Terms and Conditions about Application for Editor in chief/ Editorial Member/ Reviewer/ New Journal Proposal


-To The Editor-in-Chief


Responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief /Editorial Members/ should:

  1. Organize a review team to do the review work if there are manuscripts submitted to the journal. To assist and check carefully the review work

  2. Post new hot topics about his/her proposed journal and invite authors to submit manuscripts.

  3. Evaluate and make decisions on the acceptance or rejection of manuscripts, if needed.

  4. Cross-check the manuscripts and ensures their quality.

  5. Editors are requested to assign the articles to the reviewers received from the editorial office. Articles are assigned based on the research interest of the editors. If the editors are busy with the other commitments, they can directly inform to the editorial office which enables us to assign the same article to other editors having similar research interest.

  6. Timely contribution of the articles/editorials/short communications for upholding the issues constantly in the journal.

  7. Encouraging the submission of the quality articles by recruiting authors or referring colleagues.

  8. To determine the quality of the article once it is received from the editorial office.

  9. Timely response to the editorial office to complete the review process within the timeline.

  10. There is no limit for the editors to process the articles. It depends on the editor’s interest & his/her involvement in other commitments.

  11. We encourage editors to provide new ideas/ suggestions for the development of the journals.

  12. Editor has to monitor the complete peer review process to maintain the standards of the journal.

  13. Editors need to ensure the protection of individual data and maintain confidentiality. While considering case reports and patient photographs, it is always suggested to obtain informed consent in written format.


Benefits of the Editor-in.Chief / Editorial Members will :

  1. Get the latest information of WFL Publisher ltd.

  2. Cooperate with a group of experienced researchers from all over the world.

  3. Get a certificate provided by WFL Publisher ltd.

  4. See  his/her name and personal webpage displayed on the journal website.



The acceptance of following terms and conditions confirms the appointment as a member of the Editorial members Editor-in-Chief of journals of WFL Publisher Ltd:

  1. The appointment of the Editorial members is initially for three years.

  2. The Editorial members  are expected to observe carefully general policies, code of ethics and practices of the Science Publishing Group Publications which may change from time to time based on expansion plans for the improvement in quality of the journal system.

  3. The Editorial members  agree to display the name and photograph on the website of the site and journal cover.



  1. It is expected that the Editorial members will complete the terms as stated above. This agreement may be terminated at any time based on following conditions.

    1. Lack of mutual understanding on common aspects as per the policies of WFL Publisher Ltd.

    2. Repetitive unsatisfactory performance of the assigned work.



-To The Editorial Member 


We recognize the importance of our Editorial members/Editor-in-Chief who play crucial role in WFL Publisher ltd right from forming of editorial board to publishing of papers in fostering the quality of a publication and the journal(s) content. Editorial members/Associate Editor/ Deputy Editors/ Editor-in-Chief render invaluable services to WFL Publisher ltd through their eminence in research and expertise in respective field.


Editorial Process:

  • Generally, it is aimed to complete the whole editorial process within 6-10 weeks from the paper submission and publish online. Once an author completes paper submission the article will be assigned to an eminent Editor in the field who undertake an unbiased preliminary assessment of the articles suitability for the scope of the journal. As an extension of the process, the assessed are forwarded to at least two expert reviewers in the field. This is intended to advance the correctness, clarity, and wholeness of articles and help editors to decide whether the article has to be published or not. The editors will take reports from at least two or three reviewers into consideration while making a decision to accept or reject an article. Editors are suggested to give the updated guidelines to the reviewers when required. Concurrently, the final decision should be taken by the Editor-in-Chief or Deputy Editors  to publish the accepted paper.

  • Editors should ensure that all the papers are published with respect to the scope of the journal based on relevancy, integrity, scientific strength, new inputs, potential interest, completeness, clarity and ethics. Also assure that decisions given upon articles are not affected by the authors’ origin, personal issues, nationality, ethnicity, race, religion or political beliefs. Decisions must be provided strictly based on the articles scientific validity and importance to the scientific community.


Rather than that we specified some other responsibilities which going to help individuals to play proper role.


Authors Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that all researched work submitted is original, fully referenced and that all authors are represented accurately. The submission must be exclusive and not under consideration elsewhere.

  • Provide accurate contact details for a designated corresponding author.

  • Openly disclose the source of all data and third party material, including previously unpublished work by the authors themselves.

  • Identify any third party material that intends to include in their article, and obtain written permission for re use in each instance from the relevant copyright holders. Such permissions should be submitted once the manuscript is accepted, or requires small changes to be accepted.

  • Fully correspond and comply with the editor and publisher in any requests for source data, proof of authorship or originality in a timely manner, providing reasonable explanation for discrepancies of failures to disclose vital information.

  • Expect transparency, efficiency and respect from the publisher and the editing during the submission process.

  • Remain is good communication with the both publisher and the editor.

  • When necessary, submit corrigenda in a timely and responsible fashion.


Editors Responsibilities:

Read and understand WFL publisher ltd guidelines and follow them during all editorial process.

                                           Invite scientists to submite papers to the journal and review submitted papers

Protect the reputation of their journals and publish work only by publishing content of the highest quality and relevance in a timely and responsible manner.

Carry out thorough, objective and confidential peer review for original article submission that pass the initial quality check and editorial assessment.

Detail and justify any article types which will not be peer reviewed.

Provide a transparent review and publication process as far as is possible, with full respect and care paid to the authors.

Allow authors the right to appeal any editorial decision.

Advise the publisher any third party material which has been included for which they do not believe sufficient permission has been cleared.

Remain in good communication with both publisher and authors.


Reviewers Responsibilities:

  • Only accept invitations to review work that is relevant to their own expertise and specialty.

  • Review submitted work in a responsible, impartial and timely manner.

  •  Report any suspected ethical misconduct as part of a thorough and honest review of the work.

  • Maintain adequate communication with both publisher and the editor.

  • Manuscripts are reviewed in fairness based on the intellectual content of the paper regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, citizenry nor political values of author.

  • Any observed conflict of interest during the review process must be communicated to the Editor.

  • Information pertaining to the manuscript is kept confidential.

Any information that may be the reason for the rejection of publication of a manuscript must be communic



-To The Reviewer


Manuscript reviewers are vital to the publication process, and as a reviewer you will gain valuable experience in scientific publishing and further research. We invite you to become a reviewer of our journals. Some rules and benefits need to retain of being a reviewer:

  1. Being a reviewer opens doors to incredible opportunities. Review services will enhance your knowledge of professional standards; and quickly earn the respect of your peers.

  2. The other potential benefit of being a reviewer is that you will be preferred considered to be an editorial board member.

  3. The reviewers who need financial support could enjoy discount to publish their articles with WFL Publisher Ltd.

  4. In order to provide a good review, a thoughtful and well-balanced report with suggested improvements for our authors, reviewers must be prepared to invest the necessary time to evaluate the manuscript thoroughly.


Rules & Responsibilities

We need our editorial board members and reviewers to be key figures in their professions to have some experience of publishing articles and so on. A reviewer's comment decides the acceptance or rejection of an article so they play an important role in peer review process. All the members are requested to test out the articles submitted to them without any bias to increase the quality of our journals. There is no hard and fast rule to analyses an article and it depends upon the worthiness, quality and originality. While verifying the article, you have to go through following points:

  • Detailed examination and relevance of the article as per author guidelines.

  • Careful examination of purposes and objectives of the work carried out.

  • Correctness of the conclusions and recommendations along with up-to-date references.

  • Copyediting and proofreading of the manuscripts in accordance with publishing standards especially with grammar, punctuation and spelling.

  • Coverage areas of the manuscript in relevance with the scopes of journals.

  • Plagiarism related issues if any.

  • You have to give some suggestions based on the structure of the manuscript. In general, there is no limit for the maximum inputs.

  • The reviewer should immediately notify the editor of any similarities between the manuscript under review and another paper either published or under consideration by another journal. The reviewer should immediately contact or call to the editor’s attention a manuscript containing plagiarized material or falsified data.


Reviewer should follow below information:

  • Should respect the confidentiality and do not disclose the information until the manuscript is published.

  •  Should protect individual data. They should not use the information for their own benefit or share with any other individual or organization.

  • Should agree to review the article only if they have expertise in the subject area adequate for accurate assessment and give a constructive report.

  • Ensure that all authors have equal opportunity to publish and their origin, nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, gender or political beliefs do not influence the peer review process.

  • Should be based on relevancy, integrity, scientific strength, potential interest, completeness, clarity and ethics in the manuscript.

  • Should declare any potential conflict of interests and take assistance from the Editor regarding any uncertain conflicts.

  • Should declare if they are involved in the submitted work in any manner and decline to review the article.

  • Should notify the Editor if the article has been already reviewed by them for any other journal and seek guidance whether to carry further or not.

  • Should notify the Editor immediately if they found any partial or whole information in the article is plagiarized or infringed.

  • Should notify the Editor if they have any concerns in the study, ethical aspects or misconduct in the article.

  • Should not attempt to contact the authors regarding the article without the permission from the Editor.



It is expected that you will complete the term as stated. You may terminate at any time based on following conditions:

  • Lack of mutual understanding on common aspects as per the policies of WFL publisher Ltd.

  • Repetitive unsatisfactory performance of the assigned work.


- To New Journal Proposal



The terms and conditions are subject to modification and changes.