Knowledge gained is better utilized when shared among academicians or people of great minds and thus will trigger scientific growth and innovation. Events, symposia, workshops, conferences and other professional gathering do motivate, broaden opinions and advances one’s career and the gains relatively should be shared globally for others to learn from. WFL is strategically positioned to inform, educate and showcase current science gatherings and the results are usually published online. Visit us and subscribe and see how you too can make a global impact in the world of science.

Publishers must be consistent on how they should publish conference proceedings. In some cases, proceedings are handled like a book. While in other cases, a conference that occurs frequently, probably, yearly or so may be handled like a journal, and so, there may be just a catalog of record for all conference proceedings in that period.

However, at WFL, we keep tract of our conference proceedings and the materials are published online in two different formats: as a special issue of a regular journal or as a synchronized conference paper. Conference papers, proceedings or the special journal issue can be published in series, volumes or in a single byproduct and may either contain full articles of the papers presented or only abstracts. When approved by our editorial board (special aggrement), conference proceeding or the special jourmal issue can be gotten online on our website. The source title would usually include words like symposia, seminar(s), workshop(s), conference papers and proceeding (s), or meeting(s).