Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 5, Issue 2,2007
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2007
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Public perception of genetic engineering and the choice to purchase genetically modified food in Jamaica

Abdullahi O. Abdulkadri 1*, Simone E. Pinnock 2‡, Paula F. Tennant 2, 3†


Use of the rolling mill in the extraction of maguey’s juice

H. M. Duran-Garcia 1*, E. J. Gonzalez-Galvan 1, Pastor Ortiz Matadamas 2


Feeding patterns and practices among households with children aged 6-59 months in Mbita Division, Suba District, Kenya

O. Ohiokpehai 1*, J. Kimiywe 2, P. Naidoo 3, A. Adesina 3, N. Sanginga 1


Relationship between stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis) and grain quality of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) in the highlands of Bale, southeastern Ethiopia

Dereje Hailu 1, Chemeda Fininsa 2


Effect of pre-cooling on the postharvest of parsley leaves

Virgínia S. Álvares, Fernando L. Finger *, Raul C. de A. Santos, Jacson R. da Silva Negreiros, Vicente W. D. Casali


Physico-chemical, rheological and sensory characteristics of British commercial chapatti flours

Salim-ur-Rehman 1*, Alistair Paterson 2, John R. Piggott 2


Proximate and elemental composition and their estimated daily intake in infant formulae from developed and developing countries: A comparative analysis

Bamidele I. Olu-Owolabi 1*, Sayo O. Fakayode 2, Kayode O. Adebowale 1, Patricia C. Onianwa 1


Socioeconomic and demographic profiles of households with children aged 6-59 months, Mbita Division, Suba District, Kenya

Omo Ohiokpehai 1*, J. Kimiywe 2, J. Chianu, D. Mbithe 2, N. Sanginga


Production and partial characterization of food grade breadfruit acetylated starch

B. Daramola 1*, G. O. Adegoke 1


Loss assessment in the production of gari from cassava (Manihot esculenta)

Adabor Akosua 1, Richard Jinks Bani 2*


Verocytotoxigenic Escherichia coli (VTEC)-associated risk factors in livestock, pet animals, dairy farmers and the environment in two major dairy areas in Trinidad

R. R. Roopnarine, A. A. Adesiyun *


Protein profile analysis of desert truffle (Terfezia claveryi Chatin)

Ali Ammarellou


Spice paprika oleoresin extraction under different conditions involving acetone and ethanol

Vesna Rafajlovska 1*, Renata Slaveska-Raicki 2, Liljana Koleva-Gudeva 3, Jana Klopceska 1


Temperature effect on drying kinetics of ‘Gigante de Valinhos’ figs

H. C. Pacco 1, C. Vigneault 1, 2*, L. R. de Castro 3, F. C. Menegalli 3, L. A. B. Cortez 1


Economic analysis of cocoa wine produced from cocoa powder

J. O. Lawal, C. O. Jayeola *


Effect of drying and storage on flavour quality of orange (Citrus cinensis (Linn) Osbeck) peel for cupcakes

Avis C. Benjamin, John O. Akingbala *, Gail S. H. Baccus-Taylor


Molecular mechanisms underlying anthocyanin biosynthesis: A useful tool for the metabolic engineering of the flavonoid pathway genes for novel products

Benjamin Ewa Ubi


Technology transfer in developing countries: Capitalizing on equipment development

L. Sanni 1, 2*, B. Alenkhe 1, R. Edosio 1, M. Patino 1, A. Dixon 1


Antibacterial effect of thyme, peppermint, sage, black pepper and garlic hydrosols against Bacillus subtilis and Salmonella enteritidis

A. I. Al-Turki


Chemical composition of black plum (Vitex doniana): an under-utilized fruit

J. O. Agbede 1*, A. A. Ibitoye 2


Simple and rapid method of analysis for determination of pesticide residues in honey using dispersive solid phase extraction and GC determination

Ahmed A. Barakat 1, Hany M. A. Badawy 1, Emil Salama 2, Emad Attallah 2*, Gouda Maatook 2


Sensory and mechanical characterization of mealy apples and woolly peaches and nectarines

Ignacio Arana *, Carmen Jarén, Silvia Arazuri


Biochemical and physiological responses in Wistar rat after administration of puffer fish (Lagocephalus lagocephalus) flesh

Mongi Saoudi 1, Faouzi Ben Rabeh 2, Kamel Jammoussi 3, Abdelwaheb Abdelmouleh 2, Lassaad Belbahri 4*, Abdelfettah El Feki 1


Effects of narrow rows and no-tillage on growth parameters, fibre quality and yield components of cotton

Christos Avgoulas 1, Ilias S. Travlos 1*, Vasilis Kotoulas 1, Efthimios Mygdakos 2, Garifalia Economou 1


Seed weight, seed vigor index and field emergence in six upland cotton cultivars

Gonçalo Barradas 1*, Rafael J. López-Bellido 2


Determination of optimum harvestable length of shoots in tea (Camellia sinensis L.) based on the current shoot growth, rather than interval plucking

M. E. Amiri 1*, M. Hassanpour Asil 2


Auxin-mediated regulation of early growth activities in Vigna radiata: Induction and repression of two hydrolases, invertase and α-amylase

T. Mohsin *, F. N. Naqvi


Nutritional evaluation of the horse eye bean (Mucuna urens): Effect of processing on the chemical composition

U. E. Umoren *, O. O. Effiong, I. E. Akpan


Assessment of the nutritional quality of processed horse eye bean (Mucuna urens) by in vivo rat bioassay

U. E. Umoren *, O. O. Effiong, I. E. Akpan


Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia Andrews) crop systems used in the Totonacapan area of Veracruz, Mexico: Biological and productivity evaluation

G. Castro-Bobadilla 1, J. G. Garcia-Franco 2


Plant and soil nitrogen indicators and performance of tomato grown at different nitrogen fertilization levels

Francesco Montemurro 1, Michele Maiorana 1*, Giovanni Lacertosa 2


Effect of application of inorganic fertilizer and poultry manure on insect pests and yield of soybean (Glycine max L.) in the rain forest zone of Nigeria

S. B. A. Umoetok 1*, A. E. Uko 1, B. E. Archibong 1, D. A. Ukeh 2, I. A. Udo 1


Effects of heat and soil texture on seed germination and seedling emergence of marama bean, Tylosema esculentum (Burch.) A. Schreib.

Ilias S. Travlos, Garyfalia Economou, Andreas J. Karamanos


Application of some natural compounds for management of potato late and early blights

Wafaa M. Haggag *, H. Abd El-Khair


The effect of tillage systems and mulching on soil microclimate, growth and yield of white yam (Dioscorea rotundata) in Midwestern Nigeria*

Peter A. O. Odjugo


Seasonal and structural changes of flavones in alfalfa (Medicago sativa) aerial parts

Anna Stochmal, Wieslaw Oleszek *


Effect of three substrates on growth, yield and quality of tomato by the use of geothermal water in the south of Tunisia

Mansour Haddad


Influence of time of harvest on the yield and sensory attributes of white yam (Dioscorea rotundata) in Southwest Nigeria

Bolanle A. Akinwande 1*, Robert Asiedu 2, Isaac A. Adeyemi 1, Busie Maziya-Dixon 2


Levels of awareness and adoption of disseminated livestock technologies in Enugu state, Nigeria

O. C. Jegede *, P. I. Bolorunduro, E. I. Ikani


The effectiveness of zinc, copper and manganese applied in organic forms in diets of high milk yielding cows*

Stefania Kinal 1**, Daniel Korniewicz 2, Dorota Jamroz 1, Adolf Korniewicz 1, Maja Słupczyńska 1, Rafał Bodarski 1, Ryszard Ziemiński 3, Stanisław Osięgłowski 4, Ireneusz Dymarski 4


Somaclonal variation in tomato L. pennelli and L. peruvianum f. glandulosum characterized in respect to salt tolerance

D. Rzepka-Plevneš *, D. Kulpa, M. Smolik, M. Główka


Effect of feeding urea–treated wheat straw on body weight gain and biochemical metabolites of young camels

S. I. Al-Sultan


In vitro propagation and cryopreservation of Prunus avium using vitrification and encapsulation dehydration methods

Mohamad A. Shatnawi 1*, Rida Shibli 2, Issam Qrunfleh 1, Khaled Bataeineh 3, Maher Obeidat 1


Tagging QTLs for maximum root length in rainfed lowland rice by combined selective genotyping and STMs markers

Mahmoud Toorchi 1*, H. E. Shashidhar 2, Shailaja Hittalmani 2


Response of pumpkin (Cucurbita ficifolia L.) to some growth regulators

V. O. Ntui *, E. A. Uyoh, O. Udensi, L. N. Enok


Determinants of rural farmers’ improved soybean adoption decisions in northern Nigeria

Ifeanyi A. Ojiako 1*, Victor M. Manyong 1, Anthony E. Ikpi 2


Labour cost as a correlate of output value in cocoa production: A case of Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria (CRIN)

Leo A. Emaku, Justina O. Lawal *


Response of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) growth and yield to nitrogen fertilization

Efthimia Alexopoulou 1*, Yolanda Papatheohari 2, Evripidis Kipriotis 3


Chemical analysis of leaf meal and processed seed flours of an aesthetic plant: Bauhinia tomentosa

Johnson O. Agbede


Status, utilization and trade of Hazara areas healing plants of Pakistan

A. Rauf 1*, Musa K. Baloch 2, Fida M. Abbasi 3, M. Riaz Chattha 4, T. Z. Mahmood 4


Adoption of aquaculture management techniques in Delta State, Nigeria

J. U. Agbamu *, W. C. Orhorhoro


The effects of bird species on farming activities within Osun grove, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria

E. I. Inah 1*, O. F. Smith 1**, S. A. Onadeko 1, O. O. Akinola 2


Migration of husbands, remittances and agricultural production: Impacts when wives are left to manage households in rural Kenya

Tabitha W. Kiriti-Nganga


Influence of soil erosion on water, soil, humus and nutrient losses in different crop systems in the Moldavian Plateau, Romania

Daniel Bucur 1*, Gerard Jitareanu 1, Costica Ailincai 2, Christos Tsadilas 3, Despina Ailincăi 2, Adrian Mercus 2


Glyphosate resistant biotypes of wild poinsettia (Euphorbia heterophylla L.) and its risk analysis on glyphosate-tolerant soybeans

Ribas Antonio Vidal 1*, Michelangelo Muzzel Trezzi 2, Rafael De Prado 3, Juan Pedro Ruiz-Santaella 3, Martín Vila-Aiub 4


Effects of seawater salinity on salt accumulation and barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) growth under different meteorological conditions

Ahmed Al-Busaidi 1*, Tahei Yamamoto 1, Mitsuhiro Inoue 1, Muhammad Irshad 1, Yasushi Mori 2, Satoshi Tanaka 1


The mitigation challenge of salt affected soils in Pakistan

Muhammad Irshad 1*, Mitsuhiro Inoue 1, Muhammad Ashraf 2, Zahoor Ahmad 2, Faridullah 2


Rainfall network optimization in Jordan as an example of Mediterranean Sea region

Rakad Ayed Ta’any, Yasin Al Zu’bi


The effect of different Mediterranean plant extracts on the development of the great wax moth Galleria mellonella L. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and their toxicity to worker honeybees Apis mellifera L. (Hymenoptera: Apidae) under laboratory conditions

Shahera Talat Zaitoun


Crop-livestock interaction in the savannas of Nigeria: Nature and determinants of farmer decision to use manure for soil fertility maintenance

J. N. Chianu 1*, H. Tsujii 2, V. M. Manyong 3


Suppression of early blight on tomato and purple blight on onion by foliar sprays of aerated and non-aerated compost teas

Wafaa M. Haggag 1*, M. S. M. Saber 2


Geoinformatics application to investigate agricultural potential in Cholistan desert

Farooq Ahmad


Environmental pollution by heavy metals from some industrial effluents at Sharada, Kano, Nigeria

Ismail Ahmed 1, M. Dauda Mukhtar 2*, A. Hassan Kawo 2


Determinants of the decision to adopt improved maize variety by smallholder farmers in the savannas of northern Nigeria

Jonas N. Chianu 1*, Hiroshi Tsujii 2, Jude Mbanasor 3


Survey of waste management practices in cassava processing to gari in selected districts of Ghana

Irene S. Sackey 1, Richard Jinks Bani 2*


Study of the abrasion phenomenon of a pump for the drinking water supply in the Great Algerian South

Omar Khodjet-Kesba 1*, Ahmed Kettab 2


Effect of total solids concentration of municipal solid waste in anaerobic batch digestion on the biogas produced

Asinyetogha H. Igoni 1, Millonaire F. N. Abowei 2, Josiah M. Ayotamuno 1*, Chibuogwu L. Eze 3


Strategies to improve and sustain food production capacity in the savanna: The role of leguminous fodder crops in maintaining soil fertility and health

E. C. Odion 1*, O. E. Asiribo 2, V. B. Ogunlela 1, B. B. Singh 3, S. A. Tarawali 4


Transport of atrazine through soil columns with or without switchgrass roots

Teferi Tsegaye 1*, Alton Johnson 2, Wondi Mersie 3, Samuel Dennis 4, Karnita Golson 1


Effects of salt stress on ion accumulation and activity of some antioxidant enzymes in melon (Cucumis melo L.)

Sebnem Kusvuran 1, Sebnem Ellialtioglu 2, Fikret Yasar 1, Kazım Abak 3


Suggestions for reformation and financing programs in pig holdings based on the type of nutrition

S. Aggelopoulos 1, A. Pavloudi 1, P. Karipidis 1, V. Dotas 2, I. Mitsopoulos 2


Effects of water deficit on dry matter remobilization and grain filling trend in three spring barley genotypes

A. Ebadi *, K. Sajed, R. Asgari