On the following pages all relevant information are written about publishing a book with WFL publishers. For new ideas and book proposals, please get in contact with a publishing editor in the subject area. Authors will receive the feedback and advice about how to move on further. The manuscript guidelines will offer all details for preparing the manuscript in the best possible way.

WFL Publisher reaches a worldwide professional audience of scientists, writers, readers and science enthusiasts in all subjects in the field of science. Our collection is extensive and fully available for online subscribers. As a publishing house, we encourage spread of ideas through all forms of publication, books being the best opportunity for full length expansion. It is more important now than ever to keep the scientific community alert to new developments and subjects. The team at WFL knows how beneficial this is and strives to make publication easy and affordable.

WFL specializes in the publication of valuable works and the latest technology in order to make it available worldwide, quickly and efficiently. WFL also publishes online monographs, edited book volumes, proceedings and briefs. Some of WFL publications are in the form of open access eBook, freely available online and accessible from time to time. In addition, a print edition is offered for those who still wish to buy a printed book. WFL books are subject to high level peer-review, production and publishing processes.

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