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Welcome to WFL ‘s  resource page for journal subscription agencies. Whether you are distributing WFL  journals in print, or e-journals, or a combination of both, we are glad to provide you with a variety of resources designed to assist you in promoting our journals to your customers. Our sales and marketing  team is dedicated to work with you as we reach out to libraries in your region to share with them information about the cutting-edge research material published in our expansive collection of journals covering all aspects of information science and technology.

Below is the title list you will find links to and subscription pricing for our journal collection. In addition, we are committed to working with you in whatever ways we are able to promote the sale of WFL journal subscriptions through your agency. If there are materials that would be helpful to receive to support your efforts, we encourage you to contact us using the information below. Additionally, catalogs of our journals are available in 3D on our Web site by visiting https://www.wflpublisher.com/Journal. We would encourage you to share this link with your customers so that they can review our collection of journals and place orders with you. We hope that the following information will be helpful to you.

WFL  Publisher provides  extensive distribution network opportunities available to independent authors. Distribution is a key component to marketing any title and we want to enhance every author's success with the industry leading, distribution partners.

Authors and publishers need to be clear on how they'll get their books, journal or related scientific materials into the hands of customers

Through a handful of strategic global partnerships:

• Online stores;• E-book retailers;E-Journals; • Libraries;• Schools;• Universities;• Local niche retailers;• Big chains

• Little chains;• bookstores

Just about anyone, anywhere in the world who sells books—and effective distribution tech, Ingram is well poised to get publishers’ books or journals or related materials where they need to be with speed, efficiency, and confidence.

From where we’re standing, the world is in reach. This means plenty of options for publishers ready to take the next easy step toward a more lucrative global distribution strategy.

WFL Publisher  invites  book and journal subscription agencies, companies, experts, agents, and other distributors to market or distribute  our books and journals or  related services to a worldwide audience of readers

For more details contact us.