Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 2, Issue 2,2004
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

Volume 2, Issue 2, 2004
Journal Contents

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Are Indian foods from genetically modified crops safe?

R. T. Gahukar


Pathogenesis-related proteins – an important group of plant-derived allergens

Raina Niskanen *, Ramdane Dris


Modified atmosphere improves storage ability, controls decay, and maintains quality and antioxidant contents of Barhi date fruits

K. N. Al-Redhaiman


Texture characteristics of carrots as affected by storage temperature and duration

Peter Alvo 1, 2, Clément Vigneault 1*, Jennifer R. DeEll 1, 3, Yvan Gariépy 1, 4


Characterisation of oil extracted from gourd (Cucurbita maxima) seed

I. A. Amoo 1*, A. F. Eleyinmi 1, N. O. A. Ilelaboye 2, S. S. Akoja 3


Food security in Nigeria: Institutional support through micro-credit for soyabean production

G. B. Ayoola *, J. B. Ayoola


Impact of selenium spray on monocarpic senescence of soybean (Glycine max L.)

M. Djanaguiraman *, D. Durga Devi, Arun K. Shanker, J. Annie Sheeba, U. Bangarusamy


Effects of heat treatments on the quality of miniature golden apples (Spondias cytherea Sonn) during low temperature storage

Owen S. Graham, Majeed Mohammed *, Lynda D. Wickham


Effects of anti-browning treatments on the storage quality of minimally processed shredded cabbage

Roshita Ibrahim 1, Azizah Osman 1*, Nazamid Saari 1, Russly Abdul Rahman 2


Effect of lactation period on fatty acid profile of breast milk

Lawuyi O. Lalude *, Spencer E. A. Torimiro, Joseph B. Fashakin


Studies on antimutagenic effects of citral in mice

Syed Imam Rabbani 1, Kshama Devi 2, T. N. Shivananda 3


External stimulation of anthocyanin biosynthesis in apple fruit

Benjamin Ewa Ubi


The effect of precooling delay on the quality of stored sweet corn

Clément Vigneault 1*, Yvan Gariépy 1, 2, Dominique Roussel 1, Bernard Goyette 1


Influence of rain cover cultivation on taste and aroma quality of strawberries (Fragaria ananassa Duch.)

Jens Rohloff 1, Rolf Nestby 2, Johannes A. Folkestad 1, Tor-Henning Iversen 1


Water sorption isotherms and heat of sorption of cashewnuts pretreated by different methods

K. O. Falade 1*, J. J. Chime 1, O. S. Ogunwolu 2


Hypolipidemic effect of some vegetable oils in rats

S. E. El-Gengaihi 1*, A. Salem 2, S. A. Bashandi 3, N. A. Ibrahim 4, S. R. Abd el-Hamid 1


Comparative evaluation of the nutritional quality of corn, sorghum and millet ogi prepared by a modified traditional technique

M. A. Oyarekua, A. F. Eleyinmi 1*


mRNA cnf1 detection for monitoring viability and pathogenicity in an uropathogenic Escherichia coliJ96 maintained in laboratory seawater microcosm

Denden Ikbel *, Mahdouani Kassem, Ben Chibani Jemni, Bakhrouf Amina


Recovery in embryonated chicken eggs of viable but non-culturable Salmonella

Amel Dhiaf 1*, Amina Bakhrouf 2


Optimization of enzymatic liquefaction of papaya (Carica papaya L.) and jackfruit (Artocarpusheterophyllus Lam.) pulp using response surface methodology

Attar Singh Chauhan 1*, Sadia Gul Afroze 1, Mysore Nagaraj Rao Ramesh 2, Ramesh Yadav Avula 1, Mysore Narayan Rekha 1, Ramesh Shyam Ramteke 1


Photosynthetic pigment profile of Cordia myxa L. and its potential in folklore medicinal application

M. Afzal 1*, C. Obuekwe 2, N. Shuaib 3, H. Barakat 1


Effects of processing and salts on some functional properties of cashewnut (Anarcadium occidentale) flours

T. N. Fagbemi 1*, A. A. Oshodi 2, K. O. Ipinmoroti 2


Effects of variety and olive ripeness on nutritional quality and oxidative stability of extra virgin olive oils

Marco Esti 1, Luciano Cinquanta 2, Gianfranco Panfili 2, Pamela Manzi 3, Stefania Marconi 3, Laura Pizzoferrato 3


Effects of pectolytic enzymes and antioxidants on the quality of dry wines made from pineapple (Ananas comosus L. Merr) peel

Owen S. Graham, Majeed Mohammed *, Lawrence A. Wilson, Lynda D. Wickham


Microbiological quality of carrots used for preparation of fresh squeezed street vended carrot juices in India

Moushumi Ghosh, Abhijit Ganguli *, Sandeep Mudgil


Selection of a sweetener and the pectin metoxylation degree for the formulation of a cupuaçu (Theobroma grandiflorum) diet jelly

Agostinho S. Sobrinho 1, Maria R. L. Borras 1, João V. B. Souza 2*, Érica S. Silva 2, José M. Chaar 1


Fate of Salmonella in baby powder milk

Amel Dhiaf 1*, Neziha Chnity 1, Amina Bakhrouf 2


Effect of salt iodization on the quality of pickled vegetables

Ayed S. Amr *, Omar A. Jabay


Investigation of acrylamide levels in selected fried and baked foods in Jordan

Hani M. Al-Dmoor 1*, Mohammad A. Humeid 2, Mahmoud A. Alawi 3


Nutrient distribution in wild and cultivated edible mushroom, Pleurotus sajor-caju

F. L. Oyetayo 1*, A. A. Akindahunsi 2


The relative advantage of agroforestry system over arable crop farming: Empirical evidence from cocoa based agroforestry and arable crop farming systems in Oyo State, Nigeria

R. A. Alabi 1, A. G. Daramola 2, I. A. Ajibefun 3


Productivity, technical efficiency and cropping patterns in the savanna zone of Nigeria

T. T. Amos 1*, D. O. Chikwendu 2, J. N. Nmadu 3


Promoting cassava marketing in Benue State: Learning from previous experience of agricultural commodity trade by Nigeria and other countries*

J. B. Ayoola


The role of nitrophenol on delaying abscission of tomato flowers and fruits

M. Djanaguiraman *, D. Durga Devi, Arun K. Shanker, J. Annie Sheeba, U. Bangarusamy


Evaluation of suitable technique and determination of appropriate stage for sampling thrips in rose flowers

P. Duraimurugan 1*, A. Jagadish 2


The effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and water stress on leaf chlorophyll production of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

Indira J. Ekanayake 1*, O. Jacob Oyetunji 2, O. Osonubi 2, Omar Lyasse 1, 3


Reciprocal grafting between early maturing and normal maturing olive varieties: Preliminary effects on the nature of juvenility and flowering

Nasir S. A. Malik *, Joe M. Bradford


Forage legumes for soil productivity enhancement and quality fodder production

A. C. Odunze 1*, S. A. Tarawali 2, N. C. de Haan 2, E. Akoueguon 2, A. F. Amadji 4, R. Schultze-Kraft 3, G. S. Bawa 1


Effect of Bion, Amistar and Vitavax on anthracnose of chilli

Md. Khalilur Rahman, Md. Rashidul Islam, Ismail Hossain*


Grain legumes for soil productivity improvement in the Northern Guinea savanna of Nigeria

A. C. Odunze 1* , S. A. Tarawali 2, N. C. de Haan 2, E. N. O. Iwuafor 1, P. D. Katung 1, G. E. Akoueguon 2, A. F. Amadji 4, R. Schultze-Kraft 3, T. K. Atala 1, B. Ahmed 1, A. Adamu 5, A. O Babalola 1, J. O. Ogunwole 1, A. Alimi 2, S. U. Ewansiha 2, S. A. Adediran 2


Improving labour productivity and technical efficiency in food crop production: A panacea for poverty reduction in Nigeria

S. O. Ojo


SWOT analysis of extension systems in Asian and West African countries

O. I. Oladele *, J.-I. Sakagami


On-farm evaluation of some plant extracts as biofungicide and bioinsecticide on cowpea in Southwest Nigeria

O. F. Owolade 1*, B. S. Alabi 1, Y. O. K. Osikanlu 2, O. O. Odeyemi 2


Activities of carbonic anhydrase, catalase and ACC oxidase of mung bean (Vigna radiata) are differentially affected by salinity stress

Shabina Syeed *, N. A. Khan


The control of damages caused by maize weevils (Sitophilus oryzea Motsc) to stored maize grains using cardamon and black pepper

S. B. A. Umoetok


Micropropagation in the strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) inbred lines

Jadwiga I. Zebrowska


Evaluation of some maize inbred lines for tolerance to Striga lutea (Lour) in Southern Guinea savanna ecology

S. A. Olakojo


Performance of newly developed Striga lutea tolerant maize genotypes under artificial Striga infestation

S. A. Olakojo 1*, B. A. Ogunbodede 1, J. O. Makinde 1, M. O. Ogundiya 2


Effect of increasing concentrations of sodium carbonate on pearl millet Pennisetum americanum

Ghulam M. Ali 1, J. C. Collins 2. T. McNeilly 2


Rescue of multiple embryos in almond through in vivo micrografts

Pedro Martínez-Gómez 1*, Raquel Sánchez-Pérez 1, Federico Dicenta 1, Thomas M. Gradziel 2


Harvest time residues of carbosulfan in brinjal fruits

J. Rajeswaran *, I. Merlinkamala, S. Chandrasekaran, R. Jayakumar, S. Kuttalam


Rationale behind the use of insecticide mixtures for the management of insecticide resistance in India

A. Regupathy, T. Ramasubramanian *, R. Ayyasamy


Occupational exposure to carbosulfan applied for the management of Aceria guerreronis Keifer in coconut ecosystem

T. Ramasubramanian *, S. Kuttalam, S. Chandrasekaran, K. Ramaraju


Effect of pretreatments on germination of seeds of the medicinal plant Enantia chlorantha Oliv.

A. E. Gbadamosi *, O. Oni


Evaluation and selection of wheat germplasms suitable for drought conditions in Jordan

Dhia S. Hassawi *, Amjad Abu-Sirhan


Silver thiosulfate prolongs vase life and improves quality of cut gladiolus and rose flowers

Abdulrahman I. Al-Humaid


A lysimeter study of nutrient release, leaching losses and growth response of amaranthus resulting from application of inorganic and organic nitrogen sources

S. O. Agele 1*, S. Adeosun, D. Oluwadare


Effects of different rooting media and auxin treatments on the rooting ability of Rupestris du Lot (Vitis rupestris) rootstock cuttings

Ali Sabir 1, Zeki Kara 2, Ferhan Küçükbasmact 1, Namik Kemal Yücel 2


Tsetse and trypanosomiasis intervention policies supporting sustainable animal-agricultural development

R. C. Mattioli 1*, U. Feldmann 2, G. Hendrickx 3, W. Wint 4, J. Jannin 5, J. Slingenbergh 1*


Influence of environmental factors on the quality of wheat grown in Algeria

Y. Amir *, D. Djabri, H. Guellil, A. Youyou


Survey and evaluation of grain crop fertilization in Shandong province of China

Wenqi Ma 1, 2, Daru Mao 2, Fusuo Zhang 2*, Xunzhong Zhang 3


Factors affecting Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation in fruit and nut crops – An overview

Manav Indra Singh Gill 1, Zora Singh 2*, Vaughan Agrez 2


Use of dry olive-mill wastewater like organic amendment in soil for horticultural greenhouse crop

S. Jiménez 1*, M. T. Lao 2


Influences on air quality and odor from mechanically ventilated swine finishing buildings in Illinois

Gay Y. Miller 1*, Ronaldo G. Maghirang 2, Gerald L. Riskowski 3, Albert J. Heber 4, Matthew J. Robert 5, Maria E. T. Muyot 6


Soil profile of logged-over forest reserve in Okeluse, Ondo State, Nigeria

B. Olufemi 1*, R. A. Ikulamberu 2


Modelling of landscape and land use changes with application of spatial analysis modelling tool to Quillow Region of North East Germany

I. A. Ajibefun 1*, K-O. Wenkel, R. Wieland, W. Mirschel


Utilization of date pits as a potential source of biogas and organic fertilizer

A. I. Al-Turki 1*, Y. M. El-Hadidi 1, S. A. Al-Yahya 2


Waste food packaging materials’ disposal methods: A case study of a Nigerian metropolitan city

Ivy I. Odunze 1*, A. Z. Mohammed 2, E. Ike 2


Movement of some heavy metals in poorly drained fadama soils in the Southern Guinea savannah zone of Nigeria

I. Adekunle Amoo 1*, C. Ikechukwu Ogbonnaya 2, Jeremiah Ojediran 3


Using wheat-mungbean plant system and arbuscular mycorrhiza to enhance in-situ bioremediation

Gamal H. Rabie


Treatment of delignification effluent with Aspergillus 2BNL1 and optimization of biomass production

João V. B. Souza, Érica S. da Silva, João P. A. Silva, Márcio B. Rodrigues, Flávio T. da Silva, Teresa C. B. Paiva *


Structure and yield models of tropical lowland rainforest ecosystem of Southwest Nigeria

V. A. J. Adekunle *, S. O. Akindele, J. A. Fuwape


Ethical orientations of Ohio residents toward genetically engineered plants and animals: An urban/rural comparison

Ted L. Napier *, Mark A. Tucker, Coreen Henry, Xiaoyan Yang