Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment

Vol 11, Issue 1,2013
Online ISSN: 1459-0263
Print ISSN: 1459-0255

Volume 11, Issue 1, 2013
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Effects of microwave power on the drying characteristics, color and phenolic content of Spirogyra sp.

Rittichai Assawarachan *, Mookarin Nookong, Namphon Chailungka, Doungporn Amornlerdpison


Effect of some hydrocolloids as adjuncts on the quality of whole egg or egg white coated fried yam chips

Buliyaminu A. Alimi 1*, Taofik A. Shittu 1, Lateef O. Sanni 1, Toyin A. Arowolo 2


L-theanine: A promising substance in tumor research

La Li 1, Xiaoru Wang 2, Yan Xiong 3, Wenkai Ren 2*, Mingliang-Huang 1, Guohua Zhao 1, Yangping Ding 1*, Xiaosong Wu 4, Dingding Su 5


Risk perception towards food safety issues: GM foods versus non-GM foods 

Latifah Amin 1, Zurina Mahadi 1, Abdul Latif Samian 2, Rozita Ibrahim 1


Influence of organic acids on the stability of anthocyanins extracted from residues  of grape processing 

Dirseu Galli, Edmar Clemente *


Factors influencing the perception of organic certification logos in Turkey

Özlem Karahan Uysal 1*, Bülent Miran 1, Canan Abay 1, Murat Boyacı1, Meike Janssen 2, Ulrich Hamm 2


Effect of 1-MCP intermittent treatments on quality and antioxidative enzymes activities of plums (Prunus salicina L. cv. ‘Oishi Wase’)

Kun Meng 1, ZhiLei Zhao2, Lu Liu 1, YuHong Gu 1*, JianKang Cao 4, GuoHui Qi 3, BaoGuo Li 3


Implications of oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of diabetic neuropathy 

Claudia Borza, Germaine Sãvoiu Balint, Mihaiela Andoni *, Marius Butur


Comparison of muscle properties and meat quality between Jing Ning chicken and Ling Nan Huang Yu meat chicken 

Fengli An 1, 2*, Xiaohong Kang 1, Lu Zhang 1, Leilei 1, JinbaoWang 1, Baoping Shao 1, Jianlin Wang 1*


Factors affecting risk perception of culturally sensitive food 

Latifah Amin 1*, Md Abul Kalam Azad 1, 2, Abdul Latif Samian 3, Jamaluddin Md Jahi 3


Effect of bioactivity of salvianolic acid B in rats 

Zengyong Qiao 1, 2, Jiangwei Ma 1*, Huajin Liu 1, Sanjun Xiong 1, Shuansuo Yang 1, Guanghao Ge 1, Yawei Xu 2


Effects of white cabbage powder on cookie quality 

 Hülya Gül 1*, Alime Yanik 2, Sultan Acun 3


Fish gelatin and its applications in selected pharmaceutical aspects as alternative source to pork gelatin 

M. Abd Elgadir 1, Mohamed E. S. Mirghani 2, Aishah Adam 1*


Stability of linolenic acid in seed oil of soybean accessions with elevated linolenic acid concentration 

Krishna Hari Dhakal 1, Jeong-Dong Lee 1*, Yeon-Shin Jeong 2, Hong-Sig Kim 3, J. Grover Shannon 4, Young-Hyun Hwang 1


Simultaneous analysis of AY and amino acids in corn oligopeptides by HPLC-fluorescence detector with OPA/FMOC-Cl pre-column derivatization 

Xiaoying Zeng 1, Mingfeng Wang 1, Baokun Zhu 1, Liang He 1, Tougen Liao 1, Shuying Wang 2, Wei Zhe 1*


Changes in chemical composition and peroxidase activity of turnip (Brassica rapa) during processing and frozen storage

Zühal Okcu 1*, Fevzi Keleş 2, İhsan Güngör Şat 2


Effects of production factors on the antioxidant activity of protein hydrolysates from little hairtail (Trichiurus haumela) of East China Sea

Ting Jin *, Yuxue Wu


Development of low-fat mayonnaise containing combined mixtures of different types of inulin

Mazdak Alimi 1*, Maryam Mizani 1, Ghasem Naderi 2, Amir Mohammad Mortazavian 3, Mohammad Bameni Moghadam 4


Effect of pomegranate peel extract on the melanosis of Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) during iced storage

Xu-Bo Fang 1, 2, Hai-Yan Sun 1, 2, Bing-Yu Huang 1, Gao-Feng Yuan 1, 2*


Thermal degradation of anthocyanins and its impact on in vitro antioxidant capacity of downy rose-myrtle juice

Guoling Liu 1, 2, Yuanming Sun 1, Honghui Guo 2*


Design on wireless SO2 sensor node based on CC2530 for monitoring table grape logistics

Jian Zhang 1, Xiaoshuan Zhang 2, Lei Zhang 2, Shengjie Li 1, Jinyou Hu 3*


Antihypertensive effect of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitory peptides from silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) hydrolysate in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Jin-Chao Wu *, Xiao-Lai Shi, Miao Yu


Effect of pH, temperature and heating time on the formation of furan from typical carbohydrates and ascorbic acid

Shao-Ping Nie 1*, Jun-Gen Huang 1, Jie-Lun Hu 1, Ya-Nan Zhang 1, Sunan Wang 2, Chang Li 1, Massimo F. Marcone 2, Ming-Yong Xie 1*


Influence of polyphenolic compounds on the oxidative stability of virgin olive oils from selected autochthonous varieties 

Mirella Žanetić 1*, Lorenzo Cerretani 2, Dubravka Škevin 3, Olivera Politeo 4, Elda Vitanović 1, Maja Jukić Špika 1, Slavko Perica 1, Mirjana Ožić 5


Packaged food safety in urban area: An observation from the Malaysian law of tort on negligence 

Muhammad Rizal Razman 1*, Nor Azam Ramli 2, Azrina Azlan 3, 4, Mohamad Suhaily Yusri Che Ngah 5


Amino acid composition and in vitro digestibility of protein isolates from Silybum marianum

Shuyun Zhu *, Ying Dong, Jie Tu, Yue Zhou, Chunhua Dai


Development of an integrated grating and slicing machine for starchy vegetables

Chung Yee Lok 1, M. K. Siti Mazlina 1*, B. T. Hang Tuah 2


Gelling strength improvement and characterization of a gelatin from scales of bighead carp (Aristichthys nobilis)

Yan Tong, Tiejin Ying


Molecular typing of four major toxins of Clostridium perfringens recovered from Egypt

Ashgan M. Hessain 1*, Abdullah A. Al-Arfaj 2, Moussa I. Mohamed 3


Oil pumpkins – Important source of antioxidants 

Edita Juknevičienė *, Judita Černiauskienė, Jurgita Kulaitienė, Živilė Juknevičienė


Consumer characteristics influencing organic milk consumption preference in Tokat,Turkey 

H. Sibel Gülse Bal


Morphological, microscopic and chemical comparison between Nigella sativa L. cv (black cumin) and Nigella damascena L. cv

Delphine Margout 1, Mary T. Kelly 2*, Sylvie Meunier 1, Doris Auinger 3, Yves Pelissier 1, Michel Larroque 1


Kinetics of heat-induced microgels of whey proteins and casein micelles

Zhen-Yan Liu 1, Hong-Hua Xu 1*, Guo-Ping Yu 1, Bao-Hua Kong 1, Yan-Jie Zhang 2


Fluoride levels in different types and forms of tea drinks consumed in Taiwan and daily human exposure from tea drinks

Tsyr-Horng Shyu 1, 2, Jiann-Hwa Chen 2*


Pre-processing of aged carioca beans: Soaking effect in sodium salts in the cooking and nutrition quality

Vanderleia Schoeninger, Silvia Renata Machado Coelho *, Divair Christ, Silvio Cesar Sampaio, Ana Julia Bispo de Almeida


Preparation of aflatoxin B1 polyclonal antibody and development of an indirect competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Hao Zhang 1, 2, Hai-zhen Mo 2*, Hua Li 3*


Molecular characteristics of egg white protein-dextran conjugates 

Wei Xu 1, Yu-jie Chi 1*, Yu-miao Hong 2


Effects of free lipid enrichment on the quality factors of wheat flour

 Qi Yu Lu, Shao Bing Zhang *, Dan Dan Meng, Xiao Yuan Guo, Yan Lin Yuan


Effect of hot-air drying on the physicochemical properties of kaffir lime leaves (Citrus hystrix)

Nurul Hanisah Juhari 1, Ola Lasekan 1, 2, Muhammad Kharidah 3, Shahrim Ab Karim 1


Genetic modified food: Distribution, consumption, problems and future in Saudi Arabia

Fathy Saad El-Nakhlawy 1*, Mohamed A. Shaheen 1, Abdulmohsin R. Al-Shareef 2


Moisture dependent physical and mechanical properties of organic beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Eşref Işik


Optimization of wine decolorization by microfiltration on polyurethane membranes 

Igor Cretescu 1, Alexandru Savin 1, Carmen Cimpeanu 2, Roxana Dana Bucur 3*, Maria Harja 1


Construction and identification of mouse R-spondin 1 eukaryotic expression vector

Sha Peng 1,2, 3*, Wei Han 1,2, 3, Xi Yao 1,2, 3, Jinlian Hua 1,2, 3


Main factors influencing the spread and consumption of organic food in Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Abdul-Rahim Shaheen 1*, Fathy S. El-Nakhlawy 1, Abdulmohsin R. Al-Shareef 2


Fuzzy Bayesian network research on knowledge reasoning model of food safety control in China

Jianming Sun 1*, Zhihui Sun 2, Xiaofei Chen 3


The evaluation of the leptin implication in postmenopausal osteoporosis

Diana Camelia Bonte 1*, Adrian C. Ilie 1, Radu E. Iacob 2, Rodica Lighezan 1, Ovidiu H. Bonte 3, Daniela Iacob 1, Andrei Anghel 1


Use of different carbon sources in cultivation of baker’s yeast for production of glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase

Edwil A. L. Gattas, Maristela F. S. Peres


Microbial growth kinetics models of raw milk in storage and transportation

Liwei Hou 1*, Shaohua Xing 2, Yong Wang 3


Using association rules mining for sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) in Slovenia: A case study

Nataša Kunstelj 1, Dragan Žnidarčič 2*, Branko Šter 3


Batch drying characteristics of dent corn (Zea mays var. indentata Sturt.)

Nazmi Izli *, Esref Isık


A hedonic analysis of Bursa’s Black Fig bid prices and product quality characteristics in Turkey

S. Turhan 1, M. Nargeleçekenler 2*, B. Cetin 1


Nutritional and antinutritional factors during the storage process of common bean

Thais Cesar Mariotto-Cezar, Silvia Renata Machado Coelho, Divair Christ, Vanderleia Schoeninger, Ana Julia Bispo de Almeida


Effect of maceration on the making of Fetească neagră wines

Cezar Bichescu, Gabriela Bahrim, Nicoleta Stănciuc, Gabriela Râpeanu *


Increase of fitness level assessed through heart rate, body mass index and muscular mass as component of a healthy life style

Cristian Negrea


The effects of different levels of β-glucan on yoghurt manufactured with Lactobacillus plantarum strains as adjunct culture

Gülden Başyiğit Kılıç *, Didem Akpınar


Antioxidant activity of different pitanga (Eugenia uniflora L.) fruit fractions

Adna P. Massarioli 1, Tatiane L. C. Oldoni 2, Ivani A. M. Moreno 1, Aderbal A. Rocha 2, Severino M. de Alencar 1*


Lime-phosphate relation and soybean growth in an oxisol from no-tillage system

Antonio Nolla 1*, Ibanor Anghinoni 2, Tiago Roque Benetoli da Silva 1*, Maria Anita Gonçalves da Silva 3


Evaluation of growth and yield of organically-grown basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) in soilless culture

Abdolhossein Aboutalebi 1*, Marzeh Ghanbari Jahromi 2, Mehdi Hosseini Farahi 3


Alteration in yield, gas exchange and chlorophyll synthesis of ramie to progressive drought stress 

Cheng-jian Huang 1, 2, Si-yi Zhao 2, Long-chang Wang 1*, Shakeel Ahmad Anjum 1, Bing Zhang 1, Man Chen1, Lei Wang 1, Yan Yang 2


Results obtained in the biological control of western corn root worm, Diabrotica virgifera virgifera Le Conte (2007-2010)

Teodora Florian *, Ion Oltean, Horia Bunescu, Firuţa Camelia Todoran, Vasile Florian


Computer aided calculation of the cost of multi-span greenhouses

Kenan Büyüktaş1*, Sevket Yilmaz 2, Ismail Sari 3


Effect of canopy management on growth and yield of mango cv. Amrapali planted at close spacing 

Bikash Das *, B. R. Jana


Allelopathic effects of sorghum stem and maize inflorescence residues on the germination and growth of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L.)

Modupe Janet Ayeni, Joshua Kayode*


Food security and agricultural structural adjustment in Yarkant River Basin, northwest China 

Hong Tang 1, 2, Degang Yang 1*, Yufang Zhang 1


Effect of solarization under different applications on soil temperature variation and microbial activity 

Kemal Doğan 1*, Alhan Sariyev 2, Mustafa Gök 2, Ali Coşkan 3, Yusuf Tülün 4, Sertan Sesveren 5, Hesna Pam ralan 2


Effects of hydrogen peroxide on yield and quality parameters of watermelon 

İbrahim Duman 1*, M. Kadri Bozokalfa 1, Sinan Yığıt 2, Necip Tosun 2


A seroprevalance survey of Toxoplasma gondii amongst slaughter cattle in two high throughput abattoirs in the North West Province of South Africa

Rendani V. Ndou *, Nomthandazo M. Maduna, Blessing M. Dzoma, Mathew Nyirenda, Lebogang E. Motsei, Francis R. Bakunzi


Tillage effects on SOC and CO2 emissions of Mollisols

Lu-Jun Li 1,†*, Meng-Yang You 1,†, Hong-Ai Shi 1, 2, Wen-Xiu Zou 1, Xiao-Zeng Han 1*


Development of breeding objectives for dairy cattle: Determination of economic value

Reza Seyedsharifi *, Abdol Ahad Shadparvar, Navid Ghavi Hosseinzadeh 1


Effect of the application of jasmonic acid and benzoic acid on grafted watermelons yield under greenhouse conditions in the southeast of Spain for mitigation of stress 

Humberto Bojórquez-Pereznieto 1, Fernando Toresano-Sánchez 1, Fernando Diánez-Martínez 1, Daniel Palmero-Llamas 2, Francisco Camacho-Ferre 1*


The role of microcredit institutions of agriculture sector in Albania

Dori Risilia, Ina Pagria *, Irma Tabaku, Edmond Kadiu


The morphological characteristics of regenerative plants of hairy root cultures in maize and its effect on water use efficiency 

Xiaofu Zhou 1, Hui Wu 1, Xiaowei Wei 1, Jie Lv 1, Rui Cai 1, Jinhu Cui 2*, Hongwei Xu 1*


An analysis of the recent trends in U.S. chile pepper production, consumption and imports 

J. M. Gandonou, T. M. Waliczek


Compatibility of entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae (Metschnikoff) Sorokin with fungicide thiophanate-methyl assessed by germination speed parameter

Carlos Eduardo S. Fabrice 1, Rafael L. Tonussi 1, Ravely C. Orlandelli 1, Daniela A. L. Lourenço 2, João Alencar Pamphile 1*


Effect of water distribution patterns on productivity, fruit quality and water use efficiency of Ziziphus jujuba in arid regions under drip irrigation system

Saleh Mahmoud Ismail 1, 2*, Mohammed Hussien Salem Almarshadi 1


Effects of different weed management practices on production and quality of wine grape cultivar Kallmet in North-Western Albania 

Lush Susaj 1*, Elisabeta Susaj 2, Majlinda Belegu 1, Silvana Mustafa 1, Baki Dervishi 1, Bardhosh Ferraj 1


Effects of water stress on photosynthesis and evapotranspiration in common bean plants

Diego Brandão ¹, Paulo S. L. de Freitas 2 *, Roberto Rezende 2, Rivanildo Dallacort 3, Mayara M. Garcia 4


A comparative field study of the alternate every other furrow surge irrigation and the every furrow surge irrigation techniques 

Burçak Kapur 1*, Mustafa Ünlü 2, Rıza Kanber 2, Servet Tekın 2, Deniz Levent Koç 2, Ugur Kekeç 2


MyHC fiber type composition in Rongchang and Landrace pigs of similar body weight

Fei-Yun Yang 1, 2, Jin-Xiu Huang 1, 2, 3, Xiao-Rong Zhou 1, 2, 3, Yan-Chu Yao 1, 2, 3, Shan Jiang 1, 2, Yong Huan 1, Jin-Long Yang 1, 2, 3*, Zuo-Hua Liu 1, 2 *


Morphological and agronomical characterization of eggplant genetic resources from the Sicily area

Fabio D’Anna, Leo Sabatino *


Callus induction and plant regeneration from anther walls in Ziziphus jujuba Mill.

Zheng Hao, Li Dai, Jiurui Wang, Xiaohong Wu, Mengjun Liu*


In vitro propagation and acclimatization of pepino (Solanum muricatum)

Aysun Cavusoglu *, Melekber Sulusoglu


The influence of morphological features of spelt wheat (Triticum aestivum ssp. spelta) and common wheat (Triticum aestivum ssp. vulgare) varieties on the competitiveness against weeds in organic farming system

Beata Feledyn Szewczyk


Influence of kraal manure application time on emergence, growth and grain yield of maize grown in two soils with contrasting textures 

Thulasizwe S. Mkhabela 1, Simeon A. Materechera 2*


Selecting the optimal levels of non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) degrading enzymes for NSP degradation in selected feed ingredient 

Zikui Liu 1, Tiejun Li 2*, Fugui Yin 2*, Shengping Wang 2, Jie Wang 1, Zhichun Zhan 3, Ying Zhou 3, Ruilin Huang 2*


Functional analysis of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) production in Turkey: A case study of Thrace region 

Arif Semerci


Long-run relationship of the HYV Boro rice yields in the northern region of Bangladesh

Provash Kumar Karmokar 1, 3*, Mahendran Shitan 1, 2, A. B. M. Rabiul Alam Beg 4


Molecular characterization of some Onobrychis species growing in the eastern Anatolia region of Turkey

Melih Okcu 1*, Suleyman Sengul 2, Serap Sunar 3, Guleray Agar 3


Testing multiregression model in predicting Phytophtora infestans L. attack degree on potato culture developed in climatic conditions from Transylvania, Romania

Ioan Gheorge Oroian, Antonia Odagiu *, Ilie Covrig, Laura Paulette, Teodor Rusu


Progress on the screening technologies of differentially expressed genes

Shao-Qin Zhai 1, Hua Zheng 1, 2, Liu Yang 1, 3, Zuo-Hua Liu 1, 2, 3, Yong Huang 1, Jin-Long Yang 1, 2, 3*


Effects of bio-organic fertilizer application combined with subsurface drainage in secondary salinized greenhouse soil 

Ting-ting Chang 1, 2, Xiao-hou Shao 1, 2*, Jie Zhang 1, 2, Jiu-geng Mao 3, You-gang Wei 3, Chao Yin 1, 2, Wei-na Wang 1, 2


Effects of planting time and variety on the yield and processing quality of potato

Sajeda Akhter 1, Md. Monirul Islam 1, 2 *, Md. Abul Kalam Azad 3, Md. Abdul Hakim 4, Md. Shamshul Alam 1, Md. Waliur Rahman 5


Stomatal conductance, mineral concentration and condensed tannin in three Balanites aegyptiaca (L.) Del. intra-specific sources affected by salinity stress

A. A. Elfeel *, Z. Hindi Sherif, Refaat A. Abohassan


Studies on potassium uptake and use efficiency of different cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) genotypes by grafting

Ying Xia 1, 2, Cuncang Jiang 3, Xiao Wang 1, Fang Chen 1, 4*


The seeding migration trajectory extraction and analysis of pneumatic precision metering device for rapeseed 

Youchun Ding *, Qingxi Liao, Haidong Huang


Influences of Portulaca oleracea extracts on in vitro methane emissions and rumen fermentation of forage

Dongsheng Wang 1, Jiangli Huang 1, Zhihong Zhang 1, Xiaojuan Tian 1, Huang Huang 1, Yizun Yu 1, Guohua Zhang 1, Jiannan Ding 1*, Ruilin Huang 2 *


The correlation between M. bovis isolation and ELISA using PPD-B and ESAT6- CFP10 mixture on the sera of tuberculin reactor cattle and buffaloes 

Fawzy Riyad El-Seedy 1, Ismail Abd-El Hafeez Radwan 1, Walid Hamdy Hassan 1, Essam Amin Nasr 2, Ahmed Hussein Abed 1, Ihap Mohamed Ibrahim Moussa 3*


Assessing genetic diversity in six Iranian indigenous goat populations using AFLP markers 

Sayed Ziaeddin Mirhoseini *, Nejat Badbarin


Impact of synthetic zeolite fertilization on radicchio mineral composition and nutritive value

Igor Pasković 1*, Josip Bronić 2, Boris Subotić 2, Marija Pecina 3, Slavko Perica 1, Igor Palčić 3, Mirjana Herak Ćustić 3


The effects of different salt source and concentrations on seed germination and seedling growth of pumpkin varieties used as rootstock 

Koksal Aydinsakir 1, Kamile Ulukapi 2, Rana Kurum 1, Dursun Buyuktas 3*


Review on QTL for milk production traits and application of non-antibiotic feed additives in dairy cattles

Liang Chen, Xiaosong Wu, Hongmei Jiang, Yu Huang, Mingong Chen, Jine Yi, Jun Fang *


Molecular characterization and genetic diversity analysis of mandarin genotypes by SSR and SRAP markers

Yildiz Kacar 1*, Aydin Uzun 2, Ilknur Polat 3, Turgut Yesiloglu 1, Bilge Yilmaz 1, Osman Gulsen 2, Onder Tuzcu 1, Müge Kamiloglu 4, Senay Kurt 3, Ubeyit Seday 5


Changes in antioxidant enzyme activities during cold-acclimation in sweet cherry cultivars grafted on different rootstocks 

Asuman Cansev *, Muge Kesici


Effect of legume biological nitrogen on cereals grain yield and soil nitrogen budget in double-cropping system 

Lina Sarunaite *, Zydre Kadziuliene, Irena Deveikyte, Leonas Kadziulis


Effects of plant maturity stage on silage quality of some silage sorghum cultivars 

Ibrahim Atis 1*, Metin Duru 2, Omer Konuskan 1, Huseyin Gozubenli 1


Effects of water management and mulching on weed control and rice grain yield under water saving irrigation model 

Jacob Jeremiah Towa 1, 2, Xiangping Guo 1, Bo Zhen 1


Effects of nitrogen fertilization on chlorophyll fluorescence change in maize (Zea mays L.) under waterlogging at seedling stage

Wen-Ming Wu 1, 2, Jin-Cai Li 1*, Hong-Jian Chen 2, Shi-Ji Wang 2, Feng-Zhen Wei 1, Chen-Yu Wang1, Yan-Hong Wang 1, Jin-Dong Wu 1, Yi Zhang 1


Research on yield and quality characteristics of some safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) lines and varieties under dry and irrigated conditions in Turkey

Arzu  Kose


Effect of actinomycetes on ginseng growth and production of ginsenosides

Hong Yan Zhang 1, 4Quan Hong Xue 2*, Ming Tang 3, Guang Hui Shen 1


Improvement of cold tolerance in cotton seed by priming 

Hatice Cokkizgin 1, Yuksel Bolek 2, Alihan Cokkizgin 1*


Effects of genotype and 2,4,5-T concentrations on callus induction, shoot formation and plant regeneration from young infloresceances in orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata L.)

Ibrahim Atis 1*, Ersin Can 1, Nafiz Celiktas 1, Ruştu Hatipoglu 2


Determination of the pomological and morphological properties of white mulberry types growing in transition region between mild and continental climates 

Özgün Kalkışım


The evaluation of the elemental sulfur and gypsum effect on soil pH, EC, SO4-S and available Mn content

Murat Ali Turan 1*, Suleyman Taban 2, Ali Vahap Katkat 1, Zeliha Kucukyumuk 3


Micropropagation of cherry laurel Prunus laurocerasus L.

Melekber Sulusoglu *, Aysun Cavusoglu


Assessment of resistance of wheat genotypes (T. aestivum and T. durum) to copper toxicity

M. Rüştü Karaman 1, Ekrem Tuşat 2, Fatih Er 2, Metin Turan 3, Mümin Dizman 4


The proximate composition and quality characteristics in artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) varieties developed with clonal selection

Sevinç Başay 1*, Özlem Tokuşoğlu 2


The evaluation of leaf nutrient contents and element ratios of different raspberry varieties

Ayhan Horuz 1*, Ahmet Korkmaz 1, M. Rüştü Karaman 2, Mümin Dızman 3, Metin Turan 4


Numerical evaluation of different mungbean (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek) genotypes against yellow mosaic virus (YMV) under the ecological northern irrigated plain

Munir Ahmad 1, Syed Burhan ud-Din 4, Rao Wali Muhammad 1*, Shoaib Liaqat 2, Abdul Qayyum 2, Amir Hamza 1, Jahangir Shah 1, Ahmad Naveed Ahsan 4, Bashir Ahmad 1, Rana Zulfiqar Ali 4, Malik Najmul Hassan 4, Maqbool Shah 4, Abdul Ghaffar 3, Ahsan Irshad 2, Etrat Noor 2


Nitrogen absorption and utilization characteristics in different wheat cultivars and its regulation effect by nitrogen fertilizer under irrigated and dryland conditions 

Min Sun, Zhi-Qiang Gao*, Zhen-Ping Yang, Li-Heng He, Ai-xia Ren, Xiaomin Ge, Feifei Wen, Weifeng  Zhao


Effect of K on dry matter accumulation and distribution and changes of root-zone K in different cotton genotypes 

Cun-Cang Jiang *, Yan-Shu Hao, Xiao-Li Wang, Dian Wang, Jing Lei


Effects of tillage during fallow period on soil water and wheat yield of dryland

Weifeng Zhao 1, 2, Zhiqiang Gao 1*, Min Sun 1, Lianfeng Deng 1


Characteristics and models of spring wheat growth by a modified logistic model in the desert oasis conditions 

Li Ma 1, 2, 4, QuanJiu Wang 1, 3*, Jun Fan 1


Structural changes in soybean seed coat due to harvest time and storage 

Bruno Guilherme Torres Licursi Vieira *, Giselle Feliciani Barbosa, Rafael Marani Barbosa, Roberval Daiton Vieira


Growth performance, carcass traits and lipid profile of broiler chicks fed with an exogenous emulsifier and increasing levels of energy provided by palm oil 

Yordan Martínez Aguilar 1, 2, Johanna Caicedo Becerra 2, 3, Roman Rodríguez Bertot 2, Javier Chica Peláez 3, Gang Liu 1*, Cesar Betancur Hurtado 4


Control of the codling moth (Cydia pomonella L.) in accordance with the special evolution of biology of Iaşi county

Ramona Beşleagă1*, Mihai Tălmaciu 1, Alecu Diaconu 2, Nela Tălmaciu 1, Eugen Cârdei 3, Gelu Corneanu 3


Allelopathic influence of the aqueous extract of jatropha on lettuce (Lactuca sativa var. Grand Rapids) germination and development

Karina Sanderson *, Reinaldo Aparecido Bariccatti, Cornélio Primieri, Octávio Henrique Viana, Clair Aparecida Viecelli, Helmuth Guilherme Bleil Junior


Genotype-environment interaction in some rice mutants (Oryza sativa L.)

M. Ali 1, M. A. Azam 1, M. A. Malek 1, 2*, M. I. Uddin 1, M. Y. Rafii 2*, M. R. Ismail 2


Integrated nutrient management in maize-legume-rice cropping pattern and its impact on soil fertility 

M. H. Rahman 1, M. R. Islam 2, M. Jahiruddin 2, M. Y. Rafii 3*, M. M. Hanafi 3, M. A. Malek 3, 4*


Fertilization for increased crop production and nutrient balance in the maize-legume-rice cropping pattern 

M. H. Rahman 1, M. R. Islam 2, M. Jahiruddin 2, M. Y. Rafii 3*, M. R. Ismail 3, M. A. Malek 3, 4*


Integration of yield and physiological traits for developing new rice varieties with higher yield potential in tropical environment 

Yuan Weiling 1*, Xing Danying 2, Zhang Yunbo 2, Romeo M. Visperasb 3


Fermentation characteristics, nutrient composition and in vitro ruminal degradability of whole crop wheat and wheat straw silage cultivated at dried paddy field

Yusuke Ishizaki 1, Makoto Kondo 1*, Md Uddin Kamal 1, Yuta Isowa 1, Hiroki Matsui 1, Shuichi Karita 2, Masakazu Goto 1


Enhancement in photosynthesis characteristics and phytohormones of flowering Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris L. var. utilis Tsen et Lee) by exogenous alginate oligosaccharides

Yunhong Zhang 1, HengYin 1, Wenxia Wang 1, Xiaoming Zhao 1, Yuguang Du 1*, Lishu Wu 2


Effects of heavy metal pollution on microbial communities and activities of mining soils in Central Tibet, China 

Dan-na Zhou 1, Fu-ping Zhang 2, 3, Zheng-ying Duan 1, Ze-wen Liu 1, Ke-li Yang 1, Rui Guo 1, Fang-yan Yuan 1, Yong-xiang Tian 1, *, Cheng-fang Li 2, *


Analysis of virtual water flows related to crop transfer and its effects on local water resources in Hetao irrigation district, China, from 1960 to 2008 

Jing Liu 1, 2, 3, Pute Wu 1, 2, 3, 4*, Yubao Wang 2, 3, Xining Zhao 2, 3, 4, Shikun Sun 2, 3, 4, Xiaohong Zhang 5


Use of outdoor living walls in Mediterranean-like climates: A case study of Antalya Kaleiçi 

Zuhal Kaynakçı Elinç 1 *, Latif Gürkan Kaya 2, Hacer Mutlu Danacı 3, İbrahim Baktir 4, Ramazan Süleiman Göktürk 5


Costs derived from work accidents in fruits and vegetables processing plants: The case of Alicante province (Spain)

David  López Lluch *, Fernando Vidal Giménez, Francisco J. Del Campo Gomis, Margarita M. Brugarolas Molla-Bauza


Potential use of allicin (garlic, Allium sativum Linn, essential oil) against fish pathogenic bacteria and its safety for monosex Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)

Mortada Mohamed Abdel-Hamid Hussein 1, Walid Hamdy Hassan 2, Ihab Mohamed Ibrahim Moussa 3*


Advanced stable algorithm for an explicit solution of steady incompressible flow 

Kambiz Mazaheri 1*, Saeed R. Sabbagh-Yazdi 2, Abolfazl Shamsai 1, Mohammad H. Fattahi 3


The influence of source data density for generating digital elevation models 

Lei Wang 1, 2*, Qinke Yang 1, 2, Yongqin Long 2, Weiling Guo 1, Chunmei Wang 1, 2


Soil slope stability analysis under rainfall infiltration

Dawen Liu 1, 2, Fugang Zheng 1, 2, *, Shaowei Hu 1, 3


Genotypic and environmental variation of heavy metal concentrations in rice grains 

Fangbin Cao, Imrul Mosaddek Ahmed, Weite Zheng, Guoping Zhang, Feibo Wu *


Planting design in the pedestrian walk, the symbol of Kocaeli province

Nilüfer Seyıdoğlu Akdenız 1*, Aysun Çelık 2, Füsun Erduran Nemutlu 3


Yield and nutrient status of wheat plant (T. aestivum) influenced by municipal wastewater irrigation

Adnan Çıçek 1, M. Rüştü Karaman 2, Metin Turan 3, Adem Güneş 4, Alim Çığdem 5


Sustainability of the Mediterranean landscape in the urban: The case study of Antalya-Konyaaltı region

Hande Sanem Cinar 1, Reyhan Erdogan 2*, Hakan Altıncekic 1, Ekin Oktay 2


Isolation and germination of Ganoderma lucidum basidiospores and effect of H2Oon the germination of spores

Emel Karadeniz *, Fatma Esen Sarigullu, Isil Untac


Determination of regression equations to predict soil extract salinity from aqueous soil samples (1:2 and 1:5) for calcareous and non-calcareous loamy soils 

Gülüzar Duygu Semiz, Ömer Atmaca


Water quality, surface area, evaporation and precipitation of Lake Burdur 

Gülüzar Duygu Semiz, Cenk Akşit


Determination of information resources of earthen pond fish farmers in Milas district, Muğla province, Turkey 

Tayfun Çukur 1, Gamze Saner 2


Effect of moisture content on the prediction of cation exchange capacity using visible and near infrared spectroscopy 

Zeynal Tümsavaş1 *, Yücel Tekin 2, Abdul Mounem Mouazen 3


The effects of shopping malls on using urban parks: The case of Ankara, Turkey

Aybike Ayfer Karadağ


Evaluation of 8-hydroxylquinoline toxicity on different developmental stages of loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus) using acute toxicity test, hepatase activity and comet assay

Ping Nan, Shuaiguo Yan, Jianjun Chen, Xiaohua Xia, Qiyan Du, Zhongjie Chang*


Responses of winter wheat to higher night temperature in spring as compared within whole growth period by controlled experiments in North China 

Shibo Fang*, Sanxue Ren, Kaiyan Tan


The effect of lower salinity on microstructure of antennary gland of Litopenaeus vannamei

Xugang He *, Guangfu Hu, Guangtao Lu


Underground water migration studies based on the damage variable coupling with seepage and rock stress 

Bo Xu 1, 3, Bo Chen 1, 3*, Hao Huang 1, 3, Ying Qi 1, 3, Xie Xinhua 2, Hang Xu 2


An econometric analysis of imported timber demand in Turkey

Bekir Kayacan 1*, Oğuz Kara 2, Meltem Şengün Ucal 3, Atakan Öztürk 4, Ramazan Balı 5, Sacit Koçer 6, Erdem Kaplan 7


Levels of awareness and points of view to nature for adolescents according to urban and rural areas: Case of Malatya province, Turkey 

Fürüzan Aslan


Past, present and future forest resources in China and the implications for carbon sequestration dynamics 

Bing Wang 1, 2, Dan Wang 1, 2*, Xiang Niu 1,2


Morphological and genetic characterization, optimization of fermentation conditions and antioxidant activity of Xiaojin Tricholoma matsutake 

Yiling Hou, Xiang Ding*, Wanru Hou, Jincen Zhong, Bo Song, Ting Wang, Fang Wang


Adsorption of Mn-oxidizing bacteria on soil minerals and its impact on the bacterial growth and Mn(II) oxidation rate

Xiaodi Cheng 1,2, Fan Liu 1, Changsong Zhao 1, Qin Zhang 2, Xionghan Feng 1, Xiuhua Chen 1*


Growth of ‘Fireworks’ gomphrena grown in substrates amended with biochar 

Mengmeng Gu 1, Qi Li 2, Philip H. Steele 2, Genhua Niu 3, Fei Yu 4*


Soil erosion dynamic changes and its impact factors in Zhifanggou watershed of the Loess Plateau, China 

Guowei Pang 1, Zhihong Yao 1, 2, Hongxia Xie 1, 3, Qinke Yang 4, Rui Li 1*, Mingli Xie 5


Isolation of denitrifying bacteria from groundwater in typical intensive vegetable cultivation area

Lin Wang 1, 2, Hai Bin Tong 1, Xiao Zong Song 3, Ji Li 2*


The cold-humid effect of perennially flooded marshes on clear days in the Sanjiang Plain of Northeast China 

Xiaomei Yin, Weiwei Chen, Xiuli Gong, Wen Hong, Yiyong Wang *


Nitrogen loss through lateral seepage from paddy fields: A case study in Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China

Hui Zhu 1, Baixing Yan 1*, Shahbaz Khan 2


Study on nitrogen balance by use of 15N-labeled fertilizer in flue-cured tobacco field

Bo-jun Deng 1, 2, Xiao-hou Shao1, 2*, Li-hua Chen 1, 2, Wei-na Wang1, 2, Qiang Shen1, 2, Yaofu Wang 3


Characteristics and aggregate stability of soil particle size distribution under four forestland types in low mountains and hills of Southwest China 

Yuhe Wu, Hongjiang Zhang *, Wenxing Lv, Jinhua Cheng *, Haiyan Wang


An experimental study on soil water movement and distribution of film-furrow irrigation

Hai-yan Ma 1, 2, Zhan-yu Zhang 1, Xi-yun Jiao 3, Gen-xiang Feng 1


Light response of cut-flower Chrysanthemum cultivars 

Hougao Zhou 1, Qianhua Yu 1, Qi Kuang 1, Wentong Wang 1, Fenglan Wang 1, Hui-lian Xu 2*


Quantitative determination of polyphenols in tobacco leaves by HPLC 

Xiaoming Ji, Yaowei Wei, Guoshun Liu *, Hongli Chen


Identification of environmental stress-inducible genes in Rhododendron aureum Georgi (Ericaceae) located on Changbai Mountain using mRNA differential display 

Yan-fei Liu 1, 2, Rong-jun Fan 1, 3, Pan-pan Yu 1, 4, Wei Zhao 1, 5, Ming Xing 1, Zhen-xiang Yu 1*, Xia Chen 1*


Cadmium uptake, localization and detoxification in Populus × canescens 

Hui-Ping Dai 1, 2, An-Zhi Wei 3*, Tu-Xi Yang 3*, Tian-Qi Gu 1, Hua Zhao 1, San-Qiao Wu 1, Wen-Qiang Chen 1, Ke-Ke Huo 1


Allelopathic effects of Chromolaena odorata on native and non-native invasive herbs

Gang Hu 1, 2, Zhonghua Zhang 1, 2*


Evapotranspiration and crop coefficients of drip-irrigated apricot trees under semiarid climatic conditions 

Sebahattin Kaya 1*, Salih Evren 2, Erdal Dasci 2, M. Cemal Adiguzel 2


Analysis of climate change vulnerability among food crop farmers in Lagelu local government area of Oyo state 

Abayomi Samuel Oyekale


Rational-dilation wavelet transform with translation invariance

Haijiang Wang 1,2, Qinke Yang 3*, Zhihong Yao 4


The effect of the river embankment on the natural reproduction of Chinese sturgeon

Yu Wang 1 *, Huichao Dai 1, 2, Lingquan Dai 2


Synthesis of new 2,5-dimethyl pyrrole derivatives and their application in unblended cigarette 

Xiao Ming Ji, Ming Qin Zhao*, Yue Zhang, Xiao Yun Zhang, Ye Lu


Study on soil erosion and its effects on agriculture sustainable development in west Henan province loess hilly areas 

Lianqi Zhu


Analysis of trend component in dam safety monitoring

 Fen Chen1, Bo Xu 2, 3 *, Bo Chen 2, 3


Random amplified polymorphic DNA analysis of Acidithiobacillus caldus strains recovered from different extreme environments

Jiannan Ding 1*, Yizun Yu 1, Huang Jiangli 1, Huaqun Yin 2, Chenggui Zhang 3, Ruilin Huang 4


Influence of slope features on the vegetation restoration in the semi-humid area of the Loess Plateau, China 

Yitao Li 1, Xinxiao Yu 1*, Xinping Li 2


Revised random walk model for degradable pollutant in surface water 

Longxi Han 1, 2, 3*, Lina Chen 1, 4, Hong Ji 3, Hui-lian Xu 5


A new modeling approach to non-point source pollution load spatial distribution for plain river network in China 

Long-xi Han 1, 2, 3*, Hong Ji 1, Fei Huo 1, Hui-lian Xu 4


The influence of ground biomass of Populus euphratica on the soil respiration rate in Tarim river basin, Xinjiang, China

Xiang Huang 1*, Jian Xin Ma 1, 2


The response of global net primary productivity (NPP) to CO2 increasing and climate change: Evaluation of coupled model simulations 

Shanshan Hou 1, 2*, Liping Lei 1, Zhaocheng Zeng 1, 2


Soil quality and plant diversity in managed forests in the hilly purple soil, southwestern China

Youyan Zhang 1*, Zefu Zhou 1, Jinhua Cheng 2, Hongjiang Zhang 2


Optimization of antioxidant peptide production in the hydrolysis of silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) pupa protein using response surface methodology

Rongling Yang 1, Xiangjie Zhao 1,2 *, Zheshi Kuang 1, Mingqiang Ye 1, Guoqing Luo 1, Gengsheng Xiao 1, Sentai Liao 1, Lin Li 2, Zhiyong Xiong 2


The major factors influencing low-carbon willingness of China’s agro-food processing firms: A PLS model 

Xiaoli Wang 1, Linhai Wu 1, 2*


The application of EM-treated dairy effluent on the flue-cured tobacco irrigation

You Xin Zhou 1*, Shu Cong Zhen 1, Ya Min Zhai 2


Conformational change of metal phytates: Solid state 1D 13C and 2D 1H-13C NMR spectroscopic investigations

Zhongqi He 1*, Junyan Zhong 2, H. N. Cheng 1


Productivity of selectively open horizontal wells 

Xishui Guo, Taihe Shi


Simulation of rainfall interception in a Pinus tabulaeformis plantation in North China

Wenjun Liang*, Guodong Ding


Responses of ecosystem CO2 fluxes to rainfall events in rain-fed winter wheat agro-ecosystem

Wen Wang, Yuncheng Liao *, Qiang Gu


Experimental study of wetted soil volumes in a sandy loam under subsurface drip irrigation in the East Sandy Land of the Yellow River

Xiao-Gang Ma 1, 2, Zhen-Zhong Shen 1, 2*, Wei-Jiang Zhang 3, Jin-Shuai Wei 1, 2, Wei Wang 1, 2, Ting Wang 1, 2, Lei Gan 1, 2, Jie Ren 4


Influence on ecosystem service caused by soil and water conservation in Yanhe River Basin of the Loess Plateau, China 

Hongxia Xie 1*, Qinke Yang 2, Ri Li 3, Guowei Pang 3, Jiannan Duan 1, Qing Zhou 1, Hong Yuan 1


Daily variations in transpiration rate and water potential of Robinia pseudoacacia

Xuyan Wang*, Wanjun Zhang, Xiuping Liu


Effect of ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum L.) growth on degradation of benzo[a]pyrene and enzyme activity in soil

Shiliang Liu 1, 2*, Yongming Luo 2, Zhihong Cao 2, Longhua Wu 2, Minghong Wong 3


Invasion of farmland-grassland ecosystems by the exotic sweet clovers, Melilotus officinalis and M. albus

Chao Chen 1, Ding Huang 1,2, Yajun Zhang 1, Hao Zheng 1, Kun Wang 1,2*


Effects of rotten wheat straw on organic carbon and microbial biomass carbon of tobacco-planted soil 

Hong-li Chen, Guo-shun Liu *, Yong-feng Yang, Yi-mei Chang, Ling-ling Zhao


Synergistic effect of gamma-aminobutyric acid with avermectin on Bombyx mori

Sen Pang , Suzhen Qi , Zhaojin Ran, Xiaoyu Song, Xuefeng Li, Chengju Wang *, Liusheng Duan *


Evolutionary trends of drought under climate change in the Heihe River basin, Northwest China

Jing Feng 1,2,3, Denghua Yan 2,3*, Chuanzhe Li 2,3,4


Identification of discriminative features for biological event extraction through linguistically informed feature selection 

Xing Zhang 1, Jingbo Xia 2, 3, Jonathan Webster 1, 2, Alex Chengyu Fang 1, 2*


Short-term effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 on root dynamics of water-stressed maize

Yuzheng Zong 1, 2, Zhouping Shangguan 1*


The inactivation effect of ultraviolet disinfection reactor on the high concentration of bacteriophage MS2

Zixi Wang 1*, Xiang Xing 2, Liqing Ma 1


Nano silver application impact as vase solution biocide on postharvest microbial and physiological properties of ‘Cherry Brandy’ rose 

Mohammad Mahdi Jowkar 1*, Ahmad Khalighi 1, Mohsen Kafi 2, Nader Hassanzadeh 3


Environmental management and sustainability: A study on the precautionary principle focusing on health and food hygiene safety 

Muhammad Rizal Razman 1*, Suffeiya Supian 2, Nor Azam Ramli 3, Azrina Azlan 4, 5, Mohamad Suhaily Yusri Che Ngah 6


Motives and attitudes of food and drink festival visitors: A case study of Serbia

Snježana Marko Gagić 1, Dragan Veljko Tešanović 2, AnželijaČedomir Ivkov-Džigurski 2, Tatjana Dragan Pivac 2, Ana Ðorđže Jovičić 2


Allelopathic effect of Sonchus arvensis L. on germination and early growth of spring wheat

Vytautas Pilipavičius 1*, Kęstutis Romaneckas 1, Jonas Čėsna 2


Greenhouse gas emissions from rape seed cultivation for FAME production in Poland 

M. Borzęcka-Walker *, A. Faber, Z. Jarosz, A. Syp, R. Pudełko


Protective role of grassland against soil water erosion caused by extreme rainfall events as compared to black fallow 

Rafał Wawer, Eugeniusz Nowocień, Bogusław Podolski, Jerzy Kozyra, Rafal Pudełko


Evaluation of genetic diversity and differentiation of Cuscuta campestris (field dodder) ecotypes using ISSR markers 

Sara Tajdoost 1*, Ramazan Ali Khavari-Nejad 1, Fariba Meighani 2, Eskandar Zand 2, Zahra Noormohammadi 1


Effect of seed programming on photosynthetic pigments, biochemical constituents and mineral nutrients in petunia (Petunia hybrida Hort. Vilm-Andr) 

Shyam S. Kurup *, Abdel Wahed H. Al Amouri, Cheruth Abdul Jaleel


Interest on costs and benefits approach in environmental sustainability: Focusing on Islamic banking 

Abdullah Sulaiman 1,2, Muhammad Rizal Razman 2*


Phenotypic and ornamental attributes of rose (Rosa spp.) genotypes under the southern United States conditions 

Shahidul Islam


Changes in free amino acid levels in sour orange leaves in response to cold stress and during recovery from cold stress 

Nasir S. A. Malik 1*, Jose L. Perez 1, Madhurababu Kunta 1, 2


Sediment uptake rates under extreme rainfall in controlled conditions

Rafal Wawer, Eugeniusz Nowocien, Boguslaw Podolski


Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) concentration in demersal fish and shellfish from West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia 

Alina Mohamad 1, Azrina Azlan 1, 2 *, Muhammad Rizal Razman 3, Nor Azam Ramli 4, Aishah A. Latiff 5


An approach to finding enzymatic restriction patterns for molecular characterization of Amanita muscaria

Antero Ramos-Fernández 1, 2, Fabiola López-Ramírez 1, Norma Flores-Estevez 1, Miguel Ángel Jiménez- Montaño 2, Lázaro Rafael Sánchez-Velásquez 1, María del Rosario Pineda-López 1, Juan Carlos Noa-Carrazana 1 *


In vitro propagation of Moroccan carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.)

Amina Radi 1, 2, Ghizlane Echchgadda 1, Jamal Ibijbijen 2, Mohamed Rochd 2,


Optimization of the conditions for conversion of coal ash into zeolite material

Ramona Carla Ciocinta 1, Maria Harja 2*, Daniel Bucur 1, Gabriela Buema 2


An assessment of in vitro culture and plant regeneration from leaf base explants in carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.) 

Naglaa M. Esmaiel 1, Abdullah Abdlulaziz Al-Doss 2, Mohamed Najeb Barakat 2, 3*


Influence of hydraulic retention time on the anaerobic treatment of cassava starch extraction effluent using a one-phase horizontal reactor 

Osvaldo Kuczman, Maria Hermínia Ferreira Tavares *, Simone Damasceno Gomes, Douglas Guedes Batista Torres, Leandro Fleck


Interactive effects of elevated CO2, temperature and water stress on  Apera spica-venti L. 

Sandra Sakalauskienė, Jurga Sakalauskaitė, Sigitas Lazauskas, Virmantas Povilaitis *, Ona Auškalnienė, Gabrielė Pšibišauskienė, Giedrė Samuolienė, Aušra Brazaitytė, Pavelas Duchovskis


Treatment of liquid waste produced in a small chemical laboratory using the photo-Fenton process 

Pamela Barcelar Ferreira Gomes da Silva Luna 1, Patrícia Melchionna Albuquerque 1, Cláudia Candida Silva 1, Agostinho da Silva Sobrinho 3, Márcio Barreto Rodrigues 4, João Vicente Braga de Souza 2*, Érica Simplício de Souza 1


Assessing the potential adaptability of water lilies (Nymphaea sp.) under arid climatic conditions 

Habibah S. Al-Menaie, Majed Al-Zalzaleh, Meena Mathew, Nisha Suresh


The emissions of greenhouse gases produced during growing and processing of wheat products in the Czech Republic 

Jan Moudrý jr. *, Zuzana Jelínková, Radek Plch, Jan Moudrý, Petr Konvalina, Robin Hyšpler


Lead removal from aqueous solution by bottom ash

Gabriela Buema 1, Sorin Mihai Cimpeanu 2, Daniel Sutiman 1, Roxana Dana Bucur 3, Lacramioara Rusu 4, Igor Cretescu 1, Ramona Carla Ciocinta 3, Maria Harja 1*


Azospirillum: A new and efficient alternative to biological nitrogen fixation in grasses

Ricardo Shigueru Okumura 1, Daiane de Cinque Mariano 2, Rivanildo Dallacort 2, Amanda Nogueira de Albuquerque 2, Allan Klynger da Silva Lobato 1, Elaine Maria Silva Guedes 1, Cândido Ferreira de Oliveira Neto 1, Heráclito Eugênio Oliveira da Conceição 1, Gustavo Antonio Ruffeil Alves 1


Effect of thinning on the aboveground biomass accumulation and branch characteristics in Acacia salicina trees 

Said S. Hegazy 1, Pervaiz R. Khan 1, Ibrahim M. Aref 1, Muhammad Iqbal 2*


Hazardous and harmful substances in sediments of the Jegricka stream

Radovan Savić 1, Livija Maksimović 2, Sorin Cimpeanu 3, Daniel Bucur 4*, Gabrijel Ondrašek 5, Jovica Vasin 2, Maria Harja 6, Stanko Milić 2


Eco-physiological aspects of melaleuca seed germination

Cibele C. Martins 1, Dagoberto Martins 2, Guilherme S. F. Souza 2, Neumarcio V. Costa 3


Assessing the impact of industrial and urban wastes on the irrigation water quality of three streams in a semi-arid coastal savannah catchment in Ghana 

Eric Oppong Danso 1, Stephen Abenney-Mickson 2*, Edward Benjamin Sabi 2, Shiloh Kwabena Osae 3, Thomas Tetteh Akiti


A structural equation modeling study on corporate entrepreneurship: The case of Iranian agricultural sector organizations 

Mahmoud Ahmadpour Daryani 1, Asef Karimi 2*, Motahhar Ahmadpour Daryani 3


Distribution characteristics of osmiophilic granules’ content in tobacco leaves at different altitudes and the relationship with the content of neutral aroma components 

Xiefeng Ye 1, Hongen Liu 2, Xianwen Ye 3, Teng Zhang 1, Ruina Zhang 1, Ying Yin 4, Jiankang Qu 1, 3, Xiaojun Xing 5, Jianjun Yu 1*


Back analysis of high concrete arch dams’ general elastic modulus range

Dong Qin 1, 2 *, Xueqin Zheng 1, 2, Hezhi Liu 1, 2, Songlin Wang 1, 2 


Interactive effects of light intensity and nitrogen supply on the neutral volatile aroma components and organic acids of flue-cured tobacco 

Fei Yun 1, Guoshun Liu 1*, Hongzhi Shi 1, Xiaowen Yang 2


Emergy evaluation of agriculture system in oasis-desert region: Tarim river basin case study

Guogang Wang


The role of seat suspension in whole-body vibration affecting skidding tractor operators 

Kenan Melemez, Metin Tunay, Tuna Emir