Ming Zhai 2


The effect of plant growth retardants on cold resistance of Zoysia turfgrass

Lei Wang 1, Dun Ao 1, Wen Pan 2*, Kun Wang 3


Resilience of the Hani Rice Terraces System to extreme drought

Yanying Bai, Qingwen Min *, Moucheng Liu, Zheng Yuan, Yuantao Xu, Zhi Cao, Jing Li


Carbon stocks and carbon sequestration potentials in ecosystems of two afforestation species in low hills of northern Yanshan Mountains

Yuefeng Guo 1, 2, Lizhi Wu 1*, Yunfeng Yao 1, Fucang Qin 3, Wei Qi 4


Effects of different fillers and soil water contents in tightly covered greenhouse on soil chemical properties in continuous cropping

Xin-yu Mao 1, 2, Xiao-hou Shao 1, 2*, Jiu-gen Mao 3, Dong-sheng Wang 3, Ting-ting Chang 1, 2


Soil quality assessment of micro-landforms in the semi-arid region of the Loess Plateau, China

YaoJun Bo 1, 2, QingKe Zhu 1*, YaoXian Bao 3, Wei Jun Zhao 1, LeiLei Zhao 4, HongZhi Zhang 5


Dynamic characteristics of soil temperature for compound planting soybean with drip irrigation in arid zone

Zhenhua Wang 1, 2*, Xurong Zheng 1, 2*, Guojun Jiang 1, 2


Patterns of soil physicochemical properties and microbial biomass along soil depth and desert plant Reaumuria soongorica biomass gradients

Yang Yang, Bingru Liu *


Note on the effects of water deficit on photosynthesis, chlorophyll fluorescence and growth of hot pepper

Guang-cheng Shao 1, 2*, Jing-jing Lan 1, 2, Na Liu 3, Shuang-en Yu 1, 2


Dynamic response analysis of multi-level intake structure

Yuan Ding 1*, Tongchun Li 1, Lanhao Zhao 1, Minzhe Zhou 1, Xiaona Li 1, Yun Guo 2, Fei Wang 3


Fluorescein diacetate and propidium iodide FDA-PI double staining detect the viability of Microcystis sp. after ultrasonic irradiation

Gongduan Fan*, Deming Liu, Qian Lin


Effects of elevated CO2 on biomass and nutrient allocation in the submerged macrophyte Potamogeton malaianus in Taihu Lake, China

Jiancai Deng *, Weiping Hu, Xin Liu


Research on the runoff retention performance of a green roof for urban rainwater runoff control

Jianghai Wang, Xinhua Zhao, Sen Peng *, Xiaochen Wang


The comparison of carbon stocks in cleared land-mined and surrounding agricultural soils

Erdal Sakin 1*, Elif Didem Sakin 2


Effects of cadmium fortified in soil on carbon metabolism, nitrogen accumulation and grain yield in maize (Zea mays L.)

Fuqing Sui, Wei Gao, Peng Zhao *, Fan Yang, Suqing Yang, Qiaoyan Wang, Daizhang Wang


Climate change will lead to larger areas of Spain being conducive to date palm cultivation

Farzin Shabani 1*, Lalit Kumar 1, Atefeh Esmaeili 2, Hanieh Saremi 1


Antibacterial activity of Turkish endemic sığla (Liquidambar orientalis Mill. var. orientalis) storax against agricultural plant pathogenic bacteria and its use as a seed protectant

Esin Basim 1*, Hüseyin Basim 2


Using NDVI values for comparing parks in different scales

Bayram Cemil Bilgili 1*, Onur Şatır 2, Volkan Müftüoğlu 3


Influence of mountains on extreme rainfall in semi-arid areas of Europe: The Sierra de los Filabres (SE Spain) a case of study

José Gabriel López Segura 1, Antonio Jesús Zapata-Sierra 2*, Francisco Manzano-Agugliaro 2


The effect of prebiotic and probiotic products used in feed to stimulate the bee colony (Apis mellifera) on intestines of working bees

Silvia Pătruică 1, 2*, Gabi Dumitrescu 3, Roxana Popescu 4, Nicoleta Măriora Filimon 5


Financity and innovation in organic olive farming: A typological analysis 

Stamatis Aggelopoulos 1*, Chrysovalantis Karafillis 2, Alexandra Pavloudi 1, Evangelos Papanagiotou 2


Observation of flowering dynamics and pollen germination of Ardisia mamillata Hance

Juan Du 1†, Guangsheng Yuan 2†, Jun Ma 1, Li Liu 1, Qibing Chen 1*


Effects of cultivation patterns on rice (Oryza sativa L.) growth and yield components in saline–sodic soil in the Songnen Plain

Hai-yan Lv 1, 2, Li-hua Huang 1, 3*, Zheng-wei Liang 1, 3*, Hao-yu Yang 1, 3, Bing-sheng Lv 1, 2


Properties and classification of irrigated and non-irrigated Vertisols formed under Mediterranean climate

Gokhan Ozsoy *, Ertugrul Aksoy


The influence of the mass flow rate for thermal dynamics on PEM-FC sustainable energy for environmental protection

Bin Li *, Bing Qi, Yi Sun, Jun Lu, Gangjun Gong


Adsorption behavior of chromium (VI) on the HDTMA-modified-zeolite

Xueqiang Zhu 1*, Baoping Han 1, 2


Construction of a GFP-labeled plasmid suitable for in situ environmental studies

Qing Yu, Anzhou Ma, Xuemei Deng, Kuo Tang, Junmei Wu, Guoqiang Zhuang *


Leaching of nutrients after use of organic fertilizers (horn shavings)

Kristina Lingytė 1*, Laima Česonienė 2, Daiva Šileikienė 2


Loess plateau rainfalls characteristics and influences on soil erosion

Li Gong*, Chunling Jin, Wen Sun, Huazhong Yang, Junhong Wang


Countermeasure study on disposable tableware pollution in China

Ying Li *, Panpan Li


The promoting effect of vegetation recovery after the establishment of poplar fixing sand forest belts in the Horqin sandy land of Northeast China

Li-na Jiang 1, Qi Lu 1, Wen-bin Yang 1*, Li-zhi Wu 2*


Water consumption and plant coefficients of turfgrass irrigated by sub-surface drip irrigation method

Mehmet Sahin 1*, Zeki Gökalp 2


Water security evaluation system based on Water Poverty Index

Li Gong *, Chunling Jin, Wen Sun


Arthropod biodiversity and community structures of tobacco ecosystems in the South of Anhui province, China

Baoyan Xue , Benguo Zhou , Qingfeng Tang 3, Zhengliang Gao 2*


Development of a mobile app for remote monitoring and control of a pull type field sprayer

Caner Koc


Numerical simulation for flow and water quality of diversion channel - The case of Wangyu River

Qingsheng Chen, Baiquan Chen *, Zhongliang Ma, Xiaowang Wei, Xiaoqian Ren


Fire resistance of magnesium phosphate cement

Zhong-hua Li


A recognition model for rural informatization stages in China based on BP artificial neural network

Juncheng Ma, Daoliang Li, Zetian Fu, Lingxian Zhang *, Ying Xu


Simultaneous analysis of glycinebetaine and trigonelline in Eucalyptus citriodora Hook (F.) in response to drought stress using reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography

Maher J. Tadros 1, Barakat M. Shabsoug 2*


Evaluating the evolution of the old urban river system of the plain river network in Southern Jiangsu Province, China

Yuhu Zhang 1, Haifeng Jia 2*, Yunjun Yao 3, Xuegang Chen 4


Allelopathic potential of leaf litter extracts of the invasive Chromolaena odorata on its neighboring plants

Baoqing Hu 1, 2†*, Gang Hu 1, 3†, Zhonghua Zhang 1, 3


Nutrient release during the decomposition of submerged macrophyte (Hydrilla verticillata)

Bo Wang *, Fayun Li, Zhiping Fan


Enhancing seed germination and seedling growth attributes of a medicinal tree species Terminalia chebula through depulping of fruits and soaking the seeds in water

Md. Aktar Hossain 1, 2*, Mohammad Salah Uddin 2, Mohammad Mahfuzur Rahman 2, Nor Aini Ab. Shukor 1, 3


The sustainable development approach through the light of the neoinstitutional school of thought

Ion Pohoaţă


6LoWSoft: A software suite for the design of outdoor environmental measurements

Francisco Gil Montoya 1*, Julio Gomez 2, Francisco Manzano-Agugliaro 1, Alejandro Cama 1, Amós García-Cruz 1, Jose Luis De La Cruz 3


The environmental audit (EA) and the environmental balance sheet (EBS) in Romania

Ionel Bostan 1*, Veronica Grosu 2, Elena Hlaciuc 3, Dorel Mates 2, Aurel Burciu 4, Marian Socoliuc 5, Ovidiu Bunget 2, Aura Domil 2, Maria Moraru 2, Cristian Peres 2, Bogdan Petrisor 3, Alin Dumitrescu 2, Alin Artene 4, Bogdan Andronic 6


Dry matter, grain yield, and evapotranspiration of winter wheat under deficit irrigation in North China Plain

Quanqi Li 1, Kun Lang 1, Quanru Liu 1, Chengyue Bian 1, Xinhui Liu 1, Guoqing Chen 2*


A simple testing method for measuring soil water retention curve

Jie Ren 1, 2, 3 *, Jie Yang 1, Zhenzhong Shen 3, Xiaohu Tao 3


The assessment of carbon dioxide emissions in the peatlands of the Apuseni Mountains, Romania

Mihai Buta, Ioan Pacurar, Laura Paulette, Erzsebet Buta *


Sap flow response of afforestation species Populus bolleana Lauche and Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica to environmental factors in North-West China

Jifeng Deng, Guodong Ding *, Yuanyuan Zhao, Xinxing Wang


Effect of strain rate and moisture content on dynamic mechanical properties of cement mortar

Zhenghong Tian *, Jingwu Bu, Ce Bian


Nutrient balance of Phyllestachys edulis forest under different management measures in South-eastern China

Guangle Liu, Shaohui Fan *, Wenhui Su, Manyi Du


Design and test of aquaculture water environment monitoring system based on wireless sensor network

He Pan 1, Jiunian Guan 2, 3, Ying Shi 1, Taihao Li 1*


Preliminary assessment of the human and natural contributions to the changes of Weihe River runoff using SWAT model

Hui Shao, Jianen Gao *, Yuanxing Zhang


Ecological risk assessment of central urban area of Wuhan City based on landscape pattern and land use changes

Jing Qian 1, Zonghua Li 2, Pujiang Huang 1, Yanfang Liu 1, 3*


The effects of slope aspect on plant and soil properties in sub-alpine meadow of China

Minxia Liu 1*, Wenjin Li 2, Gang Wang 2


Microwave assisted Fenton oxidation with activated carbon for the treatment of the flowing high concentration tomato paste wastewater

Jianjiang Lu 1, 2*, Yanbing Tong 2, Shanman Li 2, Yingying Wei 2, Chun Li 2, 3


Does coral bleaching impact tourists’ revisitation? A case of Mu Ko Surin Marine National Park, Thailand

Onanong Cheablam 1, 2*, Rajendra P. Shrestha 1, Dachanee Emphandhu 3


Damage process of polypropylene fiber reinforced and plain concrete revealed by AE analysis

Yan Wang 1, Yao Wang 2, Zheng-zheng Xu 1, Hua Zhang 1, Gui-juan Lu 1


Contamination assessment of heavy metal concentrations in sediments in a macrophtic lake

Xuefen Yang, Xinpeng Zhu, Jinfei Cao, Mengjuan Zhu, Ruibin Yang *


Spatial variability of soil nutrients in tobacco planting region on slant plain in the east side of Funiushan mountain in central China using geostatistics

Haisheng Chen


The effects of halophytes on salt balance in an arid irrigation district

Zhenyong Zhao, Ke Zhang, Ping Wang, Lei Wang, Chuanhua Yin, Changyan Tian*


Evaluation of forest ecosystem services and forest succession in the mountainous region of Beijing, China

Shaowei Lu 1, Shaonong Li 1*, Bo Chen 1, Sen Nie 2


Effect of woody plant canopies on species composition, diversity and distribution of vascular ground flora in karst mountains: A case study in Southwest China

Zhiyang Ou 1, 2, Zhiyao Su 2*, Jiyu Zhu 1, Yuhua Peng 1, Yanyun Cao 1, Wenhui Shen 1


Water use efficiency of summer sown chickpea in a tropical environment: Response to genotype and planting density

John Bob Ochanda Ogola *, Nancy Mosibudi Thangwana


Transport of heavy metals in surface runoff from contaminated soil under simulated rainfall

Ji-Yu Wang 1,2, Dao-You Huang 1, Qi-Hong Zhu 1*, Ying-Bing Tian 2, Shou-Long Liu 1, Zun-Chang Luo 3, Han-Hua Zhu 1, Shuai Wang 1, Da-E Liu 4


Investigating the influencing factors of low-carbon development of hotel industry in China

Zi Tang 1, 2, Jie Shang 3, 4*, Changbo Shi 2


Spatio-temporal analysis of sustainable development in Tarim River Basin based on improved relative carrying capacity of resources model

Fei Wang 1, 2, Degang Yang 1*, Changjian Wang 1, 2


Genotypic differences in stomatal conductance and relative water content of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan [L.] Millsp.)

John Bob Ochanda Ogola *, Rofhiwa Nethanani


Carbon mineralisation and the variation characteristics of organic carbon pools in the soil of the natural forests in China

Xiaojuan An 1, Bing Wang 2, Wei Dai 3*, Tian Yang 3, Jianmei Zou 3


Shade delayed rose flower senescence by influencing antioxidant enzymes activity

Wei Hou 1, 2, Yuanzhi Pan 2, Yong Zhang 3*


Fractal characteristics of soil particle-size distributions under different landform and land-use types in the loess gully region

Xiaoyu Song 1*, Mingda Yan 1, Huaiyou Li 2


Detection of volatile organic compounds using modified quartz crystal microbalance

Juncai Hou 1, Hidenobu Aizawa 2, Lixia Hou 1, Zenglin Zhang 1, Kangquan Guo 1*, Takaaki Satake 3


Remote-sensing image denoising using rational-dilation wavelet transform

Haijiang Wang 1, Qinke Yang 2*, Fujun Liu 3, Lihong Li 1


Effects of long-term fertilisation on chemical structure of soil organic matter in subtropical paddy soils

Ping Zhou 1, Lu Luo 1, 2, Chengli Tong 1*, Tieping Huang 3, Hui Shi 2, Yong Li 1, 4, Jinshui Wu 1, 4


Variation characteristics and mechanisms of soil cellulase activity in Chinese for plantations at different developmental stages

Rui Zhang 1, Jianmei Zou 1, Bing Wang 2, Wei Dai 1*, Tian Yang 1, Huan Pang 1


Effects of some kinds of contaminants on the permeability of slurry walls

Zhe Zhang, Yongsheng Zhao *, Rui Zhou, Chao Sun


Biochemical indexes of saline-alkali soil affected by transgenic BADH soybean in Northeast China

Song Yu 1, 2, Yi F. Zhang 1, 2, Jie Zhou 1, Jing X. Shao 1, 3, Han Gao 1, Yao Wang 1, Jue Zhang 1, Zhi H. Liu 1, Hong Y. Wang 1*


Distribution and bio-accumulation effect of trace element concentration in Nilaparvata lugens (Stål) (Homoptera, Delphacidae)

Qiyi Tang 1*, Tingli Wan 1, Qiang Fu 2, Song Shi 1, Shun Liu 1, Jia-an Cheng 1


The developmental level and improvement strategies of constructing low-carbon city in China: A case of the pilot project to build low-carbon cities

Lijian Wang


Influence of sorbitol in DTPA extractant on the extraction of Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, and B in Black soil in Northeast China

Jun Yan 1, Xiao-zeng Han 1*, Ai-xue Guo 2


Simulation of bend-flow and pollutant diffusion using a modified 2D depth-averaged model

W. L. Wei, G. C. Sun, Y. L. Liu, X. F. Yang


Rooting of white shrub and firebush shrub hardwood cuttings using growth regulators quick dip treatments

Saad Farhan Alshammary 1, Mohamed Ahmed Shahba 2*, Mohamed Said Abbas 2


Indigenous knowledge and practices of soil fertility management among smallholder farmers in semi-arid areas of the North-West province, South Africa

Simeon A. Materechera


UV-B radiation effects on phenolic changes and antioxidant activity in Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge leaf

Jingling Liu, Zhiming Shu, Zongsuo Liang *, Xinglong Shi, Yumin Zhang


The water deprivation analysis and relationship with environmental factors of typical desert plants in Manas River Basin

Wenxin Yang 1, 2, Xinlin He 1, 2*, Guang Yang 1, 2, Lianqing Xue 3, Jiangchun Chen 1, Shuangdui Xu 1, Si Chen 1


Response of chlorophyll fluorescence parameters to different temperature stresses in Prunus campanulata Maxim. and Prunus yedoensis Matsum. seedlings

Yinghui Zhang 1, Jundong Rong 2, Liguang Chen 2, Shuping Li 2, Tianyou He 1, Lingyan Chen 1, Yushan Zheng 1, 2*


Thermodynamic analysis of experimental adsorption isotherms of Pastirma (Turkish dry meat product) 

Bilgehan Polatoğlu 1*, Ayşe Vildan Beşe 2, Mükerrem Kaya 3, Nesimi Aktaş 4


Influence of pre-treatment and polyethylene plastic film packaging materials on the evolution of the quality of persimmon during storage

Bulent Akbudak *, Mecid Hakan Ozer, Tugba Yener


Effect of provenance, stratification and temperature on the germination of European hophornbeam (Ostrya carpinifolia Scop.) seeds

Şemsettin Kulaç 1*, Deniz Güney 2, Emrah Çiçek 1, Ibrahim Turna 2, Engin Çakmak 1


Problems and countermeasures of agricultural sustainable development in China

Yawei Wang 1, Ke Han 2


A novel vine-putting cultivation technique on the Luffa (Luffa acufangula (L.) Roxb.)

Xiang-Yi Kong *, Qian-Xing Wu, Chun-Lei Xiao, Feng Luo, Yong Liu, Ting-Qing Yuan, Yong-Chun Ke, San-lian Wan


Assessment of non-point source total nitrogen and phosphorus pollution in the Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China

Qiuwen Zhou, Shengtian Yang *, Mingyong Cai


Comparison of test apparatus for determining the smoke leakage rate of fire doors

Shih-Yi Kuo 1*, Yi-Ting Tseng 2, 3, Ying-Ji Chuang 3


Proximate analysis among 24 Ocimum cultivars under two cultivation environments: A comparative study

Bernardo Murillo-Amador 1*, Alejandra Nieto-Garibay 1, Enrique Troyo-Diéguez 1, Arnoldo Flores-Hernández 2, Miguel V.Cordoba-Matson 1, Arnoldo Villegas-Espinoza 3*


Water consumption by forest vegetation used for restoration of degraded land

Moatăr Maria Mihaela, Stanciu Sorin, Ciolac Ramona, Ştefan Carolina, Rujescu Ciprian


An analysis of the application of exit aid equipment to full-scale smoke evacuation situations

Hung-Yi Hsiao 1, Chien-Wei Chiou 2, Yi-Ting Tseng 1, 3, Shih-Yi Kuo 4, Chieh-Hsin Tang 3, Ying-Ji Chuang 1*, Ching-Yuan Lin 1


Diversity of pest and non-pest insects in an organic paddy field cultivated under the System of Rice Intensification (SRI): A case study in Lubok China, Melaka, Malaysia

S. Norela, I. Anizan, B. S. Ismail *, A. Maimon


Composition of the weed seed bank in cultivated Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bert. Bertoni) plots at Serdang, Selangor 

Azimah Abdul Kadir 1, Ismail Sahid 2*, Abdul Shukor Juraimi 3


Preparation methods and properties of the double-coated slow-release organic-inorganic compound fertilizer for saline soil modification

Junbao Yu 1*, Kaining Sun 1, 2, Lei Zheng 1, 2, Guangxuan Han 1, Guangmei Wang 1, Hongbo Shao 1*, Bo Guan 1