Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Therapeutic effects of wine developed from Annona muricata among underweight college going girls


Anna Antony Merin, D. Bhagya

Recieved Date: 2020-10-18, Accepted Date: 2020-12-22


Wine is considered as one of the oldest beverages which is therapeutic in nature and its regular consumption has shown beneficial effects against several disorders including cardiovascular diseases. Fruit wines are now gaining more popularity among the consumers because of their role in reducing postharvest losses of underutilized fruits and also malnutrition by promoting health and appetite. Underutilized fruits are good source of nutrients which needs proper preservation due to their lesser shelf life. Soursop has gained more attention in recent years due to nutritional, therapeutic, pharmacological and prebiotic effects. The dietary polyphenols in wine are bioavailable and soluble serving as a good nutritional appetizer. The present study was carried out to investigate the therapeutic effects of wine developed from Annona muricata among underweight individuals. Supplementation of wine (30 ml/day) was done among underweight college going girls for 21 days. Using DPPH assay total antioxidant activity of wine was calculated and also vitamin C content analysed by iodometric titration. Soursop wine scored higher in vitamin C content (1.24±0.2 mg/dl), total antioxidant activity (130.9 µg/ml) and also the supplementation of soursop wine among underweight college going girls significantly increased the appetite and weight of the samples (2.0±1.2 kg). It was found that soursop wine contributes 9.0 percentage of total energy needs recommended for a sedentary women. Soursop wine was found to be superior in terms of vitamin C content and antioxidant activity. Wine acts a nutritional appetizer which promotes the gut health as has prebiotic and probiotic effects. It can be given to underweight individuals in order to meet their energy needs in healthy way as it is high in calorie, bioavailable polyphenols and low in fat.


Underutilized fruits, soursop wine, antioxidant activity, appetite, underweight, vitamin C, nutritional appetizer, weight gain

Journal: Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment
Year: 2021
Volume: 19
Issue: 1
Category: Food and Health
Pages: 14-19

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