Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 7, Issue 3&4,2009
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

Volume 7, Issue 3&4, 2009

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The effect of cheese brine concentrations on survival of Listeria monocytogenes

Hisamettin Durmaz 1, Osman Aygun 2*, Mustafa Ardic 1


The recent advances in the nanotechnology and its applications in food processing: A review

K.A. Abbas 1*, A.M. Saleh 2, A. Mohamed 1, N. MohdAzhan1


Consumer defection in Turkish food retailing

M. Goksel Akpinar


Oxidative stability of virgin coconut oil compared with RBD palm olein in deep-fat frying of fish crackers

H. M. Ghazali 1*, A. Tan 1, S. M. Abdulkarim 1, M. H. Dzulkifly 2


Development of temperature-managed traceability system for frozen and chilled food during storage and transportation

Jian Zhang 1, 2, Lu Liu 2, Weisong Mu 2, Liliana M. Moga 3, Xiaoshuan Zhang 2*


Antimicrobial and antioxidative effects of defatted tea seed meal

Woo-Suk Bang 2, Young-Min Chung 1, Byung-Doo Lee 1, Jin-Cheol Lee 3, Jong-Bang Eun 1*


Fatty acids in fish and beef and their nutritional values: A review

K. A. Abbas *, A. Mohamed, B. Jamilah


Qualitative and physiological response of minimally processed garden cress (Lepidium sativum L.) to harvest handling and storage conditions

Li Juan Zhan, Emanuela Fontana, Giorgio Tibaldi, Silvana Nicola *


Effect of salt concentrations on the growth of heat-stressed and unstressed Escherichia coli

S. M. Abdulkarim 1*, A. B. Fatimah 1, J. G. Anderson 2


Physical properties of skin, flesh, and kernel of Canarium odontophyllum fruit

Azrina Azlan 1*, Nurul Nadiah Mohamad Nasir 1, Zulkhairi Amom 2, Amin Ismail 1


Physical, chemical and antioxidant properties of solid and sour apple pekmez

Ilkay Koca *, Bulent Karadeniz


Protective effect of dietary apricot kernel oil supplementation on cholesterol levels and antioxidant status of liver in hypercholesteremic rats

Türkan Kutlu 1*, Gökhan Durmaz 2, Burhan Ateş 1, Ali Erdoğan 1


Effect of peeling and segmentation on quality of heat-treated white asparagus during storage

Dimitrios Gerasopoulos 1, Anastasios S. Siomos 2*, Athanasios Koukounaras 2, Pavlos Tsouvaltzis 2


Determination of fatty acids, vitamins and trace elements in Pistacia terebinthus coffee

Harun Ciftci 1*, Ahmet Ozkaya 2, Ergin Kariptas 3


Optimization of culture conditions for high-level expression of dextransucrase in Escherichia coli

Hong-Bin Zhang *, Xiao-Qing Mao, Ya-Jie Wang, Xue-Qin Hu


Physicochemical properties of beverage emulsion as function of glycerol and vegetable oil contents

Hamed Mirhosseini *, Chin Ping Tan


The relationship between water activity and fish spoilage during cold storage: A review

K.A. Abbas 1*, A. M. Saleh 2, A. Mohamed 1, Ola Lasekan 1


Chemical compositions and antimicrobial property of three edible and medicinal Cordyceps species

Jian-Hui Xiao 1, 2*, Dai-Min Xiao 2, Zhong-Hua Sun 2, Qing Xiong 2, Zong-Qi Liang 2, Jian-Jiang Zhong 1, 3*


Effects of electrical stimulation on meat quality in goat carcasses

Ömer Cetin *, Tuna Topcu


The role of demographic variables in purchasing decisions on fresh fruit and vegetables

M. Goksel Akpinar 1*, Sibel Mehter Aykin 2, Cengiz Sayin 1, Burhan Ozkan 1*


The evaluation of microbiological profile of some spices used in Turkish meat industry

Hamparsun Hampikyan 1*, E. Baris Bingol 2, Hilal Colak 2, Ali Aydin 2


Introducing a traditional dairy product Keş: Chemical, microbiological, and sensorial properties and fatty acid composition

İbrahim Çakır 1*, Hayri Coşkun 1, İlker T. Akoğlu 2, M. Fatih İşleyen 1, Mustafa Kıralan 2, Ali Bayrak 2


Monitoring the change patterns of physicochemical properties of oil blend as function of storage time

Mahsa Naghshineh 1, Abdul Aziz Ariffin 1*, Hasanah Mohd Ghazali 2, Hamed Mirhosseini 1, Ainie Kuntom 3, Abdulkarim S. Mohammad 2


Instant noodles with pectin for weight reduction

Somrutai Jitpukdeebodintra *, Amarawadee Jangwang


Coffee for smoking cessation

Somrutai Jitpukdeebodintra *, Amarawadee Jangwang


Safety issues related to polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs) and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs) in fish and shellfish in relation with current Malaysian laws

Muhammad Rizal Razman 1, Azrina Azlan 2*


The effectiveness of whey proteins mixed with hot-water extract of Artemisia and Capparis spp. against lead acetate-contamination in rats

A. M. Abdel-Salam 1*, M. G. El-Ziney 1, A. H. Zaghloul 2, A. Y. Babiker 3, H. M. Mousa 1


Effectiveness of reuterin alone and in combination with nisin or other food contact surfaces sanitizers and cleaners for disinfection of stainless steel surfaces contaminated with Escherichia coli and Listeria innocua

Mohamed G. El-Ziney 1*, Mogens Jakobsen 2


Antimicrobial activities of protenic extracts of Allium roseum L., a wild edible species in North Africa

Hanen Najjaa 1*, Emna Ammar 2, Mohamed Neffati 1


Effects of specific cultivar usage and preparation methods in Japanese potato starches

Takahiro Noda 1*, Tatsuro Suzuki 1, Naoto Hashimoto 1, Koichi Nagasawa 1, Hiroaki Yamauchi 1, Md Zaidul Islam Sarker 2


Attitudes of consumers toward the effects of genetically modified organisms (GMOs): The example of Turkey

Ozdemir Oguz


Technological properties of a variety of soft and hard bread wheat infested by Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) and Tribolium confusum du Val

Hazım Özkaya *, Berrin Özkaya, Abdullah S. Colakoglu


National grading of quality of beef and veal carcasses in Romania according to “EUROP” system

Cornelia Petroman 1, Ioana Bălan 1, Ioan Petroman 1, Manuela-Dora Orboi 2, Adrian Băneş 3, Cristian Trifu 1, Diana Marin 1


Physicochemical and sensory characteristics of palm olein and peanut oil blends

M. W. Myat 1, S. M. Abdulkarim 1*, H. M. Ghazali 1, K. Roselina 2


Scanning electron microscope study and pasting properties of unripe and ripe plantain

Oluwatooyin F. Osundahunsi


Food insecurity and coping strategies among rural households in Oyo State, Nigeria

Adegbenga E. Adekoya


Simple microbial growth model applicable to dynamic temperature conditions: Evaluation of a nondimensional model

So Jung Kim, Dong Sun Lee *


Effect of hypocholesterolemic properties of brown rice varieties containing different gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) levels on Sprague-Dawley male rats

Shahin Roohinejad 1, Alireza Omidizadeh 2, Hamed Mirhosseini 1, Babak Rasti 1, Nazamid Saari 3, Shuhaimi Mustafa 4, Rokiah Mohd Yusof 2, Anis Shobirin Meor Hussin 1, Azizah Hamid 3, Mohd Yazid Abd Manap 1*


Total, soluble and insoluble oxalate content of bran and bran products

Patchanee Boontaganon 1, Eva Jéhanno 2, G. P. Savage 3*


Oxalate content of commercially packed salad greens

Eva Jèhanno 1, G. P. Savage 2


Growth performance and meat wholesomeness of broiler chickens reared on different types of litter materials

I. A. Adebayo 1*, T. A. M. Awoniyi 1, A. H. Akenroye 2


Factors affecting picker capacity, area harvested and harvesting cost of cotton

Eftymios Gr. Mygdakos


Effects of phosphate fertilizers and maize plant density on productivity of cassava/maize/egusi-melon mixtures on Alfisols of Ekiti State, South-Western Nigeria

Anthony K. Oluleye, Ezekiel A. Akinrinde *


Effects of drought stress condition on the yield and yield components of advanced wheat genotypes in Ardabil, Iran

Alireza Nouri-Ganbalani 1*, Gadir Nouri-Ganbalani 2, Davoud Hassanpanah 3


Susceptibility of different varieties of wheat and barley to cereal leafminer Syringopais temperatella Led. (Lep., Scythrididae) under laboratory conditions

Firas A. Al-Zyoud 1*, Naser M. Salameh 2, Ihab Ghabeish 3, Azzam Saleh 4


Deficit irrigation effects on onion (Allium cepa L. E.T. Grano 502) yield in unheated greenhouse condition

Serhat Ayas 1*, Çiğdem Demirtaş 2


Effect of cultivars and sowing dates on yield and quality of Gossypium hirsutum L. crop

Hakoomat Ali 1*, Muhammad Naveed Afzal 1, Shakeel Ahmad 1, Dilbaugh Muhammad 2


Influence of different types of pruning on cherry tomato fruit production and quality

José L. Franco, Manuel Díaz, Fernando Diánez, Francisco Camacho *


The production of Citrus tristeza virus-free Zorica Rana, a Croatian selection of Satsuma mandarin

Katarina Hančević 1*, Danijela Hartl Musinov 1, Silvija Černi 2, Jakša Rošin 1, Mladen Krajačić 2, Živko Gatin 1, Dijana Škorić 2


Cotton row spacing and plant density cropping systems I. Effects on accumulation and partitioning of dry mass and LAI

M. K. Darawsheh 1*, E. M. Khah 2, G. Aivalakis 3, D. Chachalis 4, Fatbardh Sallaku 5


Cotton row spacing and plant density cropping systems II. Effects on seedcotton yield, boll components and lint quality

M. K. Darawsheh 1*, D. Chachalis 2, G. Aivalakis 3, E. M. Khah 4


Interactive effects of molybdenum and phosphorus fertilizers on grain yield and quality of Brassica napus

Hongen Liu, Chengxiao Hu *, Xuecheng Sun, Qiling Tan, Zhaojun Nie, Jingjun Su, Jinshan Liu, Hong Huang


Identification of S-alleles associated with self-incompatibility in apricots (Prunus armeniaca L.) using molecular markers

J. M. Donoso 1, D. Aros, C. Meneses, R. Infante *


Combined effect of thermotherapy and in vitro shoot culture on the Grapevine leafroll associated virus 2 Red Globe strain affecting ‘Red Globe’ vines

R. Infante *, N. Fiore


Heritability, phenotypic correlation and path coefficient studies for some agronomic characters in synthetic elite lines of wheat

Tazeen Mohsin, Nadia Khan, Farzana Nasir Naqvi *


Evaluation of drought tolerance in lentil advanced genotypes in Ardabil region, Iran

Shahram Azizi Chakherchaman 1*, Hossein Mostafaei 2, Leila Imanparast 3, Mohammad Reza Eivazian 4


Distribution of non-structural carbohydrates, sugars, flavonols and pyruvate in scales of onions, Allium cepa L.

Rune Slimestad 1*, Ingunn M. Vågen 2


An analysis of Turkey’s import demand for cotton with special emphasis on US cotton

Ferruh Isin *, Bulent Miran


Physiological influence of N in preventing of alternate-bearing of pistachio (Pistacia vera cv. Kalleh-ghuchi)

Mohammad E. Amiri


Effect of moisture content and stalk section on some engineering parameters of closed capsule sesame stalks (Sesamum indicum L.)

Deniz Yilmaz 1, Onder Kabas 1, Ibrahim Akinci 1*, Aziz Ozmerzi 1, M. Ilhan Cagirgan 2


The effects of companion crop on alfalfa seed yield

H. İbrahim Erkovan *, Mustafa Tan


Fruit maturation as a parameter for selection of sweet orange cultivars in Brazil

Ítalo H. L. Cavalcante 1* , Antonio B. G. Martins 2, Eduardo S. Stuchi 3, Milton C. C. Campos 4


Application of xerophytophysiology in plant production – Growing wheat on ridged bed

Hui-lian Xu 1, Feifei Qin 1, 2*, Fangling Du 3, Qicong Xu 1, Fengmin Li 4


Optimum extraction and high-throughput detection of cordycepic acid from medicinal macrofungi Cordyceps jiangxiensis, Cordyceps taii and Cordyceps gunnii

Jian-Hui Xiao 1, 2*, Dai-Min Xiao 2, Qing Xiong 2, Zong-Qi Liang 2, Jian-Jiang Zhong 1, 3*


Study on the relationship between lipoxygenase-3 and the characteristic of resisting storage insects of rice grain

Qingfeng Tang 1, 2, Ying Zhang 3, Binmei Liu 1, Zengliang Yu 1, Yuejin Wu 1*


Effects of fertilization on root and leaf yields and quality of forage turnip (Brassica rapa L.)

Mevlüt Türk *, Sebahattin Albayrak, Cahit Balabanli, Osman Yüksel


Genetic diversity of pea (Pisum sativum L.) genotypes assessed by pedigree, morphological and molecular data

Tihomir Cupic 1*, Marijana Tucak 1, Svetislav Popovic 1, Snjezana Bolaric 2, Sonja Grljusic 1, Vinko Kozumplik 2


Effects of different rooting media and indole butyric acid on rooting of stem cuttings in sage (Salvia officinalis L. and Salvia triloba L.)

Oya Kaçar *, Nedime Azkan, Nazan Çöplü


Effect of seed priming on germination characteristics, polyphenoloxidase, and peroxidase activities of four amaranth cultivars

A. Moosavi 1, R. Tavakkol Afshari 1*, F. Sharif-Zadeh 1, A. Aynehband 2


Effect of cooking on the mineral and antinutrient contents of the leaves of seven accessions of Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott growing in South Africa

Muinat N. Lewu 1, Patrick O. Adebola 2, Anthony J. Afolayan 1*


Is the vigour of grafted tomato plants related to root characteristics?

Golgen B. Oztekin 1, Francesco Giuffrida 2*, Yuksel Tuzel 1, Cherubino Leonardi 2


The effect of prohexadione-calcium on the phenolic content in developing fruits and leaves of apple trees

Maja Mikulič Petkovšek *, Franci Štampar, Robert Veberič


Profitability of leek (Allium porrum L.) in three production systems

Milan Oplanić 1, Dean Ban 1, Anita Silvana Ilak Peršurić 1, Dragan Žnidarčič 2*


Tillage depth and forward speed effects on draft of three primary tillage implements in clay loam soil

L. Naderloo 1*, R. Alimadani 2, A. Akram 2, P. Javadikia 2, H. Zeinali Khanghah 3


Development and application of crop water stress index for scheduling irrigation in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) under semiarid environment

Muhammad Usman 1, Ashfaq Ahmad 2, Shakeel Ahmad 3*, Muhammad Arshad 1, Tasneem Khaliq 2, Aftab Wajid 2, Khalid Hussain 2, Wajid Nasim 2, Tariq Mehmood Chattha 4, Richard Trethowan 4, Gerrit Hoogenboom 5


Comparative study on functional components, antioxidant activity and color parameters of selected colored leafy vegetables as affected by photoperiods

Md. B. Ali 1, Laila Khandaker 1, Shinya Oba 2*


Photosynthesis in different parts of a wheat plant

Hui-Lian Xu 1, Feifei Qin 1, 2, Fangling Du 3, Rongyan Xu 1, Qicong Xu 1, Chengming Tian 4, Fengmin Li 5, Fahong Wang 6*


Liquid acrylic and polyamide plastic covering affect quality and storability of pomegranate (cv. Malas-e-Saveh)

Hossein Sadeghi, Vahid Akbarpour *


Changes of yields, soil properties and micronutrients as affected by 17-yr fertilization treatments

Benyin Li 1, 2, Mingbao Wei 3, Alin Shen 1*, Jianmin Xu 2, Hailin Zhang 4, Fazheng Hao 5


Assessment of drought tolerance in Iranian fenugreek landraces

Davoud Sadeghzadeh Ahari *, Abdol Karim Kashi, Mohammad Reza Hassandokht, Ahmed Amri, Khoshnood Alizadeh


The effect of biofertilizer on soybean seed vigor and field emergence

Iraj Alahdadi, Masoumeh Tajik *, Hamid Iran-nejad, Omid Armandpisheh


Assessment of Tunisian Trigonella foenum-graecum diversity using physiological parameters

Nidhal Marzougui 1*, Ferdaous Guasmi 1, Anissa Boubaya 1, Walid Elfalleh 1, Belgacem Lachieheb 1, Ali Ferchichi 1, Mohamed Beji 2


Role of arbuscular mycorrhizae in development of salt-tolerance of Trifolium alexandrinum plants under salinity stress

M. H. Gharineh 1*, H. Nadian 2, G. Fathi 1, A. Siadat 1, B. Maadi 1


Modeling and resource allocation of agricultural mechanization projects with GERT networks

Reza Abdi 1*, H. R. Ghasemzadeh 1, Sh. Abdoullahpur 1, M. Sabzeparvar 2, A. D. Mohammadi Nasab 1


Effects of water limitation on growth and grain filling of faba bean cultivars

K. Ghassemi-Golezani *, S. Ghanehpoor, A. Dabbagh Mohammadi-Nasab


Effects of drought stress and potassium on some of the physiological and morphological traits of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) cultivars

A. Afkari Bajehbaj 1, 2, N. Qasimov 2, M. Yarnia 3*


Effects of seed and seedling vigor on antioxidative isozyme activity and cold acclimation capability of winter oilseed rape

Kazem Ghassemi-Golezani *, Saeid Khomari, Mustafa Valizadeh


Effect of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza (VAM) on yield of sorghum cultivars

A. Mehraban 1*, S. Vazan 2, M. R. Naroui Rad 3, A. R. Ardakany 2


An input-output energy analysis on main and double cropping sesame production

M. Göksel Akpinar, Burhan Ozkan *, Cengiz Sayin, Cemal Fert


Pioneering research on C4 photosynthesis: Implications for crop water relations and productivity in comparison to C3 cropping systems

Mabrouk A. El-Sharkawy


The importance of probiotics administration to sucking pigs

Ioan Paşca, Liviu Alexandru Mărghitaş, Ioan Groza, Dana Pusta, Roman Morar, Teofil Oroian, Adrian Cîmpean, Liviu Bogdan *, Iancu Morar, Dan Dezmirean, Mihai Cenariu, Ileana Bogdan, Sidonia Bogdan, Rareş Oroian


Effects of water deficits on development and yield of rye varieties differing in tolerance to drought at seedling stage

Danuta Rzepka-Plevneš *, Marcelina Krupa-Małkiewicz, Jadwiga Kurek, Miłosz Smolik


Response of alate aphid species to mulch colour in watermelon

Katja Žanić 1*, Dean Ban 2, Smiljana Goreta Ban 1, Tanja Gotlin Čuljak 3, Gvozden Dumičić 1


Morpho-physiological evaluation and RAPD markers-assisted characterization of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) varieties for salinity tolerance

Shyam S. Kurup, Yousef S. Hedar, Mouza A. Al Dhaheri, Ahmed Y. El-Heawiety, Mohammed A. M. Aly *, Ghaleb Alhadrami


Participatory selection of a maize (Zea mays L.) variety for the control of stem borers in a southeastern Nigeria location

G. Olaoye 1*, S.O. Ajala 2, S.A. Adedeji 3


Antioxidant activity and total phenolics concentration in apple peel and flesh is determined by cultivar and agroclimatic growing regions in Chile

Jose A. Yuri 1*, Amalia Neira 1, Alvaro Quilodran 1, Yoshie Motomura 2, Ivan Palomo 3


Response of maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars to different levels of nitrogen fertilizer

Raouf Seyed Sharifi 1*, Reza Taghizadeh 2


Incentive and barriers of information technology adoption in agribusiness, Sichuan Province, China

Xiaoping Zheng 1, 2, Chunxia Wu 3, Weisong Mu 1, Xiaoshuan Zhang 1, 2*


Evaluation of planting date effects on yield and yield components of Savalan and Agria cultivars in Ardabil region

Davoud Hassanpanah *, Amir Aslan Hosienzadeh, Nasser Allahyari


Effects of foliar application of harpin protein against Verticillium dahliae on pepper grown in greenhouse conditions

Himmet Tezcan 1*, Nuray Akbudak 2


Comparative analysis for germination and seedling growth of wheat with some competitive weeds under salinity

Gamze Kaya *, Mehmet Demir Kaya, Mikail Çalışkan, Yusuf Arslan


Prediction of draft force and energy of subsoiling operation using ANN model

Reza Alimardani 1*, Yousef Abbaspour-Gilandeh 2, Ahmad Khalilian 3, Alireza Keyhani 2, Seyed Hossein Sadati 4


The type of polyethylene mulch impacts vegetative growth, yield, and aphid populations in watermelon production

Dean Ban 1, Katja Žanić 2, Gvozden Dumičić 2, Tanja Gotlin Čuljak 3, Smiljana Goreta Ban 2*


Factors associated with fadama production of vegetables by small-scale farmers in Ondo State, Nigeria

A. Ibironke Okunlola


Yield and quality of triticale forage

Ugur Bilgili 1, Esra Aydogan Cifci 1, Hulya Hanoglu 2, Koksal Yagdi 1, Esvet Acikgoz 1*


Suggestions for reformation in sheep farms based on production cost

S. Aggelopoulos 1*, K. Soutsas 1, A. Pavloudi 1, E. Sinapis 2, D. Petkou 3


Selection of regenerative genotypes from Iranian alfalfa cultivars

Nasser Zare 1*, Mostafa Valizadeh 1, Masoud Tohidfar 2, Seyed Abolghasem Mohammadi 1, Mohammad Ali Malboobi 3, Ali Akbar Habashi 2


Apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) quality and breeding perspectives

Edoardo Gatti 1*, Bruno G. Defilippi 2, Stefano Predieri 1, Rodrigo Infante 3


Food crop intercropping alternatives for replanting coconut farms destroyed by lethal yellowing disease

Stella Ama Ennin 1*, Ben Banful 1, Emmanuel Andoh-Mensah 2, Roland Nuhu Issaka 3, Joseph Nii Lamptey 1, Joseph Aduening-Manu 1, Grace Bolfrey-Arku 1, Sylvester Kuunaa Dery 2


Carbon compounds and chlorophyll contents in sorghum submitted to water deficit during three growth stages

Cândido Ferreira de Oliveira Neto 1, Allan Klynger da Silva Lobato 2*, Maria Celeste Gonçalves-Vidigal 2, Roberto Cezar Lobo da Costa 1, Benedito Gomes dos Santos Filho 1, Gustavo Antonio Ruffeil Alves 1, Wilson Jose de Mello e Silva Maia 1, Flávio José Rodrigues Cruz 1, Hadrielle Karina Borges Neves 1, Monyck Jeane dos Santos Lopes 1


Morphologic, yield and quality parameters of some annual forages as sole crops and intercropping mixtures in dry conditions for livestock

Halil Yolcu 1*, Muazzez Polat 2, Vecihi Aksakal 1


Mathematical modeling of the relationship between irrigation water salinity and sugarcane juice quality

M. Golabi *, A. A. Naseri, H. A. Kashkuli


A study on whether maize for silage is an alternative to cotton farming in Izmir, Turkey: Gross margin and data envelopment analysis

Ayse Uzmay *, Hakan Adanacioglu


Farmers’ views on the effects on agriculture sector of Turkey’s accession membership into the European Union: Case study of cotton farmers in Aegean Region, Turkey

Ayse Uzmay *, Ferruh Isin, Sule Isin


Comparison of the effects of different kinds of NSP enzymes on the performance, water intake, litter moisture and jejunal digesta viscosity of broilers fed barley-based diet

Hassan Shirzadi, Hossein Moravej *, Mahmood Shivazad


Effect of gibberellic acid application on growth and yield of artichokes under summer conditions

Gvozden Dumičić 1*, Smiljana Goreta Ban 1, Lovre Bućan 1, Josip Borošić 2, Milan Poljak 3


Effects of tillage method, seed rate and microelement spraying time on grain yield and yield components of rapeseed (Brassica napus) in warm dryland condition

S. Fooladi Vanda, A. Aynehband *, F. Naraki


Genetic characterization of some water yam (Dioscorea alata L.) accessions in West Africa with simple sequence repeats

J. E. Obidiegwu 1, 2*, R. Asiedu 3, E. E. Ene-Obong 2, C.O. Muoneke 2, M. Kolesnikova-Allen 4


Energy consumption patterns and economic analysis of irrigated wheat and rainfed wheat production: Case study for Tokat region, Turkey

Adnan Çiçek 1, Gülçin Altıntaş 2, Gülistan Erdal 3*


Deficit irrigation effects on cucumber (Cucumis sativus L. Maraton) yield in unheated greenhouse condition

Serhat Ayas 1*, Çiğdem Demirtaş 2


Effects of mulching on evapotranspiration, yield and water use efficiency of Swiss chard (Beta vulgaris L. var. flavescens) irrigated with diluted seawater

Qing Tao Zhang 1, Ould Ahmed Bouya Ahmed 2*, Mitsuhiro Inoue 2, Mohan Chandra Saxena 3, Koji Inosako 4, Kensuke Kondo 5


Dissolved silica dynamics and phytoplankton population in Citarum watershed, Indonesia

Husnain 1, 3*, Toshiyuki Wakatsuki 2, Tsugiyuki Masunaga 1


Effect of polyethylene glycol and its interaction with ascorbate on seed germination index in Pimpinella anisum L.

Zhika Asadi-kavan 1, Mahlagha Ghorbanli 2, Mohammad Pessarakli 3*, Arian Sateei 2


Palynological and physicochemical characterization of Apis mellifera L. bee pollen in the Southern region of Brazil

Solange T. Carpes 1*, Ingridy S. R. Cabral 2, Cynthia Fernandez P. Luz 3, Jailson P. Capeletti 4, Severino Matias Alencar2, Maria Lúcia Masson 5


Seed stocks of grazed and ungrazed rangelands on Palandoken Mountains of Eastern Anatolia

Adil Bakoglu 1*, Eyup Bagci 2, Halil I. Erkovan 3, Ali Koc 3, Alpaslan Kocak 4


A comparative study of the characterization of landfill leachate at the dumping sites in Kuwait

Saleh M. Al-Muzaini


Development and validation of rice evapotranspiration model based on Terra/MODIS remotely sensed data

Chada Narongrit 1*, Kasem Chankao 2


Heavy metal contents and chemical speciations in sewage-irrigated soils from the eastern suburb of Beijing, China

Zhifan Chen 1, 2, Ye Zhao 1*, Qiang Li 1, Jiejuan Qiao 1, Qing Tian 3, Xitao Liu 1


On-the-go soil mechanical strength measurement at different soil depths

Yousef Abbaspour-Gilandeh


Characterization of new algae isolated from textile wastewater plant

Jihane Cheriaa *, Fadhila Bettaieb, Ikbel Denden, Amina Bakhrouf *


The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in estimating a potential fadama land area for inland farming: The buffering technique

F.O. Adekayode 1*, M.O. Ogunkoya 2


Pastures seedbank composition in relation to soil nutrient content in areas under goat grazing management (Tenerife)

José Ramón Arévalo 1*, Eduardo Chinea 2


Forage production response of Artemisia herba alba to variation in rainfall and changes in soil conditions in arid regions

Mansour Jahantigh 1, Mohammad Pessarakli 2*


Alleviating soil sickness caused by aerobic monocropping: Responses of aerobic rice to fallow, flooding and crop rotation

Lixiao Nie 1*, Jing Xiang 1, Shaobing Peng 2, Bas A. M. Bouman 2, Jianliang Huang 1, Kehui Cui 1, Romeo M. Visperas 2


Assessment of soil properties for irrigation methods in North Andimeshk Plain, Iran

Ali Reza Rezania 1, AbdAli Naseri 2, Mohammad Albaji 2*


A study on water resources consumption by principal component analysis in Qingtongxia irrigation areas of Yinchuan Plain, China

De Zhou 1*, Rongqun Zhang 2*, Liming Liu 1, Lingling Gao 2, Simin Cai 2


Screening various ryegrass cultivars for salt stress tolerance

Mohammad Pessarakli *, David M. Kopec


Integrated dryland weed control in nature farming systems

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Environmental impact of green bean cultivation: Comparison of screen greenhouses vs. open field

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Ecological vegetable production and tourism – Case study for Croatia

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The effect of different substrate mediums on yield of Ganoderma lucidum (Fr.) Karst

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Personifying sustainable rural livelihoods in forest fringe communities in Ghana: A historic rhetoric?

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Heavy metal soil contamination around the metallurgical plant of Elbasani in Albania

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Automating the sensible heat computation

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Investigation of hydrogeochemical factors and groundwater quality assessment in Marand Municipality, northwest of Iran: A multivariate statistical approach

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Determining environmental sensitivity of inhabitants of Antalya City, Turkey

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In vitro studies on the potential Trichoderma harzianum for antagonistic properties against Ganoderma boninense

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