The WFL Publisher provides employees with a remarkable opportunity to keep abreast with cutting edge innovations or research in three interrelated disciplines that is food and health, agriculture and environment. Other benefits you will obtain if you choose the WFL Publisher  includes; valuable working experience and reference, developing professional skills, developing multicultural work skills, enhanced independent work skills as well as teamwork skills. Furthermore, if you choose to work with us, you will have the opportunity to impact the scientific community and the general public at large, through disseminating science communication, and rendering science based services.
We  are also open to developing international partnerships (consultancy).

We upload news on available job openings and traineeships periodically.

We encourage other companies, institutions and employers to advertise more about any available work positions on this site. 

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    §: The applicant is free to apply for a position. We are an equal opportunity employer and all applicants receive the same consideration without discrimination or bias. The applicant however will have to take full responsibility for the application. The applicant might be asked to send a CV;  this normally  contains personal information. However, we cannot guarantee that you will get any position once your apply. Our role is very limited as such we try to inform about some offers only. Volunteers are also welcome.

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