Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 1, Issue 2,2003
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2003
Journal Contents

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Should the hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) system be checked? A nutritional viewpoint

J. M. Soriano, J. C. Moltó, J. Mañes


Poverty alleviation, food security and the well-being of the human population trough family poultry in low-income food-deficit countries

E. F. Guèye


Phenolic compounds, ascorbic acid, carotenoids and antioxidant properties of green, red and yellow bell peppers

Donglin Zhang, Yasunori Hamauzu *


Inactivation of microorganisms in apple cider using spice powders, extracts and oils as antimicrobials with and without low-energy pulsed electric field

Ziwei Liang, Zhihui Cheng, Gauri S. Mittal *


Speciality rices of the world: Effect of WTO and IPR on its production trend and marketing

R. C. Chaudhary


Optimization of the extraction of polyphenols from grape seed meal by aqueous ethanol solution

John Shi 1*, Jianmei Yu 1, Joseph Pohorly 2, J. Christopher Young 1, Mike Bryan 1, Ying Wu 1


Analytical evaluation of ‘Cornicabra’ virgin olive oil from Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

Andrés Alvarruiz 1*, Enrique Fernández 2, Francisco Montero 1, José Granell 3, José E. Pardo 1


Evaluation of breadfruit (Artocarpus communis) in traditional stiff porridge foods

Olutayo M. Mayaki 1, John O. Akingbala 2*, Gail S. H. Baccus-Taylor 2, Sydney Thomas 2


Membrane-bound polyphenol oxidases and peroxidases from Metroxylon sagu: Changes in activity and isoenzyme profiles during maturation

Galila Hassan Onsa 1, Nazamid bin Saari 1*, Azizah Osman 1, Shamsul Bahri 2


Lipid profile of prickly pear pulp fractions

Mohamed Fawzy Ramadan *, Jörg-Thomas Mörsel


Materials for the calibration of the FTC pea tenderometer

Yvan Gariépy 1, 2, Clément Vigneault 1*, Vijaya G.S. Ragahvan 2


Postharvest biology and technology of litchi fruit

Yueming Jiang 1, 4*, Lihu Yao 2, Amon Lichter 3, Jianrong Li 4


Application of controlled and modified atmospheres for the preservation of postharvest quality in fresh fruits and vegetables

Susana C. Fonseca, F. Xavier Malcata *


Application of hydrolyzed carrot pomace as a functional food ingredient to beverages

Thomas Stoll, Ute Schweiggert, Andreas Schieber *, Reinhold Carle


Pre-storage ethrel dip reduces chilling injury, enhances respiration rate, ethylene production and improves fruit quality of “‘Kensington’” mango

Suresh Nair, Zora Singh *


Comments about rheological effects of food hydrocolloids addition

Diego Gómez-Díaz, José M. Navaza


Effects of ascorbic acid supplementation on the immune function and laying performance of heat-stressed laying hens

Hai Lin 1*, Johan Buyse 1, Qingkai Sheng 2, Youmei Xie 2, Jianlan Song 2


Genotypic variations in physiological deterioration of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) storage roots under inland valley conditions

Indira J. Ekanayake *, Omar Lyasse


Application of diluted sea water to soilless culture of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.): Effects on plant growth, yield, fruit quality and antioxidant capacity

M. Lucia D’Amico 1*, Riccardo Izzo 1, Franco Tognoni 2, Alberto Pardossi 2, Flavia Navari-Izzo 1*


Comparison of flavour compounds in wasabi and horseradish

Tamanna Sultana 1*, G. P. Savage 1, D. L. McNeil 2, N. G. Porter 3, B. Clark 4


Content of β-carotene in organic milk

Patricia Toledo *, Anders Andrén


Remarks on food-borne viral gastroenteritis outbreaks

Juan I. Reguera 1*, Mª Inmaculada Herrera 2


The storage of globe artichokes under modified atmospheres

Alexios A. Alexopoulos, Konstantinos A. Akoumianakis, Harold C. Passam


Effect of the essential oils of Cymbopogon citratus, C. nardus and Cinnamomum zeylanicum on pest incidence and grain quality of rough rice (paddy) stored in an enclosed seed box

Priyani Paranagama 1*, Thushara Abeysekera 1, Lionel Nugaliyadde 2, Krishanthi Abeywickrama 3


Low temperature-induced changes in the relative amounts of ribosomal RNAs in potato mitochondria

Yannis Gounaris


Effect of corona discharges on granular starches

Cheng-yi Lii 1, Chia-ding Liao 1, Leszek Stobinski 2, Piotr Tomasik 3*


Applications of mild technology to horticultural products: Experiences from the IVTPA

Emilio Senesi


Agriculture in Iraq: Resources, potentials, constraints, and research needs and priorities

A. A. Jaradat


Effects of pre-cultivation on sugar metabolic kinetics of suspension plant cells measured by mid-infrared spectroscopy

Atsushi Hashimoto *, Atsushi Yamanaka, Mikihito Kanou, Faizun Nahar, Takaharu Kameoka


Mineral nutrition of tomato

Upendra M. Sainju 1*, Ramdane Dris 2, Bharat Singh 3


Investigations into the persistence of Escherichia coli endophytically, in cabbage (Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.) and associated alteration in host proteins and chitinase activity

Susan M. Rafferty 1, Alan C. Cassells 1*, Frederick R. Falkiner 2


Optimizing grape quality through soil management practices

Steve J. Wheeler 1, Gary J. Pickering 2*


Corn yield response to saline irrigation water applied with a trickle system

Attila Yazar *, Burçin Gençel, Metin S. Sezen


Comparative performance of four sources of enriched phosphocompost and inorganic fertilizer application on yield, uptake of nutrients and biological activity of soil under soybean-wheat rotation

M.C.Manna *, P.K.Ghosh, T.K.Ganguly


Performance of composted vine shoots as a peat alternative in casing materials for mushroom cultivation

Arturo Pardo 1, J. Arturo de Juan 2, J. Emilio Pardo 2*


Effects of pruning and spacing on the yield and quality of eggplant

Mohammad Mahdi Pessarakli 1*, Ramdane Dris 2


Phosphorus release characteristics of manure and manure-impacted soils

Vimala D. Nair *, Donald A. Graetz, Daniel O. Dooley


Occurrence of gastrointestinal pathogens in soil of potato field treated with liquid dairy manure

Ching-Hsing Liao 1*, C. Wayne Honeycutt 2, Tim S. Griffin 2, John M. Jemison 3


Wetting capacity distribution in aggregates from soils with a different management

A. Ellies 1*, C. Ramirez 2, R. H. Mac Donald 1


Effect of rootstock on fruit quality and peel peroxidase activity of ‘Afourer’ mandarin fruit at low temperature storage

F. El-hilali 1*, A. Remah 1 , A. Ait-Oubahou 1*, O. Akhayat 2


An Analysis of space-filling fractal dimensions, resulting from measurements on plant canopies

D. L. Critten


Vitamin C and E can alleviate negative effects of heat stress in Japanese quails

Kazim Sahin 1*, Nurhan Sahin 2, Muhittin Onderci 3, Mehmet F. Gursu 4, Mustafa Issi 4


Screening of potential gibberellin producing Fusarium strains for the hybrid rice production

Avinash. C. Srivastava 1*, Shahid Ahamad 2, D. K. Agarwal 3, Ashok K. Sarbhoy 3


Deterrent effects of some Sri Lankan essential oils on oviposition and progeny production of the cowpea bruchid, Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptera; Bruchidae)

Priyani Paranagama 1*, Chandika Adhikari 1, Krishanthi Abeywickrama 2, Premarathne Bandara 3


Can GM and non-GM crops coexist? Setting a precedent in Boulder County, Colorado, USA

P. F. Byrne 1*, S. Fromherz 2


Influence of environmental factors and orchard management on yield and quality of sweet cherry

Stefano Predieri 1*, Ramdane Dris 2, Lars Sekse 3, Francesca Rapparini 1


Investigating of the possibility of second production in a year from rock partridges (Alectoris graeca) under intensive breeding

Kemal Kirikçi *, Orhan Çetin, Aytekin Günlü, Cafer Tepeli, Alper Yilmaz


Head bugs: components of host-plant resistance in sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench)

F.A. Showemimo


Variations in agronomic characteristics of irrigated rice varieties: Lessons from participatory trials in South Eastern Tanzania

Elly M. Kafiriti 1, Stephane Dondeyne 2*, Solomon Msomba 3, Jozef A. Deckers 2, Dirk Raes 2


Total and potentially phytotoxic trace metals in Southeastern Italian soils

Giuseppe Ferrara, Gennaro Brunetti *, Nicola Senesi, Donato Mondelli, Vito La Ghezza


Adoption of conservation production systems within the upper region of the Scioto river watershed in Ohio

Ted L. Napier, Tracy Bridges


Life cycle assessment applied to coffee production: Investigating environmental impacts to aid decision making for improvements at company level

Roberta Salomone


Sensitivity of upland arthropod diversity to livestock grazing, vegetation structure and landform

Peter Dennis


Carbon sequestration in wetlands: Concept and estimation

Hari K. Pant 1*, Jack E. Rechcigl 2, Martin B. Adjei 1


Comparison of treatment technologies for pre-treated animal rendering plant wastewater in Scotland

Catherine A. O’Brien, Miklas Scholz *, Gordon L. McConnachie


Thinning scenarios for Gmelina arborea plantations in south-western Nigeria using density management diagrams

Jonathan C. Onyekwelu 1, Peter Biber 2, Bernd Stimm 3


The potential role for microbial control of orchard insect pests in sustainable agriculture

Lawrence A. Lacey 1, David I. Shapiro-Ilan 2


Bio-intensive pest management (BIPM) in major vegetable crops: An Indian perspective

N. Dhandapani, Umeshchandra R. Shelkar *, M. Murugan


Use of waste generated from cinnamon bark oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum Blume) extraction as a post harvest treatment for Embul banana

Lakshmie S. Ranasinghe 1, Bimali Jayawardena 1*, Krishanthi Abeywickrama 2


Bypass- and matrix flow produce interflow and contribute to groundwater protection

Klaus-Peter Seiler


Linear alkylbenzene sulfonates (LAS) and soil microbial activity

Clementina Pozo 1, Belén Rodelas 2, Concepción Calvo 1, 2, María Victoria Martínez Toledo 1, 2, Jesús González-López 1*


Resistance management to Bt engineered crops

Hugo Cerda 1, 2*,Ali H. Sayyed 2


Shifting the paradigm: alternatives to the fatal harvest of industrial agriculture: Reflections on the past and future of farming by California agricultural students

Tim Krupnik 1, Sandell McLaughlin 2, Miguel A. Altieri 3*