Learning by doing is the best way to learn. Through workshops, symposia, and other gatherings that WFL advertises, it will be informed about current scientific discoveries. By attending the workshop, one can get first-hand experience in today’s scientific community and WFL publishes and shares the proceedings of all conferences for education and entertainment to further the career and widening of scope. It is encourage to log in as a WFL member to attend the workshops and to help publish findings.

These workshops are designed to keep editors in touch with latest developments in journal publishing, policies and initiatives. Emphasizing on the most important part of research, and the research is not complete until it is published. Publishing enables researchers to exchange ideas globally, acquire research funding as well as advancement in one’s career. The lectures during the workshop cover topics such as how non native-English authors can overcome the language barrier, how to write manuscripts-writing a title that attract readers, abstract writing, cover letter development, publication ethics and how to handle peer review comments.