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Welcome to the resource centre of WFL Publishers. This page was specifically designed for book or journal subscription agencies, distributors, bookstores or libraries. If you’re interested in subscribing and distributing WFL Publisher’s books or journals in printed copy, e-copy or a combination of both, we are happy to provide you with a comprehensive list of resources assembled together in assisting you in promoting our publications  such as books or journals to your customers. We have a dedicated team to handle the distribution services. Our own staff receives orders and arranges the list of requested or ordered journals and/or books and forward same to the agencies. All incoming issues requests are recorded in our automated system and if need be, a cross check is made with the packing list provided by our publishing unit and any missing copies that are detected are immediately reported to the publishing unit.

Our subscription agencies followed suit and now almost all have similar arrangements where distribution agents are ready to offer distribution services to respective end-users who are inclined to receive faster and safer delivery of their journals or any related material or service. Our dedicated marketing and sales team is available to work with you in reaching out to libraries within your locality and beyond to disseminate cutting edge research materials and information published in our expanded collection of articles, journals or books available and covering all subject’s relation to science and technology.

Find, below the list of titles and links to our subscription and prices for our journal or publication collection. We are also committed in working with you in whichever way possible to promote the sale directely  of WFL Publishers publications, materials or / and services or through your agency.

If you have a need of any materials that would be helpful in supporting your efforts, we would encourage you to contact us using the information below. Catalogues of our journals or related publications are available in our Website We also encourage you to share this link with your customers/clients so that they too can review our collection of journals or books and place their orders. We do hope that the following information’s would be helpful to you.

WFL Publisher provides an extensive distribution network opportunity to independent authors. Distribution of journals, books or related materials is a vital component in marketing any article or journal and we are here to help authors achieve their desired results with industry leading distribution partners.

It is important for authors as well as publishers to be clear on how their articles, books, journal and related scientific materials or publication gets into the hands of customers who need them.

Through our strategic global partnerships, we have:

Pretty anyone anywhere in the world who is into selling and distribution of book sells books needs and effective distribution channel and WFL Publishers agencies are able get WFL Publishers articles, books, journals and scientific related materials to where they are needed with speed, efficiency, and reliability.

The world is in our reach from wherever we are located. This implies that WFL Publishers has many options available to take towards more dynamic global distribution strategies.

WFL Publisher is inviting article, books or  journals subscription companies, agencies, experts, agents, and other distributors in the market to distribute our articles, books and journals and other related services to our readers and audience worldwide

For more details contact us.