Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 16, Issue 3&4,2018
Online ISSN: 1459-0263

Volume 16, Issue 3&4, 2018
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Aquaculture feeds: a review of raw material, manufacturing process and product quality

Arturo Melendez Arevalo 1, Jose Luis Ramirez Ascheri 2 *, Eliana Monteriro Soares de Oliveira 3 ,Jose de Jesus Berrios 4


Relationship between temperature and developmental rate of tomato russet mite Aculops lycopersici (Massee) (Acari: Eriophyideae) on tomato

Mahmoud M. Al-Azzazy 1, 2, Saleh S. Alhewairini 1*


Genetic origin and spreading of Triticum spelta L.

Serhii Poltoretskyi 1*, Hrihorii Hospodarenko 1, Vitalii Liubych 1, Nataliia Poltoretska 1, Hrihorii Demydas2


Effect of different levels of supplemental groundnut shells on haematological parameters of cattle during dry season in communal grazing areas of North West Province, South Africa

Gloria B. Mokolopi 1*, Christiaan A. Mbajiorgu 1 James W. Oguttu 1


A standardized protocol for the genomic DNA isolation from the leaf of Camellia sinensis (Linn.) O. Kuntze

Ananya Phukan 1, Jyotsna Gayan 2, Aswathy Ravindran 1, Bandana Nabis 1*


Characterization of garlic (Allium sativum L.) aqueous extract and its hypothetical role as biostimulant in crop protection

Claudio Beni 1, Laura Casorri 3*, Eva Masciarelli 3, Barbara Ficociello 3, Olimpia Masetti 4, Simona Rinaldi 2, Ulderico Neri 4, Patrizia Papetti 5, Angelo Cichelli 6


The cultural ecosystem services: From philosophical post-modernism perspectives

Azlan Abas 1*, Kadaruddin Aiyub 1, Nurul-Azza Abdullah 2, Nur Najmi Mohamad Anuar 3


Is Caenorhabditis elegans a suitable model for eco-toxicological studies?

Saleh S. Alhewairini


Nikorogha community perceptions on tourism potentials of River Osse, Edo State, Nigeria

O. Digun-Aweto 1*, A.H. Oladele 2


National transformation plan 2050 (TN50) vs environmental ethics: Towards achieving sustainable development goals

Azlan Abas*, Kadaruddin Aiyub, Azmi Aziz


Evaluation of the glyphosate (N-phosphonomethyl glycine) biodegradation potential by autochthonous soil fungi from southern Brazil

Fernanda N. Demichelli 1, Juciana C. Cazarolli 2, Diego dos Santos 1, Thiago B.  Bitencourt 1, Gilmar Franzener 1, Gabriela S. Moura 1, Catia T. Passos 1, Luisa H. Cazarolli 1*


The status of Remun language in Iban speaking environment, Sarawak

Remmy Anak Gedat 1, Chong Shin 2


Polymer composites as effective media for the stabilization of desert dust

Davood Namdar Khojasteh 1*, Hossein Ali Bahrami 2, Mehran Kianirad 3, Mahmood Fazeli Sangani 4


Kinetic, equilibrium and isotherm modeling for the removal of basic dye from aqueous solutions onto treated apricot stone

Moussa Abbas 1*, Tounsia Aksil 1, Mohamed Trari 2


The global issues of climate change and food security: What have been widely known and what still not?

R. B. Radin Firdaus 1*, Siti Rahyla Rahmat 2, Nor Samsinar Kamsi 3


Laboratory evaluation of the toxicity of deltamethrin and cypermethrin against Hyalomma dromedarii (Koch) (Acari: Ixodidae)

  Saleh S. Alhewairini 1*, Mahmoud M. Al-Azzazy 1,2