Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 17, Issue 3&4,2019
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Print ISSN: 1459-0263

Volume 17, Issue 3&4, 2019
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Quality management in the supply chain of Thai mango for Japanese market

Benjamaporn Matulaprungsan1, Chalermchai Wongs-Aree1,2, Viroat Srisurapanon3, Panida Boonyatitthongchai1,2, Sirichai Kanlayanarat1*


Anti-inflammatory activity of Withania somnifera fruit extract on carrageenan induced albino rat paw edema

K. Bhuvana Chandra Mohan1*, D. Muralidhara Rao2, S. Anitha2, K. B. Chandrasekhar1, S. Vijayakumar1


Drivers of liking by time-intensity and temporal dominance of sensations of low-calorie orange jellies during storage

Hellen Vidal Santos1, Cassandra Justina Souza Maia2, Elismara de Jesus Ferreira Lima2, Luciana Rodrigues da Cunha2 , Patrícia Aparecida Pimenta Pereira2*


Microencapsulation of iodine for use in rice fortification

Sri Yuliani, Sari Intan Kailaku


Determinants for profitability of poultry farms in Oyo state Nigeria

 Mojisola Oyewole*, Oghenetejiri Digun-Aweto


Moderate levels of dietary Moringa oleifera leaf meal supplementation improves blood values in broiler chickens

Morategi M. C. Modisaojang-Mojanaga, Ifeanyi P. Ogbuewu*, James W. Oguttu, Christian A. Mbajiorgu


Phenotypic plasticity of drought tolerance in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) landraces and hybrid cultivars in Benin, Africa

Vincent Ezin1*, Felix Houessou1, David R. Bryla2, Adam Ahanchede1


Soil properties and suitability evaluation for current agricultural land use types in Ibadan, South-West Nigeria

Julius Romiluyi Orimoloye*, Abimbola O. Adegbiji, Gabriel Emiola Akinbola


Economics of post-tsunami aid and the pre-tsunami community role of government-led relocation policies: A case study of Tamil Nadu State, India

Abhay Joshi


Heavy metal contamination of sewage water, grass and milk in Tamil Nadu, India, as possible cause of autoimmune disorders in exposed population

S. Ravi1, S. Kannan2


Protease production by Trichoderma strains isolated from agriculture field soils in Senegal

Ndiogou Gueye1, Kranthi Kumar G.2, M. Raghu Ram3*, Demba Diaw1, Dienaba Sall-SY4, Tahir Abdoulaye Diop1


Plants as biofilter in indoor volatile organic compounds removal: an overview

Y. Arsia Tarnam


Modeling streamflow and sediment yields in an agricultural watershed in southern Ontario under current and future climate change

Golmar Golmohammadi1*, Ramesh Rudra1, Shiv Prasher2, Ali Madani2, Maya Atieh3, Kourosh Mohammadi4, Pradeep Goel5


A former agriculturist’s cultural belief: The meaning  interpretation on the Kedayan’s prohibitions

 Ernie Zahdina Bte Hj Md Seruddin*, Chong Shin


Compliance to solid waste management laws among rural and urban residents

 Mojisola Oyewole*1, Oghenetejiri Digun-Aweto2