Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 3, Issue 1,2005
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

Volume 3, Issue 1, 2005

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Nutraceuticals and functional foods: I. Current trend in phytochemical antioxidant research

Rong Tsao *, M. Humayoun Akhtar


Nutraceuticals and functional foods: II. Current international regulatory status

Rong Tsao *, M. Humayoun Akhtar


Productivity and technical efficiency of palm oil extraction mills in Nigeria

S. O. Ojo


Nutritional significance of leaf meals, protein concentrates and residues from some tropical leguminous plants

J. O. Agbede


Effect of Withania somnifera root extract on lead-induced DNA damage

Salma Khanam *, Kshama Devi


Effect of 1-methylcyclopropene on the quality of clementine mandarin fruit at ambient temperature

M. Laamim 1, A. Ait-Oubahou 2*, M. Benichou 3


Incidence and control of urinary tract infections among pregnant women attending antenal clinics in government hospitals in Ondo State, Nigeria

A. K. Onifade 1, F. O. Omoya 2, D. V. Adegunloye 3*


In vitro antibacterial effects of single or combined plant extracts

S. Yasar 1*, O. Sagdic 2, A. N. Kisioglu 3


Determination of thermal conductivity of Malaysian patin fish

K. A. Abbas 1, S. M. Sapuan 1*, M. M. H. Megat Ahmad 1, A. S. Mokhtar 1, B. Jamilah 2


Effect of cooling delay and cold-chain breakage on ‘Santa Clara’ tomato

Larissa R. de Castro 1, Clément Vigneault 1, 2*, Marie Thérèse Charles 2, Luís A. B. Cortez 1


The effects of Newcastle disease and infectious bursal disease vaccines, climate and other factors on the village chicken population in North-Eastern Nigeria

A. D. El-Yuguda, U. M. Dokas, S. S. Baba *


Effects of packaging films on the physical characteristics and sensory aspects of shredded cabbage at different storage conditions

Roshita Ibrahim 1, Azizah Osman 1*, Nazamid Saari 1, Russly Abdul Rahman 2


Effect of processing conditions and storage on retention of volatile components of durian leather

Irwandi Jaswir 1*, Yaakob B. Che Man 2, Jinap Selamat 2, Faujan Ahmad 3, Hiroshi Sugisawa 2


Bacteriological study of isolates from seminal fluids of infertile men in Ila and Ifedore local government areas, Osun State, South-Western Nigeria

Y. A. Kosamat 1, T. T. Adebolu 2*


Evaluating stored cassava quality in gari production

John O. Akingbala 1*, Olusola B. Oyewole 2, Phylis I. Uzo-Peters 3, Ramota O. Karim 3, Gail S. H. Baccus-Taylor 1


Consumption trends of fruits and vegetables in the West Asian and North African countries

Ramdane Dris


Quality of meat

G. O. Adegoke *, K. O. Falade


Sensory evaluation and consumer acceptance of osmosed and oven-dried African star apple and African mango

K. O. Falade *, O. C. Aworh


Adsorption isotherms and heat of sorption of fresh and preosmosed oven-dried bananas

K. O. Falade *, O. O. Awoyele


Influence of some heating and processing methods on fatty acid profile of milk and other dairy products

S. M. Herzallah 1*, K. M. Al-Ismail 2, M. A. Humeid 2


The effect of processing methods on the nutritional properties of “ogi” produced from three maize varieties

A. O. Ijabadeniyi, T. T. Adebolu *


Shelling characteristics of melon seeds

Francis B. Okokon 1*, Edet Ekpenyong 1, Akpan U. Ukpoho 2


Isolation of baking yeast from naturally fermented pineapple

O. B. Olorunfemi *, F. C. Adetuyi


Epidemiology of vulvo-vaginal candidiasis in female patients in Ondo state government hospitals

A. K. Onifade, O. B. Olorunfemi *


Agroforestry policy options for Nigeria: A simulation study

O. A. Aturamu *, A. G. Daramola


Effect of cattle manure application on pod yield and yield indices of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench) in a semi-arid sub-tropical environment

Vincent B. Ogunlela 1*, Michael T. Masarirambi 2, Stanley M. Makuza 3


Analysis of productivity and risk factors in commercial poultry production in Osun State, Nigeria

S. O. Ojo


Assessment of genetic variation and presence of nitrate reductase gene (NR) in different lettuce genotypes using PCR-based markers

K. Al-Redhaiman, M. I. Motawei *, M. El-Shinawy, T. H. Abdel-Ltif


Effect of temperature and relative humidity on radial growth and sporulation of Paecilomyces farinosus

R. Ayyasamy *, P. Baskaran


In vitro propagation and microrhizome induction in Zingiber cassumunar (Roxb.) – an antioxidant-rich medicinal plant

P. Chirangini, G. J. Sharma *


Influence of organic and mineral fertilization on yield, composition and processing quality of potatoes

V. Danilchenko 1, R. Dris 2*, R. Niskanen 2


Effect of grafting and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) on melon quality parameters during storage

Evangelia C. Christakou 1, Ioannis S. Arvanitoyannis 1*, Ebrahim M. Khah 1, Fotios Bletsos 2


Genetic variation in Enantia chlorantha (Oliv.) – a medicinal plant

A. E. Gbadamosi


Asymmetric potato cybrids derived from protoplast fusion between the selection ND860-2 and the cultivar Russet Burbank

Yannis Gounaris


Production of doubled haploids from some Jordanian wheat cultivars via anther culture technique

Dhia S. Hassawi 1*, Issam Qrunfleh 1, Nidal Dradkah 2


Response to exogenous application of phytohormone at seedling and cellular levels in disomic chromosome substitution lines of wheat

S. C. Kashyap, M. S. Punia *, R. K. Behl


Dietary effects of zinc, copper and manganese chelates and sulphates on dairy cows

S. Kinal 1, A. Korniewicz 1, D. Jamroz 1*, R. Zieminski 2, M. Slupczynska 1


Conventional, reduced tillage and no-tillage systems for cotton growing under Mediterranean conditions: A cultural and economic approach

Efthimios Mygdakos 1*, Christos Avgoulas 2, D. Bilalis 2


Inheritance of fiber quality characters in upland cotton genotypes having non-preference traits for insect pests

Naveed Murtaza 1*, Ghulam Muhammad Ali 2, Hafeez ur Rahman 3


Paprika (Capsicum annuum L.) field establishment and crop productivity under varying planting density and ammonium nitrate topdressing

Vincent B. Ogunlela 1*, Irene Koomen 2


Evaluation of rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes for salt tolerance

C. Raja Babu 1*, C. Vijayalakshmi 2, S. Mohandass 3


Relationship between proline metabolism and NAD kinase in green bean plants subjected to short-term salt stress

Juan M. Ruiz *, Rosa M. Rivero, Luis Romero


Apparent digestibility of hays in horses determined by total collection of faeces and using internal marker methods

Domenico Bergero 1*, Giorgia Meineri 1, Nicoletta Miraglia 2, Pier Giorgio Peiretti 3


Can reflective ground cover enhance fruit quality and colouration?

Kerstin Funke *, M. Blanke


An evaluation of microbial load, heavy metals and cyanide contents of water sources, effluents and peels from three cassava processing locations

O. O. Abiona 1, L. O. Sanni 2*, O. Bamgbose 3


Evaluation of heavy metals in fishes, water and sediments of Lake Kainji, Nigeria

I. A. Amoo 1, O. T. Adebayo 2*, A. J. Lateef 3


Woody species diversity and topsoil conditions in a natural fallow ecosystem in the rainforest belt of Ondo State, Nigeria

D. O. Oke


Policy options in managing the crisis of environmental degradation and the prevalence of poverty in urban Nigeria

P. I. Bolorunduro 1, A. O. K. Adesehinwa 2*, O. M. Bolorunduro 3


Land and agricultural competitiveness

Dale Colyer


Organochlorine pesticides in sheep milk and fodder in Jordan

Mahmoud A. Alawi *, Jehad S. Al-Hawadi


Growth responses of saltgrass influenced by different rates of Bio-Turf-Pro, a plant growth stimulant

Mohammad Mahdi Pessarakli 1*, Paul Kohn 2


Fluctuations in extra-cellular proteins collected from epicotyls of Japanese morning glory treated by high temperature and dehydration stresses

Taishi Yanohara 1*, Zhao Hongye 2, Tomoaki Matsuo 1, 2


Phylogenetic analysis of nifH gene sequences from nitrogen-fixing endophytic bacteria associated with the roots of three rice varieties

Adel Elbeltagy 1, 2, Yasuo Ando 2*


Effect of salinity level on embryonic development, hatchability and survival potential of reciprocal hybrid larvae of Clariid catfish (Clarias gariepinus x Heterobranchus bidorsalis)

A. O. Borode *, Akin–James Oyintoke