Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 19, Issue 1,2021
Online ISSN: 1459-0263

Volume 19, Issue 1, 2021
Journal Contents

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Public perception of genetically modified crops in India: An ever rising discord

Amanpreet Kaur


Therapeutic effects of wine developed from Annona muricata among underweight college going girls

Anna Antony Merin, D. Bhagya


Risk assessment on Sorghum products in the Southern Guinea savannah zone of Nigeria

M.H. Garba,  H.A. Makun, A.A. Jigam, L.M. Hadiza, T. AbdulRasheed-Adeleke, P.B Njobeh


Versatile uses of young bamboo shoots in India: An appraisal

S. Pathak


Synthesis and optimization of silver nanoparticles

M. Ramya, M. Sylvia Subapriya, B. Nalini


The different symptomatic factors associated with haemodialysis

Deep Shikha, Sunita Mishra


Chemical evaluation for pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) fruit peel and seed powder by-products

Roli Tripathi, Neetu Singh


Village chicken production under traditional management practice in Fogera District, South Gondar Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Bamlaku Getie, Yibeltal Aynalem, Etemanchi Worku


Silica accumulates in non-glandular trichomes and sites of powdery mildew infection in Cannabis sativa L.

Maryam Haghighi,  Samuel J. Livingston, May A. Constabel, Erin J. Gilchrist


Analysis on demand and price of garlic in Madhya Pradesh India

Reena Patidar, Neeta Tapan


Monitoring mutagenic effectiveness and efficiency of gamma rays and sodium azide in breeding line of linseed: Implicating their roles in induction of chlorophyll mutations

Roshan Jahan, Ruhul Amin, Samiullah Khan


Responses of antinutritional factors in whole leaves of Pterocarpus santalinoides to Aspergillus niger

Aloysius Ausaji Ayuk, Eustace Avemere Iyayi, Josephine Oluwatoyin Ayuk, Bassey Igri Okon, Magnus Izah Anya, Pascal Ogar Ozung, Adekola Muyiwa Ogungbesan


Salt-pans of Mumbai: An opportunity for sustainable development of mariculture practices along with salt-farming

Anis A. B. Choudhery


Evaluation of phytochemical and bactericidal activities of selected fruit wastes

Taufeeq Ahmad, Sachidanand Singh, Saba Siddiqui


Empirical analysis of the impacts of climate change on agriculture in Karnataka

Jagadeesh, Ponnaluru Srinivasa Sasdhar


Identification and morphometry of mushroom fly Sciara orientalis on Agaricus bisporus in sub-tropical areas of Himachal Pradesh

Aarushi Sharma, Sunil Kumar, Rohit Sharma, Devika Sharma, Ranjit Kumar