Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 19, Issue 3&4,2021
Online ISSN: 1459-0263

Volume 19, Issue 3&4, 2021
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Formulation of finger millet based natural health mix and the evaluation of its nutritional status, phytochemical constituents and antioxidant potential

Riya Mary Cherian, N.D. Brijith Lal


Endocrine disruptors in food chain Eram

S. Rao, C. Lalmuanpuia, Rizwana, Utkarsh Singh, Divyanshu Prajapat


Mirabilis jalapa flower extract as natural food dye and green synthesis of nanoparticles

C. R. Rathi, S. N. Suresh,


Formulation of finger millet based ready to reconstitute kheer mix using response surface methodology

P. Sujith, K.B. Divya, Lilly Rajan,


Measuring agriculture loss of flood-affected farmers in Assam with special reference to lower Brahmaputra valley

Abdur Rashid Ahmed, Amanur Rahman


Precise spraying path planning method for Y-shaped fruit trees based on depth vision and an ant colony obstacle avoidance algorithm

Juan Liang, Ke Xiao,


Optimization of draft and power requirement for disc plough, spring tine cultivator and offset disc harrow on a clay loam soil

Paul Okoko, Emmanuel A. Ajav


Assessment of effect of beneficial microorganisms on plant growth and yield of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Wild) under semi-arid

Alfisols B. Ameer Pasha, L. Krishna Naik, C. Seenappa, P. Venkatesha Murthy, N.N. Asha


The effect of root zone temperature in low nitrogen level of nutrient solution in sweet pepper

Atena Sheibanirad, Maryam Haghighi


Exploring floral waste into bio-compost using microbial consortium from cow dung: A review

Tejas Gorasiya, Nilkanth Faldu


Centralized and decentralized approaches in municipal solid waste management: Reflections with reference to Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation

Vishnu J. Menon, Antony Palackal


Coterie of phytoplankton in association with water quality from Auranga estuary, Gujarat, India

Shefali S. Patel, Susmita Sahoo