Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 3, Issue 3&4,2005
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

Volume 3, Issue 3&4, 2005
Journal Contents

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Survey of the microbial flora of a hospital environment in South-Western Nigeria

T. T. Adebolu


Mucuna pruriens (L.) DC – A novel drug for learning and memory retrieval

M. N. Poornachandra 1, Salma Khanam 1, B. G. Shivananda 1, T. N. Shivananda 2*, R. Dris 3


Protein quality indices of sandbox (Hura crepitans) seeds

M. A. Fowomola *, A. A. Akindahunsi


Bioassay assessment of a complementary diet prepared from vegetable proteins

Victor A. Ikujenlola 1, Joseph B. Fashakin 2*


The physico-chemical properties of a complementary diet prepared from vegetable proteins

Victor A. Ikujenlola 1, Joseph B. Fashakin 2*


Effect of economy restructuring on household food security and nutritional status of Nigerian children

O. S. Ijarotimi *, O. O. Oyeneyin


Potentiality of cassava cultivars as a source of carotenoids

Nagib Nassar 1*, Carla Simone Vizzotto 2, Humberto Lima da Silva 2, Carlos Alberto Schwartz 2, Osmindo Rodrigues Pires Júnior 2


Performance characteristics of weaned rabbits fed graded levels of dry cassava peel fortified with soycorn residue basal diet

A. J. Omole 1*, O. Omueti 1, O. J. Ogunleke 2


Effect of consumption of whole bread baked from wheat cultivated with micronutrient fertilizers on blood indices of iron

Ebrahim Fallahi 1*, Javad Mohtadinia 2, Soltan Ali Mahboob 3


Evaluation of hypercarbia atmosphere on the mortality of dried-fruit beetle, Carpophilus hemipterus (Linnaeus)

O. A. Gbaye *, O. O. Odeyemi


Microbiological and nutritional quality of hawked sorrel drinks (soborodo) (the Nigerian locally brewed soft drinks) widely consumed and notable drinks in Nigeria

N. A. Amusa *, O. A. Ashaye, A. A. Aiyegbayo, M. O. Oladapo, M. O. Oni, O. O. Afolabi


Selection of optimum extrusion technology parameters in the manufacture of edible/ biodegradable packaging films derived from food-based polymers

Li Liu *, John F. Kerry **, Joseph P. Kerry ***


Physical characteristics and effects of processing methods on pigeon pea varieties

S. B. Fasoyiro *, S. R. Ajibade, J. O. Saka, O. A. Ashaye, V. A. Obatolu, E. O. Farinde, O. O. Afolabi


Effects of N fertilization on the vegetative growth of passion fruit (Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa) seedlings

I. O. O. Aiyelaagbe 1*, J. A. Fagbayide 2, A. I. Makinde 2


Joint action of Beauveria bassiana (Balsamo) Vuillemin and synthetic pyrethroids against Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera)

P. Duraimurugan *, A. Regupathy


The response of okra to varying levels of poultry manure and plant population density under sole cropping

F. O. Odeleye 1*, O. M. O. Odeleye 2, O. A. Dada 1, A. O. Olaleye 3


Added benefits of combined organic and mineral phosphate fertilizers applied to maize and melon

E. A. Akinrinde 1*, O. S. Bello 2, K. O. Ayegboyin 1, L. Iroh 3


Nutritional status of olives grown on clay soils under rainfed farming conditions in Tunisia

M. M. El-Fouly 2*, A. S. El-Hassanin 1, A. A El-Sayed 2, S. H. A. Shaaban 2


Application of biostimulants in floating system for improving rocket quality

P. Vernieri 1*, E. Borghesi 1, A. Ferrante 2, G. Magnani 1


Influence of potassium fertilizer on the yield of plantain-melon intercropped on an Oxic Paleustalf in Southwestern Nigeria

A. O. Olaleye 1*, S. O. S. Akinyemi 2, Hassan Tijani-Eniola 3, G. E. Akinbola 3, F. O. Odeleye 4, S. A. Oladosu 2, B. A. Gambo 5


Effect of grafting on growth, performance and yield of aubergine (Solanum melongena L.) in the field and greenhouse

E. M. Khah


Farmers’ and agricultural advisers’ perceptions on the role of education in sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L. Lam) production in Teso, Uganda

William Faustine Epeju


Prediction of the gross energy value of Mediterranean forages

P. G. Peiretti


Economics of sorghum production and soil fertility management in Kabale Highlands, Uganda

S. M. Kasozi 1, B. Bashaasha 1*, V. Ochwoh 2


Analogous effect of preheating on chilling sensitivity of mung bean seedlings and membrane viscosity to effects of ABA and uniconazole treatments

Kamonwan Chucheep 1, Sirichai Kanlayanarat 2, Tomoaki Matsuo 1, 3*


Effects of organic fertilization on maize/legume intercrop in a clay loam soil and Mediterranean climate–Can the Land Equivalent Ratio (LER) index be used for root development?

Dimitrios J. Bilalis 1*, N. Sidiras 1, I. Kakampouki 2, A. Efthimiadou 1, Y. Papatheohari 1, P. Thomopoulos 1


Improving the efficiencies of national crop breeding programs through region-based approaches: The case of sorghum and pearl millet in southern Africa

Mary A. Mgonja 1, Subhash Chandra 2, Eastonce T. Gwata 1*, Anthony B. Obilana 1, Emmanual S. Monyo 3, David D. Rohrbach 4, Medson Chisi 5, Sakile Kudita 4, Hamis M. Saadan 6


Interaction of sulphur dioxide and seed gall nematode, Anguina tritici, on wheat

Shamee Kausar *, Abrar A. Khan, Deepali Raghav


QTL analysis of genetic main effects and genotype x environment interaction effects for yield components in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Mebrouk Benmoussa 1*, Abderrahmane Achouch 1, Jun Zhu 2


Contributions of selected non-timber forest products to household food security in Nigeria

Stella O. Odebode


Contributions of nitrogen-fixing trees (NFTs) to soil physico-chemical properties in humid forest region in Nigeria

C. B. Ogunnika 1, J. O. Kayode 2


Role of spiders in agriculture and horticulture ecosystem

J. Rajeswaran *, P. Duraimurugan, P. S. Shanmugam


Using principal component analysis to characterize the Tibagi River hydrographic basin, Paraná State, Brazil

Márcia Cristina Bisinoti 1*, Maria Josefa S. Yabe 2, Sônia M. N. Gimenez 2


Factors influencing the weed seed banks in the Gezira Scheme, Sudan

Rehab O. Karar 1, 2, B. F. Mohamed 2, R. H. Marrs 1*


Alternatives for the transformation of drug production areas in the Chapare Region, Bolivia

Juan Carlos Torrico 1*, H. Alfred Jürgen Pohlan 2**, Marc J. J. Janssens 1


Aluminum influence on growth and uptake of micronutrients by cacao

Virupax C. Baligar 1*, Nand K. Fageria 2


Mechanisms promoting recovery from defoliation in determinate and indeterminate soybean cultivars

Xiangjun Li 1*, Ping An 1, Shinobu Inanaga 1, A. Egrinya Eneji 1, Abdelbagi Mukhtar Ali 2


Proprietary elicitor affects seed germination and delays fruit senescence

James C. Linden 1, Richard R. Stoner 2


Inventory, crop use and soil subsidence of Histosols in Florida

Dolen R. Morris 1*, Robert A. Gilbert 2


Economic viability of rice-fish integration with the on-farm reservoir of rainfed ecosystem in eastern India

Laxmi Narayan Sethi 1, Sudhindra N. Panda 2*, D. P. Verma 3