Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 8, Issue 3&4,2010
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

Volume 8, Issue 3&4, 2010
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Modified atmosphere packaging of individual ‘Fuyu’ sweet persimmons

Hae Jin Kim 1, Mijin Jeong 1, Duck Soon An 1, Gwang-Hwan Ahn 2, Dong Sun Lee 1*


Variations of physical and chemical properties and minerals and vitamins composition of camel milk from eight locations in Jordan

Muhammad H. Aludatt 1*, Khalil Ereifej 1, Abdulaziz M. Alothman 2, Ali Almajwal 2, Hana Alkhalidy 1, Abdel Rahman Al-Tawaha 3, Inteaz Alli 4


The effects of modified atmosphere packaging and storage temperature on quality and biochemical properties of dill (Anethum graveolens) leaves

Mustafa Sakaldaş *, Arzu Ş. Aslim, Canan Ö. Kuzucu, Kenan Kaynaş


Effects of storage time and temperature on radical scavenging activities and bioactive compounds in colored rice varieties

Nyein. N. Htwe 1,4, Varit Srilaong 1, Krittika Tanprasert 2, Sasitorn Tongchitpakdee 3, Sirichai Kanlayanarat 1*, Apiradee Uthairatanakij 1


Concentration and mRNA abundance of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I in serum, liver and longissimus dorsi of suckled Tibet and crossbred piglets during the early postnatal development

T. J. Li, Q. Hu, Z. Q. Liu, K. Yao, X. Wu, J. Pan, Y. L. Yin *


The developmental patterns of concentration and mRNA abundance of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I in serum, liver and longissimus dorsi of suckled crossbred piglets

Q. Hu 1, 2, Z. Q. Liu 2, K. Yao 2, X. Wu 2, L. Y. Yang 3, J. Pan 2, Z. Y. Deng 1, Z. Ruan 1*


Effects of feeding galactomannan oligosaccharides on growth performance, serum antibody levels and intestinal microbiota in newly-weaned pigs

Ren-Lei Wang 1,2, Z. P. Hou 3*, Bin Wang 2, Zhi-Qiang Liu 3*, Andrew A. Fatufe 4


Effects of dietary protein levels and genetic background on enzyme and transcription factor mRNA expression in subcutaneous adipose tissues in swine

Wanting Gu 1, 2#, Peng Ying 3#, Min Gong 1, 4#, Zheng Ruan 1*, Yongfei Wang 5, Ronghua Yin 5, Xugang Shu 6, Mingzhe Fan 7, Zhi-qiang Liu 2*


Nutritional and sensory properties of amala supplemented with distiller’s spent grain (DSG)

Wasiu Awoyale 1, Busie Maziya-Dixon 2*, Lateef Sanni 1,2, Taofik Akinyemi Shittu 1


Effect of copper, ferrous iron and zinc from different sources on growth performance and fecal copper, ferrous iron and zinc balance in growing pigs

Yuelin Deng 1, 2, Many Mi 4, Feng Chen 1, 2, Dun Deng 1, Peng Ying 5*, Gong Min 6, Gang Liu 7, Yongfei Wang 8, Ronghua Yin 8, Mi Wang 4*, M. Z. Fan 9, Jun Fang 3*


Turkish consumers’ attitudes towards frozen foods

Zerrin Kenanoglu Bektas 1*, Bulent Miran 1, Ozlem Karahan Uysal 1, Cihat Gunden 1, Murat Cankurt 2


Antioxidant effect of phenolic compounds recovered from olive mill wastewater of Chemlal variety cultivated in Kabylia (Algeria) on the oxidative stability of virgin olive oil

Ramdane Moussaoui 1*, Daouia Siziani, Ahcène Youyou 2, Patrick Sharrock 3, Marina M.L. Fiallo 3


Percutaneous absorption of piroxicam: In vitro release and percutaneous absorption from different concentration gels

Rym Ben Mustapha 1*, Christine Lafforgue 1, Nadia Fenina 2


Development of the PCR kit for simultaneous detection of Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogenes and Bacillus cereus in food

Wei Chen §, Zhengguo Li*, Yingwu Yang, Wei Deng


Suitability of viscosity measurement methods for liquid food variety and applicability in food industry – A review

K.A. Abbas 1, S.M. Abdulkarim 1*, A.M. Saleh 2, M. Ebrahimian 1


Quantity of the flavonoid profile peaks during storage and ripening in persimmon fruit

Ayse Tulin Oz 1*, Panagiotis Kefalas 2


Determining antioxidant capacity of extracts of Filipendula vulgaris Moench from south-western Romania

Ilinca M. Imbrea *, Monica Butnariu, Alma L. Nicolin, Florin Imbrea


Characterization of antioxidant polysaccharides in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia L.) cultivars

Junli Li  2,§, Yunqiang Wang  1,3,§, Jin Huang 2, Xiaofei Xu 4, Changping Xiang 1*


Multi-objective optimization of decoloration and lactosucrose recovery through artificial neural network and genetic algorithm

Zhou Yan 1, Ruan Zheng 1*, Yin Fugui 2, Shu Guan 2, 3, Xiaoli Zhou 1, Liao Chun-Long 1, Dai Zhi-Kai 1


Neuro-fuzzy modeling of a conveyor-belt grain dryer

O. F. Lutfy 1*, S. B. Mohd Noor 1, M. H. Marhaban 1, K. A. Abbas 2, H. Mansor 1


Glutamine and animal immune function

Fungui Yin , Weiming Jiang 2§ , Shu Guan 3, Zhizhong Pan 2, Xiuli Chen 2, Xiaohang Chen 2*


Assessment of lycopene content of fresh tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) and tomato products in the United Arab Emirates

Louis C. Laleye 1*, Salma I. Al Hammadi 2, B. Jobe 1, Madduri V. Rao 3


Colloidal competences of new tailor-made lipids

Călin Jianu *, Ionel Jianu


Some phytochemical and antioxidant characteristics of wild and cultivated blackberry (Rubus caucasicus) fruits

Hilal Yildiz 1, Memnune Sengul 1, Ferit Celik 2, Attila Hegedus 3, Sezai Ercisli 4, Murat Tosun 5


Identification and quantification of major carotenoids of deep yellow-fleshed yam (tropical Dioscorea dumetorum)

Roman Ferede 1,2*, Busie Maziya-Dixon 1, Oladeji E. Alamu 1, Robert Asiedu 3


Alternative usage of lupin (Lupinus albus L.) seeds

Mustafa Yorgancilar 1, Nermin Bilgiçli 2*


Resuscitation of radio frequency electric fields injured Escherichia coli cells in nutrient and non-nutrient media during storage

Dike O. Ukuku *, David J. Geveke, Howard Q. Zhang


Effects of frying condition on physicochemical properties of palm olein-olive oil blends

Mahsa Naghshineh 1, Hamed Mirhosseini 2*


Variability of phenolics and mineral composition in kernels of several bitter and sweet apricot (Prunus armeniaca Batsch.) cultivars

Fatma Akıncı Yıldırım 1*, Adnan Nurhan Yıldırım 2, Bekir Şan 2, M. Atilla Aşkın 2, Mehmet Polat 2


Influence of harvest time maturity and storage condition on internal ethylene production rate of ‘Hayward’ kiwifruits

Ayse Tulin Oz 1*, Atilla Eris 2


Moisture desorption isotherms of St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum L.) leaves at three temperatures

H. Ahmadi Chenarbon 1*, S. Minaei 1, A. R. Bassiri 2, M. Almassi 1, A. Arabhosseini 3


Comparison of two packaging conditions in preserving antioxidant activity of sweet persimmons

Myung-Suk Bae 1, Hae Jin Kim 1, Duck Soon An 1, Gwang-Hwan Ahn 2, Seung-Cheol Lee 1, Dong Sun Lee 1*


Total oil, fatty acid composition and tocopherol content in kernels of several bitter and sweet apricot (Prunus armeniaca Batsch) cultivars from Turkey

Fatma Akıncı Yıldırım 1*, Adnan Nurhan Yıldırım 2, Mehmet Atilla Aşkın 2, Abdullah Kankaya 2


Consumer cooperatives, food security and the sustainability of civil servants in urban cities of Ondo State, Nigeria

Grace Modupe Adebo*, Charles Ajewole Oladele


Evaluation of 33 medicinal plant extracts for the antioxidant capacity and total phenols

Ducu-Sandu Stef *, Gergen Iosif, Teodor Ioan-Trasca, Lavinia Stef, Cecilia Pop, Monica Harmanescu, Ramona Biron, Elena Pet


Ribotype and serotype diversity of Escherichia coli isolates from poultry and human sources

Cynthia Sheffield 1, Cecilia Rosario-Cortés 2, Kenneth Bischoff 3


Changes in pigments, total polyphenol, antioxidant activity and color parameters of red and green edible amaranth leaves under different shade levels

M. B. Ali 1*, Laila Khandaker 1, Shinya Oba 2


Changes in sugars, organic acids and phenolics of grape berries of cultivar Cardinal during ripening

Ana Topalovic 1*, Maja Mikulic-Petkovsek 2


Determination of iodine in the muscles of two marine fish species and lobster from the Persian Gulf

M. Ansari 1*, M. Raissy 2, A. Shakeryan 2, E. Rahimi 2, F. Fadaeifard 2


Manufacture of resistant starch by different physical modifications and storage times

Chinfu Chou 1, Mingchang Wu 1, Budi Nurtama 2, Jenshinn Lin 1*


Immunomodulatory effect of the larvae of yellow mealworm, Tenebrio molitor Linnaeus

Qingfeng Tang 1*, Yin Dai 2, Xuelan Liu 3


Comparison of functional properties of isolated emmer and einkorn wheat starches

Gholamhossein Haghayegh 1*, Regine Schoenlechner 2


Effect of solute infiltration on oil uptake and cyanide content of fried cassava chips (abacha)

L.O. Lalude *, R.D. Oluwo, K.A. Taiwo


Empirical model of spray drying of whole milk powder using nozzle atomizer spray dryer

Lee Woun Tan, Mohd. Nordin Ibrahim, Farah Saleena Taip*


Effect of organic and conventional production practices on antioxidant activity, antioxidant constituents and nutritional value of tomatoes and carrots in Saudi Arabia markets

Ragab A. El-Mergawi*, Khalid Al-Redhaiman


Bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity of small fruits in Lithuania

Pranas Viskelis*, Marina Rubinskienė, Ramunė Bobinaitė, Edita Dambrauskienė


Physico-chemical properties of palm oil from different palm oil local factories in Nigeria

F. F. Akinola 1, O. O. Oguntibeju 2*, A. W. Adisa 1, O. S. Owojuyigbe 3


Antioxidant and mineral characteristics of some common vegetables consumed in Eastern Turkey

Aybuke Elif Ceyhun Sezgin 1, Aslıhan Esringu 2, Metin Turan 2, Hilal Yildiz 3, Sezai Ercisli 4*


Significance and application of psychrometric chart in food processing: A review

K.A. Abbas 1*, Adel M. Saleh 2, Ola Lasekan 1,Hussein A. Abbas 3


Consumer perceptions of organic foods in Turkey

Huri İlyasoğlu 1*, Sara Temel 2, Beraat Özçelik 2


Effect of supplementation of soy sauce cake and vinegar brewer’s cake with total mixed ration silage-based diet on nutrient utilization by Holstein steers

M. K. Uddin, M. Kondo, J. Kita, H. Matsui, S. Karita, M. Goto *


Improvement of field efficiency measurement system based on GPS for precision agriculture applications

Mehmet Topakci 1*, Ilker Unal 2, Murad Canakci 1, Mete Yigit 1, Davut Karayel 1


Using magnetic resonance imaging technique (MRI) to investigate graft connection and its relation to reddening discoloration in grape leaves

Elman Bahar 1, Ilknur Korkutal 1*, Alain Carbonneau 2, Gulcin Akcay 1


Responses of cultivars of canola to sulfur fertilizer and plant densities under climatic condition of Gorgan region, Iran

Ali Soleymani 1*, Mohamad Mehdi Shahri 1, Mohamad Hesam Shahrajabian 2, Lila Naranjani 3


Effects of microelement application methods on seed yield components in Alestar sunflower hybrid

Maryam Farzanian 1, Mehrdad Yarnia 2*, Aziz Javanshir 2, Ali Reza Tarinejhad 3


Soil tillage conservation and its effect on soil organic matter, water management and carbon sequestration

Paula Ioana Moraru, Teodor Rusu *


Pollination of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cv. Khenazy by pollen grain-water suspension spray

Mohamed A. Awad 1,2


Mathematical model and optimization of structure and operating parameters of pneumatic precision metering device for rapeseed

Xiaoyan Deng 1, Xu Li 2, Caixia Shu 2, Haidong Huang 2, Qingxi Liao 2*


Variation of root and shoot growth and free proline accumulation in Iranian alfalfa ecotypes under salt stress

Masoud Torabi *, Mohd Ridzwan A. Halim


Performance of ‘Clausellina’ mandarin on four rootstocks

M. Angeles Forner-Giner 1*, Juan Jose Hueso 2, Jose Maria Agüera 2, Juan B. Forner 1


Salt tolerance of some tomato genotypes grown in Turkey

Ahmet Turhan 1*, Vedat Şeniz 2


Computer aided and interactive greenhouse design application

Kenan Buyuktas 1*, Sevket Yilmaz 2, Can Ertekin 3


The effect of dietary P level on the digestibility and output of P and nitrogen

Y. G. Zhang 1, Weiming Jiang 1,2, Lihua Tao 2*


Effects of calcium oxide and calcium hydroxide on the chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of soybean straw

Mohammad Khorvash 1, Shahryar Kargar 1, Taher Yalchi 2, Gholam Reza Ghorbani 1


Volume modeling of different types of pepper fruits with some physical characteristics

Murat Kilic 1*, M. Kadri Bozokalfa 2


Control of the anti-nutritive effect of non-starch polysaccharides from barley-based combined forage in broilers

Stef Lavinia*, Drinceanu Dan, Simiz Eliza, Stef Ducu, Julean Călin, Pandur Cosmin


Weaknesses of the emmer wheat genetic resources and possibilities of its improvement for low-input and organic farming systems

Petr Konvalina 1*, Ivana Capouchová 2, Zdeněk Stehno3, Jan Moudrý 1, Jan Moudrý Jr. 1


Phytoextraction of toxic metals by sunflower and corn plants

Petr Soudek , Šárka Petrová, Dagmar Benešová, Tomáš Vaněk*


Impact of promoting sustainable agriculture in Borno (PROSAB) program on adoption of improved crop varieties in Borno State of Nigeria

S. A. Bamire 1*, T. Abdoulaye 2, P. Amaza 3, A. Tegbaru 2, A. D. Alene 2, A. Y. Kamara 2


Effects of seed viability and water supply on leaf chlorophyll content and grain yield of maize (Zea mays)

Bahareh Dalil, Kazem Ghassemi-Golezani *, Mohammad Moghaddam, Yaeghoob Raey


Improved growth and essential oil quality of Foeniculum vulgare by Azospirillum inoculation and nutrient seed priming

Bahram Mirshekari *, Negar Valizadeh, Arezoo Mirmozaffari Roudsari, Somayeh Hosseinian Maleki, Farhad Farahvash, Sahar Baser Kouchebagh


Effects of egg weight and length of storage period on chick weight and hatchability performance of pheasants (Phasianus colchicus)

Tamer Caglayan *, Sema Alasahan, Orhan Cetin, Kemal Kirikci, Aytekin Gunlu


Garlic white rot caused by Sclerotium cepivorum and its managing by soil solarization in Zanjan province, northwest Iran

Hossein Saremi 1*, Ali Ammarellou 2, Hanieh Saremi 3


Effect of different water stress on the yield and yield components of second crop corn in semiarid climate

Ersel Yılmaz, Selin Akçay, Talih Gürbüz, Necdet Dagdelen*, Fuat Sezgin


Effect of GA3 on dormancy breaking of ‘Marfona’ potato mini-tubers under greenhouse conditions

Fariborz Shekari 1*, Mohammad Bagher Khorshidi Benam 2, Sardar Germchi 3, Davoud Hassanpanah 4


Reflection of different application of potassium and iron fertilization on tomato yield and fruit quality in soilless medium

Filiz Öktüren Asrı 1, Sahriye Sönmez 2*


Model setting the micromineral supplementation values in heavy breed avian youth raised in organic system

Dan Drinceanu, Lavinia Ştef, Eliza Simiz, Călin Julean*, Ioan Luca, Florica Mic


Influence of humic acid on the antioxidant compounds in pepper fruit

Husnu Unlu *, Halime Ozdamar Unlu, Yasar Karakurt *


Modal analysis of agricultural machineries using finite element method: A case study for a V-belt pulley of a fodder crushing machine

H. Kursat Celik 1,2 , Mehmet Topakci 1, Murad Canakci 1, Allan E. W. Rennie 2, Ibrahim Akinci 1*


Manipulation of dietary nitrogen, amino acids and phosphorous to reduce environmental impact of swine production and enhance animal health

Yulong Yin*, Bie Tan


Characterization and genetic divergence in Stevia rebaudiana (Bert.) Bertoni clones based in agronomical and morphological characteristics

Edson T. Anami, Juliana P. Poletine *, Maria Celeste Gonçalves-Vidigal, Pedro S. Vidigal Filho, Giselly F. Lacanallo, Marcus V. Kvitschal, Adriana Gonela


Bacterial contamination in lettuce: Comparison of sewage water-irrigated plants to commercial products from Riyadh market, Saudi Arabia

Omar M. H. Shair


Impact of Sawah system on rice based farming system in Nigeria

Ayorinde Kolawole 1, Oladimeji Idowu Oladele 2*, Toshiyuki Wakatsuki 3


Assessment of mechanical damage on apples with image analysis

Abdullah Beyaz *, Ramazan Ozturk, Ufuk Turker


In vitro and in vivo culturing impacts on the virulence characteristics of serially passed entomopathogenic fungi

Abid Hussain 1*, Ming-Yi Tian 1, Yu-Rong He 1, Lin Ruan 2, Sohail Ahmed 3


The influence of herbs in a feed dose on the content of bio-available silicon in cow’s milk

Karol Węglarzy 1.2*, Małgorzata Bereza 2


Effect of crop-screw parameters on rough rice grain damage in handling with a horizontal screw conveyor

H. Zareiforoush 1*, M. H. Komarizadeh 1, M. R. Alizadeh 2


Local Slovenian quartz sands have low insecticidal activity against rice weevil (Sitophilus oryzae [L.], Coleoptera, Curculionidae) adults

Helena Rojht 1, Aleksander Horvat 2, Stanislav Trdan 1*


Effects of dietary protein level on intramuscular fat content and its fatty acid composition in lean and obese genotype finishing pigs

Xingguo Huang 1#, Hai-jun Xu 3#, Wan-ting Gu 2, Gangle Liu 4, Min Gong 6, Shu Xu-gang 5, Jinping Deng 1*, Zhi-qiang Liu 2*


Effects of digestible lysine levels on growth performance, serum metabolites and carcass composition in barrows

Jinping Deng 1, Feng Yang 2, Yulong Yin 3, Zhi-Qiang Liu 3, Fu-Yong Yan 2, Yu-Zhe Zhang 2, Zhiru Tang 2


Determination of factors affecting investment in agricultural sector of Iran

Majid Dahmardeh 1*, Issa Piri 2, Mehdi Dahmardeh 3


Application of sheep manure in saline-sodic soils of Northeast China 1-Effect on rice (Oryza sativa L.) yield and yield components

Miao Liu 1, 2, Zheng-wei Liang 1, 3*, Hong-yuan Ma 1, 3, Li-hua Huang 1, 3, Jing Bi 4, Xiao-yan Gu 1, 2, Ming-ming Wang 1, 2


Effect of irrigation water depth on rice growth and yield in a saline-sodic soil in Songnen plain, China

Ming-ming Wang 1, 2, Zheng-wei Liang 1, 3*, Zhi-chun Wang 1, 3, Li-hua Huang 1, 3, Hong-yuan Ma 1, 3, Miao Liu 1, 2, Xiao-yan Gu 1, 2


Effects of water deficit on nutrient content and grain protein of bread wheat genotypes

Mohammad Rezaei 1, Saeid Zehtab-Salmasi 1*, Nosratollah Najafi 1, Kazem Ghassemi-Golezani 1*, Mohammadreza Jalalikamali 2


UAE poultry farm premises ID and biosecurity

Moustafa A. Fadel, Ahmed S. Hussein *


Evaluation of some selected alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) lines for herbage yield and forage quality

Mustafa Avci *, Selehattin Çinar, Celal Yücel, İlker İnal


Effect of heights and submergence ratio of ponded raised bed on crop productivity in water-logged wetland

O. E. Essien *, Ema. O. Ekong


Estimating an optimal ratio of true digestible Ca:P in corn-rough-soybean meal-based diets for 20-50 kg growing pigs

Q. Hu 2, Lingyuan Yang 3, J. Fang 3, S. X. Wang 2, X. G. Shu 4, Z. Y. Deng 1, Gang Liu 5, M. Z. Fan 6, Z. Ruan 1*


Efficacy of ampelographic and phyllometric tools for the validation of grapevine Vitis vinifera L. biodiversity in Slovenia

Radojko Pelengić 1*, Denis Rusjan 2


Use of copper sulphate for controlling systemic contamination in black pepper (Piper nigrum L.) cultures

K. Rajmohan 1, K. B. Soni 1, A. Swapna 1*, P. A. Nazeem 2, S. Shimi Suku 1


In vitro plant regeneration and bulblet formation of Tunceli garlic (Allium tuncelianum (Kollman) Özhatay, Matthew, Siraneci ) by shoot and root culture

Ruhsar Yanmaz 1, Ezgi Yazar 2, K. Yaprak Kantoğlu 3*, Aslı Alper 2


Direct detection of Dermatophilus congolensis from skin scabs of dermatophilosis infected animals by polymerase chain reaction

Samson J. Shaibu 1*, Haruna M. Kazeem 2, Usman S. Abdullahi 3, Muhammad Y. Fatihu 2, Bitrus Yakubu 4, Adesoji A. Makinde 1, Lami H. Lombin 1


Weight and egg quality correlation relationship on different age laying hens

Sreten Mitrovic 1*, Tatjana Pandurevic 2, Vesna Milic 2, Vera Djekic 3, Vladan Djermanovic 1


Differentiation of banana (Musa spp.) hybrids and somaclones from INIVIT, Cuba, through morphological descriptors

Teresa Ramírez Pedraza 1, Lianet González Díaz 1, Eliécer Reinaldo Álvarez 1, Sergio Fernández Peña 1, Ricardo Hernández Pérez 2, Dagoberto Guillen 3*


The frequency of pathogenic fungi genera in poultry feed

Vesna Krnjaja *, Ljiljana Stojanović, Snežana Trenkovski, Zorica Bijelić, Dušica Tomašević


Effects of nitrogen and soil moisture on nitrous oxide emission from an alfisol in Wuhan, China

Weihong Qiu, Jinshan Liu, Chengxiao Hu *, Xuecheng Sun, Qiling Tan


Endogenous hormone in response to molybdenum in winter wheat roots under low temperature stress

Xuecheng Sun 1, 2, Chengxiao Hu 1, 2, Qiling Tan 2, Jinshan Liu 2, Hongen Liu 2


Effect of moisture content on some physical properties of safflower (var. Darab) seeds

Javad Tarighi *, Seyed Saeid Mohtasebi, Asghar Mahmoodi


Best duration for submersion of grapevine cuttings of rootstock 41B in water to increase root formation

Zeliha Gökbayrak *, Alper Dardeniz, Abdurrahman Arikan, Ulaş Kaplan


Physical, chemical and physicochemical properties of some lentil varieties grown in Turkey

M. S. Özer *, F. Kaya


Distribution of Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus (IPNV) in two major rainbow trout fry producing provinces of Iran with respect to clinically infected farms

Mehdi Raissy 1*, Hassan Momtaz 1, Mahsa Ansari 2, Manouchehr Moumeni 3, Mehdi Hosseinifard 4


Assessment of genetic variation among safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) accessions using agro-morphological traits and molecular markers

Seyed Afshin Safavi 1*, Seyyed Saeid Pourdad 2, Mohmmad Taeb 1, Mahmoud Khosroshahli 1


Multicriteria land suitability evaluation for barley by using GIS in Damghan plain (Northeast of Iran)

Shahram Ashraf 1*, Hossein Afshari 2, Ruzana Munokyan 1, Abdol Ghaffar Ebadi 3


The performance of irrigation automation system based on soil moisture level for pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) growth

Murat Yıldırım


Automating field data collection related to the soil moisture status

Pop Ioana 1*, Matei Florica 1, Stanca Liana 2, Budiu Viorel 1, Deak Jutka 1


Investigation on performance and intera-specific biodiversity of 54 oval cocoon strains of Iranian silkworm germplasm Bombyx mori based on reproductive characters

N. Najafi 1, A. R. Seidavi 2*, S. Z. Mirhosseini 3, S. Gharahveysi 1, M. Mavvajpour 4, M. Salehi Nezhad 1


Branch induction on apple (Malus domestica L.) nursery trees: Effects of Perlan (GA4+7+6BA) and pinching

Mustafa Bektaş 1, Nilda Ersoy 2*


The influence of coated urea on yield and quality of vegetable crops and nitrogen balance in calcareous Chao soil

Yousheng Xiong 1*, Jiafu Yuan 1, Ronggui Hu 2


Nopalito and forage productivity of Opuntia spp. and Nopalea sp. (Cactaceae) growing under greenhouse hydroponics system

Hugo Magdaleno Ramírez-Tobías 1, Juan Rogelio Aguirre-Rivera 2, Juan Manuel Pinos-Rodríguez 2, Juan Antonio Reyes-Agüero 2*


Broiler breeder age affects carrying eggs intensity, brood eggs incubation values and chicken quality

Vladan Ðermanović *, Sreten Mitrović, Milica Petrović


Prediction of farmers’ attendance at horticultural extension programs in Iran: Application of the theory of planned behavior

Ali Asadi 1, Morteza Akbari 2*, Khalil Kalantari 1, Abdolmotaleb Rezaei 2, Seyyed Mahmoud Hashemi 2


Impact of primary soil tillage intensity on maize (Zea mays L.) seedbed formation and productivity parameters

Kęstutis Romaneckas 1*, Egidijus Šarauskis 2, Vytautas Pilipavičius 1, Aida Adamavičienė 1, Dovilė Avižienytė 1


Croplife-B and ethephon: Candidates for use in strawberry sustainable organic horticulture

Abbas F. Al-Jamali 1*, Saeed S. Al-Wardi 1, 2


Socio-economic analysis of dairy buffalo enterprises in Afyonkarahisar province in Turkey

Aytekin Günlü 1*, Hasan Çiçek 2, Murat Tandoğan 2


Effect of sand application and flushing during the sensitive stages on rice biomass allocation and yield in a saline-sodic soil

Ming-ming Wang 1, 2, Zheng-wei Liang 1, 3*, Zhi-chun Wang 1, 3, Li-hua Huang 1, 3, Hong-yuan Ma 1, 3, Miao Liu 1, 2, Xiaoyan Gu 1, 2


Effect of abscisic acid on cold tolerance in Brassica napus shoots cultured in vitro

Natalija Burbulis 1, Vaida Jonytienė 1, Ramunė Kuprienė 1, Aušra Blinstrubienė 1, Vytautas Liakas 2


The role of Azospirillum lipoferum bacteria in sustainable production of maize

Elnaz Davaran Hagh 1*, F. Rahimzadeh Khoii 1, Mostafa Valizadeh 1, Mohammad B. Khorshidi 2


A hybrid Fisher/SVM method for SNP discovery in Brassica oilseed rape

Huijuan Xiong 1, Xuehai Hu 1, Jingbo Xia 1, Ruiyuan Li 2, Feng Shi 1, Jinlin Meng 2, Zhi Li 1*


Effects of drip irrigation regimes on tomato fruit yield and water use efficiency

Y. M. Zhai 1, 2, X. H. Shao 1, 2*, W. G. Xing 1, 2, Y. Wang 1, T. T. Hung 3, H. L. Xu 4


New ways in using far-infrared radiations for agricultural production

Mirela Coman 1, Teodor Rusu 2


Risk and sustainability in tobacco production in Turkey

Handan Akcaoz*, Hatice Kizilay, Orhan Ozcatalbas


Intercropping effect of different vegetables on yield and some agronomic properties

Hüsnü Ünlü 1*, Nebahat Sari 2, İknur Solmaz 2


Influence of copper and sulphur applications on the growth and nutrient contents of tomato plants

Mustafa Kaplan, Sahriye Sonmez *, N. Kemal Sonmez, Harun Kaya


Characteristics of nutrient release kinetics for organic polymer-coated fertilizers

Y. S. Xiong 1*, J. F. Yuan 1, R. G. Hu 2


Chemical composition of lettuce (Lactuca sativa) grown in soils amended with different sources of animal manure to simulate organic farming conditions

Alaeddin B. Tahboub 1*, Taleb R. Abu-Zahra 2, Amal A. Al-Abbadi 2


The effects of slow-release nitrogen fertilization models on soil biological properties in rice-wheat cropping system

Guan Guan 1, Shuxin Tu 1*, Junchen Yang 2*, Jianfeng Zhang 2, Li Yang 3


Multiprobe soil compaction sensor: An acoustical approach

Abbas Moallemi-Oreh 1, Saeid Minaei 2*, Ahmad Sharifi-Malvajerdi 3, Ali Mohammad Borghaee 1


Farmers’ purchase intention of agricultural machinery, an application of the theory of planned behavior in China

Jianying Feng, Zetian Fu, Xiaoping Zheng, Weisong Mu*


The effect of climate changes on maize yield in a long-term fertilization experiment in the Huang-Huai-Hai Plain of China

Qin Liu 1, 2*, Junfeng Zhang 1, 2, Mengjie Xu 2, Bin Zhang 1


Effects of dietary inclusion of soy oil on growth performance, carcass characteristics, serum metabolites, hormones and meat quality in finishing pigs

Jun Fang 1$ , Hai-Jun Xu 2, 3 $, Zhi-Qiang Liu 2, Wan-ting Gu 2, Bi-E Tang 2, Zhiqiang Liu 2*, Yongfei Wang 4, Ronghua Yin 4. M. Z. Fan 5


Higher heating values estimation of horticultural biomass from their proximate and ultimate analyses data

Tajana Kricka 1, Neven Voca 1*, Tea Brlek Savic 1, Nikola Bilandzija 2, Stjepan Sito 2


Efficiency and its determinant factors for smallholder farms in the Grain for Green Program on the Loess Plateau, China

Li Li 1*, Atsushi Tsunekawa 1, Mitsuru Tsubo 1, Atsushi Koike 2, Jijun Wang 3


The effect of dietary carob pods on nutrient digestibility in weaning, growing and fattening periods of pigs

Nikolaos V. Kotrotsios 1, Efterpi V. Christaki 2, Eleftherios M. Bonos 2, Panagiota C. Florou-Paneri 2*


Efficiency of zinc and iron application methods on sunflower

Elnaz Ebrahimian 1*, Ahmad Bybordi 2*, Bahman Pasban Eslam 2


Cultivation practices do not change the Salvia sclarea L. essential oil but drying process does

Giorgio Tibaldi, Emanuela Fontana, Silvana Nicola *


Antibiosis effects of 20 potato cultivars to the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say) (Col. Chrysomelidae)

Akbar Ghassemi-Kahrizeh 1*, Gadir Nouri-Ganbalani 2, Nouradin Shayesteh 3, Iraj Bernousi 4


Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) plays a role in the postprandial metabolism regulation in Duroc×Landrace×Large White growing barrows

Zheng Ruan 1*, Hai-jun Xu 2, Xu-gang Shu 3, Gang Liu 4*, Gong Min 1, 5, Zhi-qiang Liu 2*


Grafting cucumber seedlings on Cucurbita spp.: Comparison of different grafting methods, scions and their performance

Asuman Cansev, Mehmet Ozgur *


Interference of redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus L.) in sunflower hybrids

Bahram Mirshekari *, Sahar Baser Kouchebagh, Negar Valizadeh, Arezoo Mirmozaffari Roudsari


A segmentation algorithm for the automatic recognition of tomato at harvest

Arman Arefi *, Asad Modarres Motlagh, Rahman Farrokhi Teimourlou


Genetic relationships among Turkish hexaploid oat genotypes using microsatellite markers

E. Banu Buyukunal Bal *, Pelin Vural


Evaluation of different levels of water stress in potato cultivars

E. Farajzadeh Memari Tabrizi 1*, M. Yarnia 2*, V. Ahmadzadeh 3, N. Farajzadeh Memari Tabrizi 4


Evaluation of the reaction of Alisma plantago-aquatica and some rice cultivars to Curvularia lunata in the north of Iran

Mohammad Reza Safari Motlagh *, Armin Javadzadeh


Optimization of combination of betaine, conjugated linoleic acid, methionine chromium and cysteamine as growth promoters in rat

Chaoyang Ying 1†, Hai-Jun Xu 2, 3†, Zhi-Qiang Liu 2, Anguo Zhou 1, Tie-Jun Li 2*, Xu-Gang Shu 4


The effect of Liriomyza trifolii (Burgess) (Diptera: Agromyzidae) on some leaf characteristics of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Eyyüp Mennan Yıldırım 1*, Aydın Ünay 2, Hasan Sungur Civelek 3


Analysis of energy use for fig production in Turkey

Ferit Cobanoglu


Effects of hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite on the chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of soybean straw

Mohammad Khorvash 1*, Shahryar Kargar 1 , Taher Yalchi 2, Gholam Reza Ghorbani 1


Ion accumulation and water relations in canola (Brassica napus L.) cultivars under salinity

Mahmoud Toorchi 1*, Rana Naderi 1, 2, Mohammad Reza Shakiba 1, Habib Kazemnia 2


Effects of drought stress and nitrogen nutrition on seed yield and proline content in bread and durum wheat genotypes

Farshad Sorkhi Lalelou *, Mohammad Reza Shakiba, Adel Dabbagh Mohammadi-Nassab, Seied Abolghasem Mohammadi


Association of yield and flag leaf photosynthesis among wheat recombinant inbred lines (RILs) under drought condition

Mohammadreza Azimi 1*, Hoshang Alizadeh 1, Ghasem Hosseini Salekdeh 2, Mohammadreza Naghavi 1


Determination of optimum slaughter weight and profitability of Brown Swiss cattle in Turkey

Mustafa Garip 1*, Ali Akmaz 1, Alper Yilmaz 1, Süleyman Dere 1, Tamer Çağlayan 1, Şeref İnal 1, Fatma İnal 2


Crop rotation and fertilization effect on barley yield grown in arid conditions

M. M. Al-Ajlouni 1*, Abdul Latief A. Al-Ghzawi 2, Abdel Rahman Al-Tawaha 3


The reduction of amylose content in rice grain and decrease of Wx gene expression during endosperm development in response to drought stress

Dong-Hua Liu, Jia-Liang Zhang, Jin-Hua Cao, Zhi-Hua Wang, Can Yu, De-Ming Jin *


Effects of red root pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus L.) interference on corn yield and yield components

Fariborz Shekari 1*, Mohammad Bagher Khorshidi Benam 2, Abdol Reza BirunAra 3


Intestinal and renal Type II NaPi co-transporter gene expression patterns in growing pigs fed with different levels of dietary calcium

Lingyuan Yang 1, 2, Shun-xiang Wang 1, Gong Min 3, Xu-gang Shu 4, Zhi-qiang Liu 1, Tiejun Li 1, Yulong Yin 1*


Scaling up adoption of sawah rice production technology through on-farm demonstrations and farmers field days in Nigeria

A. Kolawole 1, O. I. Oladele 2, T. Wakatsuki 3


Relation between physiological and some agronomic characteristics in selected genotypes of wheat in drought stress condition

M. R. Naroui Rad 1, Hawa Z. E. Jaafar 1*, Hossein Akbari Moghaddam 2, Omid Poodineh 2, Hossein Moayedi 1


Effects of different growing media on seedling quality and nutrient contents in pepper (Capsicum annuum L. var longum cv. Super Umut F1)

Halil Demir 1*, Ersin Polat 2, İlker Sönmez 1, Erdem Yılmaz 3


Pomological characteristics of selected promising mulberry genotypes (Morus sp.) from Northeast Anatolia

Emine Orhan 1, Sezai Ercisli 2


Study on the possibility of limiting the number of technological groups of lactating cows kept in a loose housing system

Karol Węglarzy 1, 2*, Małgorzata Bereza 2, Juliusz Kraszewski 1, Aneta Pellar 2


Sorghum halepense (Johnsongrass) water extract effects as alone and integrated with current methods on weed control in soybean

Faezeh Movahedpour, Adel Dabbagh Mohammadi Nassab *, Mohammad Reza Shakiba, Saied Aharizad


PAH removal from Nigerian oil-based drill-cuttings with spent oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) substrate

Josiah M. Ayotamuno *, Reuben N. Okparanma, Davidson D. Davis, Mary Allagoa


Sunburn on apples is associated with increases in phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity as a function of the cultivar and areas of the fruit

Jose Antonio Yuri 1*, Amalia Neira 1, Alvaro Quilodran 1, Ivan Razmilic 2, Yoshie Motomura 3, Carolina Torres 1, Ivan Palomo 4


Analysis of genetic structure and diversity among lowland and mid-altitude adapted maize inbred lines with AFLP markers

Abebe Menkir *, Melaku Gedil, Jorge Franco


Effect of nitrogen rates and days of light exposure on greening evaluated by visual scale and chlorophyll meter of tubers of potato cultivars

Heder Braun 1*, Paulo Cezar Rezende Fontes 1, Camilo Busato 2, Paulo Roberto Cecon 3, Fabrício Silva Coelho 1, Marcelo Cleón de Castro Silva 1


Potential impact of edible tropical legumes on crop productivity in the small-holder sector in Sub-Saharan Africa

E. T. Gwata


Quantitative and qualitative traits of Gossypium hirsutum L. as affected by agronomic practices

Hakoomat Ali 1, Muhammad Naveed Afzal 2, Shakeel Ahmad 1*, Dilbaugh Muhammad 2, Zuhair Hasnain 1, Rashida Perveen 3, Mushtaq Hussain Kazmi 4


Effect of superior indole-3-acetic acid producing Rhizobia and the combination with Ag and L-Tryptophan on wheat growth indices under in vitro conditions

Hossein Ali Alikhani, Hassan Etesami*, Leila Mohammadi


A web-based expert system for identification of European Pinus sp.

Konstantinos Ioannou


Anatomical changes in the wood of Syzygium cumini exposed to coal-smoke pollution

Mahmooduzzafar 1, Said S. Hegazy 2, Ibrahim M. Aref 2, Muhammad Iqbal 1, 2*


Physico-chemical properties of well waters in Al-Yanfa village, Asir region, Saudi Arabia

Naif Abdullah Al-Harbi 1, 2


Continuous fermentative hydrogen production under various process conditions

Nima Nasirian 1*, Morteza Almassi 1, Saeid Minaei 1, Renatus Widmann 2


The evaluation of the importance of rural tourism extension for community development and Turkey

Orhan Ozcatalbas 1*, Sibel Mansuroğlu 2, I. Coşkun Ceylan3, Handan Akcaoz 1, Ilkay Kutlar 1


Iron oxide forms and distribution in a transect of Dasht-e-Tabriz soils, northwest Iran

Parisa Alamdari 1*, Ali Asghar Jafarzadeh 1, Shahin Oustan 1, Norier Toomanian 2


Effect of soil conservation measurements on runoff, erosion and plant production: A case study on steeplands from the Three Gorges Area, China

Qinxue Xu 1, Tianwei Wang 1, Zhaoxia Li 1*, Chongfa Cai 1, Zhihua Shi 1, Chen Jiang 2


Impacts of land cover changes on soil chemical properties in Taihang Mountian, China

Xiuping Liu 1, Wanjun Zhang 1*, Zhijun Liu 2, Fang Qu 1, Weifeng Song 3


Tradeoff approach of multiple objective analysis in the Haihe River Basin

Zhiguo Gan *, Hong Gan, Lin Wang, Jinjun You, Qilin Zhu


Comparative study on cultivation and yield performance of Pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushroom) grown on different substrates (wheat straw and barley straw) and supplemented at various levels of spawn

Mehdi Dahmardeh 1*, Monir Dahmardeh 2, Reza Hossienabadi 3, Hossien Safarpoor 3, Majid Dahmardeh 4


Phenological effects on forage quality of two halophyte species Atriplex leucoclada and Suaeda vermiculata in four saline rangelands of Iran

Ehsan Zandi Esfahan 1*, Mohammad Hassan Assareh 2, Mohammad Jafari 3, Ali Ashraf Jafari 2, Seyed Akbar Javadi 1, Ghader Karimi 2


Optimization of multipurpose serial reservoir systems operation in deluge, normal rainfall, and drought conditions (A case study of Aras River Basin, Iran)

Alireza Pilpayeh 1*, Habib Musavi Jahromi 2, Majid Raoof 3


Maku dam monitoring by comparison of results of instrumentation and computer software

Mirali Mohammadi 1, Mohammad Nabati 2, Mojtaba Noury 3*


Detection of chronic and acute bee paralysis viruses from Jordanian honeybee apiaries by reverse transcriptase PCR

Amal A. Al-Abbadi 1*, Dhia S. Hassawi 2, Saeid Abu-Romman 2, Saida A. Abu-Mallouh 2


A techno-economic evaluation of skidding operation by Timber jack 450C and Clark Ranger 666BDS in Caspian forests

Farshad Keivan Behjou


Change in gender relations: Managerial and transformative approaches of gender mainstreaming in agriculture

Amare Tegbaru 1*, John Fitzsimons 2, Barun Gurung 3, Helen Hambly Odame 2


Measuring the electrostatic charge of airborne particles

Emad A. Almuhanna 1*, Ronaldo G. Maghirang 2


Relay-intercropping into tomato decreases cabbage pest incidence

Q. C. Xu 1,3, H. L. Xu 1*, F. F. Qin 2, J. Y. Tan 1, G. Liu 3, S. Fujiyama 4


Comparative study on dissolved N and P loss and eutrophication risk in runoff water in contour and down-slope

Qian Ma 1, 2, Xingxiu Yu 2*, Guoan Lü 1, Qianjin Liu 2


Evaluating spatial redistribution of plant nutrients along a slope in an arable field in the Mediterranean region, Turkey

Z. Alagöz 1*, G. Melli Kadıgil 1, E. Yılmaz 2


Petrochemical sewage sludge effects on organic carbon and some physical quality indicators of a semiarid soil

Shokrollah Asghari


Changes of some soil properties by agricultural processing waste (soybean pulp) amendment

Erdem Yilmaz


APTS-DSS: Development of knowledge-based decision support system for trade risk management in aquatic product

Jinyou Hu 1, Wei Chen 1, Junjing Yuan 2, Jian Zhang 3*


The effects of social capital on farmers’ tendency to participate in the water users associations (Case study: Zanjan county)

Rohollah Rezaei 1*, Ehsan Gholifar 2, Omid Sharifi 3


Efficacy of Commiphora molmol against hepatic coccidiosis (Eimeria stiedae) in the domestic rabbit

Ebtisam M. Al-Mathal


Modelling of the technical progress impact on the Romanian agriculture

Romeo V. Ionescu, Liliana M. Moga *, Valentin M. Antohi


Using remote sensing to survey the distribution of saline arable land and its management in arid Yinchuan Plain, China

Rongqun Zhang 1*, Suhua Ma 2, Xiuni Wang 1, Chengjie Tang 2, Liming Liu 3, De Zhou 3


Germination and seedling growth of wild green vegetables under salinity and temperature conditions

A. Liopa-Tsakalidi


Performance of peanut cocoon strains of Iranian silkworm (Bombyx mori) germplasm with reference to reproductive characters

M. Salehi Nezhad 1, S.Z. Mirhosseini 2, S. Gharahveysi 1, M. Mavvajpour 3, A. R. Seidavi 4*


Effects of mixed-species leaf litter on litter decomposition and soil microbial communities in experimental subtropical plantation forest

Yan-Xin Liu 1, 2, 3, Si-Long Wang 1, 2*, Qing-Kui Wang 1, 2, Jian Zhang 1, 3


The effect of esterase activity in resistance of Aphis gossypii to selective insecticides

Hamideh Tabasian 1, Sultan Ravan 1, Ali Reza Bandani 2, Barat Ali Siahsar 3*


The role of sericulture extension for revitalizing of silkworm cocoon production in Iran

Mehdi Charmchian Langerodi 1*, Iraj Malekmohammadi 2, Mohammad Chizari 3, Alireza Seidavi 4


Possibilities to improve the cold start process of tractor engines fuelled with biodiesel

Florin Mariasiu *, Bogdan Varga


Anatomical studies of chilling tolerance in sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas L.) leaves

Shahidul Islam *, Ehiorobo Izekor, James O. Garner


Water deficit stress affects growth and some biochemical characteristics of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)

Sardar Germchi 1, Fariborz Shekari 2, Mohammad Bagher Hassanpooraghdam 3, Mohammad Bagher Khorshidi Benam 4*, Farid Shekari 5


Women academics and researchers in Turkish agriculture

Gülen Özdemır *, Emine Yilmaz


The content and correlation of copper, iron and zinc in the surface layer of the Croatian vineyard soils

Elda Vitanović *, Miro Katalinić, Sonja Kačić, Mirella Žanetić, Boško Miloš, Stipe Radinović


Surface temperature correction in TVDI to evaluate soil moisture over a large area

Hongjun Li 1, Chunqiang Li 2, Yong Lin 3, Yuping Lei 1*


Comparison of kriging, ANN and ANFIS models for spatial and temporal distribution modeling of groundwater contaminants

Ali Reza Farahmand 1*, Mohammad Manshouri 2, Abdolmajid Liaghat 3, Hossein Sedghi 2


Effect of slurry sequencing batch reactor for bioremediation of TPH contaminated soil

Seyed Mostafa Khezri 1*, Seyed Hamidreza Fatemi 1, Maryam Khalilzadeh Poshtegal 2, Saber Hasanlou 1


Use of aluminium anodizing sludge cake in manufacture of bricks

Seyed Mostafa Khezri 1*, Maryam Khalilzadeh Poshtegal 2, Sanaz Khoramipour 1, Parisa Ghafori 1


Distribution of clay minerals along a soil toposequence

M. Hajirasouli 1*, S. Mahmoodi 2, H. Torabi 3


Comparative attitude of civil engineering students towards environmental education in India and Iran

A. Lahijanian 1*, S. Renuka Devi 2, B. Mukhapadhyny 3


Effect of composted sewage sludge with organic garbage on planting watercress in red soil

Wei-dong Lu 1, 2, Xiao Zhou 1, 3, 4, Shao-qi Zhou 1, 3, 4, 5*


Growth responses of Lupinus termis to some plant growth promoting cyanobacteria and bacteria as biofertilizers

Sekina T. A. Tantawy, Nagwa M. Atef *


Trace elements in heart tissue of wild and fattened bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus L. 1758) in the Turkish part of the Eastern Mediterranean

Fatih Percin 1*, Ozlem Sogut 2


Place of fountains in urban space: A case study in Erzurum city, Turkey

Serkan Özer *, Neslihan Demircan


Studies on the biodegradation capacity of 14C-labelled glyphosate in vine plantation soils

Ersilia Alexa *, Renata Sumalan, Monica Negrea, Mihaela Bragea, Mariana-Atena Poiana, Isidora Radulov, Aurel Lazureanu


Effect of organic matter sources on micronutrients and heavy metals accumulation in soil

Taleb R. Abu-Zahra *, Samih M. Abubaker, Alaeddin B. Tahboub, Amal A. Al-Abbadi


Genetic diversity and population structure of Iranian wild Pleurotus eryngii species-complex strains revealed by URP-PCR markers

Mahdi Behnamian 1, Seyed Abolghasem Mohammadi 2*, Anton Sonnenberg 3, Ebrahim Mohammadi Goltapeh 4, Azizollah Alavi 5, Patrick Hendrickx 3


Market value vs. legal value in land use change in Spain

Baldomero Segura 1, Jose Luis Pérez-Salas 1, Roberto Cervelló 1, Fernando Vidal 2*


Centaurea yaltirikii subsp. dumanii subsp. nov. (C. sect. Pseudoseridia, Asteraceae) in Marmara region of Turkey

Necmi Aksoy 1*, Ebru Ataşlar 2, Asuman Efe 3, Neval Güneş 1


Study on international environmental law and governance: Focusing on Basel Convention and role of precautionary principle

Abdullah Sulaiman 1, 2, Muhammad Rizal Razman 3*


Removal of lead, cadmium and manganese from liquid solution using water lily (Nymphaea alba)

Elahe Javadi 1*, Faramarz Moattar 1, Abdol Reza Karbassi 2, Seiied Masoud Monavari 1


Combination of indexing system method with analytical hierarchy process to assess the environmental risks in gas-transfer pipe lines

Seyed A. Jozi 1*, Mahdi Irankhahi 2


Antimicrobial activity of crude ethanolic extract from Eleutherine americana

Beatrice O. T. Ifesan 1, Darah Ibrahim 2, Supayang P. Voravuthikunchai 1, 3*


Origin and concentrations of heavy metals in agricultural land around aluminium industrial complex

Samira Ghiyasi 1*, Abdolreza Karbassi 2, Faramarz Moattar 3, Soroush Modabberi 4, Mohammad Bagher Sadough 5


Implement of filter to remove the autocorrelation’s influence on the Mann-Kendall test: A case in hydrological series

Chiyuan Miao 1, 2, 3, Jinren Ni 1, 2*


Effect of Melia azedarach L. extract on Liriomyza sativae (Diptera: Agromyzidae) and its biocontrol agent Diglyphus isaea (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae)

Efat M. Abou-Fakhr Hammad 1, H. Heather J. McAuslane 2


Monitoring the progress in Turkey’s adoption of the acquis on agriculture and rural development

Sibel Mehter Aykin


Advantages of integrated management system in educational centers

Jafar Nouri, Majid Abbaspour, Mina Torabi Fard *, Iraj Mohammad Fam


The response of antioxidant enzyme activity, growth and yield of pepper and watermelon plants to a single application of simulated acid rain

Eun-Young Choi 1, Ji-Hye Moon 2, Woo-Moon Lee 2, Sun-Hye Son 2, Sang-Gyu Lee 2, Il-Hwan Cho 2*


A survey on biochemical effects of industrial air pollution on Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh.

Seyyed Mansour Seyyednejad *, Haniyeh Koochak


Evaluation of the toxicity and repellency of Dimilin, Sevin and Dimecron against Postelectrotermes pasniensis

Sultan Ravan


Heavy metal contamination of sediments in mangrove forests of the Persian Gulf

Ali Davari *, Afshin Danehkar, Nematolah Khorasani, Hadi Poorbagher


Water consumption management using WEAP and conceptual models (Case study: Golestan province – Iran)

Naser Moharam Nejad 1, Amir Hosein Javid 1, Abdol-Reza Karbasi 2, Seyed Masoud Monavari 1, Sahar Rezaian 1*


Cold stratification, fluctuating temperatures and removal of the glumes significantly improved germination of Leymus chinensis

Hongyuan Ma 1, 2, Zhengwei Liang 1, 2*, Shuhong Wang 3, Lihua Huang 4


Nutritional analysis of six forest species grown in two different edaphological conditions in a Mediterranean environment: II. Do pigments serve as a non-destructive diagnostic method?

Begoña Blasco 1, María M. Rubio-Wilhelmi 1, Eva Sánchez-Rodríguez 1, Francisco Serrano 2, Juan M. Ruiz 1, Jose L. Rosua 2, Luis Romero 1*


Fisheries sustainability assessment in Guilan province, Iran

Mohammad Sadegh Allahyari


Behaviour of cadmium derived from sewage effluent irrigation and impact on tomato growth depend on soil physicochemical characteristics

Omar Khodjet Kesba 1*, Leila Souad Bahbouh 2, Samir Yahiaoui 2


Spatial variability of soil and plant nutrients and their influence on maize grain yield

G. B. Saleh 1, T. D. Min 1, W. D. Noordin 1, R. A. Halim 1*, A. R. Anuar 2


System of rainwater collection, storage and pumping

Constantin Nicolescu 1, Sorin Cimpeanu 2, Roxana Dana Bucur 3*, Floarea Burnichi 4, Gheorghe Sovaiala 1


Phosphorus fractions and soil release in alternately waterlogged and drained environments at the water-fluctuation-zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir

Limin Ma *, Duolikun Rena, Ming Zhang, Jianfu Zhao


Development of blades for rotary tiller for use in Thai soils

Tanya Niyamapa *, Sirisak Chertkiattipol


Water implications of selected energy crops cultivated on a field scale

Robert Borek *, Antoni Faber, Jerzy Kozyra


Utilization of Bakuhan seki for the removal of cationic dye from aqueous solutions

Sheheli Islam *, Katsumi Ishikawa


Forest floor accumulation and nutrient dynamics in pine plantations regenerated post fire with varying forest floor

Kyriaki Kitikidou 1*, Nikolaos Arambatzis 2


An assessment of drought extent and impacts in agriculture sector in Pakistan

Shakeel Ahmad Anjum 1, Long-chang Wang 1*, Jalaladeen Salhab 2, Imran Khan 3, M. F. Saleem 4


Investigating factors affecting attraction of teafarmers in groups of pressure irrigation system (Case study of Lahijan County, Iran)

Ebrahimi Mohammad Sadegh 1*, Kalantari Khalil 2


Assessment of the grassland degradation in the southeastern part of the source region of the Yellow River from 1994 to 2001

Jalalaldeen Salhab 1, Jianli Wang 1*, Shakeel Ahmad Anjum 2, Yunxuan Chen 2


Effects of boron-adsorbed goethite on soil acidity, the availability of soil boron in acid soils and rape (Brassica napus L.) growth

Jingzhen Cui 1, Liying Ren 1, Duanwei Zhu 1*, Mingjian Geng 1, David Hamilton 2


Natural vs. artificial Christmas trees: Age effects on households decoration behaviour

Irene Ch. Kamenidou 1*, Garyfallos D. Arabatzis 2, Athanasios Ch. Batzios 3


Isolation and characterization of the petII promoter of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans

Yu Yang, Zhiying Huang, Mengxue Diao, Guanzhou Qiu *


Relationship between sustainable farming and agricultural training: The case of Pella prefecture (Northern Greece)

Miltiadis Chalikias 1*, Ioannis Kalaitzidis 2, Georgios Karasavvidis 3, Eleftherios-Foteinos Pechlivanis 4


Biodiversity in Nigeria: Non-consumptive values perspective

B. N. Ejidike