Heads of Departments

WFL Publisher is a renowned science publisher interested in collaborating with the directors of schools, institutes or universities, heads of departments, project leaders, or libraries. The aim of this interest is to expose students and researchers working under you, to the publishing or the reporting aspects of research among other goals. It is a fact that a good report is characterised by the highest level of quality, integrity, and ethics and is indispensable, after conducting a research or a review. Its implication for the careers of scientists and impact on the scientific community are also inevitable. Kindly recommend our publications to your library, colleagues and to the Ministry of Higher Education of your country to include them in their database (read more).

Other activities like scientific meetings, symposiums or workshops on specific themes give opportunities to students or researchers to get more familiar or acquainted with scientific events.  We are interested in motivating scientists and students to show their know how, to develop more skills and to present their own or recent research findings. We therefore call you to partnership with the WFL Publisher Limited. Find below some areas we have identified for cooperation with you, however if there are other areas you like us to develop together, kindly inform us. We are open to innovations and suggestions.

We are ready and willing to:
1. Join your R&D programmes, if needed.
2. Help bridge the author publisher gaps.
3. Help you publish or edit your own scientific contributions.
4. Encourage  young researchers, students or scientists to publish their Master’s or PhD thesis.
5. Host and assist students, scientists or academicians to do traineeship, prepare part of their thesis, research work or any related activity (read more).
6. Advertise your upcoming scientific events on the website of WFL Publisher (with the possibility to publish well written papers in the Journal of Food Agriculture & Environment – JFAE).
7. Help you to improve any identified low standards and quality of manuscripts being submitted by your departments and how you can exert more quality control over these outputs. 
8. Encourage rigorous peer review within your own departments before the final submission of papers  to scientific  journals.

We warmly invite you, your colleagues, students and researchers in your group, to contribute to the Journal of Food Agriculture & Environment by submitting original research papers and articles that illustrate experimental research results, review articles, projects and industrial experimental results (See our manuscript submission page). 

We also invite experts or senior scientists to join the editorial board of the JFAE. 

We welcome new journal proposals (see details here). The proposals should include; a new journal title, general information, aims and scope, target audience.

We welcome your ideas, suggestions or proposals. For more details contact our office.