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Plant physiology: Characteristics, Breeding and Genetics


Ramdane Dris and Catherine Barry-Ryan

Category: Plant

The book contains papers presented at the workshop on ‘Plant Physiology – Characteristics, Breeding and Genetics’ which was held 1-4 June 2001 at Babtai Horicultural Research Institute, Babtai, Kaunas, Lithuania. Papers were selected for inclusion in this publication after a process of peer-review and evaluation by an editorial board. This book additionally includes fresh information on current scientific  research activities ongoing in similar  fields.
Plants are the primary gatherers and providers of cellular energy and suppliers of organic nutrients for virtually all others organisms. Some fulfil this role by growing  wild in uncultivated areas. Plants are a renewable resource that can be generated in an environmentally acceptable manner  and provide a route to an environmentally sustainable development. In order to understand plant physiology therefore, we need to know the nature of the cells that make up the tissues and organs of plants and the spatial arrangement of these organs.
The time seemed appropriate for reviewing past and recent achievements in plant physiology and attempting to a futuristic prospectus. This book focuses on factors affecting physiology changes occurring during the growth and development of plants and their impact on crop breeding. The book looks at, the impact of physiological changes on the activity of some metabolisms. This book will be useful to scientists, researches, students or experts investigating plant physiology, plant biotechnology, plant pathology breeding and genetics.

Ramdane Dris – Finland

Catherine Barry-Ryan – Ireland

  1. Chilling Stress Response of Crop Plant to Low Non Freezing Temperatures

Krzysztof Klamkowski

  1. Fractination of Wheat Gliadins

Krkošková Bernadetta and Macová Eva

  1. Characterisation and Inhibition of Polyphenoloxidase of Yellow Mombin (Spondias mombin L.) Fruit

Narendra Narain and Pushkar Singh Bora

  1. Flora Morphogenesis of Tomato Plants Subjected to Application of Bioactive Substances

Stan Nistor, Munteanu Nicolae, Ungureanu Gina, Stan Teodor and Ungureanu Ovidiu

  1. Influence of PPO Activity on Quality of Pear

Zhang Jingfang

  1. Comparative Study between Coloured and White-blossom Field Pea in Latvia

M. Vitjazkova

  1. Chip Quality Determination Traits: Variability and Heritability in Potato Clone Population

Ilze Skrabule

  1. Sink Activity of Cytokinins and Plant Productivity

E.S. Ronzhina

  1. Columnar Growth in Apple Breeding

Michael Turunen

  1. Characterisation of Latvian Red and White Currant (Ribes rubrum L.) Genetic Resources

Kaspars Kampuss and Sarmite Strautina

  1. Phaseolus Germplasm Collection Management System in Belarus

Ivan Russkikh

  1. Flowering and Productivity Stimulation of Pisum sativum L. Plants after Spraying with Potassium

Orate Daniela Traykova, Nadejda Balabakova and Maritza Mileva

  1. Low Temperature Effects on Dry Matter Partitioning and Yield of Cassava Clones

S.O. Akparobi, A.O. Togun, I.J. Ekanayake and R. Dris

  1. Bacillus subtilis BS 934 Antagonistic Action upon Soft Rot and Black Leg Agents

Boris M. Sharga, Rimantas Daugelavius and Elena Bakiene

  1. Cytogenetic Analysis of Cell Abnormalities in Root Meristem of Peas (Pisum sativum L.) after Treatment with Herbicides

Y.I. Kozhuro and N.P. Maximova

  1. Highly Productive and Adaptive Common Bean Samples from Collection of Belarus State University Ivan Russkikh
  2. In vitro Preliminary Test: Antagonism of some Microbial Organisms and Pseudomonas syringae

Ivan Russkih, Elena Kramtsova and Alexey Holyk

  1. Potential and Possibilities of Using Gametophytic Generation in Conventional Plant Breeding Methods: A Synergy for Rapid Plant Improvement

Tejaswini, B. Mridula and C. Aruna

  1. Pollen Response as Marker (PRM) and Pollen Selection: Novel Tools in Crop Improvement

R.L. Ravikumar and B.S. Patil

  1. Study of Antifungal Effect and Nature of Suppressive Volatile Produced by Bacillus subtilis BS 2924

Boris M. Sharga

  1. Alternative Method for Evaluation of Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.): Advance Lines based on Genotype Ranking

T.N. Shivananda, P. Rudraswamy, S.R. Viswanath, D.P. Viswanath, R. Siddaramappa and R. Dris

  1. Accumulation and Preservation of the Gene Fund of Flower, Breeds and Hybrids Developed by Lithuanian Selectionists

Gitana Indrišiūnaitė

  1. Introduction and Selection of Fruits Plants in Pomology Department of Vilnius University Botanical Garden

Silva Zilinskaite, Darius Ryliskis, Edvardas Medius and Aukse Meiduviene

  1. Study on Inheritance of Characters Related to Phosphorus Efficiency in Varietes of Spring Wheat

Huang Yaqun, Ma Wenqi, Liu Sheping and Wang Jiqing

  1. Evaluation of Ornamentation of Gladioli Cultivars in Vilnius University Botanical Garden

Gitana Indrišiūnaitė

  1. Standardisation of in-vitro Pollen Screening for Osmotic Stress in Sorghum

B.S. Patil, P.M. Salimath and R.L. Ravikumar


Number of chapters: 26
Length of the book: 195 pages
Book size: C5
Book Weight: 538 g
Book cover: Hard cover

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