Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 8, Issue 1,2010
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

Volume 8, Issue 1, 2010
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Solar drying of Ayaş tomato using a natural convection solar tunnel dryer

Köksal Demir 1, Kamil Sacilik 2*


Determination of aflatoxin M1 levels in Turkish white, kashar and tulum cheeses

Hamparsun Hampikyan 1*, E. Baris Bingol 2, Omer Cetin 2, Hilal Colak 2


Factors predicting consumers’ knowledge of spirulina health benefits

Irene Kamenidou 1*, Constantinos-Vasilios Priporas 2


Influence of postharvest temperatures on physicochemical quality of tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Dragan Žnidarčič 1*, Dean Ban 2, Milan Oplanić 2, Lutvija Karić 3, Tomaž Požrl 1


Effects of different maturity periods and processes on nutritional components of rose hip (Rosa canina L.)

Cihat Türkben 1*, Vildan Uylaşer 2, Bige İncedayı 2, Işıl Çelikkol 3


Fatty acid composition of seed and pericarp of sumach (Rhus coriaria L.) grown wild in different regions of Turkey

Ahmet Ünver *, Mehmet Musa Özcan


Effects of bitter orange albedo addition on the quality characteristics of naturally fermented Turkish style sausages (sucuks)

Ebru Coksever, Cemalettin Saricoban *


Physicochemical and sensory properties of a traditional chilli shrimp paste

Babak Sobhi 1, Noranizan Mohd Adzahan 1*, Muhammad Shahrim Abdul Karim 2, Roselina Karim 1


Methylxanthine content in hot drinks consumed in the State of Kuwait

Hetham Al-Obaidi 1, Mohammad Afzal 2*


Influence of the peeling process on pepper quality

S. Arazuri 1, C. Jarén 1, P. C. Correa 2, I. Arana 1*


Phenolic compounds evolution in white grapes during artificial drying process

M. Teresa Frangipane *, Marina Contini, Gabriele Anelli, Riccardo Massantini


The effect of long-term frozen storage on the nutraceutical compounds, antioxidant properties and color indices of different kinds of berries

Mariana-Atena Poiana *, Diana Moigradean, Diana Raba, Liana-Maria Alda, Mirela Popa


Mixed feeding among infants aged 0-6 months in an urban setting of Eldoret, Kenya

Elizabeth C. Cherop *, Grace A. Ettyang, Grace M. Mbagaya


The effects of infrared and hot air drying on some properties of corn (Zea mays)

N. Barış Tuncel 1*, Neşe Yılmaz 1, Habib Kocabıyık 2, Nilgün Öztürk 3, Muzaffer Tunçel 4


Effects of urea and aqueous ammonia treatment on the nutritive value of triticale straw

Taher Yalchi


Effects of calcium chloride and hot air on antioxidant system of ‘Red Delicious’ apple during storage

Mohammad Ali Aazami 1*, Saba Eshagi 2, Rabiei Vali 3


Variability of phenolics, α-tocopherol and amygdalin contents of selected almond (Prunus amygdalus Batsch.) genotypes

Adnan Nurhan Yıldırım 1, Bekir San 2*, Fatma Koyuncu 2, Fatma Yıldırım 3


Effectiveness of a functional synbiotic syrup on pregnancy rate, neonatal birth weight and progesterone profile of oestrous-synchronized Najdi ewes

Khaled Al-Sobayil 1, Moustafa Zeitoun 1*, Ahmed Abdel-Salam 2*


Adoption of organic farming and household food security of the smallholders: A case study from Bangladesh

Md. Asaduzzaman Sarker 1, Yoshihito Itohara 2


cDNA cloning and antigen-binding sites of the MHC class I in Chinese native chicken (Qingyuan Partridge chicken)

Yin Dai, Fangfang Chen, Xuelan Liu, Xian Wang, Hong Ye, Weiyi Yu *


Effects of water limitation on grain and oil yields of sunflower cultivars

Ahmad Afkari Bajehbaj


Effect of maize (Zea mays L.) – cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.) intercropping on light distribution, soil temperature and soil moisture in arid environment

Ahmad Ghanbari, Mehdi Dahmardeh *, Barat Ali Siahsar, Mahmoud Ramroudi


Effect of salinity on the growth and peroxidase and IAA oxidase activities in canola

Ahmad Bybordi 1*, S. Jalal Tabatabaei 2, Ali Ahmedov 1


Effects of salinity on fatty acid composition of canola (Brassica napus L.)

Ahmad Bybordi 1*, S. Jalal Tabatabaei 2, Ali Ahmedov 1


Phytophthora capsici resistance evaluation in pepper hybrids: Agronomic performance and fruit quality of pepper grafted plants

Carmina Gisbert 1*, Paloma Sánchez-Torres 2, Ma Dolores Raigón 3, Fernando Nuez 1


The influence of salinity stress on antioxidant activity in canola cultivars (Brassica napus L.)

Ahmad Bybordi 1*, S. Jalal Tabatabaei 2, Ali Ahmedov 1


Factors influencing risk aversion among maize farmers in the Northern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria: Implications for sustainable crop development programmes

Luke O. Olarinde 1*, Victor M. Manyong 2, Jacob O. Akintola 3


Evaluation of grafting techniques and a new rootstock for resistance of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) towards Phytophthora nicotianae

Mahmoud M’Hamdi 1, 2, Naima Boughalleb 3, Nada Ouhaibi 3, Neji Tarchoun 3, Mounira Souli 3, Lassaad Belbahri 4*


Determination of salinity tolerance of some lentil (Lens culinaris M.) varieties

Kağan Kökten 1*, Tolga Karaköy 2, Adil Bakoğlu 3, Mevlüt Akçura 1


Consumer preferences for purchase places of organic fruits and vegetables in Turkey

Cihat Günden *, Berna Türkekul, Bülent Miran, Canan Abay, Sedef Akgüngör


The activity of three new strains of Steinernema feltiae against adults of Sitophilus oryzae under laboratory conditions

Žiga Laznik 1, Tímea Tóth 2, Tamás Lakatos 2, Matej Vidrih 1, Stanislav Trdan 1*


Inheritance of proline content in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under rainfed conditions

Azam Maleki, Jalal Saba *, Farid Shekari


Effect of irrigation methods and transplant size on onion cultivars yield and quality

J. Mohammadi 1*, J. Lamei 1, A. Khasmakhi-Sabet 1, J. A. Olfati 2, Gh. Peyvast 2


Allometric models for non-destructive leaf area estimation in grafted and ungrafted watermelon (Citrullus lanatus Thunb.)

Youssef Rouphael 1, Abdul Halim Mouneimne 1, Carlos Mario Rivera 2, Mariateresa Cardarelli 2, Alvaro Marucci , Giuseppe Colla 2*


Incidence of viruses infecting grapevine varieties in Istria (Croatia)

Danijela Poljuha *, Barbara Sladonja, Marijan Bubola


Diagnostic method for predicting tomato seedling emergence

Nuray Akbudak 1*, Hasan Bolkan 2


Effects of seed aging on field performance of winter oilseed rape

Kazem Ghassemi-Golezani *, Saeid Khomari, Bahareh Dalil, Ayda Hosseinzadeh-Mahootchy, Afsaneh Chadordooz-Jeddi


Effect of nitrogen fertilization on ascorbic acid, glucoraphanin content and quinone reductase activity in broccoli floret and stem

Chao-Jiong Xu, Rong-Fang Guo, Hui-Zhuan Yan, Jing Yuan, Bo Sun, Gao-Feng Yuan, Qiao-Mei Wang *


Expected responses to aggregate trait selection in maize (Zea mays L.)

Sam Oyewole Ajala


Determination of hay quality of some companion crops sown with red clover

Ozlem Onal-Asci 1*, Zeki Acar 2*, Ugur Basaran 2, Ilknur Ayan 2, Hanife Mut 2


Growth responses of arabica coffee (Coffea arabica L.) varieties to soil moisture deficit at the seedling stage at Jimma, Southwest Ethiopia

Mohammed Worku 1*, T. Astatkie 2


The incidence of BER-affected tomato fruits under influence of the form of N fertilizer

Nada Parađiković 1*, Tihana Teklić 2, Tomislav Vinković 1, Gabriela Kanižai 2, Miroslav Lisjak 2, Jadranka Mustapić-Karlić 3, Lovre Bučan 4


Chemical weed control in winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) crop of early stages of development: I. Crop weediness

Vytautas Pilipavičius *, Inga Aliukonienė, Kęstutis Romaneckas


Analysis of genetic relatedness among grapevine rootstocks by AFLP (Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism) markers

Ali Sabır 1*, Yıldız Doğan 2, Semih Tangolar 2, Salih Kafkas 2


Support vector data description for weed/corn image recognition

Xien Liu, Mengjun Li, Yuanlun Sun, Xiaoyan Deng *


Morphological and molecular characterization of Saudi wheat genotypes under drought stress

Mohamed Najeb Barakat 1*, Abdullah Abdlulaziz Al-Doss 1, 2, Khaled Ahmed Moustafa 1, 2, Eid Ibrahim Ahmed 2, Adel Ahmed Elshafei 1


Profitability of kenaf seed production as affected by different agronomic practices

G. O. Agbaje


Conservation of crops’ wild relatives in two contrasting areas in Jordan: Current status and rehabilitation options

Mohammed Ajlouni 1*, Ahmad El-Oqlah 2, Ahmed Amri 3, Saba J. Goussous 4


A comparative study of olive removal techniques and their effects on harvest productivity

Z. Yousefi 1*, M. Almassi 1, A. A. Zeinanloo 2, R. Moghadasi 3, M.B. Khorshidi 4


Multivariate analysis of physical and chemical characteristics in some pomegranate (Punica granatum) cultivars of Iran

Vahid Akbarpour 1, Khodayar Hemmati 2, Mehdi Sharifani 2, Zeinolabedin Bashiri Sadr 3


Morpho-physiological growth, yield and fruit quality of rock melon as affected by growing media and electrical conductivity

B. Zulkarami 1*, M. Ashrafuzzaman 1 , I. Mohd Razi 1, 2


Diversity of antioxidant properties and phenolic content of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) fruits as affected by cultivar and location

Saleh Al-Turki, Mohamed A. Shahba *, Cecil Stushnoff


Rural women and agricultural extension in Turkey

Orhan Ozcatalbas *, Handan Akcaoz


Copper in surface layer of Croatian vineyard soils

Elda Vitanović 1*, Željko Vidaček 2, Miro Katalinić 1, Sonja Kačić 1, Boško Miloš 1


Immobilizing soil exogenous lead using rock phosphate

Guanjie Jiang, Hongqing Hu *, Yonghong Liu, Zhijian Cai, Haizheng Yang


The effects of commercial diets supplemented with mannanoligosaccharide (MOS) and vitamin B12 on the growth and body composition of the shabbout fries (Tor grypus H. 1843)

Hasan Huseyin Atar 1*, Mehmet Ates 2


Drought reaction and rooting characteristics in response to plant growth regulators on Poa pratensis cv. Barimpala

I. Roohollahi *, M. Kafi, R. Naderi


Determination of spring visual ceremonies of urban fruit trees and shrubs: A case study from Erzurum, Turkey

Zöhre Bulut 1, Işık Sezen 2, Faris Karahan 2*


Response of poinsettia to drench application of growth regulators

Kristina Batelja Lodeta *, Smiljana Goreta Ban, Slavko Perica, Gvozden Dumičić, Lovre Bućan


Rural development and LEADER + in Greece: Evaluation of local action groups

Garyfallos Arabatzis 1*, Stamatis Aggelopoulos 2, Stavros Tsiantikoudis 1


The relationship between total suspended particulate matter (TSP) and different climatic factors: The case of Jordan

Indira Al-Dahabi, Yasin Al-Zu’bi *, Omar Rimawi, Jarrah Al-Zu’bi


Nutrient solution concentration and growing season affect growth and quality of potted petunia in a recirculating subirrigation and drip-irrigation system

Mariateresa Cardarelli 1, Youssef Rouphael 2, Elvira Rea 3, Anna Salerno 3, Giuseppe Colla 1*


A comparison of private and public pressurized irrigation systems in different parts of the Kermanshah province, west Iran

Houshang Ghamarnia 1*, Salomah Sepehri 1


Establishment and application of enzymological models for predicting quality of flue- cured tobacco

Jingguo Sun 1, Tiejun Yan 2, Shuxin Tu 1*, Jiewang He 2*, Hui Si 2, Hao Xie 2, Fengguang Wu 2


Influence of land use on nitrate concentrations in baseflow in a rural watershed of Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China

M.L. Feng, R.G. Hu *, S. Lin, S. Malghani, I. Javed


SSR marker-based mapping and linkage analysis of Bombyx mori thermotolerance gene

Yuan Zhao 1, 2*, Jiang Zhang 2, Yang-Chun Wu 1, Ya-Hong Zhu 1


Boundary shear stresses in smooth channels

Babak Lashkar-Ara 1, Manoochehr Fathi-Moghadam 2*, Mahmud Shafai-Bajestan 3, Arash Jael 4


Determination of bycatch and discard catch rates on trawl fishing in Mersin-Anamur fishing ground

Hasan Huseyin Atar 1*, Selami Malal 2


Evaluation of strategic factors in environmental management of nature-based tourism in coastal areas: the case of Gorgan Bay, Iran

Seyed Masoud Monavari, Parvin Farshchi, Sara Ohadi *


Fluoride adsorption on water treatment sludge processed by polyaluminium chloride

Taek-Keun Oh *, Jiro Chikushi


Factors affecting the decision-making of farmers concerning the application of neem pesticide in Nagpur and Wardha, India: A case study of “The Neem Foundation”

Abhay Joshi 1*, Jihei Kaneko 2


Poverty and rural livelihood diversification among farming households in southwest Nigeria

Olawale D. Awotide 1*, Adetunji L. Kehinde 2, Peter O. Agbola 3


A study on the precautionary principle by using interest approach in the negotiations of the Montreal Protocol focusing on the international environmental governance and law

M. Rizal Razman 1, 2, A. Samad Hadi 2, Jamaluddin M. Jahi 3, A. Hadi Harman Shah 4, Sham Sani 2, Ghazali Yusoff 5


Farmers’ personal characteristics in assuring agricultural productivity: Lessons from sweet potato farmers in Teso, Uganda

William Faustine Epeju


Comparison of soil nutrient status of some rice growing environments in the major agro-ecological zones of Ghana

Mohammed M. Buri 1*, Roland N. Iassaka 1, Hedeto Fujii 2, Toshiyuki Wakatsuki 3


Determining the natural drainage coefficient of a region using hydraulic conductivity and conjunction of iso-potential lines: A case study of northeast Ahwaz, Iran

AbdAli Naseri, Yaser Hosseini, Mohammad Albaji *, Saeed Boroomand Nasab


Formulation of a liquid medium with wheat bran for the production of laccase by Trametes versicolor in an air-lift bioreactor

João V.B. Souza 1*, Érica S. Silva 2, José R.P. Cavallazzi 3, Agostinho da S. Sobrinho 4