Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 8, Issue 2,2010
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

Volume 8, Issue 2, 2010
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Effects of buckwheat flour combining phospholipase or DATEM on dough properties

M.S. Özer 1*, Osman Kola 2, Hüseyin Duran 2


Antibacterial activity of pollen and propolis extracts

Birol Özkalp 1, Mehmet Musa Özcan 2*


Changes in the chromatic properties of red wines from Vitis vinifera L. cv. Merlot and Pinot Noir during the course of aging in bottle

Alin Dobrei*, Mariana-Atena Poiana, Florin Sala, Alina Ghita, Iosif Gergen


Public health implications of sewage ponds in Kano metropolis, Nigeria

M. D. Mukhtar *, I. I. Indabawa, T. S. Imam


Five-minute purification of PCR products by new-freeze-squeeze method

Jin-Long Yang 1, 2, Rui Yang 1, An-Chun Cheng 2, 3*, Ren-Yong Jia 2, Ming-Shu Wang 2, Su-Hui Zhang 1


Soyabean meal versus soyabean protein isolate: A comparative study of the nutritive and functional attributes

Oluwatoyin Aletor


Comparative, nutritive and physico-chemical evaluation of cassava (Manihot esculenta) leaf protein concentrate and fish meal

Oluwatoyin Aletor


Color and physical properties of two common tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) cultivars

H. Caglar Kaymak 1*, Ismail Ozturk 2, Fatih Kalkan 2, Mazhar Kara 2, Sezai Ercisli 1


Effects of chickpea (Cicer arietinum) flour on quality of deep-fat fried chicken nuggets

Osman Kılınççeker, Şükrü Kurt *


Evaluation of a seafood firm traceability system based on process mapping information: More efficient use of recorded data

Nga T.T. Mai 1, 2, Sveinn Margeirsson 3, Gunnar Stefansson 1, Sigurjon Arason 1, 3


Implementation of the hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) system in a frozen fruit company

Sule Turhan *, Bahattin Cetın, Basak Canan Özbağ


The competitiveness of Turkish olive oil on the world market

Berna Türkekul *, Cihat Günden, Canan Abay, Bülent Miran


Respiration rate of sweet persimmon fruit depending on cultivar, harvest date and temperature

Hae Jin Kim 1, Duck Soon An 1, Gwang-Hwan Ahn 2, Dong Sun Lee 1*


Type II diabetic rats and the hypolipidemic effect of camel milk

Khalid S. Al-Numair


Drying kinetics, milling quality and quantity of 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline of Thai Hom Mali rice dried by heat pump dryer under different drying conditions

Siri Doungporn *, Nattapol Poomsa-ad, Lamul Wiset


Vitamin C and mineral contents, acceptability and shelf life of juice prepared from four indigenous fruits of the Miombo woodlands of Tanzania

Bernadette K. Ndabikunze 1*, Bonaventure N. Masambu 2, Bendantunguka M. Tiisekwa 1


Remediation of wine with elevated concentrations of 3-alkyl-2-methoxypyrazines using cork and synthetic closures

Gary J. Pickering 1, 2*, Amy J. Blake 1, George J. Soleas 2, 4, Debra L. Inglis 1, 2, 3


Biochemical changes occurring during traditional Sudanese processing of Kisra bread

Magdi A. Osman 1*, Ibrahim E. Abdel Rahman 1, Siddig H. Hamad 1, Hamid A. Dirar 2


Incorporation of adjunct cultures of Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei and Bifidobacterium bifidum into white cheese

Oguz Gursoy 1*, Ozer Kinik 2


The effect of MAP on quality and browning of cold-stored plum fruits

JunFeng Guan 1*, ShiJuan Dou 2


Multivariate analysis discrimination of various cold-pressed lemon oils from different geographical regions

Sanja Kostadinović 1, Marina Stefova 1, Diana Nikolova 2, Daniela Nedelcheva 2, Natalia Martinez 3, Daniel Lorenzo 3, Eduardo Dellacassa 3, Hamed Mirhosseini 4*


The effects of fortifying milk with Cu, Fe and Zn minerals on the production and texture of yoghurt

E. Ocak *, Ş. Köse


Principle component analysis of equilibrium headspace concentration of beverage emulsion as function of main emulsion components

Hamed Mirhosseini 1*, Chin Ping Tan 1, Sanja Kostadinović 2, Mahsa Naghshineh 1


Influence of pectin and CMC content on physicochemical properties of orange beverage emulsion

Hamed Mirhosseini *, Chin Ping Tan, Mahsa Naghshineh


The special background and solution options of new food technology security risks in China

Linhai Wu 1*, Jian Gao 2, LiJie Shan 3, 4


Intelligent control of grain drying process using fuzzy logic controller

H. Mansor 1, S. B. Mohd Noor 1, R. K. Raja Ahmad 1, F. S. Taip 2, O. F. Lutfy 1


Phenolic contents and antioxidant activities in ethanol extracts of Citrus reticulata Blanco cv. Ougan fruit

Xiangtao Chen, Ke Yuan *, Hualiang Liu


Reclassification of the pathogen for empty-gut disease of Chinese oak silkworm, Antheraea pernyi

Lin-Ling Wang 1, Feng Qin 1, Ce Song 2, Ze-Yang Zhou 1*


Physical properties, anthocyanins and antioxidant activity of blackcurrant berries of different maturities

Pranas Viskelis 1* , Nijolė Anisimovienė 2, Marina Rubinskienė 1, Elžbieta Jankovska 2, Audrius Sasnauskas 1


Physical and sensory attributes of iron-fortified and unfortified Nigerian and foreign rice varieties

O. A. T. Ebuehi *, M. O. Oduwole


Physical and chemical characteristics of the ripe pepino (Solanum muricatum) fruit grown in Turkey

Osman Kola


Extraction and characterization of dietary fiber from coconut residue

S. P. Ng 1, C. P. Tan 1*, O. M. Lai 2, K. Long 3, H. Mirhosseini 1


The effect of wheat variety and flour extraction rate on phytic acid content of bread

Secil Turksoy *, Berrin Ozkaya, Sule Akbas


The characteristics of cow’s milkfat produced in four different dairy regions in Bekaa Valley (Lebanon)

Rabih Kamleh 1*, Jacques Fanni 2, Elias El Mayda 3


Composition and rheological properties of butter produced in Bekaa Valley (Lebanon)

Rabih Kamleh 1*, Jacques Fanni 2, Elias El Mayda 3


Comparison of drying characteristics of tomatoes with heat pump dehumidifier system, solar-assisted system and natural drying

Rasim Karabacak, Öner Atalay *


Peanut contamination by Aspergillus flavus and aflatoxin B1 in granaries of villages and markets of Mali, West Africa

Cecilia M. Tojo Soler 1*, Gerrit Hoogenboom 1, Rabiu Olatinwo 1, Bamory Diarra 2, Farid Waliyar 3, Sibiry Traore 4


Pharmacological activities and chemical composition of the Olea europaea L. leaf essential oils from Tunisia

Ehsen Haloui 1, Zohra Marzouk 1*, Belsem Marzouk 2, Ibtissem Bouftira 3, Abderrahman Bouraoui 4, Nadia Fenina 1


Socio-economic determinants of calorie intake among members of farm households in Ogun State, Nigeria

I. A. Ayinde 1, D. Akerele 2, A. O. Dipeolu 1


A traditional helva in Turkey: Koz helva

Nazan Aktaş *, M. Ali Cebirbay


Mineral contents of different parts of capers (Capparis ovata Desf.)

Mehmet Öğüt, Fatih Er *


Impact damage to apple fruits in commercial corrugated fiberboard box packaging evaluated by the pressure-sensitive film technique

Fei Lu 1, 2, Yutaka Ishikawa 2*, Hiroaki Kitazawa 2, Takaaki Satake 3


Antibacterial and antifungal activities of some lactic acid bacteria isolated from naturally fermented herbs

İbrahim Çakır


Production of traditional Turkish mesir paste

Ibrahim Giritlioglu 1*, Cevdet Avcikurt 2, Elif Savas 3


Recent advances, advantages and limitations of genetically modified foods: A review

K. A. Abbas 1*, Ola Lasekan 1, Sahar K. Khalil 2


Characterization and bioactivity of water-soluble polysaccharides from the fruit of pumpkin

Junli Li 2, Yunqiang Wang 1, 3, De Zhang 1, Xiaohua Hu 4, Zhengqin Zhang 4, Changping Xiang 1*


Effects of harvests date and conditions of storage of ‘Hayward’ kiwifruits on contents of L-ascorbic acid

Ayse Tulin Oz


Aloe vera : A plant for many uses

Efterpi V. Christaki *, Panagiota C. Florou-Paneri


Modulation of erythrocyte antioxidant enzyme levels by red palm oil supplementation in male Wistar rats

O. O. Oguntibeju *, E. T. Katengua, A. J. Esterhuyse, E. J. Truter


Consumer risk perceptions towards food supply chain preferences: The case of the supermarket

M. Goksel Akpınar *, Burhan Ozkan, Cengiz Sayin, R. Figen Ceylan


Screening of the antioxidant and the free radical scavenging potential of Tunisian Citrullus colocynthis Schrad. from Mednine

Zohra Marzouk 1†*, Belsem Marzouk 2†, Mohamed Ali Mahjoub 3, Ehsen Haloui 1, Zine Mighri 3, Mahjoub Aouni , Nadia Fenina 1


Effect of post-harvest handling and extraction on the content of echinacoside and cynarin in the root tissues of Echinacea angustifolia DC

Rita Maggini 1*, Andrea Raffaelli 2, Kathrin E. Annaheim 1, Letizia Tozzini 1, Silvia Pacifici 1, Lucia Guidi 1, Alberto Pardossi 1


The antibacterial activity of essential oil of oregano (Origanum vulgare L.)

Birol Özkalp 1*, Fatih Sevgi 1, Mustafa Özcan 2, Mehmet Musa Özcan 3


Evaluation of Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes contamination on leafy green vegetables

Sait Aykut Aytac 1*, Ulya Ben 1, Canan Cengiz 1, Birce Mercanoglu Taban 2


Evaluation of locally made modified atmosphere packaging for Egyptian green beans

Khaled T. Youssef 1, Randa D. Mohamed 1, Rehab Ahmed 2


Ripening and quality response of ‘Blackamber’ plums to 1-methylcyclopropene during long-term storage

Okan Özkaya 1*, Ömür Dündar 2, Hatice Demircioglu 2


Change of textural properties of tomatoes due to storage and storage temperatures

Tomaž Požrl 1, Dragan Žnidarčič 2*, Mirela Kopjar 3, Janez Hribar 1, Marjan Simčič 1


Evaluation of equilibrium headspace concentration of orange beverage emulsion by using solid phase microextraction (SPME) during storage

Hamed Mirhosseini *, Chin Ping Tan, Mahsa Naghshineh


Antioxidative and antimicrobial potential of residues of camu-camu juice production

Takao Myoda 1*, Shuki Fujimura 1, ByoungJae Park 2, Toshio Nagashima 1, Junichi Nakagawa 1, Makoto Nishizawa1


Effect of various hydrocolloids on physicochemical characteristics of orange beverage emulsion

Hamed Mirhosseini *, Chin Ping Tan


A comparative study on date syrup (dips) as substrate for the production of baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

Fahad M. Al-Jasass 1, Salah M. Al-Eid 2*, Siddig H. H. Ali 3


Effects of residue management and N-splitting methods on yield and biological and chemical characters of canola ecosystem

Amir Aynehband *, Maryam Tehrani, Dariush A. Nabati


Analysis of in-vitro explants mineral contents to modify medium mineral composition for enhancing growth of Persian walnut (Juglans regia L.)

Elahe Najafian Ashrafi 1, Kourosh Vahdati 2*, Hassan Ebrahimzadeh 1, Masoud Mirmasoumi 1


Evolution of the phytosanitary control system in the intensive horticulture model of high yield in Almería (2005-2008)

Rafael Lozano 1, Fernando Diánez 2, Francisco Camacho 2*


Response of cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp] to residual effect of different application rates of sheep manure on chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum)

Bashir A. Babaji 1, Rilwanu A. Yahaya 1, Musa A. Mahadi 1, Muhammad M. Jaliya 2, Hakeem A. Ajeigbe 3*, Aminu I. Sharifai 1, Habu N. Kura1, Othman L. Arunah 1, Ahmed Ibrahim 2


Water use efficiency and yield of garlic responses to the irrigation system, intra-row spacing and nitrogen fertilization

Ali Ghadami Firuz Abadi 1, Abolfazl Nasseri 2*, Ali Ehsan Nosrati 1


The role of Azospirillum lipoferum bacteria in sustainable production of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Ahmad Afkari Bajehbaj


Effect of salinity and N sources on the activity of antioxidant enzymes in canola (Brassica napus L.)

Ahmad Bybordi


Determination of technical efficiency in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) production of Turkey: A case study of Cukurova region

Erdal Dağistan


Analysis and design optimization of a frontal combine harvester axle using finite element and experimental methods

Majid Khanali *, Ali Jafari, Hossein Mobli, Ali Rajabipour


Effects of phenological stages on forage yield quality traits in cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata)

M. Rezaeifard 1*, A. A. Jafari 2, M. H. Assareh 2


Consistent patterns of detail movement in variable free air flow

Edvardas Vaiciukevičius *, Egidijus Šarauskis, Algirdas Jasinskas, Antanas Sakalauskas, Vidmantas Butkus, Anicetas Strakšas


Evaluation of resistance to anthracnose (Marssonina juglandis) among diverse Iranian clones of walnut (Juglans regia L.)

H. Saremi 1*, M. E. Amiri 2


Investigation of energy consumption of perennial alfalfa production: Case study of Hamedan province

Hassan Ghasemi Mobtaker *, Asadollah Akram, Alireza Keyhani


Transient heat transfer analysis of hydraulic system for JD 955 harvester combine by finite element method

Hassan S. Hassani 1, Ali Jafari 2*, Seyed S. Mohtasebi 2, Ali M. Setayesh 3


Cold tolerance of Iranian annual medic species under cold dryland condition

Khoshnoud Alizadeh, Behzad Sadeghzadeh *


Factors influencing adoption of rubber-based techniques among small-holder farmers in Delta State, Nigeria

Okunlola J. Olaniyi


Strategies to select genetic variations of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cultivars for agronomic zinc utilization characters

M. Rüştü Karaman 1, Nejdet Kandemir 2, Sezer Şahin 1*, Serpil Çoban 1


Evaluation of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of yield in dryland wheat cultivars under supplemental irrigation conditions

Mansour Sohrabi 1*, Gholamreza Heidari 2, Soleyman Mohammadi 3, Saman Yazdanseta 1


Physico-chemical changes during development and ripening of ‘Helali’ date palm fruit

Adel D. Al-Qurashi


Association of yield and flag leaf photosynthesis among wheat RILs under drought condition

Mohammad Reza Azimi 1*, Hoshang Alizadeh 1, Ghasem Hosseini Salekdeh 2, Mohammad Reza Naghavi 1


Impacts of sand amendment on rice (Oryza sativa L.) growth and yield in saline-sodic soils of North-East China

Miao Liu 1, 2, Zhengwei Liang 1, 3*, Fu Yang 1, 3, Hongyuan Ma 1, 3, Lihua Huang 1, 3, Mingming Wang 1, 2


Estimation of broad-sense heritability for grain yield and some agronomic and quality traits of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Nevzat Aydin 1*, Zeki Mut 2, Hasan Ozcan 3


Response of lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) to sowing date and timing of nitrogen application

Nihal Kayan


Effect of fertilization on forage yield and quality, nutrients uptake and soil properties in the more intensive cropping system

WenXi Li 1, JianWei Lu 1*, Saman P. Seneweera 2, Fang Chen 3, JunMing Lu 4, XiaoKun Li 1


Curcuma longa and dietary plant oils for growing rabbits: Effect on apparent digestibility

Valentina Zunino 1, Giorgia Meineri 1*, Pier Giorgio Peiretti 2


Fruit quality of black currants produced in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Miriam Elisabet Arena


Sowing dates and density evaluation of amaranth (cv. Koniz) as a new crop

M. Yarnia 1*, M. B. Khorshidi Benam 2, E. Farajzadeh Memari Tabrizi 3


Changes in nitrate concentration of triticale forages (xTriticosecale Wittmack) at different growth stages by increasing nitrogen rates

Nurdilek Gulmezoglu 1*, Inci Tolay 2, Aysegul Askin 3


Global financial crisis and oil seed sector in Turkey

İ. Coşkun Ceylan 2, Emine Olhan 2, Sema Gün 2, Gülşen Keskın 1, İlkay Dellal 2*


Chemical weed control in the winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) crop of early stages of development: II. Crop productivity

Vytautas Pilipavičius 1*, Inga Aliukonienė 1, Kęstutis Romaneckas 1, Egidijus Šarauskis 2


Fruit characteristics of promising native rose hip genotypes grown in Mid-North Anatolia Region of Turkey

Mehmet Güneş 1*, Ümit Dölek 2


Impact of wheat stubble height on combine technological parameters

Liudvikas Špokas, Dainius Steponavičius *


Image based modeling for oil palm fruit maturity prediction

W. I. W. Ishak 1, 2, R. M. Hudzari 1


Assessing nutritional value and in vitro digestibility of Mediterranean pasture species using yak (Bos grunniens) faeces as alternative microbial inoculum in a DaisyII incubator

Vincenzo Tufarelli 1*, Eugenio Cazzato 2, Antonella Ficco 3, Vito Laudadio 1


Seed oil profiles of five rose hip species (Rosa spp.) from Hakkâri, Turkey

F. Çelik 1*, F. Balta 2, S. Ercişli 3, A. Kazankaya 2, I. Javidipour 4


A new method in assessing sugar beet leaf nitrogen status through color image processing and artificial neural network

Parviz Ahmadi Moghaddam 1*, Mohammadali Hadad Derafshi 1, Mahrokh Shayesteh 2


Graft union formation of spur apple varieties grafted on different rootstocks

Mehmet Polat 1*, Oğuz Dolgun 2, Adnan Yildirim 3, M. Atilla Aşkin 1, Zeliha Gökbayrak 4


Economic analysis of viticulture and wine production in Croatia

Milan Oplanić 1*, Stipe Radinović 2, Iskra Radinović 3


Extracts of tropical African spices are active against Plutella xylostella

Nelson N. Ntonifor 1*, Irene Mueller-Harvey 2, Ron H. Brown 2


Examining the fluctuations in the wheat prices in Turkey and the course of development

Nuray Kızılaslan *, H. Ebru Onurlabaş, Halil Kızılaslan, Neslihan Yilmaz


Advisory services for organic agriculture in the European Union and Turkey

Orhan Ozcatalbas 1*, Robin Brumfield 2, Buket Karaturhan 3


Graft formation in some spur and vigorous apple varieties grafted on Ottawa 3 rootstock: A histological investigation

Adnan N. Yildirim 1*, Mehmet Polat 2, Oğuz Dolgun 3, M. Atilla Aşkin 2, Zeliha Gökbayrak 4, Bekir Şan 2


Effects of land cultivation systems on wheat production costs

Duygu Aktürk 1, Zeki Bayramoğlu 2, F. Füsun Tatlıdil 3, Ferhan Savran 1*


Effect of water stress on lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes in local bread wheat hexaploids

Nadia Khan, Farzana Nasir Naqvi *


Cotton fiber quality parameters response to cultivation system as influenced by limited and normal irrigation

M. K. Darawsheh


Deep tillage tool optimization by means of finite element method: Case study for a subsoiler tine

Mehmet Topakci 1*, H. Kursat Celik 1, 2, Murad Canakci 1, Allan E. W. Rennie 2, Ibrahim Akinci 1, Davut Karayel 1


Interactions between green manure and amendment type and rate: Effects on organic potato and soil mineral N dynamic

Stefano Canali 1*, Corrado Ciaccia 1, Daniele Antichi 2, Paolo Bàrberi 2, Francesco Montemurro 3, Fabio Tittarelli 1


Effect of different techniques on walnut (J. regia L.) grafting

Asghar Soleimani 1*, Vali Rabiei 1, Darab Hassani 2


Molecular mapping of QTLs for resistance to northern corn leaf blight in maize

M. N. Barakat 1*, A. M. El-Shafei 1, A. Al-Doss 1, 2


Effect of yeast supplementation on in vitro ruminal degradability of selected browse species from Kenya

Caroline C. Wambui 1, 2, Takako Awano 2, Sada Ando 3, Shaukat A. Abdulrazak 4, Toshiyoshi Ichinohe 1, 2*


Grain yield and quality of triticale lines

Esra Aydoğan Çıfcı, Uğur Bılgılı, Köksal Yağdi *


Feasibility of impact-acoustic emissions for discriminating between potato tubers and clods

Adel Hosainpour *, Mohammad H. Komarizade, Asghar Mahmoudi, Mahrokh G. Shayesteh


Physical and chemical characteristics of four native pomegranate cultivars in Mazandaran province of Iran

Hossein Sadeghi


Effects of salinity on morphological and physiological changes and yield of tomato in hydroponics system

Rasool Azarmi *, Rahim Didar Taleshmikail, Abolfazl Gikloo


Effects of short-term tillage and fertilization on grain yields and soil properties of rice production systems in central China

Cheng-fang Li 1, 2, Jing Yang 1, 2, Chuan Zhang 1, 2, Zhi-sheng Zhang 1, 2, Min Zheng 1, 2, Shahrear Ahmad 1, 2, Cou-gui Cao 1, 2*


Effects of organic and inorganic fertilization on growth, yield and nicotine content of flue-cured and oriental tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) seedlings grown in organic and conventional float system

Dimitrios Bilalis 1*, Anestis Karkanis 1, Vasilios Triantafyllidis 2, Athanasios Ladavos 2, Dimitrios Bizos 3, Sotiria Patsiali 1, Aspasia Efthimiadou 1, Yiolada Papatheohari 1


Different irrigation regimes affect water use, yield and other yield components of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) crop in a semi-arid region of Iran

Houshang Ghamarnia *, Salomah Sepehri


Phosphorus-use efficiency of cassava/maize/egusi-melon and economics of phosphorus fertilizer application on Alfisols of Ekiti State, South-Western Nigeria

Anthony K. Oluleye, Ezekiel A. Akinrinde *


Impact of seedbed density on sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) seed germination, yield and quality of roots

Kęstutis Romaneckas 1*, Vytautas Pilipavičius 1, Egidijus Šarauskis 2


Multiresidue method of analysis for determination of 150 pesticides in grapes using quick and easy method (QuEChERS) and LC-MS/MS determination

Abd El-Moneim M. R. Afify 1*, Mahmoud A. Mohamed 1, Hassan A. El-Gammal 2*, Emad R. Attallah 2*


Effect of NO3 to NH4+ ratio on growth, yield and element composition of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

Rasool Azarmi 1*, Behrooz Esmaeilpour 2


Effect of dietary supplementation of mannan oligosaccharides and acidifier calcium formate on the performance and carcass quality of Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica)

Eleftherios M. Bonos, Efterpi V. Christaki, Panagiota C. Florou-Paneri *


Chemical composition and digestibility of urea-treated triticale (x Triticosecale) straw

Taher Yalchi 1*, Jamal Seif-Davati 2, Reza Seyed Sharifi 2


Assessment of acquired thermotolerance in Indian bread wheat and association with yield and component traits under heat stress environment

Suman Sud *, S. G. Bhagwat


Effects of number of seedlings per hill on rice biomass partitioning and yield in a saline-sodic soil

Ming-ming Wang 1, 2, Zheng-wei Liang 1, 3*, Fu Yang 1, 3, Hong-yuan Ma 1, 3, Li-hua Huang 1, 3, Miao Liu 1, 2


Genotypic and growth regulator effects on shoot regeneration from hypocotyl and stem segment explants of spring rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)

Natalija Burbulis, Aušra Blinstrubienė, Ramunė Kuprienė


Assessment of yield loss caused by root rots in wheat and barley

Amira Hassan Abdullah Al-Abdalall


An indoor traction measurement system to facilitate research on agricultural tires

Aref Mardani *, Kazem Shahidi, Haleh Karim Maslak


Genetic prospective for the improvement of agronomic traits in Solanum tuberosum L.

Musarrat Shaheen 1, Naveed Murtaza 1, Abdul Qayyum 1, Waqas Malik 1*, M. Zaffar Iqbal 2, Etrat Noor 1, Aamir Nawaz 3, Nazim Hussain4


Vernalization effects for seeds of late summer sowing cultivation in wheat (Triticum aestivum L. )

Jesus D. Ablaza *, Katsumi Ishikawa, Makito Mori, Hiroki Shirai, Daisuke Yasutake


Growth and yield of grafted cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) on different soilless substrates

Nina Kacjan Maršić *, Marijana Jakše


Estimation of covariance functions for growth trait from birth to 180 days of age in Iranian Baluchi sheep

Mohammad Safaei 1, Ali-Reza Fallah-Khair 1, Reza Seyed-Sharifi 2*, Hadi Haghbin Nazarpak 3, Abdollah Sobhabi 2 , Taher Yalchi 2


Effects of biofertilizers (Azotobacter and nitroxine) and different rates of chemical fertilizers on some attributes of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.)Walp.)

Farhad Farahvash 1*, Bahram Mirshekari 1, Zahra Niosha 2


Efficacy of chlorpyrifos-methyl, methoxyfenozide, spinosad, insecticidal gel, insecticidal soap and mineral oil on citrus leafminer

Behnam Amiri-Besheli


Temporal-spatial variation in crop evapotranspiration in Hebei Plain, China

Shengwei Zhang 1, 2, Yuping Lei 1*, Hongjun Li 1, Zhen Wang 1, 2


Disinfection of sprouted seeds for food

Skaidra Kordusiene 1, Honorata Danilcenko 1, Živile Taraseviciene 1, Elvyra Jariene 1*, Maria Jeznach 2


The influence of geographical area of production and nitrogenous fertiliser on yields and quality parameters of clonal tea

Okinda P. Owuor 1*, David M. Kamau 2, Erick O. Jondiko 1


Effects of maize maturity stage and concentration of dry matter on maize silage fodder value

Vytautas Pilipavičius 1*, Sabina Mikulionienė 2


Functions of microbiota in monogastric gastrointestinal tract and new practices in animal production

Xin Wu 1, 2, Zheng Ran 1*, Xiangfeng Kong 2, Zhiru Tang 2, Xiaohui Dong 3


Influence of rootstock and irrigation level on water relations of grapevines grown under tropical conditions

Reinaldo Pire 1, Aracelys Pereira 1, Julio Díez 2, Elías Fereres 3


A simple equipment for casting denature gradient gel in DGGE analysis

Jin-Long Yang 1, 2, Ren-Yong Jia 2, 3, An-Chun Cheng 2, 3*, Ming-Shu Wang 2


Depletion of Zn, Fe, Mn and Cu from cultivated Egyptian soils by field crops

Mohamed M. El-Fouly 1, Gad A. Morshed 2, Abdel-Hamid M. A. Hassanien 2, Mohamad F. El-Dahshouri 1


Application of artificial neural network in prediction of the combine harvester performance

Tarahom Mesri Gundoshmian *, Hamid Reza Ghassemzadeh, Shamsollah Abdollahpour, Hossein Navid


Genetic distance obtained by RAPD markers in common bean of the Carioca group

Maria Celeste Gonçalves-Vidigal 1*, Ana Cristina Gonçalves Ceolin 1, Pedro Soares Vidigal Filho 1, Sônia Maria Alves Pinto Prioli 2, Giselly Figueiredo Lacanallo 1, Juliana Parisotto Poletine 1, Aline Maria Orbolato Gonçalves 1, Allan Klynger da Silva Lobato1, Vanusa da Silva Ramos Martins 1


Strain node identification by FEM and measurement of disc forces by double extended octagonal ring transducer

Parish P. Nalavade 1, Vilas M. Salokhe 1*, Tanya Niyamapa 2


A study of the volatility of the sheep meat production in European Union (EU)

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Effect of the purple non-sulfur bacterium (Rhodobacter sphaeroides) on the Brix, titratable acidity, ascorbic acid, organic acid, lycopene and β-carotene in tomato fruit

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Physical and nutritional characteristics of pods and fruits of some trees at Northern part of Jordan

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Mapping QTLs of physiological traits associated with salt tolerance in ‘Steptoe’בMorex’ doubled haploid lines of barley at seedling stage

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Influence of infestation with Echinochloa crus-galli species on crop production in corn

Teodor Rusu *, Petru Gus, Ileana Bogdan, Paula Ioana Moraru, Adrian Ioan Pop, Mara Lucia Sopterean, Lavinia Ioana Pop


Non-genetic factors affecting milk and reproductive traits of Swedish Red and White cattle raised organically in Turkey

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Effect of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) inoculation on fruit quality in sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) cv. 0900 Ziraat

Yasar Akca 1, Sezai Ercisli 2*


Comparison of starch granule development in hard and soft winter wheat

Zhongmin Dai


Effects of post-anthesis heat stress on yield and yield attributes in wheat (T. aestivum) genotypes

Reza Taghizadeh 1*, Raouf Seyed Sharifi 2


Nitrate accumulation in spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) tissues under different fertilization regimes

Samih M. Abubaker *, Taleb R. Abu-Zahra, Yasin A. Alzu`bi, Tarek Ammari, Alaeddin B. Tahboub


Chemical composition and in situ ruminal degradability of dry matter and neutral detergent fiber from almond hulls

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Sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) response to different planting methods and row geometries II: Effect on plant growth and quality

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Effects of selenium on herbage yield, selenium nutrition and quality of alfalfa

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Analysis of pollen germination performance of pistachio hybrids and their male parents

Izzet Acar 1*, Mehmet Uzun 1, H. Seyfettin Atli 1, Sinan Eti 2


Response of pinto bean cultivars to water deficit at reproductive stages

Kazem Ghassemi-Golezani *, Parisa Zafarani-Moattar, Yaeghoob Raey, Abolghasem Mohammadi


Using a linear discriminant analysis approach of baseline conditions to develop household categories in the Sudan savanna (KKM PLS SSA CP) 1†, Nigeria

Luke O. Olarinde 1*, Tahirou Abdoulaye 2, Alpha Kamara 2, Joachim Binam 1, Adewale Adekunle 3


Analysing the prospect of the “IAR4D’s 1† innovation platforms” in improving the productive efficiencies of cereal-legume farmers in the Sudan Savanna of Nigeria

Luke O. Olarinde 1*, Tahirou Abdoulaye 2, Alpha Kamara 2, Joachim Binam 1, Adewale Adekunle 3


Exploration of potato cultivar resistant to the major fungal pathogen on potato wilting disease in Iran

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Responses of rice (Oryza sativa L.) growth and yield to phosphogypsum amendment in saline-sodic soils of North-East China

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The effects of mechanical pruning on fruit yield and quality in ‘Star Ruby’ grapefruit

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A new methodology for improving the allocation of crops cost production in Romania

Ion Vasilescu 1, Claudiu Cicea 1*, Gabriel Popescu 2, Jean Andrei 3


Artificial Neural Network Model as a statical analysis tool in pipe-framed greenhouse design

Unal Kizil 1*, Melis Sacan 2


Estimation of eggplant leaf number using thermal time model

Youssef Rouphael 1, Mariateresa Cardarelli 2, Nawal Ajouz 1, Alvaro Marucci 2, Giuseppe Colla 2*


A model for presenting strategies for the urban environmental management: A case study of Tabriz

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Effects of short-term amendments of farmyard manure on some soil properties in the Mediterranean region – Turkey

Erdem Yilmaz 1*, Zeki Alagöz 2


Design of riprap for stilling basins

H. Taebi 1, M. Fathi-Moghadam 1*, A. Alikhani 2


Taper equation compatible with volume equation for the Hungarian oak stands under restoration at Northern Greece

Kyriaki Kitikidou


Biodegradation and leaching of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil column

M. Farahani 1*, S. A. Mirbagheri 2, A. H. Javid 1, A. R. Karbassi 3, N. Khorasani 4, J. Nouri 1


The morphological characterization of caper plant (Capparis ssp.) in North Morocco

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Formulation optimization of psyllium-based binding product by response surface methodology

Qian Guo 1, Mike Riehm 1, Cheryl Defelice 2, Steve W. Cui 2*


Effects of second housing and recreational use on Pancratium maritimum L. population in western Black Sea region of Turkey

Zeki Demir, Haldun Müderrısoğlu, Necmi Aksoy, Şükran Özkan Aydin, Serir Uzun, Hüseyin Özkara


Seasonal variations of some physico-chemical parameters in a lentic system: Kirmir Creek and tributaries, Turkey

Akasya Topcu *, Özden Fakıoğlu, Özge Zencir, A. Şeref Korkmaz


Thallium in soil-cotton system in sewage irrigated soils of the North China Plain

Qiang Li, Ye Zhao *, Zhifan Chen, Jiejuan Qiao


Experimental study on the time development of local scour at a spur dike in a 180º flume bend

Alireza Masjedi 1*, Mahmood Shafai Bejestan 2, Amin Moradi 3


Allelopathy as an agricultural innovation and improving allelopathy extension

Orhan Ozcatalbas 1*, Robin Brumfield 2


Crop water requirement at different growing stages of pineapple in BRIS soil

M. M. Hanafi 1, S. M. Shahidullah 1*, M. Niazuddin 2 , Z. Abd Aziz 3, C. H. Mohammud 4


Developing an expert system and fuzzy-based model for the oil spill environmental risk assessment

Naser Moharramnejad 1, Emad Roayaii 2, Farhad Hosseinzadeh Lotfi 3, Amir Hossein Javid 1, Fatemeh Razavian 1*


Evaluation of 37 economically important traits from 51 strains of the silkworm Bombyx mori and their relationships

M. Salehi Nezhad 1, S. Z. Mirhosseini 2, S. Gharahveysi 1, M. Mavvajpour 3, A. R. Seidavi 4*


Effects of obstacle heights on controlling turbidity currents with different concentrations and discharges

S. A. Asghari Pari, S. M. Kashefipour *, M. Ghomeshi, M. Shafaie Bajestan


Changes of husk leaf water potential of maize and relationship with environmental factors in black soil region of North-East China

Hong-wen Xu 1, 2, Feng-bin Song 1*, Xian-can Zhu 1, 2


Forest management and rural development in Northern Greece: The case of Pella prefecture

Miltiadis S. Chalikias


Retail sales forecasting of agricultural products marts in a mid-sized city using the Huff model

Pan-Jin Kim 1, Myoung-Kil Youn 2


Experimental study on ten modes of transverse waves due to vertical cylinders in open channels

Ahmad Jafari 1*, Mehdi Ghomeshi 2, Mahmood Bina 3, Seyed Mahmood Kashefipour 4


Preparation of calcium alginate sorbent supporting the BaSO4- APRB hybrid and application to clean dye waste

Yu-Lin Shen 1, Wei-Ying Li 2*, Zhang-Jun Hu 1


Commercialization of non-timber forest products in Ghana: Processing, packaging and marketing

Albert Ahenkan, Emanuel Boon,


Application of spatial analytical hierarchy process model in land use planning

Mir Masoud Kheirkhah Zarkesh 1, Jamal Ghoddusi 1, Narges Zaredar 2*, Mohammad Jafar Soltani 1, Soudabe Jafari 3, Ali Ghadirpour 4


Effect of cattle manure on soil physical properties on a sandy clay loam soil in North-West Iran

Ali Rasoulzadeh *, Ali Yaghoubi


Evaluation of sedimentation and flushing by mathematical model in reservoirs of the successive Dez stream dams in Iran

Amin Tagavifar 1, Arash Adib 2*


Predicting extreme water surface elevation in tidal river reaches by different joint probability methods

Arash Adib 1*, Mohammad Vaghefi 2, Mojtaba Labibzadeh 1, Abbas Rezaeian 1, Amin Tagavifar 3, Hesam Foladfar 1


Oxidative stability of biodiesel produced from the crude fish oil from the waste parts of marine fish

Cherng-Yuan Lin *, Jung-Chi Lee


Factors and mechanisms influencing interrill erodibility at different rainfall intensities

Abbas Ahmadi 1*, Mohammad Reza Neyshabouri 1, Hassan Rouhipour 2, Hossein Asadi 3, Mehdi Irannajad 4


The behaviour of personal development of rural women in relation to their physical appearance: A case study from the province of Tokat, Turkey

Esen Oruc Buyukbay *, Meral Uzunoz


Phenotypic changes and difference of phenotypic and genetic values of economic characters in silkworm Bombyx mori L.

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Closed two-compartmental model for adsorption of nickel onto peat

Liu Zhi-rong *, Zhou Shao-qi


Missing prerequisites for Green Revolution in Africa: Lessons and challenges of Sawah rice eco-technology development and dissemination in Nigeria and Ghana

O. I. Oladele 1*, R. K. Bam 2, M. M. Buri 3, T. Wakatsuki 1


Analysis model of air quality control management strategies in Tabriz

Naser Moharamnejad 1, M. Badrifar 2, H. Majedi 3, N. Feghi-Farahmand 4, M. E. Ramazani 1*


Factors associated with fadama production of vegetables by small-scale farmers in Ondo State, Nigeria

A. Ibironke Okunlola


Nutritional analysis of six forest species grown in two different edaphological conditions in a Mediterranean environment: I. Nitrogen metabolism

Begoña Blasco 1, María M. Rubio-Wilhelmi 1, Eva Sánchez-Rodríguez 1, Manuel Chirosa 1, Juan M. Ruiz 1, Jose L. Rosua2, Luis Romero1*


Teak (Tectona grandis) growth as influenced by soil physicochemical properties and other site conditions in Ashanti region, Ghana

Yoshinori Watanabe 1, Ebenezer Owusu-Sekyere 2, Tsugiyuki Masunaga 3, Mohammed Moro Buri 4, O. Idowu Oladele 5*, Toshiyuki Wakatsuki 1


Evaluation of water use efficiency at parcel and scheme levels: A case study of Sarkikaraagac irrigation scheme in Turkey

Yusuf Ucar 1*, Ulas Senyigit 1, Abdullah Kadayifci 2, Gökhan Ismail Tuylu 2


Mathematical model for environment contamination risk evaluation

Despina-Maria Bordean 1, Iosif Gergen 1, Monica Harmanescu 1, Luminiţa Pirvulescu 1, Marius Butur 2, Ciprian Ioan Rujescu 1*


Influence of site variation on growth rate and wood properties of Pinus eldarica

H. Khademi-Eslam, A. H. Hemmasi, M. Talaeipour, M. Kiaei *


Alternative evaluation and selection based on order degree entropy: A case study of the Haihe River basin in China

Hong Gan, Qilin Zhu *, Jinjun You, Lin Wang, Zhiguo Gan, Lin Wang


Molecular cloning, segmental distribution and ontogenetic expression of the amino acid transporter y+LAT1 in intestine of the Tibetan suckling piglets

Wanting Gu 2, Jun Fang 1*, Wence Wang 2, Ming Fan 3, Meimei Geng 2, Teijun Li 2, Wuyin Chu 4


Analysis of technical efficiency among community-based seed producers in the savannas of Borno State, Nigeria

Paul S. Amaza 1*, Edet J. Udoh 2, Tahirou Abdoulaye 3, Alpha Y. Kamara 3


Effect of salt stress on ion content, proline and antioxidative enzymes of two safflower cultivars (Carthamus tinctorius L.)

Tayebeh Hosseini 1, Farid Shekari 2, 3*, Mahlegha Ghorbanli 4


Effects of hydrodynamic turbulence on the performance of activated sludge in sequencing batch reactors

Qian Feng 1, 2*, Jun-yi Tan 3, Li-na Chen 4, Hui-lian Xu 5


Optimization of hydropower conveyance systems

S. Haghighipour, M. Fathi-Moghadam *


Evaluating primary schools’ gardens in terms of environmental contribution to student learning: A case study in Antalya, Turkey

Sibel Mansuroğlu *, Ali Sabanci


The effect of alkali treatment on the mechanical properties of short pineapple leaf fibre (PALF) reinforced high impact polystyrene (HIPS) composites

J. P. Siregar 1, S. M. Sapuan 1*, M. Z. A. Rahman 2, H. M. D. K. Zaman 3


Study on wetland change detection and underlying causes analysis in Yinchuan plain, China

Rongqun Zhang 1*, Hui Yuan 1, Naiping Song 2, Bo Lv 1


Increases of soil phosphatase and urease activities in potato fields by cropping rotation practices

Zhongqi He *, C. Wayne Honeycutt, Timothy S. Griffin, Robert P. Larkin, Modesto Olanya, John M. Halloran


Effects of nano-silver treatment on vase life of cut rose cv. Movie Star flowers

Peitao Lü 1, Shenggen He 1*, Hongmei Li 1, Jinping Cao 1, Hui-lian Xu 2


Presentation of strategic management plan in ecotourism development through SWOT: Case study of Qeshm Island

Seyed Ali Jozi 1*, Pooyaneh Aghapour 2, Maryam Khalilzadeh Poshtegal 2, Narges Zaredar 2


Rapid enrichment and acclimation of anaerobic ammonium oxidation by using activated sludge from a landfill leachate treatment plant

Shaoqi Zhou 1, 2, 3*, Junqin Yao 1


Evaluation of geostatistical mapping strategies in monitoring of spatial distributions of iron and zinc on a calcareous barley field

Tekin Susam 1, M. Rüştü Karaman 2, Fatih Er 3, İsmail İseri 4


Employees’ IT intention and usage behavior at agribusiness in China

Xiaoping Zheng 1, Mihaela Neculita 2, Liliana M. Moga 2, Xiaoshuan Zhang 1*


Seed and seedling anatomy in Euterpe oleracea Mart. during the germination process

Marco Antônio Menezes Neto 1*, Allan Klynger da Silva Lobato 2, José Donizeti Alves 3, Patrícia de Fátima Pereira Goulart 4, Haywood Dail Laughinghouse IV 5, 6


Determining phosphorus adsorption isotherm in soil and its relation to soil characteristics

H. Moazed 1, Y. Hoseini 1, A. A. Naseri 1, F. Abbasi 2


Enhanced aquaporin activity of two different genotypes of drought-resistant wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars facilitate their adaptation to drought stress

Hongbin Zhao 1, 2, Zhengbin Zhang 1*, Ping Xu 1


Effects of zeolite on seedling quality and nutrient contents of tomato plant (Solanum lycopersicon cv. Malike F1) grown in different mixtures of growing media

İlker Sönmez 1*, Mustafa Kaplan 2, Halil Demır 1, Erdem Yilmaz 3


Screening for some Bacillus spp. inhabiting Egyptian soil for the biosynthesis of biologically active metabolites

N. M. Morsi 1, N. M. Atef 1*, H. El-Hendawy 2


Environmental considerations for feasibility of new golf course development in Alicante province (Spain)

Francisco J. Del Campo Gomis *, David B. López Lluch, José M. Sales Civera, Asunción M. Agulló Torres, Jesús Lagos Milla


Evaluation of water retention functions by developing a code for quantifying the hydraulic functions of unsaturated soils

Ali Rasoulzadeh


Assessing total factor productivity and efficiency change for farms participating in Grain for Green program in China: A case study from Ansai, Loess Plateau

Li Li 1*, Atsushi Tsunekawa 1, Mitsuru Tsubo 1, Atsushi Koike 2, Jijun Wang 3


Geographic information systems (GIS) and entomological research: A review

Ivana Dminić 1*, Antonela Kozina 2, Renata Bažok 2, Jasminka Igrc Barčić 3


Investigation of optimal method for hospital wastewater treatment

Akbar Mokhtari Azar 1, 2, Ali Ghadirpour Jelogir 2*, Golamreza Nabi Bidhendi 2, Naser Mehrdadi 2, Narges Zaredar 3, Maryam Khalilzadeh Poshtegal 4


Desertification in Pakistan: Causes, impacts and management

Shakeel A. Anjum 1, Long-chang Wang 1*, Lan-lan Xue 1, Muhammad F. Saleem 2, Guo-xin Wang 1, Cong-ming Zou1


Effect of lead, cadmium, copper and zinc content in soil on their deposition in pasture sward as well as in products and tissues of the cows grazed on pasture

Karol Węglarzy


Investigation of effective factors on admission and refusing of sprinkler irrigation system of Ardal township, Iran

Khalil Kalantari *, Mehdi Rahimian, Yaser Mohammadi, Ali Asadi, Alireza Ansari Ardali


Simple method for detection of superficial fungal infections in Asian elephant

Yang Jin-Long 1, 3, Yang Rui 1, Wu Deng-Hu 2, Yang Song-Quan 1, Wang Ming-Shu 3, Cheng An-Chun 3*


Book review: Waste, uncovering the global food scandal*

Louis S. Hesler