Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 3, Issue 2,2005
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2005
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Risks of increased weed problems associated with introduction of non-native bee species

Dave Goulson


An efficient method for identification and quantification of genetic modification of local, imported and food products of maize in Saudi Arabia using PCR-based markers and real-time PCR

Abdulaziz M. Al-Swailem *, Maher M. Shehata, Omar H. Shair, Saeed A. Sabaan, Ibrahim O. Al-Anazi, Turki A. Al-Shammari


Effect of several packaging films on biochemical characteristics and microbiological counts of shredded cabbage at different storage conditions

Roshita Ibrahim 1, Azizah Osman 1*, Nazamid Saari 1, Russly Abdul Rahman 2


Effects of some processing techniques on the functional properties of winged bean seed flours

F. U. Igene 1*, S. O. Oboh 2, V. A. Aletor 3


Bacteriological quality of drinking water from refrigerated coolers in a university community

Aliya Khan 1, Abiodun A. Adesiyun 2*


Effects of dietary safflower oil on growth performance, carcass characteristics and meat chemical and fatty acid composition of Muscovy ducks (Cairina moschata L.)

Vito Laudadio 1, Antonia Lestingi 2*, Arcangelo Vicenti 3, Anna Caroli 4


Fatty acid composition of flame-broiled beef longissimus muscle

Venerand Nayigihugu, Fausto S. D’Angieri, Charles M. Murrieta, Daniel C. Rule, Bret W. Hess1*


Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), food and feed: Current status and detection

Maher M. Shehata


Prevalence of risk factors for bovine subclinical mastitis in two major dairy areas of Trinidad

Lisa Benjamin, Abiodun Adesiyun*, Winthrop Harewood


Bacteriocins: Nomenclature, detection, mechanism of action and potential use in poultry production

Edna Tereza de Lima *, Raphael Lucio Andreatti Filho


Produce-simulator property evaluation for indirect airflow distribution measurement through horticultural crop package

Clément Vigneault *, Larissa R. de Castro


Suppressive effect of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) on DNA methylation in mice: Detection by methylation sensitive restriction endonuclease digestion and PCR

Hidetaka Yamada 1, 2, Haruhiko Sugimura 2, Toshihiro Tsuneyoshi 1*


Determination of acrylamide levels in selected traditional foodstuffs and drinks in Jordan

Hani M. Al-Dmoor


Microbiological quality of ogi and soy-ogi (a Nigerian fermented cereal porridge) widely consumed and notable weaning food in southern Nigeria

N. A. Amusa *, O. A. Ashaye, M. O. Oladapo


Social returns to soybean utilization technologies in Southwest of Nigeria

L. O. Ogunsumi 1*, V. A. Obatolu 1, C. A. Afolami 2, A. O. Omoyajowo 3


Quality deterioration of Malaysian Patin fish during cold storage

K. A. Abbas, A. S. Mokhtar, S. M. Sapuan*, M. K. Mawlood


The attachment efficiency of cell-walled and L-forms of Listeria monocytogenes to stainless steel

S. A. A. Jassim 1, 2*, A. M. Hibma 2, M. W. Griffiths 2


Magnesium supply by convenience products

Ruth Breitschädel, Claudia Messner *, Werner Pfannhauser


Stability of limonin from lime seeds

Somrutai Jitpukdeebodintra1*, Suganya Chantachum1, Adisorn Ratanaphan2, Kan Chantapromma3


Meat in emulsion type sausages – An overview

G. S. Mittal


Preliminary study on immunomodulatory property of limonin from lime seeds

Somrutai Jitpukdeebodintra 1*, Suganya Chantachum 1, Adisorn Ratanaphan 2, Kan Chantapromma 3


Chemical and functional properties of full fat and defatted Dioclea reflexa seed flours

A. I. Akinyede 1*, I. A. Amoo 2, A. F. Eleyinmi 1


Associative growth of lactic acid bacteria for cheese starters: Acidifying and proteolytic activities and redox potential development

Marta S. Carrasco, Hugo E. Scarinci, Arturo C. Simonetta *


Omega-3 fatty acid composition and biological activity of three microalgae species

Antonella Rosa 1, Delia Deidda 2, Alberto Serra 3, Monica Deiana 1, M. Assunta Dessì 1, Raffaello Pompei 2*


Starch modified with hydroxy acids as a potential source of energy and matter for Lactobacillus bacteria

Janusz Kapuśniak *, Magdalena Marczak


Chemical composition, amino acids and functional properties of selected seafoods

I. Ogunlade *, O. Olaofe, T. Fadare


Survey on the adoption of yam minisett technology in South-Western Nigeria

G. O. Agbaje *, A. Oyegbami


Water treatment in enhancing germination and seedling elongation of leafy vegetable in soilless culture

Md. Abul Kalam Azad *, Katsumi Ishikawa, Naima Islam


Carbon dioxide and photosynthetic photon flux density effects on growth and mineral uptake of cacao

V. C. Baligar 1*, J. A. Bunce 1, B. A. Bailey 1, R. C. Machado 2, A. W. V. Pomella 2


Rapid assessing of water and nitrogen status in wheat flag leaves

David J. Bonfil 1*, Arnon Karnieli 2, Michal Raz 2, Israel Mufradi 1, Silvia Asido 1, Haim Egozi 3, Aharon Hoffman 3, Ze’ev Schmilovitch 3


Biology of two parasitoids of leafminers Liriomyza spp., Diglyphus isaea and D. poppoea, in southern Portugal

M. A. Gonçalves 1*, L. Almeida 1


Pollen-mediated genetic transformation of cotton with the Arabidopsis thaliana hmgr cDNA using the particle gun

Yannis Gounaris 1*, Stella Galanopoulou 1, Nikos Galanopoulos 1, Alexis Ladopoulos 2, Zisis Michailidis 2, Stelios Theophilou 3


Spectroscopic comparison of rose callus methanol-extractable lignin to lignin extracted from differentiated rose tissue by alkaline treatment

Yannis Gounaris 1*, Jean-Yves Berthon 2, Constantinos Litinas 3, Leondios Leondiadis 4, Nikolaos Tsiropoulos 1


Use of the relative vegetation index for growth estimation in quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.)

S.-E. Jacobsen 1*, C. R. Jensen 1, H. Pedersen 1


Host plant resistance and anti-transpirant for the control of Alectra vogelii in soybean

Ibrahim Kureh *, Segun Alabi, Segum Lagoke, Sanusi Gaya Mohammed


Evaluation of the impact of manure additives on worker exposure and odour attenuation

Jacques Lavoie 1*, Daniel Massé 2, Francis Croteau 3, Lucie Masse 4, Edward Topp 5


In vitro effect of condensed tannins from tropical fodder crops against eggs and larvae of the nematode Haemonchus contortus

J. López 1, O. F. Ibarra 2, G. J. Cantó 3, C. G. Vásquez 4, Z. I. Tejada 5, A. Shimada 6*


Susceptibility of the locust Schistocerca gregaria to cells and cell-free solutions from the entomopathogenic bacterium Xenorhabdus nematophila

Ali N. Mahar 1*, N. G. M. Hague, Simon R. Gowen 2


Morphological diversity among local germplasm of fluted pumpkin (Telfairia occidentalis Hook.F.) collected in Makurdi, Nigeria

Ngozi Ifeoma Odiaka


Effect of sowing date and cultivar on yield and quality of turnip-rooted parsley (Petroselinum crispumssp. tuberosum)

Spiridon A. Petropoulos *, Constantinos A. Akoumianakis, Harold C. Passam **


Economic analysis of maize-tepary bean production using a soil fertility replenishment product (PREP-PAC) in semi-arid Eastern Kenya

Chris A. Shisanya 1


Peel and pulp splitting disorder in Mas banana (Musa cv Mas (AA))

S. M. Wo 1, A. Osman 1*, S. H. Ahmad 2, N. Saari 1


Selective nematicidal activity of allyl isothiocyanate

Qing Yu 1, Rong Tsao 2*, Mikio Chiba 1, John Potter 3


Survey of yam production system and the impact of government policies in southwestern Nigeria

G. O. Agbaje *, L. O. Ogunsumi, J. A. Oluokun, T. A. Akinlosotu


Poverty alleviation and agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa: The Nigerian experience

Uche C. Amalu


Maize silage yield and quality response to starter phosphorus fertilizer in high phosphorus soils in New York

Quirine M. Ketterings 1, Sheryl N. Swink 2, Greg Godwin 3, Karl J. Czymmek 4, Greg L. Albrecht 5


Influence of vegetation stage on the solasodine content in four natural Solanum sodomeum L. populations of Tunisia

Zohra Marzouk 1*, Jihan Cheria 1, Amina Bakhrouf 1, Kamel Guedira 2, Kamel Boukef 3


A simple protein extraction method for proteomic studies on olive leaves

Nasir S. A. Malik *, Joe M. Bradford


Biomass production potential in the Batini barley landrace from Oman

A. A. Jaradat 1*, M. Shahid 2, A. Y. Al-Maskri 3


Assessment and comparison of three crop growth models under tropical climate conditions

Roberto S. Clemente 1, Mohammad E. Asadi 2, Prakash N. Dixit 3


Application of WST-1 to measurement of cell viability in low temperature-stressed explants of tropical vegetables

Kamonwan Chucheep 1*, Sirichai Kanlayanarat 2, Chamorn Maneerat 3, Tomoaki Matsuo 1, 4


The determinants of agricultural productivity in Nigeria test

O. J. Imahe 1, R. A. Alabi 2


Evaluation of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) cultivar’s salt stress tolerance on the basis of Sseeds in vitro germination

Piotr Dziadczyk 1*, Waldemar Kiszczak 2, Mirosław Tyrka 3, Marek Łaba 1, Kamila Diufer 1


Effect of arsenic-contaminated water on food chain in Bangladesh: Analysis of arsenic in soil, water and plants

Hossain K. M. Delowar 1*, I. Yoshida 2, M. Harada 2, Md. Imtiaz Uddin 3


Growth and uptake of arsenic by rice irrigated with As-contaminated water

Hossain K. M. Delowar 1*, I.Yoshida 2, M. Harada 2, A. A. Sarkar 3, M. N. H. Miah 3, A. H. M. Razzaque 3, Md. Imtiaz Uddin 3, Kelali Adhana 2, Mst Farida Perveen 2


Enhancing germination in seeds of African star apple, Chrysophyllum albidum (G. Don)

A. M. Aduradola *, B. F. Adeola, M. O. Adedire


Adsorption of benzene and naphthalene to modified montmorillonite

Yasser El-Nahhal 1, 2*, Jamal Safi 2, 3


Polluted soil rehabilitation using genetically engineered mix microbial inoculum

N. S. Isinguzo 1, O. S. Bello 2*


Saline agriculture in the Arabian Peninsula: Management of marginal lands and saline water resources

A. A. Jaradat


Gender issues in community forestry: Lessons from Nigeria

Stella O. Odebode


Impact of monocrotophos and neem oil mixture on defoliator management in groundnut

K. Sahayaraj 1*, A. Amalraj 2


Effect of net size on horizontal temperature gradients in naturally-ventilated tropical greenhouses

V. M. Salokhe 1*, Peeyush Soni 1, H. J. Tantau 2


The use of short-duration intensive sheep grazing to increase sheep utilization of leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula L.)*

J. Bret Taylor *, Steven S. Seefeldt, Tonya M. Thelen


Effect of some herb decoctions on in vitro mineral availability from two cultivars of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp)

I. O. Otemuyiwa 1, O. S. Falade 1, A. Oladipo 2, S. R. A. Adewusi 1*


Influence of certain leaf characters of brinjal accessions with incidence of Bemisia tabaci

R. Ayyasamy *, P. Baskaran


Direct ³¹P NMR spectroscopic measurement of phosphorus forms in dairy manures

S. Jayasundera 1, W. F. Schmidt 1*, J. B. Reeves III 2, T. H. Dao 2


Effect of fertilization on growth and solasodine content of four natural Solanum sodomeum L. populations

Zohra Marzouk 1*, Imed Chraief 2, Jihene Cheriaa 1, Amina Bakhrouf 1, Kamel Boukef 3