Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 7, Issue 3&4,2009
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

The importance of probiotics administration to sucking pigs


Ioan Paşca, Liviu Alexandru Mărghitaş, Ioan Groza, Dana Pusta, Roman Morar, Teofil Oroian, Adrian Cîmpean, Liviu Bogdan *, Iancu Morar, Dan Dezmirean, Mihai Cenariu, Ileana Bogdan, Sidonia Bogdan, Rareş Oroian

Recieved Date: 2009-07-17, Accepted Date: 2009-10-09


The origin of probiotics dates back in 1903, but the probiotics term was first used in 1965 in order to define the micro-organisms or substances which may influence the intestinal microbial balance, being capable to modify, in the positive way, the microflora and the intestinal activity. These living microorganisms, named probiotics, are used as nutritive supplements, both prophylactic and therapeutic, and their effects are the subjects for research in veterinary and human medicine. The influence of probiotics’ administration on the body development was investigated on groups of sucking pigs from females being at different number of deliveries (first, second, third and fourth parturition). After being born these sucking pigs were treated orally with probiotic Sprinter product using a self-dosing syringe. The control group included sucking pigs from other females at the same number of deliveries. The results reveal the favourable effect of probiotics on the body gain of sucking pigs for all individuals. A significant increase was observed in the sucking pigs of females at the first delivery with a difference of over 200% compared to the control group, a statistically significant difference of 45% also in the case of piglets from females to their third and fourth parturition. The development of suckling pigs is in direct correlation with the administration of probiotics, but also it is the female’s age, the sucking pigs from older females being of a larger weight at weaning. This development can be observed also in the sucking pigs of control group, but only in the first ones. There was a greater uniformity in the body weight and daily body weight gain of sucking pigs, treated with probiotic.


Antibodies, immunisation, probiotics, mother sows, parturition, viability, body weight, daily body gain, sucking pigs

Journal: Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment
Year: 2009
Volume: 7
Issue: 3&4
Category: Agriculture
Pages: 485-491

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