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Production Practices and Quality Assessment of Food Crops 4 Volumes:
Vol 3: Quality Handling and Evaluation


Ramdane Dris PhD. and S. Mohan Jain PhD.

Category: Crop

An effective food quality assurance system is essential throughout the harvest and retail display to provide a consistently good quality supply of fresh food crops for the consumers and to protect the reputation of given marketing labels. This book covers various aspects of quality handling and assessment, including handling parameters, quality evaluation, CA and MAP storage conditions in a broad sense. It emphasizes developing better methods of monitoring quality and safety attributes of fresh produce as part of a quality assurance system and quality assessment and maintenance. To meet the changing demands for quality, availability, cost, appearance and service the actors in the supply chain need to cooperate. We have included eighteen chapters . This book will be useful to researchers  engaged in postharvest research and graduate and post-graduate students  majoring in food sciences and researchers.

Enzymes and Quality Factors of Fruits and Vegetables 

Pankaj Kumar Bhowmik and Ramdane Dris 

Volatile Flavours in Strawberries: A Description of The Components, and How to Analyse Them

Randi Utre Holt

Methods to Evaluate the Antioxidant Activity

Volker Böhm and Karin Schlesier 

Essential Oil Drugs -Terpene Composition of Aromatic Herbs

Jens Rohloff 

Integral Handling of Banana

Lourdes Yañez, Miguel Armenta and Efrain Mercado, Elhadi M. Yahia and Porfirio Guttierrez

Economics and Organisation of Horticultural Postharvest Production

Z. Kiss L., J. Bálint, M. Holló and M. Juhász  

Handling Machinery and Damage Inflicted to the Product

F. Javier García-Ramos, Constantino Valero and Margarita Ruiz-Altisent 

Mechanical Damage During Fruit Post-Harvest Handling: Technical and Physiological Implications

Domingo Martinez-Romero, Maria Serrano, Angel Carbonell, Salvador Castillo, *Fernando Riquelme and Daniel Valero 

Harvest and Postharvest Conditions for Apples and Pears

Celia E. Benitez and Norma A. Pensel 

Rapid Quality Evaluation Techniques of Horticultural Crops

Hidekazu Ito 

Table Grape Postharvest Management and Safety Issues

Alfonso A. Gardea, Tania Carvallo, Bethzabet Sastré, Miguel A. Martínez-Téllez, Gloria M. Yépiz-Plascencia, Martha Díaz-Cinco and J. Antonio Orozco 

Fruit Postharvest Technology: Instrumental Measurement of Ripeness and Quality

Pilar Barreiro, Margarita Ruiz-Altisent, Constantino Valero and Javier García-Ramos 

Developmental Changes During Strawberry Fruit Ripening and Physico-Chemical Changes During Postharvest Storage

Wilfried Schwab and Thomas Raab 

Processing of horticultural Crops in the Tropics 

R. Madakadze, M. Masarirambi and E. Nyakudya 

Quality Dynamics and Quality Assurance of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Pre- and Postharvest 

Susanne Huyskens-Keil and Monika Schreiner 

Modification of Fruit Ripening by Genetic Transformation

Lech Michalczuk 

Quality of Equilibrium Modified Atmosphere Packaged (EMAP) Fresh-Cut Vegetables

Liesbeth Jacxsens, Frank Devlieghere and Johan Debevere 


Number of chapters: 17
Length of the book: 523 pages
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