Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 10, Issue 3&4,2012
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

Volume 10, Issue 3&4, 2012
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The risk of musculoskeletal disorders due to repetitive movements of upper limbs for workers employed to vegetable grafting

Andrea Colantoni *, Alvaro Marucci, Danilo Monarca, Barbara Pagniello, Massimo Cecchini, Roberto Bedini


Functional and nutritional properties of peanut and cowpea proteins

Cuie Guang 1, 2*, Robert Dick Phillips 2, Jiangang Shang 1


Genetic and chemical variations among wild populations of a medicinal plant (Artemisia herba-alba Asso.) collected from different regions in Jordan

Abdul Latief A. Al-Ghzawi 1*, Khloud A. Juma’a 1, Ibrahim M. Al-Rawashdeh 2


New evidences for production, biochemistry and in vitro and in vivo effects of tripeptides Val-Pro-Pro and Ile-Pro-Pro

Cuie Guang 1, 2*, Franco Milani 2, Jiangang Shang 1, Hailing Zhang 1


Transport of traditional Chinese pimple milk-derived angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory peptides across a Caco-2 cell monolayer and their molecular recognition with ACE

Cuie Guang *, Jiangang Shang, Bo Jiang


Modeling kinetics of lipolysis and proteolysis activities of Penicillium roqueforti immobilized in tulum cheese in solid-state bioreactor

Ahmet Erdoğan 1*, Yakup Ermurat 2


Influence of mineral fertilization on the amino acid content and raw protein of wheat grain

Florin Crista 1*, Isidora Radulov 1, Laura Crista 2, Adina Berbecea 1, Alina Lato 1


European Union food safety policies and lessons / homework for Turkey

Handan Giray 1*, Zehra Özkan 2


Angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory peptides from hydrolyzed cowpea flour

Cuie Guang 1, 2*, Robert D. Phillips 2


An evaluation of commercial pink guava puree properties as a potential model fouling fluid

Ken Wei Chan, Norashikin Ab Aziz*, Noraziah Muda, Rosnah Shamsuddin, Farah Saleena Taip


Studies of aroma active components in naked oat by GC-MS

Qing Ren 1, Yiling Tian 2, 3*


Make the deadly yellow puffer fish a safe food to eat

Parvaneh Hajeb 1, Ho Chin Mei 1, Wan Norhana Noordin 2, Nor Ainy Mahyudin 1*


Automatic recognition of grapes’ size level based on machine vision

Min Li, Qiaohua Wang *, Jiang Zhu


Production and characteristics of protein hydrolysates from little hairtail (Trichiurus haumela) of East China Sea

Ting Jin 1*, Wang Li 1, 2, Yuxue Wu 1


Analyzing demand and consumers’ willingness to pay for organic fruits and vegetables

Aydin Basarir *, Mohamed S. Gheblawi


Biochemical and physiological characterization of collagen from the skin of bighead carp (Aristichthys nobilis)

Pan Yao 1, Haibo Wang 1*, Haiyin Wang 2, Yunyan Li 1, Min Wang 1, Hanjun Zhang 1


High-performance liquid chromatographic determination of 5-hydroxymethyl furfural in roasted plantain cultivars

Ola Lasekan 1*, Alfi Khatib 2, Hanisah Juhari 3, Parveen Patiram 1, Seye Lasekan 2


Differences in perceptions and practices of the managers of table olive firms implementing and not implementing food safety systems

Renan Tunalioğlu


Prediction of volume, weight and surface area of banana (Musa acuminata) using picture image analysis

S. Y. Dorvlo 1, R. J. Bani 1 *, Emmanuel Sinayobe 2


The impact of socio-economic factors on food away home consumption in Turkey

Sinasi Akdemir


The analysis of households’ purchasing preferences for fruit juice in Turkey

Mevlüt Gül 1*, M. Göksel Akpinar 2, Erdal Dağistan 3


Simulation and control of pasteurization process with inlet product temperature as disturbance

W. M. F. Wan Mokhtar *, F. S. Taip, N. Abdul Aziz, S. B. Mohd Noor


Effect of UV-LED irradiation on microbial growth on solid media as a model for food

Nam Yong Kim, Min-Ji Kwon, Dong Sun Lee, Duck Soon An *


Marketing research on producers’ perceptions about wine promotion

Catalin Paduraru 1, Dan Boboc 2, Raluca Andreea Ion 2*


Influence of baking temperature and time on β-carotene contents of baked sweet potatoes

Che L. Huang 1, Wayne C. Liao 2, Chin F. Chan 3, Yung C. Lai 1*


Influence of binder type and concentration on physical properties of agglomerated, spray-dried, and high oil loaded microcapsules

Plengsuree Thiengnoi 1, 2, Manop Suphantharika 1, 2*, Pravit Wongkongkatep


The effect of transglutaminase and sodium erithorbate on oxidative stability and microbiological and physicochemical properties of wieners 

Sevgi Gultekin 1, Didem Akpinar 1, Azim Simsek 2, Birol Kilic 1


Changes of beta-galactosidase and alpha-L-arabinofuranosidase activity and gene expression in relation to fruit storability of apple

Jianmei Wei 1, Xiudong Qi 3*, Yanru Jia 1, 3, Haishan Li 4, Fengwang Ma 2, Haisheng Gao 3


High-power pulsed light for microbial decontamination of some fruits and vegetables with different surfaces

Zivile Luksiene 1, Irina Buchovec 1, Kristina Kairyte 1, Egle Paskeviciute 1, Pranas Viskelis 2*


Dependence of individual primary package atmosphere on retail display temperature and micro-perforations in a master packaging system for chestnuts

Hwan Ki Kim 1, Duck Soon An 1, Seung Ju Lee 2, Dong Sun Lee 1*


Functional properties of spray-dried and freeze-dried egg white proteins glycated with dextran

Wei Xu *Yu-Jie Chi *, Xi-Bo Wang, Chen Chen


Deodorization of coconut oil using activated charcoal and charcoal regeneration

Mohammad N. Eshtiaghi *, Jarupan Kuldiloke, Nuttawan Yoswathana


Optimization of enzymatic hydrolysis for extraction of flavonoids from Apium graveolens L. stalks by entropy weight method

Jin-Chao Wu 1*, Guang-Rong Huang 2, Jie Cheng 1


A survey of fat-soluble antioxidants, linolenic acid and conjugated linoleic acid content of traditional Algerian Bouhezza cheese

Vita Maria Marino 1*, Abdassalem Belbeldi 2, Stefania La Terra 1, Mario Manenti 1, Giuseppe Licitra 1, 3, Stefania Carpino 1


Edible vegetable oil processing industry in China: Ripple effects and impact on general price levels

Wei Si *, Mei Xiao, Yongfu Chen


Purification and partial bioactivity in vitro of polysaccharides from sporophyll of Undaria pinnatifida

Hang Qi 1, Yangding Yu 1, Liming Sun 1, Jingfeng Yang 1, Dongmei Li 1*, Chi Xin 3, Dayong Zhou 1, Lei Qin 1, Yoshiyuki Murata 2


Insight of Pseudomonas cepacia lipase enantioselectivity towards chiral 1-phenyl ethanol and its derivates

Xiaole Xia 1*, Jingfang Wang 2, Yu Xin 1, Ling Zhang 1, Wu Wang 1


Survivability of free and microencapsulated Lactobacillus plantarum with alginate and resistant starch in simulated gastrointestinal conditions

Yahya Shafiei 1*, Vadood Razavilar 2, Afshin Javadi 3, Hamid Mirzaei 3


Effects of postharvest applications on berry quality, microbial population and morphological (epicuticular wax) deterioration of ready-to-eat table grapes

Işıl Çelikkol 1, Cihat Türkben


Bread-making quality of old common bread (Triticum aestivum ssp. vulgare L.) and spelt (Triticum aestivum ssp. spelta L.) wheat cultivars

Marzena Mikos *, Grażyna Podolska *


Sucrose and citric acid accumulations in melon genotypes with different sugar and acid contents

Mi Tang 1, 3, Bao-cai Zhang 1, Jun-jun Xie 1, Zhi-long Bie 1*, Ming-zhu Wu 2, Hong-ping Yi 2, Jong-xin Feng 2


Determination of clothianidin residues in garlic by liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry combined with QuEChERS

Zheng Wang 1, Ming Xue 1*, Shuhua Cui 2, Xiaodan Ma 1, Qingchen Zhang 3, Xianxian Li 1


An empirical study on consumer perception of food safety risk – An example of food additives

Lijie Shan 1, 2, Linhai Wu 2*, Lingling Xu 1, 2


Effect of loading weight and grinding time on size reduction of cardamom, clove and cumin using a knife mill

F. Nasaruddin 1, Y. A. Yusof 1*, N. L. Chin 1, J. Endan 1, N. A. Mohd Amin 1, M. G. Aziz 1, 2


Optimisation and comparative study on extraction methods of soursop juice

Meei Chien Quek, Nyuk Ling Chin, Yus Aniza Yusof


A novel, sensitive, accurate multiplex loop-mediated isothermal amplification method for detection of Salmonella spp., Shigella spp. and Staphylococcus aureus in food

Kan Jiang 1*, Qinfeng Lv 2, Donglei Zhang 1, Xiang Gao 3, Yi Zhao 3, Mengxian Li 3, Ling Liu 3, Junhua Wu 3, Xiangyi Lu 3, Cheng Luo 3*


Shelf life modelling of tilapia in the cold chain

Shaohua Xing 1, Xiaoshuan Zhang 3, Lorena Dediu 2, Changyang Ma 3, Zetian Fu 1*


Multiplex PCR detection of Salmonella spp., Listeria monocytogenesEscherichia coli O157:H7, and Staphylococcus aureus in processed foods using [TA10] simultaneous growth broth

Susumu Kawasaki 1*, Kaori Kusano 2, Ritsuko Arai 2, Toshihiro Komeda 2, Naoko Kamisaki-Horikoshi 3, Shinichi Kawamoto 1


The formal seed sector and gaps in the demand for hybrid seeds in Nigeria

A. S. Oyekale 1 *, H. Takeshima 2, S. Salau 2


Cold tolerance of Brassica napus L. as influenced by weather conditions during wintering

Natalija Burbulis 1*, Vaida Jonytienė 1, Aušra Blinstrubienė 1, Ramunė Kuprienė 1, Vytautas Liakas 2, Ilona Vagusevičienė 2


Empirical models for leaf area estimation based on leaf physical parameters in rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum), pulasan (Nephelium mutabile), carambola (Averrhoa carambola) and limau madu (Citrus suhuiensis) grown in Peninsular Malaysia

A. Selamat 1, 2, M. Dayao 1, M. A. Hakim 3, 4*, A. A. Zulkeefli 1


Antifungal activity of Trachystemon orientalis L. aqueous extracts against plant pathogens

Abdurrahman Onaran 1*, Melih Yılar 2


Turkish agriculture at a glance

Handan Giray


The empirical model of grain separation on straw walker

Dainius Steponavičius *, Vidmantas Butkus


The determinations of fruit features in the Tombul hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) clone

Özgün Kalkişim1*, Hüseyin İrfan Balik 2


In vitro antifungal evaluation of various plant extracts against walnut anthracnose (Gnomonia leptostyla (Fr.) Ces et de Not.)

Özgün Kalkışım


Effect of seed biopriming with plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) on yield and dry matter accumulation of spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) at various levels of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers

Bahram Mirshekari 1, Saeid Hokmalipour 1*, Raouf Seyed Sharifi 2, Farhad Farahvash 1, Ali Ebadi-Khazine-Gadim 2


Influence of fertilizer source and rate on soybean varieties

Dirceu Luiz Broch 1, Erci Marcos Del Quiqui 2, Tiago Roque Benetoli da Silva 2*, Rerison Catarino da Hora 2, Jean Carlo Possentti 3


The growth characters in different types of dry bean cultivars

Foto Kashta *, Agim Canko, Pellumb Harizaj, Vladimir Bano


Effect of canopy management on growth and yield of mango cv. Amrapali planted at close spacing

Bikash Das *, B. R. Jana


Functional expression analysis of an acyl-ACP thioesterase FatB1 from Arachis hypogaea L. seeds in Escherichia coli

Gao Chen 1, Qingfang He 1, 2, Ning Xuan 1, Zhenying Peng 1, Lei Shan 1, Guiying Tang1, Yuping Bi 1, *


Response of some chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes to salt stress conditions

Tolga Karaköy 1*, Kağan Kökten 2, Faruk Toklu 3


Supplementary UV-B irradiation effects on basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) growth and phytochemical properties

Jurga Sakalauskaitė*, Pranas Viškelis, Pavelas Duchovskis, Edita Dambrauskienė, Sandra Sakalauskienė, Giedrė Samuolienė, Aušra Brazaitytė


Development of embryo culture protocol for cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus L.)

Melekber Sulusoglu


Determination of heating and cooling day data for broiler housing: Isparta case

Atılgan Atilgan 1*, Ali Yücel 2, Hasan Öz 1


Effects of long-term shade on maize (Zea mays L.) growth and yield in west of Liaoning province, Northeastern China

Fenghui Yuan 1, 2, Dexin Guan 1*, Anzhi Wang 1, Jiabing Wu 1, Changjie Jin 1


Physiological impact of fungicide bitertanol on watermelon in a high tunnel

Eun-Young Choi 1, Il-Hwan Cho 2, Woo-Moon Lee 2, Seung-Heui Kim 2, Young-Hoe Woo 3*


Relations between growth, N level, NH4-N ratio of fertilizer, climatic variables, harvest time and tipburn of cos lettuce grown under the cold glasshouse

Sureyya Altintas *, Serkan Candar


Agronomic characteristics of transgenic tobacco doubled haploids resistant to Potato virus Y

Anna Czubacka *, Teresa Doroszewska, Anna Trojak-Goluch


Diagnosing of the nutritional status of ‘Newhall’ navel orange trees with the method of modified diagnosis and recommendation integrated system (M-DRIS)

Hong Huang 1, Chengxiao Hu 1*, Qiling Tan 1, Xiaohu Zhao 1, Xuecheng Sun 1, Xiaoming Hu 2, Liangzhi Peng 3, Changpin Chun 3


Evaluation of physicochemical characteristics of microemulsion formulation of rotenone and its insecticidal efficacy against Plutella xylostella L.(Lepidoptera: Plutellidae)

Siti Nurulhidayah Ahmad 1, Md. Touhidul Islam 1, Dzulkefly Kuang Abdullah 2, Dzolkhifli Omar 1*


Interactive effects of molybdenum and phosphorus fertilizers on dry matter accumulation, seed yield and yield components in Brassica napus

Hongen Liu 1, 2, Chengxiao Hu 2*, Xuecheng Sun 2, Qiling Tan 2, Zhaojun Nie 2


Changes of soluble sugar and sucrose in ear of maize and relationships with grain starch accumulation in black soils region of Northeast China

Hong-wen Xu 1, 2*, Yan Lu 1, 2, Feng-bin Song 2


The effect of low temperature on the insecticidal properties of Bt cotton

Xiang Zhang, Guixia Wang, Chunhua Lv, Xiaofei Liu, Yuan Chen, Dehua Chen *


Screening of wheat varieties for their susceptibility against Fusarium crown rot

Serife Evrim Arici


Chlorocholine chloride application effects on physiological responses for late season potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) under soil well-irrigated and drought-stressed conditions

Huiqun Wang 1, Yuyun Zhao 2, Peng Cheng 1, Yanli Yang 3, Langtao Xiao 1*


The effects of iron application to soil and foliarly on agronomic properties and yield of peanut (Arachis hypogaea)

Seyyid Irmak 1*, Ayşe Nuran Çıl 1, Hatice Yücel 1, Zülküf Kaya 2


Effect of fertilizer nitrogen and varied C:N ratio of mushroom compost on rice yield and nitrogen forms of soil

S. R. Dar 1*, T. Thomas 2, J. C. Dagar 3, Khajanchi Lal 4, Samreen Mehboob 5, Megna Rashid Bakshi 5, A. H. Mir 4, Hidayatullah Mir 5, A. Kumar 1, R. K. Malik 1


Influence of green manure and effective microorganism on forage productivity and water use efficiency of alfalfa and pearl millet under sprinkler irrigation method

Saleh M. Ismail 1, 2*, Mohammed H. Almarshadi 1


Response of canola (Brassica napus L.) seed yield and quality to high saline irrigation water under sulphur soil amendment

Samir Gamil Al-Solaimani, Fathy Saad El-Nakhlawy *, Mohammed Hussien Almarshadi


Difference between NH4+ and NO3- uptake kinetics of different rice (Oryza sativa L.) grown hydroponically

Yun Lian 1, Mingxia Chen 2, Farooq Shah 1, Qiang Wang 1, Yutiao Chen 1, Kehui Cui 1, Lixiao Nie 1, Jianliang Huang 1*


Seed treatment influence with carboxin+thiram to initial development of castor plant

Juciléia Irian dos Santos *, Tiago Roque Benetoli da Silva, Flávia Rogério, Verena Benício de Oliveira, Rafaela Alenbrant Migliavacca, Jaqueline Cazado Felix


Relationship of seasonal changes in antioxidative enzymes and cold-hardiness in strawberry plant

 Ece Turhan 1*, Cigdem Aydogan 1, Anil Akoglu 2, Ali Baykul 2, Yasemin Evrenosoglu 2


Growth and yield response of four chickpea cultivars to phosphorus fertilizer rates

Madzivhandila, T. 1, Ogola, J. B. O. 1*, Odhiambo, J. J. O. 2


Effects of changing concepts and conditions of agricultural production to agricultural machinery manufacturing sector in globalizing world

Gülfinaz Özogul


Effects of liquid humic fertilizer on changes in biometric indices of winter wheat during autumn acclimation

Ligita Baležentienė 1*, Vidmantas Spruogis 1, Vilija Snieškienė 2, Antanina Stankevičienė 2


Problems of financing and agricultural credit: A case study of Seyhan region

Sinasi Akdemir


Identification and characterization of Streptomyces alkaliscabies sp. nov.

Tahany M. A. Abdel-Rahman 1, Mary S. Khalil 1, Tarak A. A. Moussa 1*, Safaa Al-Deen A. Al-Qaysi 1, 2


Cloning and sequence analysis of F gene of Newcastle disease virus isolated from Guizhou province, China

Ming Wen 1, Zhen-Tao Cheng 1, Deng-Xiang Zhang 1, Jin-Long Yang 1, 2, Bi-Jun Zhou 1*


Effects of potassium fertilizer application on photosynthesis and seedling growth of sweet potato under drought stress

L. D. Zhu 1, 2, 3, X. H. Shao 1, 2, Y. C. Zhang 3*, H. Zhang 3, 4, M. M. Hou 1, 2


Factors affecting the yield of high yielding variety Boro rice: An evidence from Rajshahi district of Bangladesh

Provash Kumar Karmokar 1, 3*, Mahendran Shitan 1, 2, Ranjan Kumar Kundu 4


Salt and water distributions in the plant root zone under deficit irrigation

Harun Kaman *, Ömer Özbek


Effects of boron fertilization on productivity of silage maize genotypes and NPK and B contents of the plant

Sezer Şahın


The physiological effects of different irrigation times on chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) cultivars

Nihal Kayan 1*, Ece Turhan 2


Preliminary study on green selenium-enriched and safe pork production

Y. Zhang 1, H. Q. Xu 1*, K. Y. Zuo 2, C. N. Yang 2, X. Chen 1, X. Q. Ji 1


Effect of ethephon on time of olive oil (cv. Zard) harvesting

Z. Yousefi 1*, M. Almassi 2, A. A. Zeinanloo 3, A. Gholiyan 4, M. Khiave 5


Role of embryo lipoxygenase-3 under herbivore stress in stored rice

Qingfeng Tang 1, Benguo Zhou 2*


Performance evaluation of an extruder system in a mixed feed factory

Serkan Boyar 1 *, Ramazan Cengiz Akdeniz 2, Arif Hepbasli 3


Energy utilization needs in Turkish mixed feed industry

Serkan Boyar 1*, Arif Hepbasli 2, Ramazan Cengiz Akdeniz 3


Effect of sewage sludge on populations of Meloidogyne incognita and Pratylenchus brachyurus in maize

Lais F. Fontana 1, Claudia R. Dias-Arieira 1*, Patrícia M. Marini 1, Tais S. Dadazio 1, Yara C. Fabrin Cabral 1, Tiago Roque B. Silva 1, Regina C. Ferreira Ribeiro 2


Determination of appropriate pollinizers for six commercial almond cultivars

Moslem Dorostkar 1*, Mostafa Mostafavi 2, Mohammad Sanei Shariat-Panahi 1, Ahmad Khalighi 1, Darab Hasani 3


The use of microbial inoculants in African agriculture: Current practice and future prospects

Olubukola O. Babalola 1*, Bernard R. Glick 2


Identification of differential expressed proteins responding to low temperature stress in pistils of kernel apricot

Ping Wang 1, Yanhui Li 2, Shengfang Han 3, Baoguo Li 1 *


Predicting and mapping of groundwater salinity potential in irrigated agricultural lands

Sema Kale 1 *, Armağan Karabulut 2, Faki Ergül 3


Influence of genotype and harvesting age on the mineral dynamics of Brassica oleracea var. acephala cultivated in South Africa

Francis B. Lewu 1*, Muinat N. Lewu 2, Sydney Mavengahama 3


Mapping poultry farms in the UAE utilizing GIS technology

Moustafa A. Fadel, Ahmed S. Hussein*, Mohammed Al Maamari


Analysis of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase gene expression in callus cells of hawthorn (Crataegus aronia L.)

A. F. Al Qurraan 1, J. S. Sawwan 1, A. M. Al Abdallat 1, 2*


The in vitro digestion rate and in vivo digestibility of raw starches from selected cereals and tubers

Fugui Yin 1+, Jinquan Wang 2+, Zhen Ruan 3, Ruilin Huang 1*, Yongfei Wang 4, Hua Shao 1,5*, Ju Huang 1, Yuyun Mu 6, Qingqi Wen 7


Non-neutral technology, farmer income and poverty reduction: Evidence from high-value agricultural household in China

Jing Wang 1*, Xuexi Huo 1, Assem Abu Hatab 2, Md. Shajahan Kabir 3


Effect of heat stress on the performance and some blood parameters in pair-fed broiler chickens

Ahmed S. Hussein 1 *, Nuhad J. Daghir 2, Mostafa A. Ayoub 1, Ibrahim A. Wasfi 3, Abdel Hadi A. Abdel Hadi 3


Effect of Primalac® or Enramycin supplementation on performance, intestinal morphology and microbiology of broilers under Clostridium perfringens challenge

Alaeldein M. Abudabos


Effects of MSG supplementation on free amino acids in plasma of growing-finishing pigs

Jun Zhang 1, Yulong Yin 1,2*, Qinghua He 1, Gang Chen 1, Tiejun Li 1, Xiaosong Wu 3*, Martin Nyachoti 4, François Blachier 5, Yongfei Wang 6, Qingqi Wen7


Weed control programs in sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.): Influence on herbicidal residue and yield quality

Barbara Wujek, Mariusz Kucharski *, Krzysztof Domaradzki


Leaf senescence and physiological characters in different adzuki bean (Vigna angularis) cultivars (lines)

Hui Song 1+, Xiao-Li Gao 1+, Pan-Pan Zhang 1, Hui-Ping Dai 2, Jia Chen 1, Shu-Huai Jiang 1, Jin-Feng Gao 1, Bai-Li Feng 1*


The effect of cytokinin type and explant orientation on axillary shoot proliferation and in vitro rooting of Gisela 5 cherry rootstock

Anita Mihovilović Bošnjak *, Snježana Kereša, Ivanka Habuš Jerčić, Marijana Barić


Causative factors on the dynamics of economic viability on acceptance of sustainable agriculture practices among Malaysian contract farmers

Jeffrey Lawrence D’Silva*, Bahaman Abu Samah, Hayrol Azril Mohamed Shaffril, Azmariana Azman


Variability, heritability and genetic advance for some yield and yield related traits in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) genotypes in arid conditions

Rao Wali Muhammad 1*, Abdul Qayyum 2, Shoib Liaqat 3, Amir Hamza 1, Malik Muhammad Yousaf 1, Bashir Ahmad 1, Jahangir Shah 1, Mumtaz Hussain 1, Ahmad Naveed Ahsan 4, Sajjad Hussain Qurashi 2, Etrat Noor2,1


Effect of dietary L-arginine supplementation on edema disease

Wenkai Ren 1, 4, Tiejun Li 1, 3 *, Hua Shao 1, 4 *, Yinghui Li 1, 4, Gang Liu 1, Li Wu 1,4, Miaomiao Wu 1, 4, Xiaosong Wu 2*


Resistance in stored rice without lipoxygenase-3 against Indian meal moth Plodia interpunctella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and its underlying mechanisms

Qingfeng Tang


Genetic variation in 27 accessions of Arachis genus using target region amplification polymorphism markers

Li-Xian Qiao, Lei Xu, He-Chun Wang, Jiong-Ming Sui, Jing-Shan Wang


Derivation of a model relating force applied to fracture eggs to the age of laying hens along with additional parameters

Roman Gálik 1, Erika Horniaková 2, Štefan Bod3, Tomáš Bod4


Measurement of protein and amino acid digestibility for swine diet formulation

Yongfei Wang 1, Yuzhe Zhang 2 *, Zemeng Feng 2, Yonggang Zhang 2, Tiejun Li 2 *, Ruiling Huang 2 *


Analysis of energy utilization of peanut-bean intercrop 

Saeed Firouzi *, Mohammad Naghi Safarzad Vishekaei, Hashem Aminpanah


Effects of controlled and mid-gathering irrigation on paddy rice height and yield

Yuanyuan Li 1, 2, Xiaohou Shao 1, 2, Junyi Tan 1, 2, Xiujun Hu 1, 2, Jun Zhou 3, Jinlan Wang 4, Shunguang Lu 5, Huilian Xu 6


Case report of canine achantomatous ameloblastoma

Adrian Stancu 1, Florin Stan 2, Marius Pentea 1


The effects of biological and mineral fertilizers on yield and yield components of corn (Zea mays) CV. S.C. 604 in drought condition

Aysan Safania 1, Mehrdad Yarnia 2 *, Amir Hooshang Hossainzadeh Mogbeli 3


Effect of chitosan on seed germation, seedling growth and the clubroot control in Chinese cabbage

Y. L. Wang 1,2, B. Li 1,*, X. Chen 1, Y. Shi 1, Q. Zhou 1, H. Qiu 1, M. Ibrahim 1, G. L. Xie 1, G. C. Sun 2*


Response of the growth and N and P nutrition to mitigating and optimization fertilization with plant growth regulators in lettuce

Baozhen Li 1#, Xia Li 1, 2#, Xiaorong Zeng 1,2, He-ai Xiao 1, Yong Li 1, Caiyan Chen 1, Wenxue Wei 1, Jinshui Wu 1*


Vegetable quality as affected by genetic, agronomic and environmental factors

Youssef Rouphael 1*, Mariateresa Cardarelli 2, Ali Bassal 3, Cherubino Leonardi 4, Francesco Giuffrida 4, Giuseppe Colla 2*


Commercial-scale adoption of improved cassava varieties: A baseline study to highlight constraints of large-scale cassava based agro-processing industries in Southern Nigeria

Gbassey Tarawali 1, Charles Iyangbe 1, Udensi Ekea Udensi 1, 2 *, Paul Ilona 1, Taiwo Osun 1, Chyka Okater 1, Godwin Ndubuisi Asumugha 3


Effects of soil moisture level and film mulch removal period on water use efficiency and physiological properties of maize (Zea mays L.)

Gengmin Jiang, Yuannong Li *, Fan Liu, Yongxiang Hu


Supplementary red-LED lighting and the changes in phytochemical content of two baby leaf lettuce varieties during three seasons

Giedrė Samuolienė, Ramūnas Sirtautas, Aušra Brazaitytė, Akvilė Viršilė, Pavelas Duchovskis


Forage corn yield and physiological indices under different plant densities and tillage systems

Ali Baghdadi 1, Ridzwan Abd Halim 1 *, Majid Majidian 2, Wan Noordin Wan Daud 1, Izham Ahmad 1


Some moisture-dependent physical properties of bean seed (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Saeed Firouzi 1 *, Mohammad Reza Alizadeh 2, Hashem Aminpanah 1, Mohammad Naghi Safarzad Vishekaei 1


Changes on emitter discharge under different water temperature and pressure*

Ulas Senyigit 1, Raimundo Leite Cruz 2, Leonor Rodriguez-Sinobas 3, Wanderley de Jesus Souza 4


Screening techniques for drought tolerance in barley (Hordeum vulgare)

Giancarla Velicevici *, Emilian Madoşa, Radu Şumălan, Adriana Ciulca, Dorin Camen, Mihaela Malaescu, Cretescu Iuliana


Response of potato (Solanum tuberosum cv. Agria) to seed inoculation with mycorrhiza strains in different phosphorus fertilization

Siamak Bayrami, Bahram Mirshekari *, Farhad Farahvash


Development of a specific serological kit for detection of Polymyxa betae, transmitting agent of sugar beet rhizomania disease

Hossein Safarpour 1, 2, Mohammad Reza Safarnejad 1, 3 *, Marzieh Basirat 1, Fatemeh Hasanzadeh 4, Fereshteh Kamyab 4


Influence of nitrogen fertilization on winter wheat physiological parameters and productivity

Ilona Vagusevičienė 1, Natalija Burbulis 2*, Vaida Jonytienė 2, Regina Vasinauskienė 3


Using labor force and green investments in valuing the Romanian agriculture potential

Ioan Done 1, Luminita Chivu 1,2, Jean Andrei 1 *, Mirela Matei 4


Vegetative development and production of some Amaranthus cultivars under the Transylvanian conditions, Romania

Teodor Rusu


Supplementation of phytase on diet improves the apparent ileal digestibility of amino acids and P in growing piglets

Jie Pan 1, 3, Wence Wang 2, Yunchao Wang 3, Xiangdong Ma 3, Weigang Duan 3, Ruilin Huang 4, Hua Shao 4, 5, Xiaosong Wu 1, Rejun Fan 1*


Induction of acquired resistance in strawberry calli by elicitation of fungal homogenates

Gihan Mohamed Hosny Hussein 1, Mohsen Abou Elela Sayed 2*, Tahany Mohamed Ali Abdel-Rahman 2, Adel Hamdan Alwan 2, 3


Effect of phosphorus application methods and zinc on agronomic traits and radiation use efficiency of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Hakoomat Ali 1, Nadeem Tariq 1, Muhammad Zia-Ul-Haq 2, Anser Ali 3, Shakeel Ahmad 1*


Influence of genotype, growth regulators and sucrose concentration on linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) anther culture

Natalija Burbulis, Aušra Blinstrubienė, Ramunė Masienė, Vaida Jonytienė


Relationship among seed size from different seed positions at several-seeded pod in soybean

Bing Liu 1*, Xiao-Mei Zhou 1, De-Ning Qu 2


Manpower development on sawah rice technology development process for food security in Nigeria and Ghana

 O.  I. Oladele 1 *, T. Wakatsuki 2


Anatomical structure analysis and classification of in vitro meristem regenerated plum leaf and stem tissues and cells by means of TEM electronmicroscopy and image analysis

Jakab-Ilyefalvi Zsolt 1 *, Doru Pamfil 1, Doina Clapa 2


Influence of seed health conditions on a following oat seed generation grown in organic farming

Petr Konvalina 1 *, Ivana Capouchová 2, Evženie Prokinová 2, Hana Honsová 1, Zdenĕk Stehno 3, Dagmar Janovská 3, Martin Káš 3, Jan Moudrý jr. 1, Jan Moudrý 1


Yield response of the African indigenous leafy vegetable Cleome gynandra to application of cattle and goat kraal manure and harvesting techniques

Marafolatsane T. Seeiso, Simeon A. Materechera *


Effects of plant density and row spacing on biomass production and some of physiological indices of corn (Zea maize L.) in second cropping

Raouf Seyed Sharifi 1*, Nayer Nabi Zadeh 2


Changes in flowering and fruiting of Habanero pepper in response to higher temperature and CO2

René Garruña-Hernández 1 *, Azucena Canto 1, Javier Orlando Mijangos-Cortés 1, Ignacio Islas 1, Luis Pinzón 2, Roger Orellana 1


Molecular cloning and expression profiling of G protein coupled receptor 120 in Landrace pig and different Chinese indigenous pig breeds

Ze-Meng Feng 1, 2, Jie-Ping Guo 1, 2, Xiang-Feng Kong 1*, Wen-Ce Wang 1, 2, Feng-Na Li 1, Martin Nyachoti 4, Yu-Long Yin 1, 3 *


Effect of feeding type (pasture vs. total mixed rations) of Turcana ewes on animal performance and milk fatty acid profile

Daniel Mierlita


Effects of short-term drought and flooding on soybean nodulation and yield at key nodulation stage under pot culture

Shujie Miao, Hai Shi, Jian Jin, Judong Liu, Xiaobing Liu, Guanghua Wang *


Which housekeeping gene can be well used in gene expression analysis in Chinese local pig breeds?

Ze-Meng Feng 1, 3, Jie-Ping Guo 1, 3, Xiang-Feng Kong 1 *, Yu-Long Yin 1*, Guoqi Lian 1,3, Dezhi Fu 1,3, Hua Shao 1,2, Charler Martin Nyachoti4


Gene expression profiles in porcine intestinal epithelial cells treated with arginine using a microarray technique

Liming Zeng 1, 2, 3, Bie Tan 2, Yulong Yin 2, Xiangfeng Kong 2, Zemeng Fen 2, Jun Fang 1*, Xiangyang Lu1*


Genotyping of five Chinese local pig breeds focused on meat quality by using PCR-RFLP based on halothane and Mx1

Ze-Meng Feng, Xiaoli Zhou, Hua Shao, Xiang-Feng Kong *, Yu-Long Yin, Ruilin Huang*


Possible involvement of H2O2 induced Ca2+ efflux in the dormancy-breaking effect of hydrogen cyanamide and high temperature in nectarine floral buds

Yue Tan 1, Ling Li 1, Chen Shan Xu 2, Xiu De Chen 1, Dong Mei Li 1, Dong Sheng Gao 1


The influence of crop density on the photosynthetic characteristics and productivity of the spring oilseed rape under non-fertilized and fertilized conditions

Rimantas Velička 1, Aušra Marcinkevičienė1, Robertas Kosteckas 1, Rita Pupalienė1 *, Pavelas Duchovskis 1, 2, Aušra Brazaitytė2


Video assisted diagnosis system for cucumber disease

Haojie Wen, Zetian Fu, Lingxian Zhang *, Xinxing Li, Wei Zhao


Differences in nitrogen metabolism characteristics of main culm and tillers in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) with different percentages of productive tiller

Juan Liu 1, Xiao-chun Wang 2, Shu-ping Xiong 1, Xin-ming Ma 1, 3 *, Tong-xun Zhang 2, Jing Wang 1, Yan-feng Wang 1


Agricultural disease-control scene determination based on audio-visual fusion

Haojie Wen, Lingxian Zhang, Zetian Fu *, Xinxing Li, Ye Su


Fruit characteristics of muskmelon cultivars in six regions in South Korea

Jong-Dae Na 1, Hyun-Sug Choi 2*, Jung-An Jo 3, Wol-Soo Kim 3, Jae-Kyung An 1, Cham Na 4, Hyeong-Jin Jee 2


Combining ability and inbreeding depression of physiological parameters in Fpopulation of wheat under drought stress

Mohammad Reza Naroui Rad 1, 2 *, Mihdzar Abdul Kadir 1, Mohd Rafii Yusop 3, Hawa Z. E. Jaafar 4, Mahmood Danaee 1


Different responses of wheat with different chromosome ploidies to water stress during seed–seedling transformation

Zheng-Hong Wang 1, 2*, Wei Zhao 1, Chun-Ping Wang 1, Xiu-Pu Guo 1, Shu-Fang Lv 1, Xi-Ping Deng 2


Horticultural characteristics and chemical composition of advanced raspberry lines from British Columbia

Zhimin Zhang 1, 2, Zhengyang Zhao 1*, Huining Liu 3, Claudine Dubé 2, Marie Thérèse Charles 2, Chaim Kempler 4, Shahrokh Khanizadeh 2*


Overexpression of stress-inducible small GTP-binding protein AhRab7 (AhRabG3f) in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) enhances abiotic stress tolerance

 Lin Song 1, 2+, Rui Li 1+, Xiaohua Xiang 3+, Jingshan Wang 1, Lixian Qiao 1, Xiyun Song 3, Yuhe Pei 3, Jiongming Sui 1*


Identification of flood risk area in the Orontes river basin, Turkey, using multi-criteria decision analyses

Ahmet İrvem 1*, Fatih Topaloğlu 2


Trends in Turkish monthly mean streamflow

Ahmet İrvem, Fatih Topaloğlu 2*, Mete Özfidaner2


Application of ultrasound and technical enzymes during bioethanol production from fresh cassava root

Mohammad N. Eshtiaghi 1 *, Jarupan Kuldiloke 1, Nuttawan Yoswathana 1, Abdol G. Ebadi 2


Setting up of an expert system to determine ammonia gas in animal livestock

Ali Coşan 1, Atılgan Atilgan 2


Dominant population distribution and community gradient changes of Nitraria tangutorum in the northeastern Ulan Buh Desert

Qing-He Li 1, 2*, Jun Xu 3, Sai-Xiao Wang 1, 2, Ting-Ting Gao 4, Wen-Jiao Ren 1, 2


Assessment of the distribution and diversity of street tree species in Aydin, Turkey

Baris Kara


Determination of soil erosion over different land uses by mini rainfall simulator

Mehmet Parlak


A primary econometric approach to modeling and forecasting the demand for fuelwood in Turkey

Bekir Kayacan 1*, Meltem Şengün Ucal 2, Atakan Öztürk 3, Ramazan Balı4, Sacit Koçer 5, Erdem Kaplan 4


Environmental quality analysis for sustainable urban public green spaces management in Bartın, Turkey

Canan Cengiz *, Bülent Cengiz, Banu Bekci


Influence of light quality on germination and initial growth of canephori seedlings Peltophorum dubium (Sprenge) Taub.

Jeferson Klein 1*, Débora Kestring 2, Daniel Schwantes 1, Rodrigo A. Repke 3, Éder J. Mezzalira 1, André L. Piva 1, Miciades A. M. Arrua 1, Cleovani R. Javorski1, João D. Rodrigues 2, Vandeir F. Guimarães 1


Visual physical landscape analysis of a traditional street: A case study of Beşkonaklar, Malatya, Turkey

Fürüzan Aslan *, Oğuz Ateş


Regional trends in Turkish pan evaporation

Fatih Topaloğlu *, Mete Özfidaner, Funda Aydin


Monitoring of land use and land cover changes by using fuzzy supervised classification method: A case study of Antalya, Turkey

Namık Kemal Sönmez 1*, Isın Onur 2


Effects of preharvest and postharvest calcium and modified atmosphere treatments on vase life of gerbera

Bulent Akbudak *, Senay Murat


Determination of the optimum mixture ratio and nutrient contents of broccoli wastes, wheat straw and manure for composting

İlker Sönmez


Planting children’s playgrounds: Çankırı city case

Umut Pekin Timur


The uptake and translocation of hexavalent chromium and effects on growth and enzyme activity of Zea mays L.

Zeynep Zaimoglu *, Pelin Atilla


Evaluation of pan coefficient for reference crop evapotranspiration for Igdir region of Turkey

Sebahattin Kaya 1 *, Salih Evren 2, Erdal Dasci 2, Hulya Bakir 2, M. Cemal Adiguzel 2, Hasbi Yilmaz 3


Daily and seasonal variation of air pollutants and some climatic parameters in freestall and loose dairy cattle houses in Konya, Turkey

Selda Uzal Seyfi


Identifying spatial and temporal variation of nitrate concentration in shallow groundwater aquifer

Vilim Filipović 1*, Dragutin Petošić 1, Zoran Nakić 2, Ivan Mustać 1, Stanko Ružičić 2, Monika Zovko 1, Marina Bubalo 1


Effects of salinity on three Pennisetum cultivars

Jianqin Gao 1*, Mengmeng Gu 2, Genhua Niu 3, Yan Chen 4


Metal accumulation in earthworms (Oligochaeta: Lumbricidae) in fertilization with swine sludge

Mădălina Iordache


Growth performance of Oreochromis niloticus (Pisces: Cichlidae) in fertilized, tropical earthen ponds

Edet Ekpenyong 1*, Fidelis Ada 2, Joseph Idung 1


Sorption of lead on variable-charge soils in China as affected by initial metal concentration, pH and soil properties

Nkwopara Ugochukwu 1, 2, Ibrahim Ali 1, Qingling Fu 1, Jun Zhu1, Guanjie Jiang 1, Hongqing Hu1*


Simulation of intensive swine wastewater irrigation of wheat-maize with RZWQM in North China plain

 Feng Wang 1, 2, 3*, Xiying Zhang 1, Keqiang Zhang 2, Lijing Bai 2


Effects of a vertical greenery system on selected thermal and sound mitigation parameters for indoor building walls

N. Fernández-Bregón 1, M. Urrestarazu 1*, D. L. Valera 2


Soil salinity assessment of Kadawa Irrigation of the Kano River Irrigation Project (KRIP)

M. M. Maina 2*, M. S. M. Amin 1, 2, W. Aimrun 1, 2, I. Sani 3


Determination of minimum extraction times for water of plants and soils used in isotopic analysis

Guodong Jia, Xinxiao Yu *, Wenping Deng, Yujie Liu, Yajun Li


Interactive effects of Encapsalt bio-stimulant and salinity stress on growth and quality of ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)

Mohammad Pessarakli *, Reza Dehghani Bidgoli


The relationships between TSNAs and their precursors in burley tobacco from different regions and varieties

Hongzhi Shi 1*, Ruiyun Wang 1, Lowell P. Bush 2, Huijuan Yang 1, Franklin F. Fannin 2


Allelopathic effects of aqueous extracts of rape residues on winter wheat seed germination and early growth

Rimantas Velička 1, 2, Aušra Marcinkevičienė1, 2, Rita Pupalienė1, 2*, Rita Čepulienė1, Zita Kriaučiūnienė2, Robertas Kosteckas 2, Sigitas Čekanauskas 2, Rūta Bieliauskaitė1


Factors influencing access to climate forecasts in the Limpopo River Basin of South Africa

A. S. Oyekale


Construction and energy cost produced by Indian model biodigestors with cattle manures in semi-intensive systems

Carlos Eduardo Camargo Nogueira *, Rosana Krauss Niedzialkoski *, Elisa Maria Lisboa Nogueira, Magno Luiz Vidotto, Jair Antonio Cruz Siqueira, João Carlos Munhoz das Neves


Influence of EM bio-organic fertilizer on plant growth and photosynthetic characteristics of flue-cured tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)

Danyan Chen 1, 2, Xiaohou Shao 1, 2*, Jing Yu 1, 2, Xu Liu 1, 2, Youbo Yuan 3, Xiankun Su 3


Accuracy of crop-shelter thematic maps: A case study of maps obtained by spectral and textural classification of high-resolution satellite images

Claudia Arcidiacono, Simona M.C. Porto, Giovanni Cascone


Combined effects of tillage systems and crop rotations on soil enzyme activities in Inner Mongolia, China

Xiao-xia Guo 1, Jing-hui Liu 1 *, Li-jun Li 1, Bao-ping Zhao 1, Lu Tian 1, Xiang-qian Zhang 2, Surya N. Acharya 3


Response of rice yields to recent climate change at regional and provincial scales in China

Yang Zhou 1, 3, 4, Wen-xiang Wu 4*, Ning Li 1, 2, 3*


Landscape rationality evaluation of leisure agricultural park based on AHP and fuzzy remark set

Yichuan Zhang 1*, Lifang Qiao 1, Lei Feng 2, Xinzheng Li 1*


An evaluation method of wasteland landscape restoration plan based on BP neural network model

Yichuan Zhang *, Lifang Qiao, Anguo Qi, Xinzheng Li


Effect of nitrogen and water coupling on growth characteristics and yield quality of flue-cured tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)

Shao Xiaohou 1, 2*, Kwizera Chantal 1, 2, M. M. Hou 1, 2, L. H. Chen 1, 2, Y. F. Wang 3


The isolation of MRSA from soils adjacent to hospitals

Sulaiman Ali Alharbi


Abundance of earthworms under fertilization with organo-mineral fertilizers in a chernozem from west of Romania

Mădălina Iordache


Effects of short-term summer fallow and rotations on soil quality under plastic greenhouse cultivation

Qiang Li 1, Le-Yuan Ma 1, Xiu-Feng Wang 1, 2, Min Wei 1, 2, Qing-Hua Shi 1, 2, Feng-Juan Yang 1, 2*


The relationship of upper leaf necrosis with partial physiological traits of three oriental hybrid lily cultivars

Shuang Yang, Zhongxuan Wang, Xiaona Yuan, Mingfang Zhang, Guixia Jia *


Equilibrium between economic growth and emission reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus: A case study in Poyang Lake Watershed, China

Tao Zhang 1, Jinyan Zhan 1*, Dongdong Liu 2, Qingling Shi 1, 3, Xiangzheng Deng 4, 5, Feng Wu 1, 4


Economic evaluation of the use of biogas in Entre Rios Do Oeste, Brazil

Thiago Edwiges *, Armin Feiden, Charles Carneiro, Carlos Eduardo Camargo Nogueira, Dangela Maria Fernandes


Investigation of boiler efficiency and harmful emissions while burning of plant biomass briquettes

A. Jasinskas *, A. Sakalauskas, E. Šarauskis, E. Vaiciukevičius, S. Kalinauskaitė


Dynamic simulation of transform relationship of nutrients in sediments and water in Zhushan Bay of Lake Tai

Chen Lv, Shengyu Zhang *, Shuang Zhong, Xinjing Peng, Zhongbo Wu


Evaluation of sustainability of the beekeeping sector in the North West Region of Romania

Cristina Bianca Pocol 1, Liviu Alexandru Mărghitaş 2, Anca Aurora Popa 2


Plant resource utilization by local inhabitants around Machiara National Park, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

Muhammad Ejaz Ul Islam Dar *, Roland Cochard, Rajendra Prasad Shrestha, Sajjad Ahmad


Laboratory solidification experiment on electro-osmotic dehydration and tamping densification of sediment sludge in water plants

Zhengdi Gu 1, Huijin Wang 1, Bo Chen 2, Hang Xu 3, Zheshu Wu 2


Acaricidal activity of some plant extracts on parasitic bee mite, Varroa destructor

Ahmed A. Zaitoun 1, Mohamed H. Madkour 2*


Identifying the component structure of knowledge on climate change by principal component analysis among extension officers in North West Province, South Africa

O. I. Oladele


Estimation of non-point source pollution loads caused by soil erosion in China (II)

Dengxing Fan, Xinxiao Yu *, Xizhi Lv, Qingyun Li


Natural phosphate and liming improves phosphorus extraction in two tropical grasses grown in degraded Amazon soil

Elaine Maria Silva Guedes 1, 2*, Antonio Rodrigues Fernandes 2, Allan Klynger da Silva Lobato 1, Rafael Silva Guedes 2, Williams Souza de Ávila 1, Sávia Poliana da Silva 2


Greenhouse gas emissions from winter wheat cultivation for bioethanol production in Poland

Alina Syp *, Zuzanna Jarosz, Antoni Faber, Magdalena Borzecka-Walker, Rafał Pudełko


An optimization model of groundwater resources allocation for agriculture in well irrigation district of North China

Qian Huang 1, 2,3, Shizhang Peng 1*, Zhendong Du 2, Ningjiang Lu 2


Economic potential of perennial energy crops in Poland

Antoni Faber 1*, Rafał Pudełko 1, Robert Borek 1, Magdalena Borzecka-Walker 1, Alina Syp 1, Ewa Krasuska 2, Panagioula Mathiou 3


Throughfall, stemflow and canopy interception loss by oriental beech trees (Fagus orientalis Lipsky) in North Forests of Iran

Asadollah Mattaji 1, Mehdi Akef 2, Sasan Babaei Kafaki 1, Vahid Hemmati 1*


Mineral nitrogen dynamics and nitrate leaching in a catch crop and straw management system

Aušra Arlauskienė *, Stanislava Maikštėnienė


LSU nrDNA of uncultured endophytic fungi amplified from the blossom of Gastrodia elata

Ji-Chuan Kang 1*, Ting-Chi Wen 1, Pin Guan 2, Jin He 2


Bioactive ingredient levels of tea leaves are associated with leaf Al level interactively influenced by acid rain intensity and soil Al supply

Xiaohua Duan 1, 2, Xiaofei Hu 3, Fusheng Chen 3, Zeyuan Deng 1*


Effect of formulations of Trichoderma harzianum SQR-T037 on the induction of resistance against Fusarium wilt in cucumber

Jun-Yi Tan 1, 2, Xiao-Hou Shao 1, 2 *, Li-Hua Chen 1, 3, Li-Na Chen 4, Hui-Lian Xu 5


Assessment of existing soil organic carbon stocks and changes at a national and regional level in Poland

Antoni Faber *, Artur Łopatka, Radosław Kaczyński, Rafał Pudełko, Jerzy Kozyra, Magdalena Borzęcka-Walker, Alina Syp


Influence of land use change on water quality in Naoli River watershed, northeast China

Xiaomin Yin 1, 2, Xianguo Lu 1*, Zhenshan Xue 1, Zhengmao Liu 3


Interaction of maize and living mulch: Soil chemical properties and bioactivity

Aida Adamavičienė 1, Kęstutis Romaneckas 1*, Vytautas Pilipavičius 1, Dovilė Avižienytė 1, Egidijus Šarauskis 2, Antanas Sakalauskas 2


Simulation of soil organic carbon in long-term experiments in Poland using the DNDC model

Alina Syp *, Antoni Faber, Magdalena Borzęcka Walker


Economic feasibility of using biodiesel for electricity generation in a dairy agro industry located in the state of Paraná, Brazil

Carlos Eduardo Camargo Nogueira *, João Carlos Munhoz das Neves, Rosana Krauss Niedzialkoski, Jair Antonio Cruz Siqueira, Samuel Nelson Melegari de Souza, Luiz Inácio Chaves


Geographical variation of physiological and morphological traits among populations of three Caragana species in Inner Mongolia Steppe

Cheng-Cang Ma 1 *, Hong-Yu Guo 1, Qing-Fang Li 1, Jin-Long Wang 2, Jian-Bo Wu 2, Yu-Bao Gao 1, 2 *


CO2 and CH4 fluxes from a plant-soil ecosystem after organic compost and inorganic fertilizer applications to Brassica chinensis

Dandan Pan 1, Xiangwei Wu 2, Guangming Tian 1 *, Miaomiao He 3, Qaisar Mahmood 4, Jinghua Yao 1


The temporal and spatial variability of water footprint of grain: A case study of an irrigation district in China from 1960 to 2008

Shikun Sun 1, 2, 3, 4, Pute Wu 1, 2, 3*, Yubao Wang 2, 3, Xining Zhao 1, 2, 3, Jing Liu 2, 3, Xiaohong Zhang 5


A rapid DNA extraction method for quantitative real-time PCR amplification from fresh water sediment

Shimin Lu, Mingjun Liao, Min Zhang, Pengzhi Qi, Congxin Xie*, Xugang He*


Multivariate analysis of Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli National Park visitors’ satisfaction

Evangelos Grigoroudis 1*, Garyfallos Arabatzis 2, Stavros Tsiantikoudis 2


Diurnal patterns of methane and nitrous oxide emissions form rice paddy under different soil moisture conditions

Junzeng Xu 1, 2, Shizhang Peng 1*, Huijing Hou 2, Shihong Yang 2, Yupu He 2


Economic valuation associated with nitrogen losses from wetland rice-duck and rice-fish ecological system

Weiling Yuan 1, 2, Cougui Cao 1*, Danying Xing 3, Chengfang Li 1, Jianping Chen 4


New spectral indices for quantifying chlorophyll content of paddy rice

Yuemin Yue 1, Kelin Wang 1, Ru Li 2*, Bo Liu 3, Hongsong Chen 1


Application of Chinese Soil Loss Equation (CSLE) to analyze the spatial and temporal variations in soil erosion on the Loess Plateau of China

Zhihong Yao 1, 2*, Qinke Yang 1, 3, Hongxia Xie 4, Rui Li 1


The visual effects of flower colors on university students’ psycho-physiological responses

Xia Li 1, Ying-Min Lu 1, 2*, Zhe Zhang 1, Jia Wang 1, Hui-Tang Pan 1, 2*, Qi-Xiang Zhang 1, 2


Reduction effects of three garden types on runoff, sediment and nutrient loss in the red soil hilly region of China

Haijin Zheng 1, 2, Shaowen Fang 2, Jie Yang 2, Hongjiang Zhang 1*, Bangwen Wang 2, Minghao Mo 2


Growth and survival responses of elm (Ulmus pumila) seedlings to water use, nutrient availability and clipping intensity 

Li Liu, Deli Wang *, Ying Gao, Ning Huang, Changcun Lin, Jun Liu, Tingcheng Zhu


Usage of offshore ICT among fishermen in Malaysia 

Siti Zobidah Omar 1, Hayrol Azril M. Shaffril 1, Jusang Bolong 2, Jeffrey L. D’Silva 3, Musa Abu Hassan 4


Effects of applying nitrogen upon photosynthesis characters in Quercus liaotungensis 

Hongbing Bai 1, 2, Faqi Wu 1*, Yuansheng Li 2, Yi Qin 2, Min Wu 2


Dissipation and bound residue formation of alachlor due to the swine wastewater application in soil 

Tatiane C. Dal Bosco*, Silvio C. Sampaio, Silvia R. M. Coelho, Natássia J. Cosmann, Simone D. Gomes, Morgana S. Gonçalves, Tábata Z. Bischoff, Liziane Z. de Souza


Impact of agriculture on the quality of percolating water: Case study in eastern Croatia 

Vilim Filipović*, Dragutin Petošić, Vedran Rubinić, Monika Marković


Vertical distribution and attenuation of nitrogen and phosphorus in ditch water under controlled drainage in paddy field 

Xiangping Guo *, Chengli Zhu, Weimu Wang


Tree-ring based average June-July temperature reconstruction for Siguniang Mountains of West Sichuan Plateau, China 

Jixin Cao 1, Zhan Chen 1, He Shang 1*, Bo Lin 2,


DEM multi-scale representation based on wavelet multiresolution analysis 

Weiling Guo 1, Qinke Yang 2*, Haijiang Wang 1, Rui Li 1


Non-parametric method for filling in the missing value for cross-sectional dataset: A validation on the per capita GDP data at county level in China 

Xiangzheng Deng 1, 2*, Yin Fang 1, 3, Yingzhi Lin 4, Yongwei Yuan 5


A complementary measurement of changes in China’s forestry area using remote sensing data 

Xiangzheng Deng 1, 2 *, Yin Fang 1, 3, Emi Uchida 4, Scott Rozelle 5


The changes of the filtration of precipitation in soil in southeastern Lithuania under the influence of climate conditions 

Liudmila Tripolskaja, Ingrida Verbyliene, Saulius Marcinkonis, Almantas Razukas, Eugenija Baksiene, Danuta Romanovskaja


In vitro chromosome doubling and tetraploid identification in Lagerstroemia indica 

Xiao-Jiao Wang 1*, Xue-Feng Wang 1, 3*, Ming Cai 1, Dan He 1, Hui-Tang Pan 1, 2, Qi-Xiang Zhang 1, 2*


Effect of a hedgerow agroforestry system on the soil properties of sloping cultivated lands in the Three-Gorges area in China 

Wenxing Lu, Hongjiang Zhang *, Jinhua Cheng, Yuhe Wu, Haiyan Wang, Jianqiang Li, Wei Wang


Predicting the deformation of roller compacted concrete dam using least squares support vector machine 

Xudong Chen 1, 2 *, Bo Xu 1, 2, Baosong Xu 1, 2


Perception of extension officers on the importance and use of Information Communication Technologies in the North-West Province, South Africa 

Lenah Karabo Mabe, Oladimeji Idowu Oladele


Callus induction and plantlet regeneration from axillary bud of Triarrhena lutarioriparia var. lutarioriparia

Yan-yun Hong 1, Ju-yun Hong 2, Hai-rui Duo3, Ting-ting Wei 1, Tu-yong Yi 4, 5*


Land use effects on soil aggregation and total organic carbon and polysaccharides in aggregates of a Chinese Mollisol 

Ya-ru Yuan 1, 2, Xiao-zeng Han 1, Lu-jun Li 1, Na Li 1


Assessing the impact of climate variability on potential evapotranspiration during the past 50 years in North China 

Jing Feng 1, 2, 3, Denghua Yan 2, 3 *, Chuanzhe Li 2, 3, 4, Shujun Bao 2, 3, Yu Gao 1, 2 , 3


Effect of shelterbelts on winter wheat yields in sanded farmland of north-western Shandong province, China

Yuhai Bao 1 *, Hongyun Li 2, Hongfeng Zhao 3


A study of hydrologic responses to land use and cover change in Taihu Lake Basin, southeast China 

Chunfeng Zeng, Lachun Wang *


Subsurface drainage improved the secondary soil salinity in plastic greenhouse 

Jie Zhang 1,2, Xiaohou Shao 1,2, Tingting Chang 1,2


Modeling cumulative dynamics of ammonia volatilization at seedling stage from direct seeding rice fields with different nitrogen managements 

Lin Xian Liao 1, 2, Junzeng Xu 1, 2*, Xiaohou Shao 2, 3, Tao Wen 2, 3


Ecohydrological impacts of eucalypt plantations: A review

Zhongjie Shi 1, 3, Daping Xu 2, Xiaohui Yang 1, 3, Zhiqing Jia 1, Hao Guo 1, Ningnan Zhang 2


Factors influencing residents’ recycling behavior about municipal household solid waste: A China case study 

Zhujie Chu


Short-term tillage influences microbial properties of a Mollisol in Northeast China

Lu-Jun Li 1, Meng-Yang You 1, Hong-Ai Shi 1, 2, Xiao-Zeng Han 1


Modelling the impact of climate change on miscanthus and willow for their potential productivity in Poland 

Magdalena Borzecka-Walker *, Antoni Faber, Jerzy Kozyra, Rafał Pudełko, Katarzyna Mizak, Alina Syp


Land use and land cover change as a consequence of the South African land reform program: A remote sensing approach 

Zwidofhelangani Lidzhegu *, Lobina Gertrude Palamuleni


The effect of calcium and sodium chloride levels on the dehydration power of hydrophilic polymer 

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Effects of exogenous nitric oxide and cytokinin on the growth and photosynthesis of wheat seedlings under water deficit

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Solar-heated greenhouse condition affects the flower productivity, photosynthesis and chlorophyll content of herbaceous peony 

Jianzhou Gao, Rongfu Gao, Yingbai Shen, Yan Liu *


Spatial variability of chemical attributes on clayey Latosol related to crambe (Crambe abyssinica Hochst) grain yield 

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The influence of groundwater on soil respiration rate of Populus euphratica community at lower reaches of Tarim River, Xinjiang, China 

Xiang Huang  *, Jian Xin Ma


Effects of different soil moisture regimes on gas exchange in response to light, growth and biomass in naked oat (Avena nuda L.)

Yechun Lin 1, Zhaohai Zeng 1, Changzhong Ren 2, Laichun Guo 2, Chunlong Wang 2, Phendukani Hlatshwayo 1, 3, Yuegao Hu 1 *


Study on the evaluation of rural land-use conflict intensity 

Yong Fang Yang, Pu Niu, Lian Qi Zhu


Tests of modified Fenton’s reaction with urea peroxide on microbial influence and degradation of PAHs in migrated coking plant contaminated soil 

Yue-Hua Zhang 1, 2, Yong-Xun Zhao 2, Yu-Gang Sun 1, Chang-Hong Guo 1*


Design of the collection system for wireless underground soil temperature and humidity 

Zenglin Zhang, Pute Wu *, Wenting Han, Xiaoqing Yu


Response of fine root growth and nitrogen and phosphorus contents to soil freezing in Calamagrostis angustifolia wetland, Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China 

Zhaoqing Luan, Huicong Cao *


Application of dynamic game principal-agent model to manage municipal solid waste 

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Rural households’ vulnerability to climate-related income shocks and adaption options in central Malawi 

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Bioactivity of the neem seed kernel supercritical extracts towards Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) 

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The crop-water level response model of rice under alternate drought and waterlogging 

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Allelopathic effect of Elytrigia repens (L.) Nevski on germination and early growth of spring wheat

Vytautas Pilipavičius


Stomatal characteristics of greening plant species in response to different urban atmospheric environments in Xi’an, China

Huixia Wang, Hui Shi *, Rongyun Yang, Jianhua Liu, Ya Yu


Ecological fitness of fludioxonil-resistant Rhizoctonia cerealis strain and its cross- resistance to DMIs and validamycin 

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Spatial-temporal change of ecological supply and demand based on a modified model of ecological footprint in Hebei Province, China 

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Effects of the amendment on the heavy metal forms of antimony and bioavailability in Chinese antimony mining 

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Prototype expert system for material selection of polymeric-based composites for fishing boat components

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Challenges in valuing the green energy potential: A case study for energetic plants production and investments in Romania 

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Ecological risk assessment of water in petroleum exploitation area in Daqing oil field 

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Estimation of regional evapotranspiration and biomass production from remote sensing data by artificial neural network (ANN) method 

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Determinants of climate change adaption among cocoa farmers in southwest Nigeria 

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Assessment of soil erosion risk on the Loess Plateau, China 

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Efficacy of herbicide formulations for weed control in maize in a humid tropical environment 

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Impact that the Nguni cattle project have on the livelihood of the beneficiaries in North West province South Africa 

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Farmers’ adoption willingness of food traceability system: An empirical analysis of the Chinese apple industry 

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