Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 7, Issue 2,2009
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

Volume 7, Issue 2, 2009
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Avian Influenza: Global assessment of potential pandemic of the twenty first century

M. B. Abubakar 1*, I. Aini 2**, A. R. Omar 1, 2, M. Hair Bejo 1


The use of FT-IR spectroscopy in the identification of vegetable oils adulteration

Ersilia Alexa 1*, Anca Dragomirescu 2, Georgeta Pop 1, Călin Jianu 1, Dan Dragoş 2


Consumption, country of origin effect and age: An economic analysis of food consumption in Greece during 1963-2005

Ioannis Sotiropoulos 1, Ioannis-Dionysios Salavrakos 2, Efthymios Mygdakos 3*


Production of aflatoxins by Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus niger strains isolated from seeds of pulses

Amira Hassan Abdullah Al-Abdalall


Anti-bacterial efficacy of elite medicinal plants on urolithiasis inducing flora

Reena Laikangbam 1, M. Damayanti Devi 1*, S. Rajendra Singh 2


Comparative protein and folate content among canola cultivars and other cruciferous leafy vegetables

Rhona L. Miller-Cebert 1, Nahid A. Sistani 1*, Ernst Cebert 2


The storage conditions impact on the oxidative stability and antioxidant properties of grape seed oil

Mariana-Atena Poiana *, Călin Jianu, Ionel Jianu, Alexandru Rinovetz


Determination of biogenic amines in a fermented beverage, boza

Serap Cosansu


The effects of soybean (Glycine max) and pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan) food mixtures on the nutritional status of school children in Suba District, Kenya

Omo Ohiokpehai 1*, Dorcus Mbithe David 2, Joyce Kamau 3


Adoption of traceability system in Chinese fishery process enterprises: Difficulties, incentives and performance

Feng Wang 1, Zetian Fu 1, Weisong Mu 1, Liliana M. Moga 2, Xiaoshuan Zhang 1*


Acceptability and antioxidant properties of a semi-dried and smoked tomato product

Sébastien Veillet 1, Janette Busch 2*, Geoffrey Savage 2


A review on the effect of animal diets and presence of selected natural antioxidants on lipid oxidation of meat

B. Jamilah, A. Mohamed *, K. A. Abbas, R. Abdul Rahman, R. Karim


Production of lactic acid bacteria on spent cabbage juice

Claude P. Champagne *, Tony Savard, Julie Barrette


Fast simultaneous determination of multiple water-soluble vitamins and vitamin-like compounds in infant formula by UPLC-MS/MS

Hong Zhang 1*, Si Chen 1, Wenjuan Liao 1, Yiping Ren 2


In vitro antifungal activity of plant extracts on Saprolegnia parasitica from cutaneous lesions of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) eggs

Abdollah Ghasemi Pirbalouti 1*, Majid Taheri 2, Mehdi Raisee 2, Hamid Reza Bahrami 2, Rahman Abdizadeh 1


In vivo antioxidative capacities of rapeseed meal polysaccharides

Hanju Sun *, Shaotong Jiang, Pan Mu, Ding Qi


Antimicrobial activity against pathogenic microorganisms by extracts from herbal Jordanian plants

Amjad Khalil 1*, Basem F. Dababneh 2, Ahmad H. Al-Gabbiesh 3


Physicochemical and pasting characterisation of water yam (Dioscorea spp.) and relationship with eating quality of pounded yam

F. D. Baah 1*, B. Maziya-Dixon 2, R. Asiedu 2, I. Oduro 1, W. O. Ellis 1


Public perception of food handling practices and food safety in Turkey

Arzu Cagri-Mehmetoglu


Effect of osmotic dehydration on the freeze drying kinetics of apricots

Djamel Fahloul 1*, Miloud Lahbari 2, Houcine Benmoussa 2, Samir Mezdour 3


Beef export restrictions in Argentina: Impact on the beef industry and national welfare

Paula Rossi *, Masaru Kagatsume


Iron bioavailability and utilization in rats fed cassava fufu flour diets fortified with different sources of iron

S. A. Sanni 1*, C. R. B. Oguntona 1, A. M. Bamgbose 2


Detection and determination of furfural in crude palm oil

Abdul Azis Ariffin 1, Rosnah Mat Soom 2, Huey-Chern Boo 1, Chia-Chun Loi 1, Yuen-Hwa Chai 1, S. M. AbdulKarim 1*


Protein quality evaluation and hematological parameters of rats fed complementary diets

Oluseye O. Onabanjo 1, 2*, Busie Maziya-Dixon 2, Clara R. B. Oguntona 1, Alfred G. O. Dixon 2


Evaluation of antioxidant activity and vitamin E profile of some selected indigenous vegetables in Nigerian diet

Ibiyinka Ogunlade 1, 2, Gregory Tucker 2, Ian Fisk 3, Adebayo Ogunlade 4


Influence of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) on ‘Fuji’ apple quality during long-term storage

Okan Özkaya 1*, Ömür Dündar 2


A research on the dessert produced from modified atmosphere packaged pumpkins

Bige Incedayi *, Canan Ece Tamer, Sibel Parseker Yönel, Ömer Utku Çopur


Effect of sodium bicarbonate, ascorbic acid and salt on the α-amylase, gelatinization and yeast activity in the production of flat bread

Hanee M. Al-Dmoor 1*, Herzallah Saqer 2, Meshref Al-Lruwaili 3


Proximate analysis and physico-chemical properties of some leguminous seeds (Mucuna veracruz white, Mucuna pruniens utilis and Mucuna rajada)

I. A. Amoo 1, V. N. Atasie 2*, O. O. Kolawole 1


Mineral contents of tissues and body fluids and heavy metal contaminants of four predominant snail species in the Niger Delta

A. Hamilton-Amachree 1, H. D. Mepba 2*, C. U. Ogunka-Nnoka 1


Protein-starch interaction and their effect on thermal and rheological characteristics of a food system: A review

B. Jamilah, A. Mohamed *, K. A. Abbas, R. Abdul Rahman, R. Karim, D. M. Hashim


Evaluation of new fish sauces prepared by fermenting hot-water extraction waste of stock from dried fish using various kojis

Miyuki Murakami 1, Masataka Satomi 2, Masashi Ando 1, Yasuyuki Tukamasa 1, Ken-ichi Kawasaki 1*


A study on the Romanian organic market and consumers

Manuela-Dora Orboi 1*, Adrian Băneş 2, Mirela Monea 3, Alin Monea 3, Cornelia Petroman 4, Ioan Petroman 4


Therapeutic and immunomodulatory effects of two natural products on the puerperal endometritis of dairy cows

Liviu Bogdan *, Ioan Groza, Iancu Morar, Simona Ciupe, Mihai Cenariu, Ileana Bogdan, Sidonia Bogdan, Anamaria Petrean, Adrian David


Utilization of gestagen hormones and pituitary FSH extracts in inducing the superovulation at embryo donor cows

Ioan Petroman 1*, Nicolae Păcală 2, Cornelia Petroman 1, Ioan Bencsik 2, Manuela-Dora Orboi 3, Dorel Dronca 2, Adrian Băneş 4


Thermal properties variation of Malaysian yellowtail catfish during precooling process and numerical verification

K. A. Abbas *, A .S. Abdulamir, M. Ebrahimian, B. Jamilah


Benefits and risks of growth promoters in animal production

S. N. Al-Dobaib 1*, H. M. Mousa 2


Postharvest chemical properties and mineral contents of some fig (Ficus carica L.) cultivars in Tunisia

Fateh Aljane *, Ali Ferchichi


Sensitization to common food and inhalant allergens in children attending Allergy and Asthma Pediatric Clinic in Doha, Qatar

Abdelhamid Kerkadi 1*, Asma Althani 1, Amina Al-Boainain 2, Ibrahim Janahi 3, Rajiv Singh 4


Evaluation and properties of formulated low calories functional yoghurt cake

A. M. Abdel-Salam 1*, A. S. Ammar 1, W. K. Galal 2


Ascorbic acid and flavanone glycosides in citrus: Relationship with antioxidant activity

Maria Graça Miguel *, Amílcar Duarte, Susana Nunes, Vera Sustelo, Denise Martins, Susana Anahi Dandlen


Antioxidant activities of the extracts from bamboo powder as underutilized resource

Takeshi Nagai 1*, Nobutaka Suzuki 2, Yasuhiro Tanoue 3, Norihisa Kai 3, Toshio Nagashima 1


Response of 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) treatments on some quality parameters of plum during storage

Okan Özkaya 1*, Ömür Dündar 2


Comparison between HACCP and ISO 22000 in Greek organic food sector

Dimitrios Bilalis 1*, Ioannis Stathis 2, Aristidis Konstantas 1, Sotiria Patsiali 1


Therapeutic and immunomodulatory effect of two complex homeopathic products used against chronic endometritis in Simmental cows

Liviu Bogdan *, Ioan Groza, Sanda Andrei, Adela Pintea, Simona Ciupe, Mihai Cenariu, Ileana Bogdan, Ioan Paşca, Sidonia Bogdan, Anamaria Petrean, Adrian Macri


Survey of opportunistic fungi in ocular infection in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia

Abdulrahman M. Alqurashi


Functional properties of okra protein products containing different levels of mucilage

Victoria A. Jideani *, Bedan M. Bello


Vitamin E and fatty acid composition of blended palm oils

A. Azrina 1*, P. H. Lim 1, I. Amin 1, A. Zulkhairi 2


Chemical composition, antibacterial and antioxidant activities of a new chemotype of Tunisian Thymus vulgaris oils growing in Sayada

Belsem Marzouk 1, Hayet Edziri 1, Ihsen Haloui 2, Manel Issawi 3, Imed Chraief 3, Mahjoub El-Ouni 1, Nadia Fnina 2, Zohra Marzouk 4*


Application of methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris in the field of food industry – A review

Viviane C. Silva, Maristela F. S. Peres, Edwil A. L. Gattás *


Physicochemical characteristics of dough and white bread added with arrowroot juice

Sung-Hee Choi 1, Young-Su Kim 2, Jong-Bang Eun 3 *


The response of cassava to potassium fertilizer treatments

F. O. Adekayode *, O. F. Adeola


Risk management and sustainability in banana production: A case study from Turkey

Handan Akcaoz *, Orhan Ozcatalbas, Hatice Kizilay


Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) and pinto bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. var. pinto) intercropping based on replacement method

Ali Nasrollahzadeh Asl *, Adel Dabbagh Mohammady Nassab, Said Zehtab Salmasi, Mohammad Moghaddam, Aziz Javanshir


Genotype and planting date effects on cotton growth and production under south Portugal conditions – I. Phenology and growth analysis

Gonçalo Barradas 1*, Rafael J. López-Bellido 2


Genotype and planting date effects on cotton growth and production under south Portugal conditions – II. Monitoring

Gonçalo Barradas 1*, Rafael J. López-Bellido 2


Genotype and planting date effects on cotton growth and production under south Portugal conditions – III. Boll set percentage, boll location, yield and lint quality

Gonçalo Barradas 1*, Rafael J. López-Bellido 2


Development of selection procedures of sweetpotato genotypes according to chilling tolerance

Shahidul Islam *, Ehiorobo Izekor, James O. Garner


Effect of sowing date and cultivar on leaf yield and seed production of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)

Ebrahim M. Khah


Implications of minimum tillage systems on sustainability of agricultural production and soil conservation

Teodor Rusu *, Petru Gus, Ileana Bogdan, Paula Ioana Moraru, Adrian Ioan Pop, Doina Clapa, Doru Ioan Marin, Ioan Oroian, Lavinia Ioana Pop


Effects of water limitation on grain and oil yields of sesame cultivars

Hamdollah Eskandari 1, Saeid Zehtab-Salmasi 1*, Kazem Ghassemi-Golezani 1*, Mohammad Hussein Gharineh 2


Fatty acids, protein contents and metal composition of some feed crops from Turkey

Adil Bakoglu 1*, Eyüp Bagci 2, Harun Ciftci 3


The response of pea genotypes differing in testa color to waterlogging during early germination stages

Aysen Uzun, Esvet Acikgoz *


An analysis of energy use and input costs for wheat production in Turkey

Tolga Tipi 1*, Bahattin Çetin 1, Ali Vardar 2


Determination of some agronomical and quality properties of wild alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) clones in Turkey

Mehmet Basbag 1*, Ramazan Demirel 2, Mustafa Avci 3


The effect of mycorrhizal fungi on onion (Allium cepa L.) growth and yield under three irrigation intervals at field condition

Sahebali Bolandnazar


Evaluation of salt tolerance in common bean genotypes by ion regulation and searching for screening parameters

H. Yildiz Dasgan *, Sibel Koc


Nutritional and biochemical composition of D. alata (Dioscorea spp.) tubers

F. D. Baah 1*, B. Maziya-Dixon 2, R. Asiedu 2, I. Oduro 1, W. O. Ellis 1


Farmers adoption and propensity to abandoned adoption of sawah-based rice farming in the inland valley of central Nigeria

Regina Hoi Yee Fu 1*, Makoto Maruyama 1, O. Idowu Oladele 2, Toshiyuki Wakatsuki 3


Effects of different row spacings on the seed yield and some other characteristics of phacelia (Phacelia tanacetifolia Bentham.) varieties

Hakan Geren *, Riza Avcioglu, Dilek Kaymakkavak


Economic analysis of cotton production and adoption of harvest mechanization: A case study of the Aegean Region of Turkey

Ferruh Isin *, Sule Isin, Ayse Uzmay


On-tree follow-up of apricot fruit development using a hand-held NIR instrument

Cédric Camps *, Danilo Christen


Response of soybean cultivars to salinity stress

K. Ghassemi-Golezani *, M. Taifeh-Noori, Sh. Oustan, M. Moghaddam


Traditional and soilless culture systems to produce corn salad (Valerianella olitoria L.) and rocket (Eruca sativa Mill.) with low nitrate content

Emanuela Fontana, Silvana Nicola *


Pinto bean seed reserve utilization and seedling growth as affected by seed size, salinity and drought stress

Ahmad Gholami 1*, Saeed Sharafi 2, Soraya Ghasemi 3, Amir Sharafi 4


Effects of different rates of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers on yield and yield components of Savalan potato cultivar mini-tubers

Davoud Hassanpanah 1*, Amir Aslan Hosienzadeh 1, Bahram Dahdar 1, Nasser Allahyari 1, Leila Imanparast 2


Energy use and input-output energy analysis for apple production in Turkey

Nuray Kızılaslan


Functional response of different larval instars of the green lacewing, Chrysoperla carnea (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae), to the two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Mehdi Hassanpour 1*, Gadir Nouri-Ganbalani 1, Jafar Mohaghegh 2, Annie Enkegaard 3


Inhibition of flowering in ‘Arbequina’ olives from chilling at lower temperatures

Nasir S. A. Malik *, Joe M. Bradford


Egg weight affects some quality traits of chicken eggs

S. R. Shi 1, K. H. Wang 1*, T. C. Dou 1, H. M. Yang 2


The effects of food industry sludge on soil properties and growing of maize (Zea mays L.)

Mesude Ünal 1*, A.Vahap Katkat 2


Callus formation and shoot organogenesis in Moshgak (Ducrosia flabellifolia Boiss.) from cotyledon

Manoochehr Karimi 1, Amin Ebrahimi 1, Amir Sahraroo 2*, Seyed-Amir Moosavi 1, Firoozeh Moosavi 1, Mohammad-Reza Bihamta 1


Alleviating sunburn injury in apple fruit using natural and fertilizer forms of S-abscisic acid and its underlying mechanism

Kusol Iamsub 1, 2*, Yoshiko Sekozawa 1, Sumiko Sugaya 1, Hiroshi Gemma 1, Yasuo Kamuro 3


Selection for lactation curve and determination of the lactation curve function in Iranian Holstein cows by empirical mathematical models

Reza Seyed-Sharifi 1*, Raouf Seyedsharifi 1, Ali Reza Fallah Kheir 2


Yield and quality of leafy lettuce in response to nutrient solution composition and growing season

Carlo Fallovo 1, Youssef Rouphael 2, Mariateresa Cardarelli 1, Elvira Rea 3, Alberto Battistelli 4, Giuseppe Colla 1*


Methane emission and its relations with plant parameters and dissolved oxygen in different rice genotypes

H. M. El Sharkawi 1*, A. Sherif 1, A. Zahoor 2, Faridullah 2, S. Yamamoto 2, T. Endo 2


Detection of Tomato spotted wilt virus in North-East of Iran

Alireza Mohammadi Hajiabadi 1, Behrooz Jafarpour 1, Mahrokh Falahat Rastegar 1, Babak Abdollahi Mandoulakani 2*


Analysis of energy use for pomegranate production in Turkey

Handan Akcaoz *, Orhan Ozcatalbas, Hatice Kizilay


Preliminary investigations into the effect of uniconazole-P and prohexadione calcium on sprouting and shoot length of Dioscorea rotundataD. alata and D. cayenensis in Ghana

E. Otoo 1*, H. Shiwachi 2, M. Onjo 3


Resources use efficiency of field grown transplanted rice (Oryza sativa L.) under irrigated semiarid environment

Shakeel Ahmad 1*, Ashfaq Ahmad 2, Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq 3, Hakoomat Ali 1, Tasneem Khaliq 2, Muhammad Akbar Anjum 1, Muhammad Azam Khan 1, Abid Hussain 2, Gerrit Hoogenboom 4


Activities of enzymes involved in starch synthesis in grains of large and small kernel type wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Zhongmin Dai


Impacts of balanced nutrient management systems technologies in the northern Guinea savanna of Nigeria

Adebayo A. Akinola 1*, Arega D. Alene 2, Remi Adeyemo 1, Diakalia Sanogo 3, Adetunji S. Olanrewaju 3


Intercropping maize (Zea mays L.) and cow pea (Vigna unguiculata L.) as a whole – crop forage: Effects of planting ratio and harvest time on forage yield and quality

Mehdi Dahmardeh *, Ahmad Ghanbari, Baratali Syasar, Mahmood Ramrodi


Effects of combined pruning treatments on fruit quality and biennial bearing of ‘Elstar’ apple (Malus domestica Borkh.)

Nikola Pavičić, Martina Skendrović Babojelić, Tomislav Jemrić, Zoran Šindrak *, Tomislav Ćosić, Tomislav Karažija, Danijel Ćosić


Allelopathic effects of Chenopodium album, Amaranthus retroflexus and Cynodon dactylon on germination and growth of safflower

F. Rezaie, M. Yarnia *


Variety identification and genetic relationship of some South Tunisian barley accessions using agronomic parameters

Ferdaous Guasmi *, Leila Touil, Khadija Féres, Nidhal Marzougui, Walid Elfalleh, Ali Ferchichi


RAPD markers in diversity detection and variety identification of South Tunisian barley

Ferdaous Guasmi *, Nidhal Marzougui, Narjés Sarray, Walid Elfalleh, Ali Ferchichi


Development of molecular genomic tools for verification of intergeneric hybrids between castor bean (Ricinus communis L.) and cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz)

Melaku Gedil *, Fisayo Kolade, Adebola Raji, Ivan Ingelbrecht, Alfred Dixon


Manure marketing in the savannas of Nigeria: Implications for sustainable food security

Olawale Olayide 1, 2*, Arega Alene 3, Anthony Ikpi 1, Generose Nziguheba 2


Increasing crop productivity using a porousα amendment in sandy soil

B. A. Ould Ahmed *, M. Inoue


The effect of climatic factors at different growth periods on pepino (Solanum muricatum Aiton) fruit quality and yield

Aysun Çavuşoğlu *, Emine İ. Erkel, Melekber Sülüşoğlu


Germination of different seed size of pinto bean cultivars as affected by salinity and drought stress

Ahmad Gholami 1*, Saeed Sharafi 2, Amir Sharafi 3, Soraya Ghasemi 4


Effects of irrigation regime and nitrogen management on grain yield, quality and water productivity in rice

Shenggang Pan, Cougui Cao *, Mingli Cai, Jinping Wang, Ruohan Wang, Jing Zhai, Shengqi Huang


Applications of xerophytophysiology in plant production – peanut cultivation with the AnM method

Hui-lian Xu 1, Feifei Qin 2, 4*, Jingshan Wang 3, Rongyan Xu 1, Minglun Wang 3, Shigenori Morita 2


Effect of sowing depth on emergence and crop establishment of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.)

Kęstutis Romaneckas 1*, Vytautas Pilipavičius 1, Egidijus Šarauskis 2, Antanas Sakalauskas 2


Initiation of in vitro cultures of Lycopersicon peruvianum var. humifusum

D. Rzepka-Plevnes *, D. Kulpa, A. Wajda


cDNA cloning and SSCP analysis on Ss5MaT1 gene in Salvia splendens

Fenglan Li 1, Feifei Qin 2, 3, Yanzhong Feng 4, Hui-lian Xu 5, Baozhong Hu 1*, Di Liu 1, Guofu Hu 1, Rongmei Liu 1, Yongqing Xu 1, Bingxiu Zhang 1, Qi Wei 4, Shujun Ni 4, Ran Wang 6


Biodiversity and nature of gene action for oil and protein contents in Gossypium hirsutum L. estimated by SSR markers

Abdul Qayyum 1, Naveed Murtaza 1, F. M. Azhar 2, Waqas Malik 1


Regulation of endogenous hormones on post-harvest senescence in transgenic broccoli carrying an antisense or a sense BO-ACO 2 gene

Feifei Qin 1, 2, 3, Cheng-rong Wang 1, Ran Wang 1*, Gang Ma 1, Hui-lian Xu 3


Effect of main and second cropping on protein and oil concentrations and yield of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Tahsin Sogut


Applications of xerophytophysiology in plant production – Sorghum plants improved by exposing the mesocotyl as stimulus

Hui-lian Xu 1*, Feifei Qin 2, 3, Rongyan Xu 1, Fahong Wang 4, Fengmin Li 5


Effects of micronutrients and their application method on yield, crop growth rate (CGR) and net assimilation rate (NAR) of corn cv. Jeta

E. Farajzadeh Memari Tabrizi 1, M. Yarnia 2*, M. B. Khorshidi 3, V. Ahmadzadeh 4


Effect of innovation adoptions on cassava production by farmers in Ijebu North Local Government Area, Ogun State of Nigeria

M. A. Oladoja *, O. A. Adeokun, O. E. Fapojuwo


The effect of osmo-priming on germination and seedling growth of Brassica napus L. under salinity conditions

Mohammad Bagher Hassanpouraghdam 1*, Javid Emarat Pardaz 2, Nader Farsad Akhtar 2


Comparison between conventional and organic floating systems for lettuce and tomato (Lactuca sativa and Lycopersicon esculentum) seedling production

Dimitrios Bilalis 1, Panagiotis Kanatas 2, Sotiria Patsiali 1, Aristidis Konstantas 1, Konstantinos Akoumianakis 3


Evaluation of economic values of broiler breeders in partially integrated system

Ali-Reza Fallah-Khair 1, Reza Seyed-Sharifi 2*, Morad-Pasha Eskandari-Nasab 1, Abdollah Sobhani 2


Evaluation of the genetic variability of microsatellite markers in Saudi Arabian camels

Abdulaziz M. Al-Swailem 1*, Maher M. Shehata 1, Khalid A. Al-Busadah 2, Maged H. Fallatah 1, Ejaz Askari 1


Evaluation of growth and carbon storage as influenced of soil chemical properties and moisture on teak (Tectona grandis) in Ashanti region, Ghana

Yoshinori Watanabe 1, Tsugiyuki Masunaga 1, Ebenezer Owusu-Sekyere 2, Mohammed Moro Buri 3, O. Idowu Oladele4*, Toshiyuki Wakatsuki 5


Optimal application of irrigation water with drip-tape method for Pashmineh Zar croplands, Andimeshk, Southwest Iran

Abdul Amir Moezzi 1, Kazem Torfi 2, Mohammad Albaji 3*, Arash Mahjoobi 3


The Internet as a business environment in Romanian agriculture

Liliana M. Moga 1*, Florin M. Buhociu 1, Ion Ionita 2, Florina O. Virlanuta 1, Valentin Antohi 1, Adrian Gh. Zugravu 1


In vitro mineral transformations by the human pathogens Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans

Sulaiman Ali Alharbi


Bioaugmentation and composting of oil-field drill-cuttings containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

Josiah M. Ayotamuno 1, Reuben N. Okparanma 2*, Peremelade P. Araka 1


Traditional home gardens and livelihood security in North-East India

U. K. Sahoo


Kalman filter technique for multisite modelling and streamflow prediction in Algeria

Khadidja Boukharouba, Ahmed Kettab *


Assessment of dermal bystander exposure in pesticide applications using different types of nozzles

Nigar Yarpuz-Bozdogan*, Ali Musa Bozdogan


Assessment of heavy metals transfer from a moderately polluted soil into the edible parts of vegetables

M. Di Salvatore, G. Carratù, A. M. Carafa *


Temporal variation of nitrate, chlorine and pH values in surface waters

Funda Dökmen 1*, Cengiz Kurtuluş 2


Extractability and bioavailability of phosphorus from soils amended with poultry litter and poultry litter ash

Faridullah 1*, Muhammad Irshad 2, Sadahiro Yamamoto 3, Zahoor Ahmad 3, Tsuneyoshi Endo 3, Toshimasa Honna3


Effects of soil polluted by cadmium and lead on production and quality of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) and radish (Raphanus sativus L.)

Qingling Fu, Hongqing Hu*, Jiajia Li, Li Huang, Haizheng Yang, Yi Lv


Organic and inorganic solutes accumulation in the leaves and roots of grafted and ungrafted cucumber plants in response to NaCl stress

Yuan Huang, Jin Zhu, Ai Zhen, Liang Chen, Zhilong Bie *


HACCP application for treatment of drinking water for Germi in Iran

Gholam Reza Jahed Khaniki 1*, Mokhtar Mahdavi 1, Mohammad Reza Mohebbi 2


Investigation of soil quality for different irrigation systems in Baghe Plain, Iran

A. A. Naseri 1, M. Albaji 1*, G. R. Khajeh Sahoti 2, S. Sharifi 2, A. Sarafraz 2, M. R. Eghbali 2


Determination of environmentally sensitive zones along Persian Gulf coastlines through geographic information system

J. Nouri 1*, M. R. Fatemi 2, A. Danekar 3, F. G. Fahimi 1, D. Karimi 4


The impact of oil exploration on the inhabitants of the oil producing areas of Nigeria

Douglason G. Omotor


A method of in situ screening for bacteria capable of producing alginate-degrading enzyme from aquatic fields

Ryohei Ueno


Utilization of contour furrow and pitting techniques on desert rangelands: Evaluation of runoff, sediment, soil water content and vegetation cover

Mansour Jahantigh 1, Mohammad Pessarakli 2*


Municipal solid waste management at Salt City in Jordan: Community perspective

Bassim E. Abbassi 1*, Hassan Khrisat 2, Qasem Alnewashi 1


Response of various cut lisianthus cultivars to silver thiosulfate treatment

Esmaeil Chamani 1*, Mosa Arshad 2, Younes Pourbeyrami 1


Impacts of grazing intensity on soil carbon and nitrogen in an alpine meadow on the eastern Tibetan Plateau

Yongheng Gao 1*, Martin Schumann 2, Huai Chen 3, 4, Ning Wu 3, Peng Luo 3


Salinity investigation of the region east to the Izmit Gulf in Izmit-Kocaeli

Cengiz Kurtuluş *, Mucella Canbay, Nur Demir, Demet Gider


Control of sedimentation in reservoirs by optimal operation of reservoir releases

Ebrahim Valizadegan 1*, Mahmood Shafaei Bajestan 2, Hossain Mohammad Vali Samani 3


Environmental aspects of dredging intra-coastal navigation channels in muddy coastlines: The case of Awoye, Ondo State, Nigeria

Steven Odi-Owei 1*, Itolima Ologhadien 2


Estimation of mountainous farmland area in China based on GIS and RS: A case study of Lincheng County

Limei Tan 1, 4, J. T. Liu 1*, Yuecun Ma 2*, H. T. Liu 1, 4, H. J. Liu 1, M. R. Laurenson 3


The effect of peats from different origin on yield and earliness in mushroom (Agaricus bisporus L.) cultivation

Emine I. Erkel


Evaluation of runoff and the effect of external factors on the potentials of water resources – Case study: Eastern, western and central regions of Guilan Province located in the southwestern coasts of the Caspian Sea in Iran

Mohammad Mohammadi Fatideh


Environment sensitivity of the families that immigrated from rural to the urban areas

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Chemical composition of biotechnology byproducts produced in Iowa: Selected organic and inorganic forms

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The socio-economics effects of Hamoon Lake in Sistan region of Iran

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Utilization of landraces for the genetic enhancement of pigeonpea in Eastern and Southern Africa

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Why are birds more abundant on organic farms?

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Comparative studies of the different mechanical oxygenation systems used in the restoration of lakes and reservoirs

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Poverty status and its relationship with environmental, health-related and living condition factors among farming households in Borno State, Nigeria

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Residues of persistent organic pollutants in orchard topsoil of major fruit producing regions in China

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Poverty alleviation through extension education among Fulani pastoralists in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria

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Seasonal fluctuations in populations of Lepidopteran species as influenced by conventional control in tobacco stores

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Evan region qualitative soil evaluation for wheat, barley, alfalfa and maize

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Genome shuffling enhanced antagonistic activity against Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. melonis and tolerance to chemical fungicides in Bacillus subtilis BS14

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Review: The phenomenon of crop-weed competition; a problem or a key for sustainable weed management?

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Effect of application method on the interaction between Beauveria bassiana and neem tree extract when combined for Thrips tabaci (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) control

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Evaluation of SALTMED model performance in irrigation and drainage of sugarcane farms in Khuzestan province of Iran

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