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Crop Management and Postharvest Handling of Horticultural Crops (4 Volumes) 
Vol. 1. Quality Management


Ramdane Dris PhD., Raina Niskanen PhD., Shri Mohan Jain PhD.

Category: Crop

This book volume focuses on the influence of postharvest practices on the quality of horticultural commodities in order to enhance preservation of fresh fruits and vegetables (including root and tuber crops) grown under different climatic conditions, worldwide. We have provided information by highlighting the achievements related to minimizing the postharvest losses, postharvest technology, physiological changes, storage problems and processing aspects. Sixteen chapters are included in this book volume.

We believe that our book will stimulate researchers and  students  to identify  and solve problems  related to crop  quality, plant  nutrition and postharvest storage. Readers will get acquainted with recent and modern techniques used in plant nutrition and postharvest quality performance in wide range of horticultural crops grown in varied conditions in different parts of the world.


  1. The Quality Cycle

Daryl Joyce

  1. Testing Soils for Determining Fertilizers Needs of Horticultural Crops

C.D Tsadilas and N. Barbayiannis

  1. Nutritional Management of Vegetables and Ornamental Plants in Hydroponics

Dimitrios Savvas

  1. Managing Crop Load

Sally A. Bound

  1. Low-alcohol Grape and Fruit Wine

Gary J. Pickering

  1. Paprika Spice Production

Andreas Klieber

  1. Factors Associated with Peach Yield, Quality and Postharvest Behaviour

Savador Pérez González

  1. Influence of Calcium Nutrition on the Quality and Postharvest Behaviour of Apples

Ramdane Dris

  1. Economic analysis of Postharvest systems in Root and tuber Crops

Gerd Fleischer and Stefan Agne

  1. Postharvest Handling of Strawberries for Fresh Market

José M. Olias, Carlos Sanz and Ana G. Pérez

  1. Postharvest Biological Changes and Technology of Citrus Fruit

Givanni Arras

  1. Ethylene Biosynthesis- Role in Ripening and Quality of ‘Hayward’ Kiwifruit after Harvest, During Storage and Shelf-Life

E. Sfakiotakis, M.D. Antunes, G. Stavroulakis and N. Niklis

  1. Postharvest Pests and Physiological Disorders of Cassava

Weston Msikita, Henry T. Wilkinson and Robert M. Skirvin

  1. Environmental Control for Storage of Rooted Propagation Material

Nihal C. Rajapakse

  1. Minimizing Postharvest Rots and Quality Loss in New Zealand Carrots

L-H. Cheah and Brash

  1. Minimal Processing of Fruits and Vegetables

Catherine Barry-Ryan and David OˊBeirne


Number of chapters: 16
Length of the book: 364 pages
Book size: C5
Book Weight:  887 g
Photos: Colour
Book cover: Hard cover

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