Quality Content

We, at WFL Publisher, want to exist high quality content in the JFAE, this includes some elements, which we believe are very important about the journal, the authors and the readers. The punctuation, which contains a well-structured manuscript with a compelling introduction, follows with the main point and closes with a summary. The relevance, which can be recognized with keywords of every article. The usability of articles can be perceived from intuitive reading structure, scan ability and easy accessibility. The originality, which the content of articles is unique and nowhere else can you find it. The depth, which if you wander in the journal you will find enriching. The credibility that everything you find in JFAE is authentic with specific descriptors and numbers. The reliability and consistency are some of these elements which you will find if you use JFAE for your education. Moreover, the potential authors will confront the same high quality content.