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Booksellers & Agents

Booksellers and agents are indispensible for the success of our endeavor. Whether you are an international agent or a reseller, a corner bookshop or an online vendor, we are pleased to do business with you and want to keep you up-to-date with our newest and best offers and news from our publishing portfolio.

We have professional teams dedicated to helping you discover information you need about our books or journals and purchase them at the best possible rates.

Resources for Booksellers

WFL publisher offers a range of services, including 'on-demand' ordering journals, books and associated products, open returns policies, fully searchable and self-tailored downloadable online catalogues, promotions and distribution.

Besides, the way to locate particular journals or books, information about different books is also available. When dealing with customer enquiries and needs, you can offer advice and recommend journals or books from WFL publisher website, as well as up-to-date knowledge of current journals or books and changes.

We have an Agent Account Management team who has overall responsibility. Their role includes working with our agents to provide them the best possible service, improving our internal procedures and systems as well as keeping you updated.

How to order our books

Talk to our Sales team

Contact our Sales team to select and purchase journals or  books from the WFL. Our sales team can:

  • help you to select Books/ Journals  from our collection
  • discuss purchasing options
  • advise on resale of eBooks and book translation rights.

If you would like to know more about the related information and want to cooperate with us, you can contact us